Whiskey And Ginger Beer Cocktail

Rasberry Kentucky Bourbon Buck

How to Make a Whiskey and Beer Cocktail | Mary Giuliani

by Cocktail Contessa

The Raspberry Kentucky Bourbon Buck cocktail perfectly balances citrus, bourbon, and ginger. The recipe calls for bourbon, simple syrup, raspberries, fresh lemon juice, and ginger ale.

Almost any cocktail that calls for ginger ale can be taken up a notch by using ginger beer instead!

Begin by adding lemon juice, simple syrup, and raspberries to the bottom of a cocktail shaker and muddle them together. Then, add bourbon and ice. Shake until combined before pouring into a highball glass with ice. Top it off with ginger beer and more fresh raspberries.

If a great-tasting cocktail isnt enough to impress you, this one looks great too!

Whiskey And Ginger Beer Ingredients

Our homemade Whiskey and Ginger Beer cocktail is made with fresh and premium ingredients:

  • Whiskey: you can use your favourite Canadian Rye, Bourbon, Irish Whiskey or Scotch.
  • Simple Syrup: we prepare our own homemade simple syrup but you could add an additional ginger zing with Organic Ginger Syrup by The Ginger People.
  • Lime Juice: we always suggest juicing fresh limes as youll taste the difference. Do not use store bought lime juice!
  • Basil: pluck fresh basil from your garden or purchase a few sprigs at your grocery store or farmers market.

What Does Irish Whiskey Mix Well With

Irish whiskey is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails. It mixes well with a variety of mixers, from classic ingredients like ginger ale and cola to more inventive mixers like orange juice, cranberry juice, and apple cider. If youre looking for a classic whiskey-based drink, try an Irish whiskey and ginger, an Irish whiskey and cola, or an Irish whiskey sour. For a more creative spin, try an Irish whiskey mule, a whiskey and apple cider, or an Irish whiskey old-fashioned. Irish whiskey also pairs nicely with coffee and tea, so you can make a hot toddy or an Irish coffee for a warming winter drink.

The mixer for a particular whiskey performs differently depending on the whiskey. A simple Whiskey Ginger cocktail pairs well with ginger ale. Whiskeys flavor can be improved by adding soda water to it. Whiskeys booziness is reduced by adding a touch of lemon lemon flavor to the drink. For fall, apple cider is an excellent whiskey mixer. Citrus fruits like grapefruit are also well suited to drinking alcohol. Theres a citrus aroma that complements the spicy spirit beautifully.

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Bourbon And Ginger Ale Cocktail Recipe

My favorite Friday nights are usually spent drinking cocktails with friends. My favorites lately have included all things ginger, like an Irish Mule or a classic whiskey ginger cocktail.

This weekend, its supposed to be very cold for a Southerner, anyway so ginger will be the perfect warmer. Ill be sure to warm up with a Bourbon Ginger Ale Cocktail tonight.

Also called the Whiskey Ginger, this easy whiskey cocktail can be made with just two ingredients, bourbon and ginger ale. My favorite way is to add a splash of fresh lime juice.

Like a rum & coke or a vodka cranberry, its the perfect cocktail to order on airplanes and at open bars because its so simple to make.

Apple Cider Irish Mule

Irish Ale Cocktail Recipe With Whiskey and Ginger Beer

The apple cider Irish Mule is the perfect drink to have in the fall time when the weather gets colder, because the ingredients are all fall flavors.

Youll have apple cider with ginger beer with an entire cinnamon stick thrown inside as a garnish.

You could even throw a couple of apple slices on top as a garnish as well to give it an even better look.

Or, you could just make a ton and throw it into a pitcher to have ready throughout the night. Much better than making them one by one for everyone.

Autumn is the ideal time to go for a spice-riddled apple cider mule.

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Best Ginger Beer Cocktails

Ginger beer cocktails will be your new obsession once you get a sip of these invigorating fizzy drinks.

The spicey, zippy snap of ginger beer makes a marvelous mixer for a range of spirits. Rum, vodka, gin, you name it!

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Unlike ginger ale, ginger beer is a fermented beverage that packs an intense ginger flavor. Its less sweet, very fizzy, and is usually non-alcoholic.

Mix up any one of these 17 ginger beer cocktails and youll perfect the craft of mixology in no time.

Then get ready, because youll be the shining host of cocktail hour.

If there was one cocktail to showcase ginger beer in all its glory, its the Moscow mule.

A Moscow mule is a fizzy vodka-based drink that features ginger beer and fresh lime.

The spicy ginger kicks like a mule while the lime and mint seal the deal.

This recipe recommends using Titos vodka which has a clean and slightly sweet taste.

You might also want to invest in some copper mugs because this is just the first of many mules to come.

How Do You Order A Whiskey And Ginger

When ordering a whiskey and ginger, you first need to decide what whiskey you want. There are many different types of whiskey, from Scotch to bourbon, so you can choose the one you like the most.

Once youve decided on a whiskey, you need to order a ginger ale to go with it. Most bars will have ginger ale on tap, but you can also ask for a bottle if you want to take your drink with you.

To make a whiskey and ginger, fill a glass with ice and add the whiskey. Top it off with ginger ale and stir gently to combine. You can also add a lime wedge or a slice of ginger to give it a bit of extra flavor.

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Ginger Ale Highball Cocktail

Most people believe that to make a genuinely spectacular cocktail, you need expensive spirits, rare liqueurs, or incredibly obscure alcohol. However, you dont need those things. You dont even need standard mixers like fruits or citrus.

Sometimes, whats simple is whats best. The Ginger Ale Highball is the perfect example of this: its only two ingredients, but those two ingredients work so well together that they make one of the most delicious, well-balanced, and classic cocktails ever created.

What Alcohol Goes With Ginger Beer

How To Make The Whiskey Ginger – Best Drink Recipes

Ginger beer is a type of alcoholic beverage that is made with ginger and other spices. It is a popular drink in many parts of the world, and there are many different variations of it. Some people enjoy drinking ginger beer on its own, while others like to mix it with other alcoholic drinks.

What alcohol goes well with ginger beer? This is a question that many people have, and there is no definitive answer. Some people say that vodka is a good choice, while others prefer to mix ginger beer with rum or bourbon. Ultimately, it is up to personal preference.

If you are looking for a drink that will pair well with ginger beer, try vodka. This drink is often considered to be a good choice for mixing with various types of beer, and it will complement the spiciness of the ginger beer. Alternatively, you could try rum. This type of alcohol has a sweet and spicy flavor that will go well with the ginger beer.

Whichever type of alcohol you choose to drink with ginger beer, make sure that you enjoy the taste. The goal is to have a good time, and to do that, you need to choose a drink that you will enjoy.

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Ginger Beer And Whiskey

The simplest way to have ginger beer and whiskey is to combine the two with ice in a large tumbler. Personally, I think Irish whiskey and bourbon whiskey are the best two options for drinking this way. However, as mentioned earlier, feel free to experiment to find delicious combinations.

Ginger Beer and Whiskey Ingredients

  • 60 ml Irish whiskey or Bourbon whiskey
  • 120 ml ginger beer

How To Make Ginger Beer and Whiskey

  • Place the ice into a large tumbler
  • Add the whiskey
  • Add the ginger beer to the glass
  • Garnish with lime
  • How To Make An Irish Mule

  • Place the ice into a large tumbler and pour in the whiskey
  • Add the juice of half a lime
  • Add the ginger beer to the glass
  • Stir well and garnish with a fresh mint sprig
  • You can swap out the Irish whiskey for bourbon if you would like a sweeter drink. When you do so, the cocktail is called the Kentucky Mule or a Horsefeather.

    Whiskey Ginger Cocktail Recipe

    Easy to craft with whiskey and ginger ale, the Whiskey Ginger cocktail isnt just a great drink to enjoy on St. Patricks day. Its a great drink to enjoy all year long.

    We dont know why combining whiskey and ginger ale and adding lime juice tastes good. It just does.

    Technically an Irish Buck, the Whiskey Ginger is a cocktail that we often forget about between drinking sessions. Luckily, St. Patricks Day happens every March 17th which reminds us to craft cocktails with whiskey and ginger ale.

    Sure, we could drink pints filled with foamy Guinness or artificially-colored green beer instead but wed much rather whip up Whiskey Gingers in just five minutes and sip them through metal straws. To us, its the classier, tastier St. Patricks Day drink option.

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    Try A Ginger Beer & Bourbon Combination Today

    Stay connected with Cocktails Cafe to find more recipes for all the spirits youve been wondering how to use. Theres a tasty recipe for every occasion, and its time to start living your best cocktail-loving life! Explore recipes or learn more about the origins of what youre drinking at Cocktails Cafe.

    Explore Whisky & Ginger Beer Pairings

    A refreshing and summery whiskey mule cocktail recipe made with ginger ...

    When it comes to pairing whiskey with ginger beer, there are several distinct options. The most popular type of whiskey is rye whiskey, which has a spicy and peppery flavor that complements the mild sweetness of ginger beer. Its also a great option for those looking for something a little different in their whiskey because of its sweet taste and notable notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel. A tasty ginger beer without the whiskey can also be enjoyed with Irish whiskey, which is an excellent substitute for the whiskey. Jameson Irish whiskey is ideal for this purpose because of its smooth flavor, which gives the drink a spicy kick when paired with ginger ale. The whiskey you choose will have a distinct flavor and style, so you can make your Whiskey Ginger with whatever flavor and style you like.

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    What Is Whiskey And Ginger Ale Called

    What is Whiskey and Ginger Ale Called?

    Whiskey and ginger ale is a popular drink that is often ordered at bars and restaurants. The drink is made by mixing whiskey and ginger ale together in a glass. The drink is also sometimes called a whiskey and ginger.

    Whiskey is a type of alcohol that is made from fermented grain. It is typically distilled and then aged in oak barrels. There are many different types of whiskey, including bourbon, scotch, and rye.

    Ginger ale is a type of soft drink that is made from ginger extract and sugar. It is often carbonated and has a slightly spicy taste.

    When combined, whiskey and ginger ale make a refreshing drink that is perfect for cooling down on a hot day. The drink is also very easy to make, and can be made with any type of whiskey.

    Easy Whiskey And Ginger Beer Cocktail Drink Recipe

    Looking to learn how to make the best Whiskey and Ginger Beer cocktail recipe?

    Our quick & easy recipe features premium whiskey, Caribbean Ginger Beer, lime juice and freshly plucked herbaceous basil.

    We love serving Whiskey and Ginger Beer drinks in the summer at our cottage dock in Muskoka or on a patio in Toronto. On a hot day its a truly refreshing drink!

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    How To Make Rachaels Bacon Apple And Onion Spinach Salad

    Party and lifestyle expert Mary Giuliani marries whiskey, ginger ale + beer in this festive cocktail.

    Mary created this cocktail in honor of a pub-themed wedding redo for our viewers Jess and David. Jess’s favorite drink is the Whiskey Ginger and David loves all types of craft beer, so Mary blended the two and named the concoction When David Met Jess. Talk about a perfect pairing! Serve with David Burtka’s BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos.

    Pro Tip from Mary: Pour the cocktail into Champagne coupes for a fancy and festive touch.

    For more drinks by Mary, check out her Snow Globe Cocktail and Beergarita, both perfect for a crowd.

    Whats A Whiskey Ginger

    IRISH ALE COCKTAIL – Irish Whiskey | Ginger Beer

    Another name for whiskey and ginger ale is whiskey ginger. A two-ingredient cocktail made with whiskey and ginger ale. Its similar to a whiskey high ball but made with ginger ale.

    Whiskey ginger is also served in a highball glass and is part of the highball cocktail family. Highball cocktails are spirits mixed with tonic water or club soda served over ice in a tall glass. Theyre refreshing and perfect to sip anytime.

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    Tips And Tricks For A Fantastic Bourbon Buck Cocktail

  • Make sure the glass is ice cold. Always chill a glass youre using for a highball-type drink! This Whiskey Buck is no exception!
  • Fill the glass with ice completely and use large cubes, not pellet or cracked ice. This keeps the drink from overdiluting.
  • The ginger ale/ginger beer should be chilled, not room temperature. I chill mine for 5 min in the freezer while Im putting together the cocktail.
  • More Cocktails With Ginger Ale

    If you love ginger ale, try some of these cocktail recipes!

    Jolly Rancher Punch Our most popular Halloween cocktail recipe made with ginger ale. Its perfect fro a party!

    Watermelon and Honeydew Sangria We love this festive snagria recipe filled with summer fruits and also sweetened with ginger ale.

    Three Ingredient Kids Punch This is a wonderful punch recipe for kids and the ginger ale hides the taste of carrot juice!

    Easy Christmas Punch Our favorite Christmas punch recipe made with just 4 ingredients!

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    Can An Alcoholic Drink Ginger Beer

    Can an alcoholic drink ginger beer?

    Yes, an alcoholic can drink ginger beer. However, it is important to remember that ginger beer is a carbonated drink and, as such, can cause problems for those with alcohol-related liver damage. Additionally, ginger beer is high in sugar, which can also be problematic for those with alcohol-related liver damage.

    Makeover For Mother & Son Duo + Rach’s Making Mixed Grill Meatba

    Our Backyard Motherâs Day Picnic

    Actor, comedian and host Joel McHale can now add mixologist to his resume. He’s the Chief Happy Hour Officer for Q Mixers, which sounds like a fun job! Here, he shares the brand’s “apple snap” cocktail, made with rye whiskey, apple cider and ginger beer. Rach calls it “fabulous!”

    Pro Tip: You can also pour in the Grand Marnier last to create a layered effect.

    For more cocktails that use ginger beer, check out John Cusimano’s Chinatown Cosmo and Night Market Mule.

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    Top Brands Of Ginger Ale

    There are several types of ginger ale brands on the market. Heres what we like:

    • Q Ginger Ale: This is our top choice! We like that it comes in small cans so you only have to use a little at a time. Its also our top brand of ginger beer.
    • Fever Tree Ginger Ale: Fever Tree is made with real ginger and has no artificial sweeteners.
    • More Ginger Ale Brands: Heres a list of more top brands.

    Ginger Beer Bourbon Cocktails

    Youre sure to get different answers if you ask a room of whiskey connoisseurs what the best whiskey is, but what they all have in common is how they go exceptionally well in a ginger beer cocktail! Bourbon whiskey and ginger beer go together so seamlessly its like they were made to be together. Give one of these recipes a try for a flavor-filled cocktail hour thats sweet, spicy, and refreshing.

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    Our Favorite Ginger Ale Brands

    Fever-Tree We use Fever Trees ginger beer and tonic water too. Its high quality and always tastes good.

    Canada Dry A classic, popular ginger ale that has been around for over 100 years.

    Reeds They use quality ingredients with zero artificial flavors.

    Schweppes The worlds first soft drink since bottled soda water, in 1783! It has a great flavor and they also make a sugar-free ginger ale.

    How To Make A Bourbon Buck Cocktail

    How to Make a Kentucky Buck, the Bourbon Cocktail with a Ginger Kick

    I decided I loved the addition of a small bit of muddled fruit to the traditional Bourbon Buck Cocktail but chose raspberry over strawberry. However, I wanted to keep to the simplicity of ginger ale as the bourbon I used was around 90 proof and I didnt want to overwhelm the cocktail with too much ginger.

    This one is a snap to put together. Add your strawberry or 4 raspberries to the bottom of a shaking tin, add in the syrup and citrus and muddle a bit. Add bourbon, ice and shake hard for 10-12 seconds. Strain into a tall Collins glass and top with ginger ale. For garnish, I kept to fresh raspberries with a sprig of mint because my mint is overflowing lately.

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    What Does Bourbon Taste Like

    Bourbon is an American-made whiskey that whiskey enthusiasts love! Even if you arent an enthusiast, bourbon is still a great liquor to enjoy on its own or in a mixed drink. Compared to a traditional Irish Whiskey, bourbon is much sweeter and richer.

    Bourbons flavor can vary from brand to brand, but the staple flavor notes should remain the same. Bourbon has strong flavors of vanilla, oak, and caramel. The smoother the bourbon, the better. Bourbon is easy to enjoy straight or in a cocktail.

    One of the most popular flavors to mix with bourbon is ginger, and thats why we love these ginger beer bourbon cocktails!


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