Coors Edge Non-alcoholic Beer

Coors Non Alcoholic Beer

Coors Edge Beer Review | Non Alcoholic Beer Reviews

Coors is the result of tradition. One that can be traced back for generations. While there may be a simpler method, we stand by our techniques. After all, there’s no sense is changing what works so well.

Coors Edge is a non-alcoholic beer offered from the Coors family with only 45 calories and 8g of carbs, the lowest in the segment. Coors Edge is uniquely double-brewed by blending taste profiles of two brews to form one that offers the crisp and refreshing taste you expect from Coors.

Review: Coors Edge Non Alcoholic Beer

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Coors Answer To The Growing Non

Gone are the days of non-drinkers relegated to conspicuous sodas, coffees, or non-alcoholic beer tasting like a carbonated boot. Instead, with many consumers moving towards low- and non-alcoholic offerings, brewers have been tasked with creating options that indeed include everyone around the table.

According to Matt Ferebee, associate marketing manager on the innovations team at Molson Coors, this move is more than just a trend. We know we need to deliver more options for consumers who are in drinking occasions and do not want to consume alcohol, Ferebee said. This is one step of many were taking to address these macro trends in the industry.

Thus, after 21 years of producing Coors Non-Alcoholic, Molson Coors introduced Coors Edge with a comical ad you can see for yourself below. And yes, the beer is a major improvement.

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How Is Coors Edge Non

Coors Edge is a double-brewed American lager. But, Molson Coors has not gone into depth on their techniques for brewing the beer. However, their comparable alcoholic offering, Coors Banquet, is fermented using the traditional closed horizontal box fermentation done at cold temperatures. They attribute Coors Banquets distinctive banana characteristic, which Coors Edge shares, to this process.

Coors Edge Benefits From Non

Coors Edge Non

Coors Edge has quietly made itself a player in the exploding non-alcoholic beer market since it was introduced in 2019.

The segment has experienced booming growth in the last three years, reaching a new high in 2021 with $236 million in sales, according to IRI multi-outlet and convenience store data. Thats up 24% from the year before and nearly 72% since 2019.

And Coors Edge has ridden the wave, growing sales 49% to $7.3 million in 2021, according to IRI. Its volume grew 38% during the same time period.

The non-alcoholic sector might be a drop in the bucket of the $38 billion total beer category, but as more consumers gravitate toward options with less alcohol, carbs and calories, the opportunity for non-alcohol beers like Coors Edge is endless, says Rose Bleakley, associate marketing manager for Coors Edge.

This category is booming, and there is a ton of competition. But Coors Edge is holding strong. Its loaded with untapped potential, she says. Whats more, she says, the brand has done it without virtually any marketing support.

Coors Edge isnt a Heineken 0.0 thats pumping a ton of dollars into marketing, she says. This is a brand that sustains itself. It has a loyal audience that wants a non-alc beer that tastes like a beer.

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    Can You Drink Coors Edge While Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

    Coors Edge contains 0.5% ABV. While that amount wont get you buzzed, non-alcoholic beers containing any alcohol are not recommended during pregnancy.

    CDC guidelines state there is no safe amount of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. However, according to researchers, the effects of non-alcoholic beverages on pregnancies and breastfeeding are not yet well known.

    Alcohol-free offerings like Budweiser Zero, which contains 0.0% ABV, are a safer option if you drink non-alcoholic beer.

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    When To Drink

    The refreshing taste and slight fruitiness of Coors Edge make it perfect for late summer, especially at a tailgate or cookout. It pairs well with American-style cheeses and BBQ favorites, and traditional salads.

    This light lager fares well as both a primary beverage or pacer drink to extend your session. At only 45 calories per bottle, it is an excellent fit for those trying to cut down on their liquid calorie consumption.

    For those trying to fly under the radar, the Coors Edge can is notably stealthy. With the addition of a koozie, there is no sign of its alcohol content. Instead, the cans simply appear to be regular Coors.

    Whether you enjoy American-style lagers or youre just looking for a beer with meager calories, Coors Edge is a suitable option.


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