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Globe Whiskey Decanter Set with Globe Glasses! Best gift for mens!

Premium decanter sets usually offer the most value when it comes to price versus quality. Premium decanters usually offer an affordable but very high-quality product that strikes the balance between price and style perfectly. Premium decanters not only make a great gift for yourself but also a great gift for any special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or any holiday gift like at Christmas.

Best Personalized: Home Wet Bar Draper Decanter

Often, personalized glass items can end up looking like corporate swag thanks to generic lettering, but Home Wet Bars Italian-made Draper decanter is anything but. Choose your single letter, which will be laser engraved in an elegant olde English typeface on the center of the decanters front panel . Holding up to 24 ounces of the liquid of your choice, this personalized decanter makes for a great gift and is made from lead-free crystal.

Material: Glass | Dimensions : 3 x 4 x 9 inches | Capacity: 24 ounces

Belliari Triangle Whiskey Decanter

The perfect pairing of luxury and elegance, this stunning triangular-shaped whiskey decanter from Belliari is an unusual yet beautiful addition to any liquor cabinet and would make an ideal gift for a whiskey-loving recipient. Its diamond-cut pattern, center cut-out and diamond-shaped stopper all combine to make this drinkware stunningly attractive. Equally perfect as a decorative piece or as a serving vessel, this glassware even comes gift boxed for your convenience.

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Waterford Crystal Lismore Diamond Carafe

A product that is very similar to the previous Lismore entry on our list, this decanter has the same level of classical sophistication that is paralleled in its cousin. Made from the same materials as the other Lismore decanter, the same level of quality is assured. However, the main difference between these decanters is their design. This decanter forms a diamond shape that extends elegantly from the top in a downwards fashion whereas the other Lismore entry is a more rounded shape.

Ravenscroft Crystal 125th Anniversary Kensington Set

Diamond Whiskey Decanter Set

Clean and concise is the perfect description for this decanter. What you see is what you get. A clear crystal decanter that oozes with subtle elegance and provides complete practicality. This decanter offers a 26-ounce capacity, similar to the Reed & Barton decanter, but has a decidedly cleaner look, choosing to refrain from any needless blemishes that would obscure your fine whiskey.

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Whiskey Decanter Glass Sets

Goodglassware Whiskey Decanter And Glasses Set

Enjoy a smooth glass of scotch or bourbon in the office or den with this whiskey decanter set with 4 old-fashioned glasses. Inspired by vintage barware, the iconic diamond-cut glass radiates sophistication.

This bold and heavy decanter sits comfortably in your hand for an easy pour. Each tumbler holds plenty of ice or rocks. Perfect for whiskey, spirits, and cordials.

Channel your inner Mad Men character with this gorgeous and giftable decanter set Includes glass decanter with glass stopper and 4 matching glasses Easy-to-clean and dishwasher-safe!

Set contains 1 Whiskey Decanter and 4 Whiskey Glasses. Decanter holds 25.4 oz each whiskey glass holds 7.5 oz scratch-resistant, break-resistant, lightweight easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe recyclable, lead-free glass.

  • Package Dimensions: 27.5 x 10.5 x 24.5 cm
  • Item Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Item Model Number: GGWDGS01
  • Unit Capacity: Decanter – 750 mL , Whiskey Glass – 220 mL
  • Unit Height: Decanter – 19 cm , Whiskey Glass – 8.20 cm
  • Materials: 100% lead-free glass
  • Package Includes: four GoodGlassware Whiskey Glasses and one GoodGlassware Whiskey Decanter
  • Manufacturer: Vintorio
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    Most Unique: Tom Dixon Tank Decanter With Copper Detailing

    Courtesy of Selfridges

    Add drama to any bar cart, shelf, or table with this striking decanter by Tom Dixon, an interior design legend and a go-to for extraordinary objects for everyday use. The Tank decanters come in a variety of shapes and colors, but the copper-accented option is particularly special, combining mid-century nods with modern design and architecture and a hint of minimalist glam. The gleaming metallic detailing on this decanter is hand-painted, and the vessel itself has a capacity of 35.2 ounces. This piece is made in Poland and is hand-wash only.

    Material: Glass | Dimensions : 5.1 x 9.1 inches | Capacity: 35.2 ounces

    How To Spot The Difference Between A Whiskey Or Wine Decanter

    Top 5 Best Whiskey Decanters in 2022 Buying Guide

    You dont use wine decanters and whiskey decanters for the same reasons, so it stands to reason that you wouldnt use the same decanters for both purposes.

    Wine decanters are usually large, sweeping or ballooning glass pieces. Theyre meant to aerate wine and add a little showmanship to your dinner. Since you would normally serve the wine as soon as a few minutes and no more than a few hours after youve decanted it, these decanters dont come with stoppers. In fact, the mouths of wine decanters are often larger and more vase-like than whiskey decanters.

    Since whiskey decanters are meant to keep your whiskey safe over longer periods of time, theyre often sturdier and smaller than wine decanters. These will come with a stopper to prevent dust from entering the bottle and keep your whiskey from oxidizing.

    One final note before we move on: I wouldnt recommend holding your whiskey in a decanter indefinitely. In fact, I wouldnt recommend keeping any open bottle of whiskey indefinitely. Although it happens slowly, it is possible for whiskey to oxidize over long stretches of time, so make sure your seal is airtight and try to enjoy your decanted whiskey within a year, especially if theres a lot of headspace in the bottle. Oxidized whiskey probably wont kill you, but it wont taste great, either.

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    Luxury Whiskey Decanter Sets

    Luxury decanter sets are of the highest quality and offer the most stylish designs on the market. If you are looking at purchasing a luxury decanter for your own use, then you are sure to love the elegant designs and the prestigious look that they are guaranteed to bring to your household.

    Alternatively, luxury decanter sets are the perfect gift for those celebrating a particularly special occasion such as a wedding, a significant birthday or a big anniversary date. And while the price of these sets is usually relatively high, their design and style are always guaranteed to be of the utmost quality.

    A Decanter Can Replace Ugly Or Faulty Bottles

    Say you go to pour yourself a glass of whiskey, and you accidentally break the cork stopper in your hand. Or maybe you drop the bottle at just the right angle, and a crack starts to form.

    You can transfer your whiskey from the damaged bottle into a decanter, and no one will be the wiser. The same holds true for ugly bottles that just have no place on display on your thoughtfully curated bar. Im looking at you, Bruichladdich.

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    Zwiesel 1872 Charles Schumann Hommage Collection Comete Handmade Whisky Carafe

    An immediately stunning design, this luxury decanter varies from the Lismore decanter in several key ways. One way in which it differs is the decanters very contemporary style. As opposed to the classic Waterford Crystal design of the Lismore decanter, the Zwiesel has a very subtle and contemporary design that just exudes sophistication. These decanters are hand-crafted and made from Tritan crystal glass that resists breakage and chipping, so longevity is guaranteed.

    It Adds To The Ritual

    Wilshire Engraved Glass Whiskey Decanter Set

    Its no secret that we humans love our little traditions and rituals, especially when it comes to food and drinks. In the same way that a particular tea setup or a meaningful champagne toast can heighten your experience, pouring your whiskey from a pretty vessel can make it feel all the more special.

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    Ravenscroft Crystal Beveled Blade Container

    One of the best premium decanters on the market, the Crystal Beveled Blade decanter by Ravenscroft is an exceptionally practical and stylish whiskey decanter. This particular decanter offers a whole 28 ounces of space inside, making it perfect for storing a 750ml bottle of your finest whiskey. The hand-made nature of this piece ensures that every product is unique in some way.

    Reed & Barton Crystal Soho Square Decanter

    A premium decanter with a refined and sleek design, this Reed & Barton crystal Soho square decanter will fit right into any kitchen, bar or living room area. This is primarily due to the simple yet effective design of the product. The crystal pattern on the decanter gives the set a streaky look that is sure to intrigue the eyes of many. However, this particular decanter does have a slightly lower capacity than the Ravenscroft decanter previously mentioned, having a 26-ounce capacity, which is still a considerable amount.

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    Bourbon Barrel Liquor Decanter

    This is certainly one of the most unique whiskey decanters out there. This decanter is shaped like a barrel, resting on a beautiful mahogany wood perch. There is a tap at one end of the barrel in which your whiskey can freely pour out. The main feature of the design, however, is the elegant crystal ship at the base of the center of the barrel. With the right amount of whiskey in the decanter, the ship looks as though it is sailing on a sea of your finest spirits.

    Lefonte Whiskey Decanter Set For Liquor Scotch

    TOP 5: Best Whiskey Decanter Set on Amazon 2021 | Premium Gift for Men

    Stylish and elegant, this ultra-clear non-leaded crystal whiskey decanter set from Lefonte is a perfect gift for a loved one or an ideal addition for your barware collection. The best solution for serving wine, bourbon, Scotch or whiskey, this set features a classically designed decanter along with two matching tumbler-style glasses.

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    Affordable Decanters And Sets

    Affordable decanters are exactly what they sound like decanters that still retain their sophistication and stylish nature but come at a much more reasonable price. If you are seeking a decanter as a gift, or for personal use, but the recipient does not consider themselves to be a connoisseur of whiskey or the occasion is not considered major in terms of importance then consider some of the following decanters.

    How To Find The Best Whiskey Decanter

    We all know the scene. An important Don Draper/Jack Donaghy-looking businessman walks to a sideboard in his office and pours himself a glass of brown spirits from a crystal bottle. Its a scene thats become so ubiquitous that its one of the first things most of us think of when we think of whiskey decanters, but have whiskey decanters always been seemingly the exclusive province of wealthy executives?

    Drinking on the job and potential workplace misogyny aside, the answer is yes and no.

    Up until the late 1800s when bottling became prevalent, if you wanted whiskey, you had to get it from a wholesaler, like a store or a tavern. The tavern would keep their whiskey in big barrels, and if you wanted to bring some home with you, you needed a vessel to transport it in. The wealthy would transport and store their whiskey in pretty bottles. So yes, decanters were for the wealthy, but they were largely kept at home.

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    Where To Find The Best Whiskey Decanters

    There are plenty of places to find whiskey decanters for sale, but I would suggest buying one from a reputable bar supply company such as Viski, a home goods shop like Bed Bath and Beyond, or a department store like Macys.

    You can find a whiskey decanter or whiskey decanter set, which comes with matching whiskey glasses, on websites like , but make sure that the listing includes an accurate product description. I wouldnt recommend getting your decanter from an antique store unless you dont intend to drink out of it. Youll run the risk of ending up with a lead crystal piece.

    Whiskey Decanter For Scotch Or Bourbon

    Globe Whiskey Decanter Sets &  4 Glasses

    The lead-free 750ml Lefonte whiskey decanter is the perfect choice for any office or home bar thanks to its elegant and traditional design. With its decorative clear glass exterior, it represents the ideal yet affordable way of displaying and pouring whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin or Scotch, while its plastic stopper has a strong seal to ensure your favorite beverage stays safe and protected. Whether youre looking for an ideal gift or an adornment for your own home, this Lefonte decanter is a great option.

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    Best Modern: Nude Glass Malt Whiskey Bottle With Wooden Tray


    The soft, clean lines and thinner but durable lead-free crystal glass take this decanter in a welcomed direction away from those thick, beveled-edge square decanters of yore. Thanks to the purity and clarity of the handmade Turkish glass, you’ll be better able to enjoy the way the light dances through your whiskey. This timeless design created by award-winning Finnish furniture designer Mikko Laakkonen will complement most any bar cart style, from midcentury modern to industrial. Its 37.2-ounce capacity can accommodate a bottle and a half of the good stuff. And the accompanying wooden tray has enough room for both the bottle and your favorite tumbler.

    Good to Know:

    The best ways to use a decanter are for home blends and infinity bottles basically, it’s the ideal vessel for displaying a whiskey you’ve blended yourself. A decanter is really a statement piecea way to create a little mystery. What’s inside should be worth the conversation it will start. Aaron Goldfarb has a great book on the subject called Hacking Whiskey, but trial and error is just as entertaining. -Clay Whittaker

    Material: Lead-free crystal and wood | Dimensions : 4 x 9.75 inches | Capacity: 37.2 ounces

    Whiskey Decanter And Glasses Barware Set

    This stunning Godinger whiskey decanter and cocktail glasses set is a perfect addition to any home bar or would make an ideal gift for any whiskey-loving recipient. Featuring a stylish and classic starburst design, the tumbler glasses and decanter are made from lead free glass and come with their own crafted wooden base tray that will look wonderful in any room.

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    Drinkware Glassware Sets Bar Tools And Beyond

    Nothing completes the home like a cohesive drinkware collection, including glassware, elegant stemware, carafes and bar tools. Start with a set of drinking glasses that coordinates with your everyday dinnerware. Clear glass cups with clean lines offer timeless appeal, while display a touch of personality. Pair with coordinating pitchers and drink dispensers to serve fresh-squeezed juices during your next brunch. For evening soirées, bring out a set of bar glasses and offer guests a drink as they settle in. Use , tongs, shakers and muddlers to create custom cocktails with your favorite spirits and mixers. Looking for a drinkware collection focused on a particular beverage? Enjoy whiskey or bourbon in old-fashioned glasses and in highballs on a cold night in front of the fire. Glassware collections also make great wedding and housewarming gifts. A decanter and glasses set has widespread appeal and functionality, while a is sure to please any connoisseur of scotch. Handcrafted blown glass, stainless steel and copper are all high-quality, attractive and durable materials. For easy visual interest in the kitchen, store your juice and drinking glasses set on open shelving. In the living room or dining room, keep your coordinated collection of wine glasses, champagne flutes and decanters on a console table for an elegant display and home bar.

    Whiskey Decanter Set With 2 Old Fashioned Whisky Glasses

    10 Best Whiskey Decanters

    Surprisingly affordable yet effortlessly stylish, this elegant whiskey decanter set comes complete with two old-fashioned whisky glasses that are perfect for serving wine, bourbon or Scotch. This lead-free crystal Lefonte liquor decanter has a capacity of 750ml and boasts a unique and appealing shape and Irish cut triangular design that makes it an ideal addition to any table or display cabinet.

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    Whiskey But Make It Fashion

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    Liquor / Chloe Jeong

    Ask any expert, and theyll tell you that theres an art to shopping for the perfect spirits decanter. We asked freelance journalist and whiskey expert Clay Whittaker to break it down. A decanter is meant to be displayed, so it should fit your home decor and represent your style, he says. But, it should also be functionalyour decanter shouldn’t be needlessly difficult to lift or pour from, and you should consider how difficult it will be to clean or dust.

    Where glass is concerned, safety is always an important factor. Aside from durability, Whittaker says, youll want to make sure that the decanter, if made from crystal, is lead-free. Leaded crystal will leach lead into alcohol over time. That may not be an issue for glassware, which you’re only using for a few hours, but a decanter holding whiskey for a few days, weeks, or months, will make whatever is inside fairly toxic. It could eventually kill youor at least ruin your whiskey, he notes. These are some of the best decanters on the market.


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