Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In Usa

Widespread Popularity In Canada

Ethan’s Beer Review – Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale **USA**

Kilkenny has become a favourite of Canadians, especially in Montreal’s Irish pubs, and the LCBO has also seen a huge increase in sales since July 2013. Kilkenny grew in popularity after high-profile Canadian stars were seen drinking it around the city – Mike Myers, Drake and Robert Gates have all been photographed with a Kilkenny in hand, likely contributing to its recent spike in popularity.

Is Kilkenny Available In The Us

Is Kilkenny available in the US? The answer to that question is a resounding maybe.

Kilkenny is a popular Irish beer that is exported to a number of countries, but its not always easy to find in the US. Some liquor stores and beer stores carry it, but its not always easy to track down.

If youre lucky enough to find Kilkenny in the US, youll likely pay a high price for it. The beer is considered a premium import, so you can expect to pay upwards of $10 for a six-pack.

Kilkenny is a creamy, smooth beer that is brewed with a blend of pale and roasted malts. It has a moderate hop bitterness and a sweet, malty flavor.

If youre looking for a good Irish beer to drink while watching the St. Patricks Day parade, Kilkenny is a good choice. Its also a great beer to drink on a cold winter night.

How Do I Spend A Day In Kilkenny

Best things to do in Kilkenny

  • Walk down Kilkennys Medieval Mile. Kilkennys Medieval Mile makes history entertaining.
  • See St. Canice Cathedral.
  • Tour Kilkenny Castle and its grounds.
  • Visit the Medieval Mile Museum.
  • Have lunch at Lanigans Bar and Restaurant.
  • Try your hand at Irish hurling.
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    What Kind Of Beer Is Kilkenny

    Irish ale Kilkennys brewing heritage dates back to 14th century and is a classic Irish ale.

    Pouring brilliant copper with a foamy white head that sustains for a good length of time the nose is malty and fresh while the palate is creamy with light coffee, raisin, plum and light bitterness on a medium-length finish.

    Everything You Need To Know About Kilkenny Beer

    Kilkenny, Øl

    Nowadays Kilkenny Beer is brewed at St Jamess Gate Brewery in Dublin with distribution throughout Europe and Asia Pacific regions with limited availability in Great Britain.

    But why not consider the historic association between Ireland & America? Its now perfectly possible to enjoy Guinness Stout at its source with an authentic Irish experience! The range of Kilkenny brews is permanently available in most states but bottled Kilkenny Draught can be found in certain parts of the USA.

    Lets investigate how Kilkenny is now available as a lager to suit those who demand a premium product that is both refreshing and easy-drinking. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to produce this truly exquisite beer representing excellence and tradition at its finest. Nowadays, Kilkenny has well and truly arrived, and for those who like a smooth complementary flavor we feel youll agree that its hard not to love this beer!

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    Where Can You Buy Kilkenny Beer In Us

    Kilkenny has recently been released to the US in select Pubs. Ihad it on draft at Buskers in Newport, RI on 2/26/2010. Prior to this the closest I could obtain itwas Canada.

    I recently had it at North45 in Portland, OR on 3/23/2010. Lookslike they are finally having US wide distribution!

    Unfortunately, from what I can find, Kilkenny is not availablein the US. I found one link someone suggested for online orderingfrom a beer distributor in Australia, but their site notes thatthey cannot ship Kilkenny internationally.

    Travel to Europe and savor it. I had it in England , and wish I could get ithere.

    I understand Kilkenny ale was first introduced in the US in apub in Washington, DC. in early 2010. It is now available in anIrish pub in Boulder, CO on tap. I haven’t seen it in liquor storesyet as of April 11, 2010.

    It is now on tap at the Brockway Pub in Carmel, IN as of5-13-10.

    In Rancho San Diego they have it on tap at Hooleys. 5-23-10

    Also served downtown San Diego at both The Field and DublinSquare. 6-17-10

    I had it in Little Italy in San Diego, CA at a bar calledPrincess Pub & Grille. 1665 India St. 6/19/2010 Definitelybrought back memories!

    At MadDogs British Pub along the Riverwalk in San Antonio,TX

    123-19 Lasoya St, San Antonio, TX 78205


    Kilkenny is also available at Fado in Downtown Chicago.10/2010

    100 West Grand Avenue

    Kilkenny is also available at both Nine Irish Brothers WestLafayette/Lafayette

    119 Howard Avenue, West Lafayette Ind

    The Chieftain

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    What Is The Difference Between Guinness And Kilkenny

    There are a few key differences between Guinness and Kilkenny. For one, Guinness is a dry stout while Kilkenny is an Irish cream ale. Guinness also has a higher alcohol content than Kilkenny. Additionally, Guinness is brewed with roasted barley, which gives it its characteristic dark color, while Kilkenny is brewed with unmalted barley. Finally, Guinness is carbonated with nitrogen, which gives it a smoother, creamier texture, while Kilkenny is carbonated with carbon dioxide.

    As soon as you taste a Guinness, youre transported to a different time and place. The experience is truly one of a kind, one that few others can match. Because the only way to truly appreciate the flavor and experience of Guinness is to sip it in an official pint glass. For good reason, Guinness is one of Irelands most famous exports. This beer is ideal for any occasion because it is smooth and creamy. Whether youre having a special occasion or just want to enjoy the company, Guinness is an excellent choice. If youre ever in Ireland, you should try a Guinness from an official Guinness pint glass. It is unquestionably one of Irelands most delectable and unique exports.

    Why Does Kilkenny Beer Have A Ball In It

    Guinness Draught vs Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale Beer Review

    Its called a widget. A widget is a ping pong ball -like object with a small hole in it. Because Guinness uses nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide in its beer, when the can is opened the pressure change forces the beer out of the widget through the tiny hole stirring up the beer as it shoots around the can.

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    How To Find Kilkenny Irish Beer In The Us

    Kilkenny Irish beer is not widely distributed in the US, but there are a few ways to get your hands on a pint. The best way to find Kilkenny is to check with your local Irish pub or restaurant they may have it available on tap or in bottles. You can also search online retailers that specialize in importing foreign beers. A few US-based retailers that carry Kilkenny are IrishTimesPub.com, MyUS.com, and EuropeanDeli.net.

    Kilkenny beer is produced by the Kilkenny Brewing Company in Kilkenny, Ireland. This beer was produced in Dublin and distributed throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region by St. Jamess Gate Brewery. The brand is unique in that it was specifically designed to be sold in the United States. A bitter taste is produced by adding hop flavor from American aroma hops and European noble-type hops to Kilkenny Lager, which is made from maize, barley malts, and cereal grains. Instead of a decoction, a mash of Guinness is made with an infusion rather than a mash. This St Patricks Day, you can find Kilkenny beers at some great places in New York City, Miami, and Chicago. The Tipperary Inn , OBriens , and Patricks Pub are all excellent places to celebrate Irish culture. Ireland has been a major force in the development of American culture since its gift to the world was made.

    Until 2013, the oldest brewery in Ireland was in Kilkenny, which was founded in St. Francis Abbey Brewery. It is now being brewed in Dublin by St. Jamess Gate Brewery.

    Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In South Africa

    Liquor Express Parkmore

    Address: 140 11th St, Parkmore, Sandton, 2196Hours: Open Closes 7PM

    Address: Cnr 4th Avenue & , 6th St, Parkhurst, Ransburg, 2193Hours: Closes soon 6PM Opens 9AM ThuPhone: 011 880 6303

    Address: 2 Fox St, Ferreiras Drop, Johannesburg, 2048Hours: Closed Opens 8AM MonPhone: 011 492 0901

    The Biggest Little Beer Shop

    Address: Shop G34, Willow bridge Shopping Centre, 39 Carl Cronje Drive, Bellville, Cape Town, 7536Hours: Closes soon 6PM Opens 9AM ThuPhone: 060 721 0434

    Liquor City The Liquor Boys

    Address: 2 Burg St, Boksburg, Johannesburg, 1459Hours: Closed Opens 8AM ThuPhone: 011 306 9999

    Address: 10, 40 5th St, Wynberg, Sandton, 2090Hours: Closed Opens 8AM Thu

    Norman Goodfellows

    Address: 100 Main Rd, Crowthorne AH, Midrand, 1684Hours: Closes soon 6PM Opens 9AM ThuPhone: 011 788 4814

    Checkers Liquor Shop Virginia Circle

    Address: Virginia Shopping Centre Cnr Mackeurtan and, Hinton Pl, Avenue, Durban North, 4051Hours: Open Closes 8PM

    Address: 37 4th Ave, Parkhurst, Ransburg, 2193Hours: Closes soon 6PM Opens 9AM ThuPhone: 011 880 9396

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    Is Kilkenny Beer Sweet

    There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal taste. Some people find kilkenny beer to be sweet, while others find it to be more bitter or even sour. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they enjoy the taste of kilkenny beer.

    Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale is a vegan-friendly beer with a low calorie count. This beer is made without the use of animal products, making it an excellent choice for those interested in losing weight.

    Where To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The Usa

    Kilkenny Irish Ale

    Kilkenny beer was created by the Carlow Brewing Company of Kilkenny, Ireland.

    The word Kilkenny is synonymous with Irish brewing tradition and has become a favorite name for many beers sold all over the world. This particular brand, however, is unique in that it was specifically developed for export to the United States of America.

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    Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

    Does anyone know where I can buy Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale? I know its available in some pubs/restaurants but Id like to buy some to drink at home. Many thanks.

    To help with the info you’re looking for, where is home?

    Not looking too good, I tried Dunnes & Supervalu & no joy Molloys & OBriens don’t list it & Tesco did stock it but don’t show it as available at the moment. I think it may be more for the export market but can’t be certain of that.

    Maybe asking the local off licenses if they can source it might help

    Edited: 4 years ago

    The Difference Between Kilkenny And Guinness

    This nitrogenated Irish cream ale was created in Kilkenny, Ireland, by the makers of Guinness, which originated there. Diageo manages and produces the brand. draught, bottle, and can bottles are among the bottles and cans available for purchase. This is brewed in Ireland. Kilkenny has a light body with hints of coffee and chocolate flavors, whereas Guinness has a thicker, more flavorful body with roasted barley or coffee flavors. Kilkenny, on the other hand, has a light body and hints of coffee and chocolate flavors, whereas Guinness, on the other hand, has a fuller body with roasted barley or coffee flavors.

    About the author

    Cathy is one of blacktialnyc.com founders. As an owner of multiple bars in the last 17 years, Cathy brings her experience into her writings, to educate our tasty readers.

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    Top 3 Place To Buy Kilkenny Beer In The United States

    Kilkenny is now available in the majority of states in the USA with wide availability within cities such as NYC, Boston, Miami, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Chicago.

    However, it is not distributed throughout the USA and should be ordered through a wholesaler/distributor or found on tap at Irish bars and restaurants. Some places to check include Patricks Pub , OBriens , The Tipperary Inn .

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    Kilkenny Beer Vs Guinness

    Guinness is hands-down the best-selling beer in Ireland. This drink has already spread to more than 100 countries worldwide, earning great fame. Guinness comes into the limelight, especially during St. Patricks Day when people enjoy Irish beers in particular.

    However, individuals who do not like Guinness or want to try something different often go for Kilkenny beer instead.

    Both the beers come from the same maker, i.e. Diageo.

    Let us take quickly compare the two to check for similarities and differences:

    • Color: Kilkenny beer looks much lighter in color compared to Guinness. The latter is usually almost black or very dark red.
    • Head: Both the Kilkenny beer and the Guinness have a thick and white creamy head that looks particularly inviting.
    • Texture: Kilkenny beer is very similar to Guinness in terms of texture and mouthfeel.
    • Availability: Due to the widespread popularity of Guinness, it is naturally more readily available than Kilkenny beer. If you are looking for the best Kilkenny beer in the U.S, you have only a few breweries or pubs to choose from.

    What Does Killkenny Taste Like

    The Kilkenny beer has a subtle and mild taste of caramel malt. Its malt has a slightly burnt flavor profile, which leaves the beer with an extra richness that is a favorite among beer lovers. It also has light taste notes of pinecone, nuts, raisin and malt chocolate. All these flavors are very subtle and do not overpower the dry and crisp finish of the caramel malt flavor of the beer.

    Coming from the makers of Guinness, the Kilkenny beer carries a noticeable amount of carbonation which gives it a fizzy taste and mouthfeel.

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    Kilkenny Beer Vs Smithwicks Draught

    The main difference between these beers is that Kilkenny beers cream head has a nitrogenated nature while Smithwicks Draught has a more hoppy finish. Aside from this factor, Kilkenny beer is very similar to Smithwicks Draught.

    In fact, the Kilkenny beer earned its name only a few decades back, in the 1980s and 1990s. As breweries tried to introduce a stronger version of Smithwicks Draught in the US and Canada, they discovered that people had trouble pronouncing Smithwicks. This is how the Kilkenny beer emerged as a specific beer type in the U.S. and eventually gained more popularity.

    Smithwicks Brewery happens to be the oldest brewery in Ireland and has been around since 1710.

    Here is a quick comparison between the two ales:

    • ABV Rating: Kilkenny beer has a higher alcohol content than Smithwicks Draught. While the former has an ABV rating of 3.8 percent, the former usually contains 4.5 percent alcohol.
    • Taste: The Kilkenny red ale and Smithwicks Draught are very similar in taste. However, Kilkenny beer has fewer hops than the other beverage.
    • Nitro: Both are nitrogenated drinks and carry a fizzy mouthfeel.
    • Color: While Smithwicks Draught is amber red, Kilkennys beer has a bright reddish-brown hue.
    • Texture: One of the distinct features of the Kilkenny beer that set it apart from Smithwicks Draught is its creamier texture.

    Is Kilkenny Beer Still Available

    need to find this beer! killkenny

    Yes, as of this writing, there are several places in the U.S. where you can enjoy the beverage. Although Kilkenny beer is traditionally Irish and used to be popular only in a couple of other countries outside Ireland, it has slowly started spreading in the U.S. The first place in the country to offer Kilkenny beer was a small Irish pub in Washington DC, from where the beer began to gain popularity among the Americans.

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    Where Do They Make Kilkenny Beer

    Kilkenny beer is a type of Irish beer that is produced in the Kilkenny region of Ireland. The beer is made by the Kilkenny Brewing Company, which is located in the town of Kilkenny.

    The Kilkenny Brewing Company was founded in 1993, and it is the only brewery in the Kilkenny region. The company produces a variety of beers, including Kilkenny, Heineken, and Smithwicks.

    The Kilkenny Brewing Company is a family-owned business, and it is one of the largest employers in the Kilkenny region. The company has a staff of over 150 people, and it produces over 1 million litres of beer per year.

    The Kilkenny Brewing Company is a popular tourist attraction in the Kilkenny region. The company offers tours of its brewery, and it has a gift shop that sells souvenirs and beer memorabilia.

    The Kilkenny Brewing Company is a well-known and respected brewery, and its beers are enjoyed by people all over the world. If youre looking for a taste of authentic Irish beer, then be sure to try a pint of Kilkenny beer.


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