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Real Mccoy Barbados Rum 3 Year

Captain Morgan White Rum Review / Blind Tasting


Real McCoy Barbados rum is a serious competitor when it comes to delicious white rums. Its totally unmodified and made in small batches inside copper pots and column stills until its tropically aged in American oak bourbon barrels without any additives in the slightest. Yeah, that means no added sugar, too. As an aged light rum, you can expect a deliciously unique flavor offering consisting of citrus, buttery caramel, vanilla, toasted coconut and more. It has a rare exquisiteness to it you wont be able to find in basic bottles you used to dump in your fraternitys punch bowl. This is the real deal and its hard to top.

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Easy Rum Cocktail Recipes

Looking for rum cocktails to serve at your next drinks party? Try rum punch, rum mojitos and more in our fun collection, or check out our best gin cocktails here.

Rum has been having a renaissance of late as more and more drinkers embrace the spirit, both as a base for cocktails and as something to be sipped and savoured in its own right. Intrigued but not sure where to start or which rum brands to try? Click here and read our pick of the best premium rums available now, from clear white rums perfect for daiquiris to buttery, spiced numbers and dark, sultry spirits ideal for ideal for sipping.

Want to really impress fellow cocktail lovers? Recreate your favourite bar at home with our best drinks trolley ideas.

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How Many Ounces Are In A Bottle Of Captain Morgan

750-milliliter bottles, also known as fifths, are some of the most common sizes for alcoholic beverages. A 750-milliliter bottle weighs 25.4 ounces and is the perfect size for sharing with a group or enjoying alone. 750-milliliters can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional 750-milliliter bottles to 750-milliliter cans. No matter what kind of 750-milliliter bottle you choose, the 25.4 ounces it contains is sure to provide a great drinking experience.

Lime Juice With A Slice Of Lemon

Captain Morgan White Rum, 1.75 L (80 PF)

If you want to shake things up a bit, adding lime juice, mint and sugar to rum will definitely help you achieve this. Put the lime juice, mint and sugar all into a cocktail shaker and pound together until roughly crushed. Its at this point you should add in about 180ml of light rum to the shaker and shake well until fully combined. Strain the mixture into a glass and finish it off with 2 lime wedges and 2 mint leaves. If you want something a little less intense, you can add in soda water to complete the drink.

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Is Dark Rum Stronger Than White Rum

Dark rum has a stronger taste and overtones than white rum. 4· Caramel may be added to darken rum, while a filtering process may be utilized to make lighter rum, such as white rum. 5· Dark rum is more famous for drinking straight and cooking, while white rum is commonly used in cocktails and mixed drinks.

What Mixes Well With Rum

  • Drink some tonic water with your rum first. It is one of the best mixers.
  • With A Slice Of Lemon And Lime Juice
  • Orange Juice is a fruit juice that contains a high concentration of vitamin C.
  • Coconut Water, to be precise.
  • Cranberry Juice is a fruit juice made from the berries of the cranberry tree
  • Fruit juice made from grapefruit.
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    Is Bacardi Rum Better Than Captain Morgan

    Both Captain Morgan White Rum and Bacardi Superior rum offer a unique set of flavors that make them stand apart from the competition. Captain Morgan is characterized by its sweeter, softer, and less structured taste, while Bacardi Superior has a more acidic and dry finish. While there are clear differences between these two rums, they both rely on molasses to provide a unique flavor. As far as mouthfeel is concerned, Bacardi Superior has the edge due to its superior texture and body. Ultimately, which one you choose will depend on your own personal taste preferences.

    Flavored And Spiced Rum

    Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Cranberry Cocktail: Captain Morgan Drinks | Spiced Rum Cocktails

    The myriad types of flavors and spices infused into rums offer a wide range of interesting and multifarious variations of spirits, both full proof and limited potency liqueurs and creams. Spiced and flavored types of rum offer unique flavors to cocktails, rum cakes, holiday libations and many other uses, bringing decidedly tropical flavors to the palate.

    Spices are generally derived from the seeds, dried fruit, root, leaf or bark of edible flora. These aromatic and pungent vegetal substances often provide excitement and zest to sweeter liquids. Many popular spiced concoctions were originally devised and distilled as medicinal cures and treatments for a laundry list of ailments known to plague modern society in the post-industrial generations. Many popular drink ingredients in the category of bitters evolved from such intendedly curative mixtures.

    Roots of ginger, seeds of vanilla and allspice, bark of cinnamon or cassia and buds of clove are commonly used as flavoring agents for spiced rums. Fruit extracts of citrus, cherry, mint, black currant, coconut, mango, pineapple, banana and other tropical plants and trees bring luscious tones to flavored rum varieties.

    Rum creams combine rum flavor with rich and decadent dairy textures to create dessert-like mixtures suitable for after-dinner libations or as a creamy base to other spirited drinks.

    Learn MoreContinue on to Rum Cocktails

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    How Do You Drink Spiced Rum Straight

    Drink It Like Whiskeywith a Splash of Water or Ice

    Most spirits are distilled to 40 percent alcohol by volume, or 80 proof, but many rums are bottled at higher proofs. For those stiffer rums, adding ice or a splash of water will mellow it out so the alcohol vapors dont overpower the subtle flavors, says Vida.

    Is A Long Island Iced Tea A Girly Drink

    Is a Long Island Iced Tea Girly a good thing? The quick answer is that it does not. In addition to being deliciously sweet, which may make it desirable to some members of the fairer sexe, it also includes a fatal amount of a variety of liquors, making it extremely strong, which may make it equally enticing to males.

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    Some People Will Tell You That Rum Cocktails Fall Into Two Categories: Simple Ones That Are All Sugar And Complex Tiki Drinks That Taste Like Heaven But Are Hell To Prepare

    But contrary to popular belief, there is a middle ground of rum drinks that taste complex and mix easily. The trick is knowing when to deploy various types of rum from sunny agricoles to deep-hearted dark rumswith the right mixers. If youre looking to place some simple but delicious drinks in your cocktail arsenal, check out a few of our favorite things to mix with rum.

    Best Mixers for Rum Cocktails


    In the pantheon of great Highballs, rum and soda is criminally underappreciated. Plain soda water can completely transform any spirit, but rums especially blossom when combined with fizzy water. The grassy flavors of bright agricoles pop with the help of a few bubbles, while caramelized, molasses-heavy dark rums stretch and bloom in a tall, bubbly glass.

    Pineapple Juice

    You can use the canned stuff for a Piña Colada, but when combining rum and pineapple juice in a simple, two-ingredient cocktail, go with fresh pineapple. It may seem like overkill, but the effort to juice a fresh pineapple is well worth it for the best version of this classic flavor duo. Take the pairing to the next level with a funky Jamaican rum, which complements both the pineapples acidity and the sweeter flavors of fresh and overripe fruits.


    What Is Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum& cola

    Buy Captain Morgan White Rum 700ml at the best price

    A frosty, cinnamon-y drink thats, well, to die for. Did we mention its frozen? Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum & Cola combine for a delicious combination of spiced vanilla flavors.

    What to drink with Captain Morgan spiced rum?

    A classic brunch cocktail with original Captain flavor. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Iced Tea and a lemon wedge. It seems so simple, we cant believe we didnt try it before.. Sometimes the classics are classic for a reason. Sweet or unsweet, this is one Captain cocktail that wont be beat. The best way to enjoy fall.

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    How Much Is A Handle Of Captain Morgan Rum

    HomeRum – How Much Is A Handle Of Captain Morgan Rum?

    If youre a fan of Captain Morgan rum, then you know that theres nothing quite like enjoying a cold hard drink at the end of a long day. But if youve been wondering how much is in a handle of Captain Morgan rum and what kind of drink options it can offer your night, we have all the answers for you!

    Keep reading to learn more about different sizes available for this classic spirit and discover why many people swear by it as their favorite. From its smoothness to its affordability, find out everything you need to know about purchasing a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum today!

    Trader Vics Original Mai Tai Origins:

    Victor J. Bergeron created the original Mai Tai, according to WikiPedia. Donn Beach, also known as Don the Beachcomber also claims recognition for this rum drink. Victor made the Mai Tai for his Trader Vics Restaurant in Los Angeles way back in 1944 and won the title for the originator.

    This original Mai Tai recipe is a strongly flavored rum drink. Now a days the Fruity alcoholic drink version is what we see on cruise ships today.

    You may have to request the Trader Vics mai Tai at a bar or restaurant. Nowadays Mai Tais often taste more sweet with coconut and pineapple flavor than this original Mai Tai with dark and aged rums.

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    What Is A Good Spiced Rum

    So what are popular brands of spiced rum? Whether youre looking for a great bottle for spiced rum cocktails, spiced rum and Coke, spiced Captain and Coke, a spiced Cuba Libre drink, or any of a thousand other spiced rum drinks, there are many great brands of spiced rum worth considering. These include Kraken rum, Captain Morgan, Sailor Jerry, Bacardi, Admiral Nelson, Blackheart rum, Oakheart rum, Blue Chair Bay Spiced rum, Black Magic rum, and many others.

    What Does Captain Morgan Pair Well With

    Captain Morgan Spiced Rum *REVIEW* Budget Booze Review

    Captain Morgan is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in many different ways. In addition to being enjoyed on its own, it can also be mixed with a variety of other drinks to create delicious cocktails. Some of the most popular drinks to mix with Captain Morgan include rum and Coke, the Hurricane, and the Painkiller. No matter how you enjoy it, Captain Morgan is sure to add a little spice to your life.

    Many of the Captain Morgan cocktails are tropical in flavor. Most ingredients complement the sweetness of rum, which is both light and dark in color. If you dont have all of the ingredients on hand, this is a simple rum punch that can be made instead. If you prefer a rum cocktail with a richer and less sweet flavor, try the original Dark and Stormy. Captain Morgan and a can of Coca-Cola are all you need. The drinks flavor is sweet and watermelon-like, with just enough sharpness to make it a crowd pleaser. The rum runner has all of the sweet, fruity flavors of a favorite beverage.

    Light rum is made up of a combination of rum and sugar. It is a soft drink that has been available for many years, and it is now available in a variety of flavors, including light. You can lighten up on a cheap and stuffy rum with a refreshing taste of 7 Up by combining it with a cheap and stuffy rum.

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    Whats The Right Proportions For A Rum And Coke

    Where the rum and Coke often goes bad is the ratio of the two ingredients. It is such an easy drink that bartenderspro and amateur aliketypically dismiss the need for a balance of flavors. This results in a drink that is either burnt with alcohol or too sweet with soda.

    The problem comes to light when drinkers try to fix a bad rum and Coke. All too often, they feel that they didnt pour enough rum because they cant taste it, so they add another shot. Now they have a double shot of rum and, unless another splash of Coke is added, the drink is too strong. This is great if you want to get drunk, but not so good if you want to taste a good drink.

    What are the best proportions for a rum and Coke? Typically, most drinkers will find a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 to have the best flavor and much of that will depend on the rum you choose.

    What Is A Good Dark Rum Drink

  • The Bella Donna Daiquiri, a cocktail made with black rum, amaretto liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and chilled water
  • Bermuda Rum Swizzle is a cocktail made with rum from Bermuda.
  • An African Daiquiri
  • There is a black city on the moon.
  • Swizzle with black rum
  • Ill be wearing a black strap.
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    This Is What You Need To Know About The Sliced Apple Spiced Rum

    Sometimes, all we want to do on a chilly fall night is cuddle up by the fire with a fuzzy blanket and our favorite drink. Wellmaybe more like all the time. You might choose a steaming mug of hot chocolate, but I like a boozy beverage. In fall, rum is usually my go-to, and apples and cinnamon are my all-time favorite flavor combination. So you can bet Im over the MOON for this Captain Morgan debut.

    While Captain was already so smooth, adding apple to the mix made it even smoother. The sweetness of fruit and rum go together extremely well, and both manage to warm you up exactly when you need it most. Anything apple totally screams fall, and this rum would go spectacularly well with apple cider. Spoiler alertIve tried it, and its to DIE for!

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    Captain and Coke might be the first rum drink that you think of, but there are quite a few others to try.

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    What Mixer Can You Use With Dark Rum

    Captain Morgan White Rum Mojito Ready to Drink, 250ml (12 pack)
  • Tonic water is one of the best rum mixers.
  • I made lime juice with a slice of lemon.
  • Orange Juice is a fruit juice that contains a high concentration of vitamin C.
  • Coconut Water, to be precise.
  • Cranberry Juice is a fruit juice made from the berries of the cranberry tree
  • Fruit juice made from grapefruit.
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    Captain Morgan White Rum

    Captain Morgan White Rum is created from the finest of Caribbean rums and has a crisp, clean and refreshing taste that is always worthy of the Captains attention.

    Drink responsibly

    When it comes to dropping anchor in secluded Caribbean coves for a night of revelry, salty sea dogs cant let their hair down with just any old grog. It simply has to be the best crisp and clear white rum.

    Captain Morgan White Rum is all about creating an impeccable blend of flavours, which means when its just right it will always form the ideal base for one of the Captains favourite rum cocktails or as a simple mixed drink. This flexible rum is perfect to create a classic Cuba Libre with a dash of cola, or to mix with soda or ginger ale for a mixed drink the Captain would be proud of.

    For a real taste of the Caribbean drink the Captain Morgan White Rum in one of his favourite white rum cocktails. Mix with soda, lime and bruised mint leaves for a classic Cuban Mojito, create a fruity masterpiece with his perfect Planters Punch or sip on a Sun Kissed Captain for a true taste of the Caribbean.


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