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Tutorial of Self-Serve Beer Technology for Bar & Restaurant Owners

We were more than pleased with the service and advice that you provided. We also thank the whole team of Drink Command for this very nice collaboration.

-The La Raffinerie Management Team

…Once seated, a member of the wait staff will open up a tap that you can begin to use on your own as you enjoy your dinner. No more waiting, just pour and drinkresponsibly, of course.

– LIB Magazine Review, The Arden, Long Island

Went to taps early with hubby and kids, staff very welcoming considering we had the kids. Hubby loved the pour your own beer, I loved the cocktail selection and the kids enjoyed playing with the games available.

– Trip Advisor, Taps Mooloolaga, Australia

The Impact Of A Beverage Wall

Beer walls are the cutting-edge innovation of the beer dispensing industry. Whether you select a Mobile or Built-In Beer Wall, you can be sure that your customers will have a unique and memorable bar experience. By eliminating the all-too-common lengthy wait for beer in a crowded bar setting, your sales will soar as your customers serve themselves!

The self-pour feature makes for an exciting and liberating experience for all, while driving sales and new customers in the door to your business. Customers can even sample new beers as they wish, while the beer wall tracks all beer poured and charges accordingly. No more throwing money away through free samples or drinks spilled by your bartenders!

An investment in a PourMyBeer Beer Wall is a lucrative decision. Our beer walls provide owners with a quick return on investment that quickly transcends into raw profits.

As the customers come to your establishment to check out the new beer dispensing equipment, they may feel inclined to post pictures and write about their unique bar experiences on Facebook, Twitter and more.

The installation of a beer wall at your bar can also mean an increase in social media returns as well. The unique equipment creates a great opportunity to craft exciting posts that promote your venue.

All PourMyBeer walls come with access to round-the-clock support. Owners can feel at ease knowing our technical support team is ready to help should an issue ever arise.

Pubs & Bars Like Yours Are Discovering The Benefits Of Pourtab

Bay Street Biergarten

See for yourself with a 15 minutes demo

With PourTab’s intuitive design, customers can be pouring their own beer within minutes of arriving.

  • A brilliant showcase for a great range of beers
  • A touch of the screen displays provenance or tasting notes
  • Tap a contactless card to pour

Get people talking

Nothing grabs the headlines like self service beer. Everyone will be talking about it and everyone will want to try it.

  • Increase awareness of your venue, locally and nationally
  • Drive first time customers wanting a new exprience
  • Drive repeat business and referrals through word of mouth

Get paid for your wastage

PourTab charges the customer for every drop of beer dispensed from the tap, turning your drip tray wastage into sales.

  • Get paid for every drop of beer dispensed
  • Cut waste and increase sales
  • Increase your gross profit on your draught beers

Cut down the bar queue

Customers faced with long queues at the bar either walk back out, don’t stay for the next round, or don’t come back. Even those that are in the queue aren’t buying your beer. Change all of this with PourTab.

  • Take away the most negative part of your customrs experience
  • Increase your sales by turning queuing time into drinking time
  • Turn walk outs into happy repeat customers

Free up staff

Every customer pouring their own beer takes some pressure off your bar staff, enabling you to trim your costs whilst providing a more customer focussed service

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Letting Customers Pour Cold Ones Comes With A Steep Price Tag

Though several owners said the self-pour bars are costly to construct, theyre hoping the investment pays off by reducing beer waste. Kyle Kensrue, Dave Plate and Hari Nathan Kaylan, co-owners of Randolph Beer in New York City, which opened a first location in Williamsburg in late 2016 and a second in Dumbo in 2017, said the jury is still out. The co-owners said that the Williamsburg location has not yet reached profitability after 17 months of being open. We do think it has generated some nice buzz and customers like it, its hard to quantify these positives. Whether or not it ends up a positive return on investment remains to be seen, they said in an email.

The Randolph Beer owners also noted that their PYO beer walls were expensive and difficult to implement because they needed to invest in expensive tablets, networking hardware, and a large walk-in, custom-built refrigerator that could accommodate the screens for each tap. Dave Pike, owner of three Barrel Republic locations in San Diego, echoed this sentiment, noting that the biggest cost is due to the technology associated with the screens hanging above each tap.

Erny also mentioned that PYOs face the same beer quality challenges that regular bars face correctly cleaning beer lines to flush out old beer and make way for new brews, refrigerating beer to increase its lifespan, and thoughtfully curating the tap list to keep customers taste buds entertained, to name a few.

Bars And Breweries Embrace Pour

Chicagos Hottest Pour

All About Beer MagazineHannah Pitstick

On a Friday night at Clouds Brewing in Durham, North Carolina, the bartenders are the epitome of efficiency. With a wave of a wrist and the pull of a tap handle, beer pours into my glass without a word exchanged. The bartenders track how much Ive consumed down to the tenth of an ounce and can tell me, with 100 percent accuracy, the ABV, IBU and basic makeup of every beer on tap.

You see, these bartenders are machines, and Clouds is one of an increasing number of bars that allow guests to pour their own beers using wristbands with radio-frequency identification technology. According to Darren Nicholson, head of sales and marketing for iPourIt, the largest self-serve technology on the market, there are close to 180 locations in America using the companys technology, with many projects in the works.

I think this is absolutely the future, says Chris Briles, founder and head brewer of Cosmic Ales in Torrance, California, a brewery taproom that uses self-serve technology. Especially as the prices come down, I believe more people will do something like this because, with the explosion of the taproom, you sometimes wait 60 minutes for a beer. Who wants to wait 60 minutes for a beer when you can get your beer right now?

Of course, there are some who disagree with this logic.

Despite the advantages of self-serve, many craft breweries prefer to stick with the traditional method of human bartenders.

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Why Did I Switch From My Previous Self

We pride ourselves on being the only company on the market to never be replaced by another self-pour technology provider. Watch more videos on some of our latest retrofits of other self-pour tech here.

If youre ready to learn more about the benefits self-pour could bring to you, email us at , call us at 416-9989, or click below. Cheers!

We pride ourselves on being the only company on the market to never be replaced by another self-pour technology provider. Watch more videos on some of our latest retrofits of other self-pour tech here.

If youre ready to learn more about the benefits self-pour could bring to you, email us at , call us at 416-9989, or click below. Cheers!

What You Get With Your Self

  • Management Work Station Check your customers in by swiping their drivers license and credit cards
  • Onsite Database Houses all of your consumption data and reports to our cloud database to ensure your data is backed up
  • Thermal Printer To give you & your customers detailed transaction receipts
  • Flow Control & Metering Technology for each line
  • RFID Cards customizable
  • RFID receptors for each tap
  • Screens depending on your choice, these can display 1 4 products per screen they will show beer brands, flavor notes, styles, ABV and pour volumes

MobileBeverage Wall

For some flexibility with location of your self-pour beer system, choose the mobile beer wall:

  • State of the art, fully functional, self-contained beer system on wheels with up to 6 taps
  • 6 taps mobile unit with RFID card readers, keg couplers, flow control and and gas regulator
  • Touch Screens to display customers name and pouring data

Built-INBeverage Wall

If youre ready for a customizable beer wall thats built securely into your bar, the built-in beer wall is for you:

  • The skys the limit! You can choose anywhere from 1 to 200 screens for your self-pour beer wall built-in at your location
  • Our project managers will work directly with your team to help make whatever you envision become a reality

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Review Of The Pub Praha 1

Dining options:Neighborhood:Description:Pour your own beer!!!

this place is brilliant to go with a group of friends for beer and bar snacks. there is a pump to pour your own beer in the centre of the table and it keeps separate tabs if you want to pay separately. the bar food is suprisingly nice for a beer establishment.there is a large screen ‘leader board’ for the table who has drunk the most beer in the bar you are in, for prague and for europe! very clever concept

  • Value

285289 of 618 reviews

We had beer taps on the table which was very cool, very good food and low prices. We were a couple and although the tables seems to be for more than 2 people, it suited us perfectly.

Arrived there on Monday approximately at 21:00 with no reservation. There were 4 empty tables inside. The waiter told us that they were reserved and we could go downstairs. In the basement there were 5 empty tables. They told us that they were reserved. So we went outside where there were some empty tables. We asked the waiter if we could sit in one of these tables and his answer was: We are closing now.So go figure.

  • Service

Technology Stands Between You And Your Beer At Pour

How to Use PourMyBeer’s Self-Pour Beer Wall – Step-by-Step Guide

Bars and Pubs have always been a center of attraction for the city life and there are countless bars in a well-developed town or a city. These bars have been around for a long time and we have seen some classic bars in movies and how copyboys rolled their guns and got out of bars. That was a different era and the technology is much much developed now.

We have seen technological advancements that eliminate waiter staff and offer better services and turn things efficiently than ever before. Bars generally have a bartender or multiple bartenders and it can be frustrating to wait in line and ask the bartender to serve you a drink and sometimes these bartenders get your drink wrong or mix-up a few things.

In these times customers think about taking things into their hands and pour themselves a drink but it was not possible because bars have certain rules and customers are not allowed to serve themselves. These bartenders are well trained and educated in their profession and practice making drinks and perfecting cocktails and there is no scope for a common individual to make a perfect cocktail like a bartender would do.

This is a unique way to get a drink as normally people fill their glasses from the top but this machine helps them do it from the bottom. This pours your own beer activity is fun and almost everybody enjoys pouring themselves a drink.

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We Are Liquid Agnostic

If its a liquid, we can pour it! Self-pour technology provides many options just like a regular bar if not more! Beer is not the only thing to pour, there is wine, cocktails, sodas, kombucha, and even cold-brew coffee. Since our self-serve technology is so versatile, it reaches a broader market as there are more choices for customers.

The Most Pos Integrations

Rather than try to reinvent the wheel and create our own POS or marketing apps, PourMyBeer recognized early on that its best to have an open system thats as agnostic as possible so that it can integrate with all of your critical restaurant operations systems. Rather than try to build our own POS, we built an open API that enables us to easily integrate with other systems.

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Selected By More Brands Than All Other Providers Combined

Big industry players, who are making millions of dollars, decided to partner with PourMyBeer because they saw how self-pour beverage walls increase efficiency and maximize revenue, so you are definitely on the right page.

Although we do have some pretty awesome big players on our side, most of our family members are independent entrepreneurs. Our customers had dreams about bringing self-pour technology and fun to their communities, and that is just what they did!

Not Only Does The Switch To Self

Pour your own beer, wine, cocktails at this new bar in Over
  • Convenience: When we say stop waiting, start pouring, were not kidding. Customers always get to be in control of their drinks, making their experience more fun and a lot more convenient.
  • Cost Efficiency and Sampling: Pouring and paying by ounce means that patrons dont have to commit to an entire glass of a beverage just to try it. Sampling is possible and encouraged, so no one has to spend too much on a drink they dont like.
  • Consistency: That kegging system that benefits you on the bar side also makes things nicer for customers, because it means that every drink is delicious and chilled from the keg all the way to their glass with every pour.
  • Fun and Unique Experience: Self-pour is a surprisingly social and interactive experience. Customers often talk to each other about their favorite drinks, how to pour perfectly, and which ones look the coolest. Some of this even makes it to social media, which can be a nice marketing boost for the bar as well!

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From Texas To Dc Self

February 8, 2021Keith Gribbins

Convenience. Quickness. Small or big pours. Less staff. Less wasted product. Safety? These are some of the pitches for self-pour dispensing systems. Because of the pandemic and because it was already a trend, announcements of new self-pour destinations are currently filling up my inbox. Are self-pour systems safer from COVID-19 transmission than traditional service staff? Ask CBB writer Chris Crowell for his risk assessment, and hell say probably not. Ask me, Ill say the jury is still out drinking, but I get the sense that its part of the marketing pitch. Heres a few new ones that caught my attention.

Customer’s Experience With Self

  • After presenting their drivers license , the customers are given an RFID card tied to their credit card or they can prepay it for the desired amount
  • They pour beer at the PourMyBeer Wall as they please
  • They are limited to 2 full beers at a time and are re-upped by staff when they need more
  • At the end of the night, the customers return the RFID card and pay their tab
  • They get a detailed receipt of what they poured
  • Check out how customers can walk through the doors and be pouring a cold one in seconds!

    The beer wall allows your customers to do just about everything your bartenders do when it comes to serving beer, but you dont have to pay them to do it. About the only thing the beer wall cant do is listen to your customers problems. Well, it can listen, but it cant give advice! In any case, the beer wall actually allows your staff to have more time to engage with your customers if you want to deliver the best customer service and boost your public perception.

    Your customers will love it! But dont just take our word for it. Check out what patrons of our customers are saying. The ability to try everything by the ounce, no tipping required, no waving arms hopelessly trying to get a bartenders attention customers can just buy their beers and get back to having a good time. These are just some of the benefits the beverage walls offer to the consumers. However, self-pour technology brings many benefits to the operators, too.

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    Owners Experience With A Self

    After hearing from our awesome PourMyBeer family members, we have found some highlight benefits that they have seen from having our tech! PourMyBeer fam members recognize that managing operating costs is key. Self-serve technology has lowered the need for excess staff, which has greatly reduced operational costs while keeping their businesses running efficiently. They no longer need a bulky bar and hundreds of bottles, so establishments have found that they need a much smaller inventory while seeing a higher return since guests tend to sample many drinks from the wall, all while paying by the ounce. Check out one of our family members, The Crab House, experience with self-pour below!

    As A Brewery Owner The Self

    Leopoldo’s Pizza – Switching from iPourit to PourMyBeer Self-Pour Beer Wall

    Reduced Cost: Since the customer is in control of their brewskis, you will save on wage expenditure as you dont need as much staff. And, self-pour technology tracks every ounce poured so no more losing out on profits due to over-pouring or spillage.

    Service Efficiency: With customers acting as their own bartender, they can approach the wall when they need a refill. Meaning, your staff can focus their attention and efforts elsewhere, enhancing the overall customer experience.

    Waste Reduction: Self-pour accounts for every ounce poured, meaning customers wont want to waste what they pour. Since customers can pour as much or as little as they want, no more free samples are necessary. Also, with self-pour technology tabs will never be unpaid as the POS is automated, eliminating human error.

    Consistent and Quality Taste: Kegs are vacuum-sealed to keep beverages as fresh as possible. Once kegs have been opened, theyll remain fresh for weeks and maintain the same quality taste from day 1.

    Easier Inventory: The use of kegs eliminates the need for bottles. Now youll only need a few kegs in your inventory.

    Listen to our Fireside Chat with Greg Lamacki, the owner of District Brew Yards, to hear how he is benefitting from self-pour technology at his brewery.

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