What’s In Whiskey Sour

Is Jack Daniels A Scotch Or Whiskey


Jack Daniels is a Tennessee whiskey, so it absolutely is whiskey as well. Its even in the name. Whiskey is just the broadest term for distilled grain thats aged in oak barrels, regardless of factors such as the grains used , where its made, the barrels used, and more.

Is Johnnie Walker a Scotch or whiskey?

Johnnie Walker Red Label is the worlds best-selling Scotch Whisky. And is made for mixing, both in exhilarating cocktails and with your favorite people. It brings together whiskies specially chosen for their bold, vibrant flavors that add a fiery kick to any mix. A mastery of blending to create a bold, new offering.

Why is whiskey called Scotch?

Is Crown Royal a whiskey or Scotch?

Crown Royal, also known as Seagrams Crown Royal, is a blended Canadian whisky brand created by Seagram and owned by Diageo since 2000. Production of Crown Royal is done at Gimli, Manitoba, while the blending and bottling of the whisky are done in a facility in Amherstburg, Ontario.

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

Price: ~$25

Proof: 70

A left-field choice but stick with me here. If youve got a sweet tooth, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is one of the best whiskeys for a whiskey sour you can imagine.

The citrus punch of the fresh lemon juice is going to be mellowed by the sweetness of this whiskey, opening up an entirely new array of flavors.

Even if you love the traditional whiskey sour, youve got to give this one a try. Its like teaching an old dog new tricks, a totally different way to have your whiskey sour.

Put the skepticism on hold and open up a bottle of Tennessee Honey to sweeten the deal the next time youre having a whiskey sour.

How To Make A Classic Whiskey Sour

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A classic whiskey sour is prepared in two steps: first, make the sour mix, and then the drink itself. The sour mix is generally comprised of two parts water, one part lemon juice, and one part white sugar. If you’re taking your time with it, you can boil the water and sugar first to create a simple syrup. Otherwise, thoroughly mix all three ingredients together, preferably in a cocktail shaker.

Once you’ve made the sour mix, pour two parts of your favorite whiskey over ice, and top with the sour mix. Garnish with a maraschino cherry or a slice of fresh citrus fruit. I like to use ‘drunken cherries’ that have been previously soaked in liquor to add an extra kick to the drink.

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These Are The Best Bourbons For A Whiskey Sour

So there we have it, the best whiskeys for a whiskey sour. Real classics with which you cant go wrong, and some leftfield options to give your whiskey sour a new lease of life.

If youre on a budget, go for the Four Roses.

If youre willing to splash out, pick up a Russell 10, and if you want a happy medium, Elijah Craig Small Batch is the best all-around whiskey for a whiskey sour.

But dont be scared to push the boat out with some cherry or even honey-flavored whiskey to give your cocktail a totally new feel.

Why Youll Love This Whiskey Sour Recipe:

Whisky Sour
  • CLASSIC: You know those over the top cocktails that are super expensive and just impractical? A Whiskey Sour is the opposite of that! This simple cocktail is delightfully timeless.
  • SOUR AND SWEET: While the name might have sour in it, that doesnt mean its not also sweet! Theres just enough simple syrup in the mix to balance out the tangy lemon juice and bold whiskey.
  • SO EASY: Shake it, serve it, and enjoy. This cocktail couldnt be easier to make!

Extra cherries in my glass, please!

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The Whiskey Sour Emerges

The exact origin of the whiskey sour cocktail is unknown. The first recipe for a sour drink in print dates back to 1862, writes Liquor.com. For reference, the Civil War was in full swing in the U.S. that year, and the federal government printed its first one-dollar note. The Westminster Bridge opened in England, and Lewis Caroll got the idea for “Alice in Wonderland,” according to On This Day.

The sour cocktail recipe appears on a page in the “Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide.” The first mention of a whiskey sour appears a few years later in the Wisconsin newspaper, Waukesha Plain Dealer : “‘Amen,’ says the Methodist, as he ordered another whiskey sour.” Since then, sweeteners and mixes have corrupted whiskey sour. Kenneth McCoy of Ward III told Liquor.com, “In the ’80s, there were super sweet sours drenched in grenadine. I can see how people have had some bad ones.”

Thrillist’s Anna Archibald dissuades whiskey sour drinkers from ordering them at a bar since the results may be questionable. Instead, she suggests making the drink at home the traditional way with high-quality ingredients. Luckily, a whiskey sour has three basic ingredients and plenty of room for experimentation with additions. All you need is lemon, bourbon, and simple syrup .

Rittenhouse Bottled In Bond Straight Rye

Price: ~$30

Proof: 100

This list has been heavily bourbon-focused, and thats because bourbons tend to make some of the best sours. But wed be doing a disservice if we didnt include our pick for the best rye whiskey for a whiskey sour.

The rye note is dominant throughout this whiskey, giving your whiskey sour cocktail a different flavor to anything else on this list, but the honey and cinnamon in the Rittenhouse contrast the lemon in the cocktail perfectly, while the orange flavors complement it.

A strong choice at 100 proof, Rittenhouse is such a good whiskey for a whiskey sour, as the froth of the egg white and lemon zest can take off what could otherwise be an overpowering edge, without diluting it to the point of giving a dull flavor.

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The Glenlivet Scotch Whisky

ABV: 40% ABV

Average Price: Around $51.43 for 750ml

Why We Like It: The Glenlivet is a single malt scotch whisky aged 12 years and double oak. It is first matured in traditional oak, then American oak cask. Its a classic single malt that wont break your wallet.

The Glenlivet 12-Year-Old has fruity and summer-like aromas that will hook whiskey lovers. Its well-balanced taste of fruits, vanilla, and strong pineapple notes is an excellent mixture with Whiskey Sours.

Can I Make This In Advance

How To Make The Perfect New York Sour

This is a cocktail that should be served immediately after its shaken, so should not be made in advance. But if you want to serve this cocktail to guests, you could always juice the lemons ahead of time and keep the juice chilled in the fridge. This will speed up the cocktail making after your guests arrive!

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Dont Slack On The Shaking

There is something to be said about the importance of the technique and glassware for serving a Whiskey Sour. To be served perfectly it must both be shaken well, and shaken to completion, to achieve perfect dilution. If you opt for a rich-bodied Whiskey Sour with an egg white, the technique must be focused as the shaking comes in two parts: the wet shake and the dry shake .

It is important to have the proper head of foam , Abalos explains. Generally when we do training on shaking egg white cocktails, we tell bartenders to pay attention to the sound and feel of the tin. If it still sounds clanky it is not ready you want it to feel and sound like a tennis ball is in your tin.

Start with a vigorous wet shake to emulsify the ingredients and add the necessary dilution to balance the cocktail. Then, dry-shake to further dial in the texture, adding to the frothiness of the Whiskey Sour.

Many bartenders will serve a Whiskey Sour in a rocks glass over ice, even though both Wall and Abalos make the point that it is meant to be served up. While both methods yield a delicious sour, serving the Whiskey Sour over one large cube is our recommended serve as it dilutes slowly due to the ice employed, and keeps your cocktail chilled over the drinking session. If you opt for it up, however, a Nick and Nora glass is your best service vessel.

Best Whiskey Sour Recipe

  • ¾ oz fresh lemon juice
  • ½ oz simple syrup


Put the whiskey, lemon juice, egg white, maple, or simple syrup in a cocktail shaker and shake for 30 seconds without the ice.

Add ice into the shaker and shake again. Strain the mixed drink into rocks or cocktail glass.

Garnish with a dash of Angostura bitters and top with Maraschino cherry or lemon peel.

Serving: 1

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Wild Turkey Longbranch Kentucky Straight

Released in April 2018 by Campari Group, this American whiskey is a collaboration between Master Distiller Eddie Russel and Creative Director Matthew McConaughey . The process involves refining the bourbon with oak and Texas mesquite charcoal.

This method deepens the complexity of the spirit, creating a robust and round whiskey with butter, toffee, honey, and great spice notes. Wild Turkey Longbranch has 86-proof alcohol and a soft sweetness that goes well in Whiskey Sours.

Is A Whiskey Sour A Guys Drink

Whisky Sour  A Perfectly Balanced Summer Drink

Whiskey Sour The name alone takes the cake for ranking among the top manly drinks. A concoction of whiskey and lemon and maybe sugar for the beginners. Not the biggest and baddest of drinks for men, but this can be a refreshing for the summer that is sure to add some bass to your tone when you order the next round.

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Best Bourbon Whiskey For The Price

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Best Practices: For A Perfect Whiskey Sour Use High

To create any sour-style cocktail, all you need is a base spirit, citrus, and sugar. Its a simple formula, yet perfecting simplicity is incredibly nuanced especially when it comes to crafting an age-old classic like the Whiskey Sour. The cocktail has taken on various forms over the years, but the common version served at bars today is made with the preferred whiskey of the day, bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white a later addition to the classic sour.

The sour cocktail derives from the punch the monarch of all cocktails, and a popular drink style originating in the 1600s. According to drinks historian David Wondrich, the punch cocktail had a long history that started with British sailors who turned to making mixed drinks with local ingredients after their beer spoiled while sailing in the tropics. Nearly 100 years later, the cocktail-trendsetting British sailors accidentally created the sour cocktail as well by mixing the citrus juices that they were drinking to prevent scurvy with whichever spirits they had on board at the time. But it wasnt until the 19th century that the Whiskey Sour came into vogue.

We chatted about the dos and donts for crafting the best Whiskey Sour with modern bartenders who have some strong opinions on which whiskey to use, whether or not egg white should be included, and more. By following these five tips, youll be on your way to mastering the Whiskey Sour and its variations in no time.

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How To Make The Best Whiskey Sour

There are two differences between a fantastic whiskey sour and a merely passable beverage: high-quality bourbon and fresh-squeezed lemon juice , suggests Bon Apétit. Lime is an acceptable substitute for lemon in a pinch. Liquor.com argues that the key to an excellent whiskey sour is keeping the tart and sweet at a 1:1 ratio for a balanced flavor. Bourbon is the best whiskey since it’s sweeter and less spicy than rye. Optional garnishes include a cocktail cherry and an orange wheel. Sources differ regarding whether a whiskey sour should be served on the rocks or straight up.

Egg whites are excellent additions to whiskey sours since they give the drink a silkier and smoother texture, says BBC’s Good Food. While some say that egg whites are the original fourth ingredient, Standard Spoon argues that adding egg white makes the drink a Boston Sour. The version of the whiskey sour with an egg white first appeared in William Schmidt’s 1892 The Flowing Bowl. Cocktail drinkers likely added the egg to smooth the unpleasant taste of poorly-made hooch.

If you’d like to experiment with adding egg whites, Liquor.com suggests including a “dry shake” as you mix the drink. A dry shake means shaking all the ingredients without ice first. Next, add ice and shake again. That process will give the egg whites an ideal frothy and smooth texture.

Best Irish: Knappogue Castle 12 Year Single Malt

We Finally Know The Real Difference Between Bourbon And Whiskey

Courtesy of Knappogue Castle

Region: Ireland | ABV: 43% | Tasting Notes: Vanilla, Apples, Oak

When Reece wants to create an elegant Whiskey Sour, she reaches for this Irish single malt , which she describes as nutty and full-bodied. Aged for 12 years in ex-bourbon barrels, it gains some of bourbons signature notes of vanilla and toast, while still holding onto classic Irish whiskey flavors of orchard fruit and honey.

Its a truly refined whiskey, so it deserves to be served up in a coupe when shaken into a Whiskey Sour. Skip the cherry this whiskeys flavors are subtle and youll want to put your full attention on how they play with the lemon juice and simple syrup.

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Best Whiskeys For Whiskey Sour Cocktail

Last Updated on October 13, 2022 by Lydia Martin

Whiskey, citrus, and sugar make classic Whiskey Sours. This beverage has countless possibilities to suit any taste preference.

Whether you dont like egg whites or you want to add bitters and cherries on top, there are countless options to tweak this cocktail.

But the most important is choosing the type of whiskey to use. We have gathered the recommended list from our experts in case you need help to decide.

Read on to discover the best whiskey for Whiskey Sour.

How To Make A Whiskey Sour

A typical whiskey sour youll get in most bars these days involves three core ingredients: whiskey, citrus, and sugar.

Whiskey Sours follow the golden ratio of cocktails 2:1:1*. This means two-parts liquor to one-part sour to one-part sweet. Variations of this ratio make most of the drinks you order at a bar: Gimlets, Mojitos, and even French 75s!

*Some bartenders subscribe to the 2: ¾: ¾ rule instead. Its really a matter of your personal preference. But just keep that in mind if youre watching a bartender mix your sour. Dont bite her head off if she uses ¾ instead of 1!

The golden ratio is easy to remember, adjust, and implement! You can use it in your own kitchen next time you decide you want to go way over your head and throw a cocktail party in your studio apartment.

Back to the subject at hand. Whiskey sours are almost always a shaken cocktail. Its necessary to mix all the flavors and dissolve any sugar!

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Best Budget: Four Roses Bourbon

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Honey, Pear, Spice

The best whiskeys for Sours, I believe, have the highest flavor profiles with vanilla, oak, and just enough heat, says Marc Branden Shelton, founder of LKSD Kitchen and Paper Pizza Co in Downey, California. I typically use a sweeter, softer bourbon.

The gentle, fruity flavors of Four Roses perfectly balance out the sharp acidity of lemon juice, making for a Whiskey Sour thats ideal for beginners or simply those who dont want too much heat or edge on their cocktail. A Four Roses Whiskey Sour is easy to drink on a hot summer day. Scale up the recipe and make a pitcherful for a party.

Best Overall: Elijah Craig Small Batch

Beat the heat with this refreshing Old Fashion Sour:

Courtesy of Wine.com

Region: Kentucky | ABV: 47% | Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Oak, Baking Spices

Rich, spicy, with just a touch of grounding smoke, this crowd-pleasing bourbon stands up to the tangy lemon and sweet simple syrup in a Whiskey Sour. It makes itself known, leaving no doubt about the cocktails base spirit.

Reece likes how this bottling makes for a rustic, traditional version of the drink. Indeed, a Whiskey Sour made with Elijah Craig is best served casuallyin a tumbler over a few chunks of ice or strained into whatever cocktail glass you have handy. This is a cozy, everyday type of Whiskey Sourand, luckily, the price point on Elijah Craig makes that possible.

Good to Know: A Whiskey Sour is meant to be a little sour, says Sam Levy, owner of Fern Bar in Sebastopol, California. “They call it a Whiskey Sweet for a reason lay off the simple syrup.

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