Dos Artes Reserva Especial Extra Anejo Tequila Stores

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Da Happy Hour w/ CaliSlim & West Maccin – *$150* Dos Artes Tequila (Reserva Especial)

Undrinkable for me… Too suspiciously and artificially sweet.

Aroma : Lots of vanilla and and caramel, not much agave to speak of. Some oak and cinnamon.Taste : Vanilla and caramel. That’s about it. It’s sooooo sweet and thick, and not in a good way. There is no agave, and no complex character to speak of.Finish : Short with many of the flavors mentioned previously, nothing new.It’s obvious that additives play a huge part in this. It tastes like someone made an añejo and put a bunch of Splenda in it.

NOM 1588|Extremely filled with additives, more of a show off bottle than show off tequila. Its pleasant and smells like pretty much nothing

Beautiful Tequila- sweet caramel vanilla and butterscotch taste. A bit thick but smooth finish. Easy to drink

Very sweet. Very little agave taste

I love this tequila it is really sweet but has an amazing taste by far my favorite sweet agave juice

Very overpriced in my opinion can find a few other great tequilas on the same price range. very oily so slow on the finish not very gentle. But gotta say i like the complexity of flavors.

first extra anejo ive had. its a dessert sipper. extra carmelly.

Sweet – Dessert – sipperAlmond/Amaretto forwardPurists to tequila will turn nose up due to excessive sweetness & flavor, but delicious for masses

If there ever was a desert tequila category, this one would define it. Super sweet, so beware.

Vanilla, honey, butterscotch finishes very nicely. On the sweet side but delicious


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