What To Mix With Casamigos Tequila

What Can I Mix With Casamigos Reposado

DON’T Drink Casamigos Tequila! Drink These Tequila Brands Instead

What is a good mixer to have with Casamigos Reposado? You can mix Casamigos Reposado in a variety of ways. When mixed with ginger beer and lime, it makes for a refreshing and slightly spicy drink. Another way to make a fruity and refreshing drink is to combine it with pineapple juice and soda water.

It Up: Clear Ice & A Salt Rim

The Casamigos margarita, like any margarita, requires a salt rim for the best pop of flavor. But want to make the best presentation? Add clear ice! Heres what to know:

  • Clear ice is crystal clear ice made in large blocks or chunks . Its what bars use to make drinks look fancy.
  • You can make clear ice at home! Use this Clear Ice Tutorial, using a small cooler or a clear ice tray.

Grapefruit Orange Paloma Cocktail Mixer

The Grapefruit Orange Paloma mixer is perfect for those looking for a sweet and tangy cocktail to sip on. This cocktail mix features notes of grapefruit and lime juices with a hint of natural cane sugar to balance out the slightly bitter taste of grapefruit.

All you have to do to enjoy this cocktail mix is combine it with Casamigos Blanco tequila, shake it up, and finish it off with a slice of grapefruit and fresh mint. Each set available of the cocktail mixer ranges from a single bottle to sets of 2, 4, 6, and 12.

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Red Chile Salt Rimmer

If you tend to lean towards drinks with a hint of spice, the Casamigos Red Chile Salt Rimmer is the perfect way to spice up your cocktail.

The Casamigos Red Chile Salt Rimmer is crafted of extra-coarse Oregon sea salt with lime juice and chile peppers, making it perfect for bringing any cocktail to the next level.

The spicy cocktail rimmer is available for purchase in a single serving or a set of 2, with each container featuring 3.5oz of salt.

What Do I Mix With Casamigos

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with 4 Fabulous Casamigos Tequila Cocktail ...

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What To Mix With Tequila

Tequila is a versatile spirit that blends well with other liquor and your favorite chasers. Citrus juices like lime, grapefruit and orange are always delicious with tequila, as well as other fruit juices like pineapple and pomegranate. For a refreshingly bubbly cocktail, pair tequila with club soda or sparkling water.

What To Mix With Casamigos

Casamigos is a tequila that can be enjoyed straight or mixed in cocktails. When mixing Casamigos, consider pairing it with fresh fruits and juices, herbs, and spices. For a refreshing twist on the classic Margarita, try adding watermelon or mango to your mix. For a festive holiday cocktail, try mixing Casamigos with cranberry juice and garnishing with rosemary sprigs.

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Best Things To Mix With Casamigos

Mixing Casamigos with many products to make an amazing cocktail is a great idea for any occasion. However, you can also enjoy Casamigos with a simple mixer and still enjoy its light taste. Here are some of the best things to mix with Casamigos tequila.

  • Casamigos Cocktail mixers like their Ginger Lime Mule or Blueberry Smash mixer
  • Soda water for a refreshing tequila soda
  • Orange or Pineapple juice for an island vibe
  • Agave syrup for a sweet and simple drink

How Is Casamigos Made

Four Easy Tequila Drinks

Tequila production is very regulated and it is the little details that make the difference in one tequila’s production versus another.

Casamigos Tequila’s production involves:

  • Blue Weber agave is grown in the red clay soil of Jalisco, Mexico, an area known for producing the richest-tasting tequilas.

  • Distilled at Productos Finos de Agave in Jesús María, Jalisco.

  • Agave pinas are slow-roasted for 72 hours in brick ovens.

  • The fermentation process takes 80 hours.

  • Casamigos Blanco is rested for 2 months.

  • Casamigos Reposado is aged for 7 months and Añejo is aged for 14 months, both in used American whiskey oak barrels.

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How To Drink Casamigos Reposado

So if you have been living under a rock as I have, you would not have known that besides being the face of Nespresso, George Clooney along with Randy Gerber and Mike Meldman founded a tequila company called Casamigos.

Legend has it that the trio met in Cabo and decided to work with local Jalisco talent to create a premium tequila of their own. The end result – Casamigos – literally translating into ‘house of friends’.

Casamigos has three ‘levels’ of premium tequila: Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo all made from 100% hand-select Blue Weber Agave is grown in the rich soil and cool climate of Jalisco, Mexico’s highlands.

Last week I was gifted a bottle of Casamigos Reposado and decided to experiment with my new bottle of tequila by trying out a couple of different cocktail recipes. In the end, I found three cocktails recipes perfect for summer that I really liked and had to share them with you.

Where Does Casamigos Rank In Tequila

Image taken by: https://ackerwines.com

Casamigos ranks highly among tequilas, and has won several awards. It is a premium tequila, made with 100% blue agave. The agave is grown in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, and the tequila is produced in small batches. Casamigos is a smooth, well-rounded tequila, with a warm, slightly sweet finish. It is perfect for sipping neat or enjoying in cocktails.

Drinks Stack: Casamigos Versus Patron Comparing the Two World Class Whiskeys Why is tequila good? What do they offer that the other does not? What should you be spending your next night out on? These two brands are frequently compared as one of the best premium tequilas on the market today. Here are the key differences between Casamigos and Patron so you can see how they fare against one another. The price difference is determined by a number of factors, including the products quality, age, and availability, as well as marketing strategies. The best-selling tequila around the world is Patron.

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Which Is Better Patron Or Casamigos

When it comes to choosing between Patron and Casamigos, there is no easy answer. Both tequilas have their own unique flavor and appeal. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference.

Patron is a well-known and respected tequila brand. It is made from 100% blue agave and has a smooth, clean flavor.

Casamigos is a newer brand, but it has quickly gained a following among tequila lovers. It is also made from 100% blue agave, but has a slightly richer, more complex flavor than Patron.

So, which is better: Patron or Casamigos? It really depends on what youre looking for. If you want a classic, smooth tequila, go with Patron. If you want something a little more distinctive, try Casamigos.

Drinks To Pair With Reposado Tequila

Casamigos Tequila Happy Hour Cocktail Recipes from The Keg

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Traditional Drinks

When it comes to tequila, there are different types that you can choose from. If you want to drink something that is a little bit more sophisticated, then you should definitely go for reposado tequila. This type of tequila is aged for at least two months, which gives it a smoother taste. If you are wondering what to drink with reposado tequila, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you some ideas of what you can pair this type of tequila with.

Shake the cocktail until the ice begins to melt, then shake the shaker for 10-15 seconds or until the outside of the shaker becomes frosted with the mixture. To rim the edge of a cocktail glass, dip it in salt and sprinkle the edge with lime juice. The Goldfish are said to have originated from Kings Cross in Goldfish, by Tom Price. Rub salt on the rim of a chilled cocktail glass to moisten it with lime juice. In a blender, combine all of the liquid ingredients with crushed ice. Pour the mixture into a salt-rimmed cocktail glass and blend until it is completely slushy. Quynh Van Nguyen of the White Hart in Australia invented the invention.

To make tequila reposado, aged oak barrels are used from 2 to 12 months. Oak, vanilla, and caramel flavors are blended to create a smooth, well-balanced beverage. Aejo is a type of Spanish whiskey made from aged oak barrels . It tastes more refined than regular coffee because of the notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

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Do You Drink Casamigos Straight

Yes, you can drink Casamigos straight. In fact, George Clooney and Rande Gerber prefer to drink it neat, on the rocks, or straight from the bottle. However, when they entertain guests at home, they use these recipes:

-2 oz. Casamigos Blanco tequila-1 oz. fresh lime juice-0.5 oz. simple syrup

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

For a Paloma:-2 oz. Casamigos Blanco tequila-4 oz. grapefruit soda-Squeeze of fresh lime juice

Instructions: Combine tequila and grapefruit soda in a glass filled with ice cubes. Squeeze fresh lime juice into the mixture and stir gently.

Pink Himalayan Salt Rimmer

The Casamigos Pink Himalayan Salt Rimmer is perfect for margarita-lovers, as it adds a ring of delicate flavor to your cocktail. This cocktail rimmer is made from pure pink Himalayan salt, which is a salt rich in minerals and flavor.

This product is also offered in a single serving or a set of 2 with each container featuring 6oz of cocktail rimmer salt.

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George Clooney & His Friends

We can say that George Clooney and his friends are the people behind the Casamigos tequila.

George Clooney and Rande Gerber came up with the idea of creating a tequila that will not blow your ears, is smooth, with the right flavor, and does not give you a hangover.

It took two years of back-and-forth with the distiller and tasting almost 700 samples to develop the Casamigos tequila, so the credits also go to the duo.

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What Goes In A Margarita Without Cointreau:

Tequila gets SERVED
  • Casamigos Reposado Tequila
  • Freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Simple syrup made with cane sugar and water

We have tried both Casamigos Blanco Tequila and Añejo Tequila and enjoy them in this margarita recipe. They, of course, will have a different flavor. Blanco Margaritas wont have a deep complex flavor like Reposado Margaritas, and Añejo Margaritas have even a more robust flavor than both Blanco and Reposado.

We like to use Blanco Tequila for margaritas with fresh fruit like watermelon or mango. We used Tequila Blanco over Reposado because, in our opinion, Reposado can take away that fresh fruity flavor or sometimes over enhances the fruit.

Our go-to margarita for Añejo Tequila is Ginger Margaritas or Strawberry Margaritas. Añejo Tequila has vanilla notes to it, which pair very nicely with strawberries and ginger.

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What To Mix With Casamigos Reposado

Casamigos Reposado tequila is delicious on its own or mixed in a variety of cocktails. Try it in a classic Margarita, a Paloma, or a Mexican Mule. For something different, try it in a tequila Sunrise or a tequila Sour. No matter how you enjoy it, Casamigos Reposado is sure to please.

Casamigos tequila, a company founded by George Clooney, Randy Gerber, and Mike Meldman, is now a global brand. It is said that the trio met in Cabo and worked together to create a premium tequila. The 100% hand-select Blue Weber Agave grown in Jalisco, Mexicos highlands, is grown in rich soil and in a cool, humid climate. Combine lime juice, simple syrup, strawberry slices, jalapeno slices, and mint in a cocktail shaker and shake to combine. Combine the gin, vermouth, sugar, and grapefruit peel in a cocktail glass and add club soda, garnished with a piece of grapefruit, or shave off the peel.

What To Mix With Casamigos Tequila: Cocktail Drinks

Last Updated on December 29, 2022 by Lydia Martin

You probably know Casamigos Tequila as the George Clooney tequila brand. That being said, despite it being a celebrity-backed brand, we find there are plenty of reasons to celebrate it.

This premium tequila is made with 100 percent hand-selected blue weber agaves that are slow cooked for 72 hours, slow-fermented for 80 hours, and made with proprietary yeast, so you know the final spirit is good.

Its a gorgeous tequila when sipped neat, but mixing it into cocktails is equally satisfying. Heres what to mix with Casamigos for the next tequila night.


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What Are The 3 Types Of Tequila

The three types of tequila are Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo. Blanco is the most common type of tequila and is typically clear in color. Reposado is aged between 2-12 months in oak barrels and has a golden color. Añejo is aged 1-3 years in oak barrels and has a dark brown color. Extra Añejo is aged 3 years or more and has a very dark brown color.

How To Make A Reposado Margarita

Danny Ocean

Do you mix reposado juice with rum? Place tequila, orange juice, and Exotico® Reposado tequila in a mixing glass. Combine the orange juice mixture and ice cubes in a chilled 12 ounce glass. Pour the grenadine slowly into a glass of ice . What drinks should you drink after drinking reposado? Aside from the traditional margarita, the most popular cocktail among tequila fans is probably tequila and soda. The key to this cocktail is choosing a seltzer with a high mineral content or salt. While any soda is fine, we recommend using a seltzer with a high mineral content or salt. Finally, squeeze a wedge of citrus, such as lime, grapefruit, or orange, into the drink. How good is reposado tequila? Reposado tequila makes an excellent margarita. It is also good in more complex drinks, such as this shaken cocktail with grapefruit, a pear, and a large rosemary garnish, which adds a touch of herbaceousness to the spirit.

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What Soda To Mix With Tequila: Effortless Combinations To Try

Allison is a bartender & mixologist who served drinks in Boston & New Hampshire, creating craft cocktails. She also served as a cocktails writer and editor for Casual Mixologist.

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Pairing flavors can seem daunting when you’re not relying on a recipe, but once you have a basic understanding of the flavor profile of tequila, you can easily whip up any easy combinations and confidently know what soda to mix with tequila. When deciding what flavor or soda mixes well with tequila, lime jumps to mind quickly. But when you think outside the box and consider the ingredients of a margarita, orange and sweet, the possibilities continue to grow.

How Can I Make A Classic Cocktail Using Casamigos Mezcal

Making a classic cocktail with Casamigos Mezcal is an excellent way to enjoy the sophisticated smokiness of this Mexican spirit. There are plenty of options for creating classic cocktails with Casamigos Mezcal as the base ingredient, and some of the simplest and most popular ones include the Margarita, Paloma, and Michelada. All three of these are easy to make at home using Casamigos Mezcal.

To make a Margarita using Casamigos Mezcal, youll need 2 ounces of mezcal, 1 ounce lime juice, and 0.5 ounces simple syrup . Start by adding your mezcal and lime juice into a shaker with ice cubes, then shake vigorously for about 30 seconds until mixed well together. Next add in your simple syrup while continuing to shake vigorously until mixed together thoroughly again before pouring it into your prepared glass over an extra ice cube if desired. Garnish with a lime wedge or wheel for added flavor!

To make a Paloma using Casamigos Mezcal youll need 1 ounce mezcal, 2 ounces grapefruit juice , and 0.5 ounces lime juice. Begin by adding all three ingredients into your favorite shaker filled with ice cubes and shake vigorously until mixed together throughly before straining it over an extra ice cube if desired in one tall glass or two short glasses if making multiple drinks at once! Add a splash of soda water on top if desired then garnish generously with either half wedges/slices/wheels of both lime & grapefruit!

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What Type Of Fruit Juice Complements Casamigos Mezcal

If youre looking for a complementary juice to balance out the smokey flavor of Casamigos Mezcal, look no further. A unique and surprisingly delicious pairing could be freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. The tartness and sweetness brings a great balance to the smokiness of this mezcal – it truly makes an amazing combination.

You can also experiment with other flavors such as orange, pineapple, mango or even smoky combinations like chipotle or jalapeno infused juices that bring an unexpected sweet and savory character to your favorite mezcal cocktail. And if youre wanting something even more unique why not try adding cranberry or grape juice to mix things up a bit? This can add some nice berry notes that play off the agave flavor perfectly in your drink concoctions. Combining any type of fruit juice with Casamigos is sure to bring about delicious flavors you wont soon forget!

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