Wine Wall In Dining Room

Professional Level Wine Storage Management

Wall Wine Seller And Dining Room Remodeling

In addition to coveting the look and feel of restaurant wine cellars, homeowners now demand the ability to manage their wine collections like restaurants do.

Wine cellar technology includes wine cellar management apps to manage their collection and the ability to control the climate through devices.

Wine Room At Home With Industrial Stainless Steel Shelving

The walls of stainless steel shelves organize the homeowners wine collection, while the bottles and Asian art bring color to the clever space.

Druid Hills Neighborhood Association

This isnt a wine shop, but one part of a renovated 1918 home in Atlanta. The walls of stainless steel shelves organize the homeowners collection, while the bottles and Asian art bring color to the expansive space.

Modern And Elegant Wine Cellar Ideas With Tasting Table

Modern and elegant wine racks made with lighted painted metal framing and acrylic and glass shelving with steel cables. LED strips are embedded to provide a unique ambiance. In the center, there is a metal, wood, and glass tasting and work table for serving and decentering open wines while in an enviable setting.

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Glass Wine Cellar With Light Wood Floor

Light tonewood was used on the floor of the wine store, which was modern and minimalist. The wine store with the glass door has black frames. These frames contrast against white walls and attract attention. A marble pattern was used on the walls of the wine room, and this image looks quite stylish.

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Add Wine Storage In A Mudroom

Gorgeous dining room designed with a wine wall display as a backdrop ...

Photo via @your_organized_life

Since mudrooms are generally close to the kitchen and have plenty of storage, theyre a great spot for installing a wine cellar. Add a wine shelf or storage drawers in your mudroom cabinets to store your wine. You can even incorporate a wine cooler to keep your white wines crisp and cold.

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Turn A Flex Space Into A Custom Wine Cellar

Photo via @boldproperties

Do you have a bonus room at home you dont know how to use? Build a wine cellar! Take advantage of vertical space with floor-to-ceiling wine racks, wine cabinets, or storage hutches. Use darker paint colors to mimic an underground wine cellar. Put up curtains to protect your collection from light. And dont forget to install durable flooring that can handle the weight of your wine collection!

Unique Wine Storage Interior Designers Love

Many wine enthusiasts fantasize about having a chic wine cellar complete with racks filled with vintage wine, a dimly lit tasting room and a place to store sparkling crystal stemware and marble chillers.

If you love wine, try using these ideas from interior designers about unique ways to display it and entertain with panache.

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Wine Wall Glass Wine Wall Showcase

Recently, a builder reached out looking for assistance with wine racks for a wine wall in the dining room of a model home with VintageView Vino Pins. He knew that was what he wanted for the space but was unsure of how to lay them out.

As you might be aware, we offer free custom design consultations for all of our clients.

After a short consultation, we provided the client with the 2D Cad drawing below.

The client loved it as it nailed the aesthetic he was going for. He quickly ordered and, well, the end result speaks for itself! The client let us know the metal wine racks were a huge hit with all who saw it and we can see why. The VintageView wine racks lend a functional yet sleek storage component to any wine wall in dining room.

Wine Walls Single Glazed Or Double Glazed Doors


The internal wine display temperature, surrounding space and appliances determine the glazing selection of a wine wall in the dining room set. Nearby underfloor heating, cooking appliances and heaters will cause dew point condensation to form on a single glazed temperature-controlled wine display. The same way in which you will find condensation around single glazed windows of a warm room on a cold day outside. Therefore, the doors glazing selection, gasket seal, and appropriate method of keeping the door in the closed airtight position must be factored into the design. Inexperienced non-specialists, however, incorporate frame-less single glazing into climate-controlled wine displays.

The owner of this type of bespoke wine display will find issues with fluctuating unstable display temperatures.

As well as dew point condensation caused by frame-less glass doors with an inadequate airtight seal.

This will not be an issue if your wine wall is purely aesthetic design, without cooling function.

This ultra-luxury wine wall in the dining room was an £88,000+vat design project.

This price includes:

  • Macassar ebony PU lacquer veneer
  • Custom made brass single glazed doors and handles.
  • Custom made concealed hinges.
  • 3500 5000k Tuneable LED lighting.
  • Connection to the existing home automation control

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Understair Wine Storage With Wood Floor

The wine cellar under the stairs gives a very stylish appearance. It is possible to create elegance in a small space by using black wine hangers. Lightwood was used on the floor. The same tone continues on the steps of the wooden staircase.

ID# 122213 | Credit | Erica Winterfield Design | © Ihor Pona

Dark Wood Wine Racks With Exposed Beam And Herringbone Floor

We see the perfect harmony of wood and glass. Medium tone wood was used on the floor. The wine room floor is herringbone tile wood. The wooden sills of the glass door are mixed with glass. In the same way, the exposed beams are also wooden and integrated with the white walls. Black wine racks contrast with white walls. It is a combination of rustic and modern style.

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Modern Minimalist Wine Rack With Concrete Staircase

The minimalist wooden wine cellar, built under a concrete staircase, looks very trendy. The harmony of the concrete wall and wooden wine cellar is perfect. The black balustrade of the staircase contrasts with the concrete wall. The final touch is that the place looks quite modern and contemporary with the paintings hanging on the wall.

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You Too Can Have An Elegant Residential Wine Cellar Like This

Dining Room

Do you have a wide array of wine in your collection? Do you want to add something catchy in your home? If your answer is YES, then weve got your back. We can create a masterpiece at your home like this residential glass wine cellar in Manhattan Beach, California.

Wine Cellar Designer Group has helped countless wine aficionados achieve the wine cellar design of their choice. Our network has garnered many praises and accolades from the wine collectors community. That amount of recognition is an assurance to you that we do wine cellar right with you as the master designer behind it all.

NOW is the time to create your own personalized wine cellar. Lets make it happen.

Call us today at +1 475-5399 or click here to get started.

Residential Glass Wine Cellar Photo Gallery

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Bold Blue Wine Wall Dining Room

Found in a historic part of Baltimore city, this gorgeous home was ready for a little pizazz and color. The new homeowners wanted to modernize the home with color and decor, while keeping some of the homes historic touches. Being a young couple, I wanted to be sure to bring in a youthful vibe and showcase their love of wine, art, and their heritage. Check out my instagram for the video tour of the space and stay tuned for more room reveals of this home.

An accent wall was painted a bold blue to make the wine wall pop! The collection of wine bottles is seen as soon as you enter the dining area and looks incredible when the sunlight floods the dining room hitting the bottles at the right time. The landscaping around the house does help keep the bottles from much sun exposure too! The couple hopes to create a glass enclosure around the wine racks one day.

The rest of the decor was kept in the modern, contemporary style with a graphic black and white rug and gray parsons chairs. We mixed up the metallic finishes for a fun and modern look. There is a bit of gold in the dining table and a chrome pendant set that the couple wanted to add for a touch of glam.

The couple loves the entire dining room look now and feels the whole-home cohesiveness theyve been desiring. Stay tuned for part 3 of the Love Project home makeover where I tackle the living room!

Store Wines In The Dining Room

Photo via @vintageview_usa

Imagine hosting a dinner party and being able to choose the perfect wine from the comfort of your dining room table! Make a statement with a custom dining room wine wall complete with glass doors, temperature control, and floating wall wine racks. Or go with a cheaper alternative by building wine shelves into hutches, cabinets, or dressers.

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Modern Wine Storage With Metal Laminated Panels

The materials used in this wine room are plastic and metal panels. The wall is made of metal laminated panels. The countertop is stainless steel. The shelves are manufactured by acrylic architectural plastics. thanks to the reflective property of the metal material, it has added depth to space and looks bigger than the mean.

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Creative Wine Storage For Smaller Homes

Contemporary Glass Wall Residential Wine Cellar – Manhattan Beach Los Angeles California

If you dont have an extra room, cabinets or a butlers pantry, you can incorporate a movable bar cart into your kitchen, family room or dining area. Even a bar cart offers an opportunity for creativity in how you use it.

In one Design House, we wanted the dining room to be both elegant and family-friendly, so we used the bar cart to display traditional glasses and liquor on top and put supplies for kids on the bottom so they could reach their own plates and napkins and cups, says Meyer.

An old secretary painted with a faux finish is set up as a bar on top with niches and drawers for storing coasters, cocktail napkins, candles and table linens.Another option, Scott suggests, is a small console with wine bottles on top, closed shelves below and floating shelves above for additional display space.

We took an old secretary from our house and painted it with a faux finish so it would look nice in our dining room, says Meyer. Its set up as a bar on top and then the niches and drawers are great for storing coasters, cocktail napkins, candles and table linens.

If you have enough closet space, Tretsch suggests replacing your linen closet doors with glass doors to convert that space into a bar with your glasses and liquor.

Stairs are also great spaces to store wine underneath, says Tretsch. In one place with a curving staircase we built glass cabinets all along the wall to store wine bottles.

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Traditional Wine Room With Glass Panels And Tasting Table

Floor-to-ceiling glass panels were used. The full view was provided by custom-built white oak cabinets. LED accent light and decorative stone tile are stylishly integrated within the cabinetry resulting in a truly unique wine cellar. Light tone wood mixed with grey concrete on the floor. The modern look of the basement wine room is completed with a wooden table.

ID# 122237 | Credit |

Your Wine Cellar Doesnt Have To Be Limited To Your Basement Anymore

While basements are a great area to renovate into a wine cellar, many homeowners are following the trends of restaurants, making their wine rooms the centerpiece of their home specifically the move toward glass-encased, well-lit wine rooms.

As restaurants and country clubs have been doing for years, homeowners are now interested in making their wine rooms a statement piece in their home, and theyâre looking to have designs that blend well with their existing home while elevating the décor overall.

Rooms that are ideal to renovate into a wine room include small rooms off dining areas, atriums, non-load bearing room divider walls where the collection can be seen from several rooms, or even spaces under stairwells or at one end of a great room.

Custom wine cellar specialists know how to design, build and install wine cellars to fit any room.

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Where To Create A Wine Room

When it comes to setting up your wine cellar, be sure to consider wine storage best practices.

  • Temperature: Your wine cellar room should be between 45 and 65 degrees with a humidity level between 50% and 80% to protect your wine collection.
  • Lighting: Direct sunlight is bad for wine, so avoid rooms with lots of windows. Ideal areas for proper wine storage are dark spaces like basements, pantries, closets, enclosed cabinets, and drawers.

If you plan to store wine for a long period of time, youll need a place with little light, enough humidity to keep corks moist, and cool temperatures. If, however, you plan to drink your wines within the next year or two, many are fine to store in main living areas. Here are some wine cellar ideas for creating your perfect space!

Modern Brown Wine Racks With Black Marble Floor

Wine wall rack in dining room area in 2021

The floor of the wine cellar, located in the corner of the house, is black marble tile. It is very beautifully mixed with a dark wooden floor. Hidden LED lighting was used in brown wine cabinets. In this way, cabinets are highlighted very nicely. White walls give calmness while at the same time highlighting brown wine cabinets.

ID# 122224

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Color Code Wine Storage Boxes

Photo via @wine_corner

Organize the type and style of your wines by color-coding wine storage boxes! Use the corresponding colors on storage boxes, drawers, or baskets to make finding your favorite vintage quick and easy.

Looking to renovate your home to include a wine room, or looking for wine storage options outside of your home? Extra Space Storage offers climate-controlled wine storage at select storage facilities throughout the nation. Find storage near you!

Dining Room Nook Becomes Wine Cellar

Creating the Modern Wine Cellar

Youve finally bought that house of your dreams and that 200 bottle Eurocave just cant satisfy your desire to grow that wine collection. Where are you going to build your personal wine cellar? What about the 7 ft by 30 inch deep nook in your dining room? Sure, we must consider how to cool the environment and prepare the room properly, but lets assume it will work out. Its time to consider the décor of the home, how many bottles to store, the amount of space available and how to easily access the wine. These factors are all tools to help determine what type of racking to use.

Wine consumption and collection has increased exponentially over the past 10 years. To meet the market demands and the American consumer demands for quality and choice, the wine racking market has been exploding with new and exciting products. Classic redwood wine racks, old world terra cotta clay wine tiles, new green recycled wine barrel racks and modern metal Vintage View racks are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Rustic Wine Cavern With Custom Mahogany Wine Racks And Chandelier

Custom mahogany wine racks lend a warmth to a wine cavern designed by Norman Askins and built by Cruickshank Remodeling. The racks fit underneath a barrel-vault ceiling with stone accents.

Cruickshank Remodeling

Custom mahogany wine racks lend a warmth to a wine cavern designed by Norman Askins and built by Cruickshank Remodeling. The racks fit underneath a barrel-vault ceiling with stone accents.

One of the more unique things we did was to use printed panels off wine cases for the wall and ceiling treatment, says remodeler Bradley B. Cruickshank.

Guests can sample and sip at a glass-topped barrel table on pegged oak floors. The hand-forged wrought iron chandeliers and sconces give the room an Old World bent.

Elegant Residential Glass Dining Room Wine Cellar Designed And Built By An Expert Designer

Dining Room Built-ins [Part 2]

Most homeowners understand the significance of the dining room inside our home. We dine with our friends, family and colleagues in the dining room. Ideas are usually shared and created within this specific area of our homes. With that said, every time a guest visits our home, the overall appearance of our dining room is one of the things that will surely leave an impression on their mind.

It makes sense that our dining room should be kept presentable and appealing at all times.. You love collecting wines and you want to make your dining room more presentable than ever. Why not consider building a residential glass wine cellar in your home?

Wine cellar design expert and master builder from Wine Cellar Designers Group, Steve Pantalemon, was requested by a client to build a residential glass wine cellar in Manhattan Beach, California. At first glance, the project seemschallenging. But, Steve, being the master of his craft, had proven his expertise and knowledge by materializing the dream wine cellar design of the client.

What was the challenging part of the residential glass wine cellar project?

Contemporary metal racks gives this residential glass wine cellar a modern look.

The Wine Racking System for the Residential Glass Wine Cellar

Glass Panel Installation for the Residential Glass Wine Wall

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