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Best For Rare: Shots Box

Aberlour 14 Year Old Double Cask

Shots Box

With fun touches like an intro box of whiskey shots and free Glencairn glasses, Shots Box offers rare whiskies in an engaging format.

  • Customers pick which full-sized bottle they receive

  • First box includes complimentary tasting glasses

  • Specially curated selection of rare whiskeys

  • Subscription must be prepaid

A maverick in the whiskey subscription world, Shots Box does a number of things differently than its competitors. Rather than asking customers to let the company curate a selection each month, Shots Box sends its users a box of shots. The subscriber then tries them all and selects which theyd like to receive in full-bottle form. To enhance the tasting experience, Shots Box includes a pair of elegant Glencairn tasting glasses with the first delivery.

Instead of monthly billing, Shots Box offers subscriptions on either a six-month basis for $299, or a full-year basis for $499. The full-year subscription includes one extra 750 ml bottle of top-selling whiskey, bringing the yearly total to seven bottles. Both the six-month and full-year subscriptions offer free shipping, which adds even more value to the membership.

  • $299 for 6-month subscription
  • $499 for full-year subscription

Why Stop At Whiskey Dont Miss These Wine & Beer Clubs

Are you into whiskey but your spouse is interested in another type of alcohol? Have no fear. Did you know there are other monthly clubs that deliver wine and beer? While youre sipping on your single malt scotch, let your sweetie choose a monthly wine club or beer of the month club, so you can both enjoy an adult beverage after a hard days work.

What Are Whiskey Subscriptions

These membership services deliver whiskeys to your door at a set time interval, usually once a month. Billing typically occurs monthly, although some services may give you the option to pay upfront for a longer interval, like quarterly or annually. There are plenty of options to choose fromif youre into whiskey, theres a subscription box thats right for you.

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Best For Rare Whiskey: Caskers Whiskey Club

Every three months, your Caskers subscription brings you two full-sized bottles of whiskey. They offer a balance of well-known classics and new craft brands and have two whiskey clubs to choose from: an American Whiskey Club that delivers whiskies, bourbons, and ryes distilled in the US of A, and the World of Whiskey Club which includes whiskies from all over the world including Scotch, Irish, and Japanese bottles. Their online shop is also a welcome way to browse interesting libations a bottle at a time.

Best For Scotch Education: Tasters Club

10 Best Whiskey Of The Month Clubs (Just Updated)

Tasters Club

  • Starting Price: $79.99 per month
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Products per Delivery: 2

Along with every monthly subscription of select bottles, Tasters Club focuses on educating alongside drinking, with tasting notes and producer deep dives included in every bottle.

  • Bottles are a surprise

Ever wondered just how your favorite spirits are made? Thats where Tasters Club comes in. Their focus is keenly on education, so along with bottles , each shipment includes Digital 101s with tasting notes and info on the bottle. Bottles trot through Scotland, from aged expressions of Obans highland malt to Ardbeg and Laphroaigs peaty Islay bottles to more oddball bottles from Big Peat.

If youve got your fill of Scotch, choose Tasters Clubs Stock the Bar selectionitll send a different type of spirit each month. Frequency is flexible to your needs: pick three, six, or 12-month prepaid memberships for any club.

  • Scotch Subscription: $79.99 per month
  • Scotch PRO Subscription: $184.99 per month

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Best For Scotch Drinkers: The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Not just a club, not just a subscription, join these guys and youre becoming a member of a dang society. The society formed 30 plus years ago in Scotland when a guy bought an entire cask of scotch, drove it home, and shared it with his friends. The friends then pooled together to buy another and another cask, and the society was formed. A flat $99 a year gets you into the Society and, once in, you have access to their single malt, single cask Scotch whiskies bottled each month exclusively for their members, and available for purchase on their site. A membership also gets you a subscription to their magazine and puts you in touch with other scotch fans across the US.

What Is Included In This Liquor Gift Basket

This liquor gift basket includes a bottle of Swedish vodka which can be upgraded if you wish Absolut Vodka. This bottle of liquor may be upgraded to any of the liquors from our extensive collection of alcohols from around the world, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great liquor gift even better. Your gift recipient will love this liquor!

Our Default Swedish Vodka

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Be A Good Amigo Or Amiga To Your Friends By Signing Up For Our Tequila Of The Month Club Today And Let Us Help You Satisfy Their Tequila Cravings For Three Months In A Row

Blanco, Reposado, or Anejo, tequila has grown from an obscure Mexican drink to a worldwide phenomenon in a span of a few decades and while Jalisco has maintained a monopoly over its production, the number of brands offering their own take on the spirit has grown exponentially over the past few decades.

With our Tequila of The Month Club, you can now easily treat the people closest to you with the best tequila bottlings the market has to offer. By subscribing to our club membership, one is entitled to a bottle of Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo tequila with each one carefully curated from our vast selection and delivered right to their doorstep every month for three months. Definitely a unique way of treating a long-time tequila fan to their favorite tipple!

So whether youre looking for the perfect birthday, holiday, or anniversary gift for someone, consider signing them up for our Tequila of The Month Club and let them enjoy this iconic agave-based spirit one bottle at a time!

Selection may vary based on availability.

We are unable to ship alcohol to the following states: AL, AR, DE, IA, KY, ME, MD, MS, NH, NY, OR, RI, SD, TX, UT, VA, WV. If you would like to ship something to Alaska or Hawaii please email us at info@spiritedgifts.com for shipping rates.

We suggest shipping to a business address as someone 21 years of age or older must be present to sign for alcohol deliveries.

For more information, please email us at info@spiritedgifts.com

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The Basics: Whisky Flavour

Cocktail of the Month Club: Cranberry-Cinnamon Whiskey Sour

Sometimes its best to start with the basics. Whisky Flavour sends out four mini whiskey bottles each month from distilleries youve probably heard of but might not have enjoyed yet. If the thought of try before you buy appeals, this is the monthly subscription for you. As you can guess from the spelling of both words in their name, Whisky Flavour is not US-based but they ship all over the world.

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An Opportunity To Taste Expensive And Unique Whiskey

One of the main benefits of joining whiskey clubs is that it provides you with a chance to taste unique and costly whiskey. Usually, clubs buy different types of whiskeys, including the costly ones for the members to try out. This means that you will have a chance to try out new and special editions of whiskeys. These clubs can also take your whiskey experience to a whole new level by buying rare malts for members. According to OzBargain, you will get many excellent single malts, some uncommon and rare blends, or non-age expressions from exciting distilleries. The club can buy a unique whiskey bottle to share with its members some whiskey clubs even have special and commemorative bottles for its members.

Pour More Whiskey Package

Most whiskey clubs come with one-to-three different types of subscription boxes offering a baseline amount of variety in the type and/or amount of whiskey on which you can get your hands. But Pour Mores package offerings put them all to shame just by the sheer variety of options. You see, they offer eleven different subscription types that include nine different whiskey options , a rum package, a tequila package, and a Bartender Package designed to help you round out your home bar. And within each of those different packages, there are even more sub-options for however many months you wish to sign up. That way, not only can you select the spirits that are right for you, but you can customize your commitment level to make sure youre not getting in too deep. Once youve got you selection picked out, you just pay for it and Pour More will send you a full bottle for each month youve signed up, along with tasting notes and a history of each selection.

Frequency: Monthly

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Bitters & Bottles Club B& b

If youre fond of American whiskey, you like the prospect of exclusivity, and you dont mind getting your hands on new spirts every quarter , then the Bitters & Bottles Club B& B subscription service might be right up your alley. For less than $100 a quarter, this service will grant you access to not just superb whiskey, but one-to-two bottles of the stuff each quarter that you can only get through Bitters & Bottles. If cocktails are your pleasure, however, Bitters & Bottles still has you covered. This is because, as an alternative to their normal whiskey club, they have one called the Old Fashioned Club. Not limited exclusively to old fashioned cocktails, this option will still get you a bar-size bottle of whiskey, but also comes with recipes for new and interesting drinks with each box. With a subscription, youll also get access to a members page and store, so you can stock up on even more than just what comes in your box. Furthermore, theyre promising an expansion of their club offerings into the realm of gin, rum, and more soon.

Frequency: Quarterly

Whiskey Club Membership Costs

10 Best Whiskey Of The Month Clubs (Just Updated)

Subscription costs will vary. Typically, you can expect to pay $25 to $150 per month. Payment options will also depend on the individual company and you may be able to pay monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually. The overall cost of the club may influence your decision, so make sure that you understand the terms of membership before starting your subscription.

While whiskey lovers may be a special breed, they are also a part of a very accessible community. If you have always wanted to discover more about this spirit and try brands beyond the mainstream offerings, a whiskey club is a great place to start. You dont have to worry about going to the store and spending money on a whiskey you might not end up liking. Perhaps best of all, the whiskey arrives right at your door. Arguably, whiskey clubs are the most convenient and educational way to enjoy some of the worlds best and newest whiskey brands.

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Hear It From Australia’s Biggest Whisky Community


Fantastic whisky. Great quality. Wonderful customer service. Regular competitions with awesome prizes. Also the ability to opt out each month if necessary or add more to your order!Member since 2019


The ability to access and taste some of the most amazing and exclusive whisky at an affordable price is more than enough reason to recommend it but to top it off with some fantastic events and bars is just brilliant!! My cabinet has NEVER looked so good!Member since 2018


This is the best way to enjoy premium Whisky . Straight forward, no gimmicks, no tricks just get what you pay for. Keep up the good work Bertie and team.Member since 2016


I joined because I was tired of the supermarket selection of whiskies and I found my new home. The selection and choices are fantastic and price point is very good for quality whisky.Member since 2016


Best For Beginners: Tasters Club

Tasters Club

  • Starting Price: $75.99 per month
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Products per Delivery: 1

A subscription that prioritizes a great selection and extensive supplementary materials, Tasters Club is a perfect entryway for anyone embarking on a journey into Scotch fandom.

  • Highly curated selection of Scotch

  • Contextual materials to build education

  • Nine different spirits clubs available

  • Bottles are chosen for you

  • No free shipping

Lets face it: Scotch can be intimidating. Between the challenging distillery names, the subregions within Scotland, and the various cask finishes and special releases, the whole category can make the beginner Scotch enthusiast feel overwhelmed. However, Tasters Club demystifies the process of learning about Scotch with its once-a-month deliveries of rare and interesting bottles, which are always accompanied by a Digital 101 that provides extensive content including the history of the distillery, the inspiration behind the creation of the bottle, expert tasting notes, and more.

For a more advanced deep dive, you might choose to splurge for the Scotch Pro subscription, which includes rare and one-off releases from independent bottlers featuring Scotlands top producers. Or, if your Scotch journey has inspired you to expand your expertise further, Tasters Club boasts a total of nine different spirits clubs, each of which follows the Digital 101 model and delivers rich educational context along with every bottle.

  • $175.74 for Scotch Pro subscription

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Are Whiskey Of The Month Clubs Worth It

Whiskey clubs are worth it if they give you access to a wide range of Whiskeys at reasonable prices. With that said, you also need to make sure the club features the type of whiskey you enjoy. If you love bourbon, make sure the whiskey club features a lot of bourbon in their shipments and don’t focus on Scotch instead.

You should also consider the types of bottles they send. Some whiskey subscriptions will send out tasters. These are small bottles meant for exploring new whiskeys. These clubs are worth it if they help you find new distillers or whiskey styles you enjoy.

Shots Box Whiskey Shots Box

Glendalough 13 Year Old Mizunara Finish – Mizunara Casks

What you get: 10 50ml bottles of different whiskeys, plus a Glencairn glass and a small notebook. Every 2 months.

What it costs: $90 per box, plus shipping, every 2 months. $90/box as a bimonthly subscription , or $520/year paid up front for 6 bimonthly boxes. Free shipping.

Who its best for: My sample box was filled with whiskeys the bulk of which Id never heard of . Nine were American craft bourbons, with one Canadian whisky in the mix. Some highlights included a sample of Clyde Mays Alabama-style whiskey, the Texas-distilled, grain-to-glass Alamo Bourbon, and the racy 117-proof Boones Bourbon. There was plenty of fun stuff in the mix here Port-finished bourbon, why not? that I could fully see spending a few weeks sampling a different spirit each day just to let the stories unfold. If youre a fan of off-the-beaten-path whiskeys, and dont mind a little funk in the mix, youll get each of these samples for just $9 each, which is pretty reasonable considering you probably wont find most of them anywhere else.

How to get it:shotsbox.com

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Best For Learning About Whiskey: Tasters Club

Tasters Club

With its exclusive bottlings and substantial supplementary material included with shipments, theres no better option for aspiring whiskey savants than Tasters Club.

  • No discount for longer-duration membership

  • Does not ship to all states

The whiskey subscription from Tasters Club is a great way to access offerings from some of the worlds most unique distilleries. Expect to see plenty of American whiskeys , as well as eclectic offerings from Japan, Ireland, and Scotland. Cask-strength and single-barrel bottles arent uncommon, and certain distilleries will offer bottlings exclusive to Tasters Club, so youll get to taste whiskeys you truly cant source anywhere else.

Best of all, the Tasters Club whiskey subscription offers additional value through its monthly Digital 101 materials. This includes information regarding the whiskeys production, images of the distillery and its unique story, expert tasting notes, and cocktail recipes. These extra details make Tasters Club the ideal choice for whiskey fans who want to go on an educational journey.

  • Whiskey and Bourbon: $69.99/month, plus taxes and shipping
  • Scotch: $79.99/month, plus taxes and shipping

Questions About Membership And Profile Updates

When you purchase a subscription or receive one as a gift, youll receive a Welcome email with a link to log into your profile. However, before actually logging in for the first time, youll enter your email on the Email Verification page. Youll then receive a Password Reset email. Click the link to set your password. After typing in the password and submitting the form, youll be automatically redirected to your profile. Here you can make changes as needed.

Unfortunately, no, we only serve members in the continental US.

So you love a bottle that you received, and youd like another? Music to our ears! We’ve just launched a new Bottle Shop where you can purchase one-off bottles. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, send us an email at and we’ll see what we can do for you.

The best way to update addresses for monthly subscriptions is to log-in to your online profile that was linked to you with the magic link. If you did not log-in or have an issue here please reach out to info@tastersclub.com.For all 3, 6, 12 month memberships, gift packs or bottle shop orders please send us an email at info@tastersclub.com with your new shipping address, and we’ll update that for you.If you update your address after receiving your tracking number and the shipment is already in-transit, there will be a $20 address change fee.

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