What Is The Best Champagne For Mimosas

What Is The Best Champagne For Mimosas

What Is the Best Champagne For Mimosas? | Episode #023

We get asked at Elma Wine & Liquor quite often what the best champagne or sparkling wine is for mimosas. Typically that kind of question comes up around holidays that involve brunch. Easter and Mothers Day come to mind. We want to take a few minutes and talk about the best type of Champagne or sparkling wine to use when youre making a mimosa or variations of mimosas.

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The Best Champagne For Mimosas In 2022

Ready for some good news to start the new year? You dont need a top-shelf bottle of Champagne to craft an awesome mimosa this 2022. All you need to do is grab some wallet-friendly Champagne or sparkling wine in the market. If youre excited to welcome 2022 with open arms , what better way than toasting the year with a mimosa? But first, you have to consider your sparkler of choice, much like a chef considers the wine she will use to cook meals. Speaking of which, you may check out our list of the most popular wines to buy.

Sure, you could drink orange juice on its own. But if you want to take your drinking experience to the next level, you can purchase a finely crafted Prosecco to greet the citrus flavor with some pleasant bubbly texture. An actual bottle of Champagne is a great choice too, imbuing it with the faintest of orange juice so as not to mask the wines inherent flavor. To greet a new year in the most festive and tasty way possible, weve rounded up the best Champagnes for mimosas across every price point.

Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore

Prosecco is an ideal sparkling wine to use in mimosas because it’s light and fresh, pairing perfectly with orange juice. Prosecco must be made from the Glera grape and Santa Margherita wines use grapes from an area called Valdobbiadene. Wines that adhere to the standards may be given the status Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita . This is an indication of a wine’s reputation and the highest designation of Italian wines, and this Santa Margherita Prosecco has earned that status.

Santa Margherita’s Valdobbiadene Prosecco has notes of juicy pineapple, stone fruit, and apples. You will be tempted to drink this alone, and of course, you can, but with a splash of orange juice, you’ll see just how nicely this wine can pair with your favorite brunch dishes. Sparkling Winos considers this bottle a guaranteed “crowd-pleaser” so this is a bottle you can grab on your way to brunch and know it’ll put a smile on your friends’ faces.

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Campo Viejo Cava Brut Reserva

When it comes to picking a sparkling wine for a mimosa, I always choose a cava over a prosecco . Im always open to trying a new cava but this one came recommended by a friend and I keep returning to itits dry, crisp, and fresh. Plus, very gentle on the wallet. Pair with the fresh, cold juice of clementines or blood oranges . Arati Menon, Senior Editor

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Bottles Of Bubbly To Let Your Cocktail Shine

The Best Champagnes for Mimosas

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Tart, tangy, and laden with fizzwhat more could one ask for from a brunch cocktail? Its no surprise that Mimosas have long been the quintessential choice for midday weekend sipping. When it comes to mixing up the brunch favorite at home, seeking out a quality bottle of bubbles is still key. In other words, just because youre adding a splash of juice to your wine doesnt mean that the standard of your bubbles should go down, and while we do condone seeking out well-made wines, finding good value is also non-negotiable.

Our industry experts have chosen their top picks for Mimosa-destined bubbles, no matter what your choice of entrée may be. Grab your flutes and get ready for some delicious mid-day drinks.

Here, the best sparkling wines for Mimosas.

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Best Brut: Gruet Brut Nv

Image Source / Wine.com

  • Tasting Notes: Pear Skin, Baked Bread, Honey

Sparkling wine produced in the heart of New Mexico? You bet. Originally from the Champagne region, the Gruet family founded this southwestern estate in 1984 after discovering its potential for high-quality wines during a family trip. Expect flavors of pear skin, fresh-baked bread, yeast and honey. Affordable, homegrown, and easy to find? Count us in.

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Best Pairings With Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label

With each bottle having been aged at least 3 years on lees with a 50% concentration of pinot noir, Veuve Clicquot Carte Jaune is blooming with character. Therefore, its something that pairs well with strong and salty food but may be difficult to accord with sweet or subtle dishes.

For instance, you can happily pair Veuve Clicquot with fish dishes such as caviar, oysters, shellfish and grilled meals. However, it may be somewhat overpowering for sushi. Similarly, it goes well with most red, white and cured meats but take care with paté such as foie gras for the same reason.

Nevertheless, its character makes it an ideal choice for most cheese apart from veiny blue cheese. It would also be a great choice for apéritifs and appetisers such as olives, tapenade, French fires and nuts.

For those who enjoy tobacco products, Veuve Clicquot pairs very well with a mild to medium bodied cigar.

Finally, Veuve Clicquot is best serve around 10°C but its also pleasant at a cooler 8°C .

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Champagne Billecart Salmon Ros

Still a family affair after seven generations, Champagne Billecart Salmon was founded by Nicolas-François Billecart and his wife Elisabeth Salmon in 1818 . With small vineyard holdings, Billecart-Salmon produces limited quantities of its wines. According to its official website, Billecart-Salmon focuses on extended cold-fermentation giving the wines finesse, creamy aromatics, and delicate flavors. In 1970, Billecart-Salmon introduced its signature wine, a quintessentially French, ultra-pale rosé, to smashing success. Until then, Billecart-Salmon was considered a second-tier Champagne house, but its Brut Rosé brought prestige and attention from critics. So much so that in 1999, the 1959 vintage was named the “Champagne of the Millennium” by a jury of experts following a blind tasting of 150 vintages from the greatest Champagne Houses.” That’s hefty praise for a Champagne house that had been largely ignored for nearly two centuries.

Christie’s World Encyclopedia of Champagne & Sparkling Wines lists a range of six non-vintage Champagnes and six vintage Champagnes including a blanc de blanc, Elisabeth Salmon Rosé, Cuvée Nicolas-François Billecart, Grand Cuvée, and Clos Saint-Hilaire single vineyard vintage Champagne inspired by Krug Champagnes. Try Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé for your next mimosa celebration. With delightfully subtle floral and fruit aromatics and prominent acidity, the wine pairs beautifully with pulp-free orange juice.

Antech Brut Nature Blanquette De Limoux

The Bellini and Mimosa – The Best Champagne Brunch Cocktails

Antech has been making sparkling wine for six generations. The French sparkling wine house specializes in Blanquette de Limoux, which is both a name of and a specific place for sparkling wine in Southern France. Antech uses the grapes Mauzac, Chenin, and Chardonnay to make the Brut Nature. And although it doesn’t seem to be proven, according to WineSearcher, locals like to say Blanquette de Limoux is even older than Champagne.

This is the ideal brunch sparkling wine because of its very elegant bubbles and lemon and apple peel notes. There may also be some very delicate notes of buttery brioche.

When you add just a tiny splash of orange juice, you’ll still be able to enjoy the lovely texture of the wine. To keep with the French theme, this mimosa would work well with an assorted platter of cheeses, like goat cheese, blue cheese, and some cream-based cheeses.

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Which Is More Expensive Champagne Or Prosecco

Without question, Prosecco is far cheaper to produce over Champagne simply down to the process of how it is made being more complicated and taking much longer. … I very rarely, if ever in-fact, see a standard wine menu in a bar with their house Champagne and Prosecco per glass ever being the Prosecco costing more.

The Best Of Both Worlds: Ohza

If you are looking for a hassle-free and budget-friendly option that feels just as fancy as a pricey Champagne, Ohza is the right choice for you. We use a delicious sparkling wine that was specially chosen to complement the sweet flavor of orange juice. Here at Ohza, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product by using the best sparkling wines and natural fruit juices to give you a ready-to-enjoy mimosa for any occasion.

If you dont want to jump through all the hoops to find an expensive Champagne or even the headache that sometimes comes with creating your own from scratch, just order a pack of Ohza and let the party begin.

Ohza has all the flavors of mimosa you could want without the hefty price tag or hassle of a regular mimosa. Plus, with little to no clean-up afterward, the party can go on as long as you want. Theres nothing wrong with a splurge now and then, but a great everyday celebration option is no doubt Ohza.

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More Easy Cocktail Recipes

How to Make Our Favorite Red Sangria You will love this classic sangria made with dry red wine, seasonal fruits, and brandy .

St. Germain and Champagne Another simple, yet show stopping sparkling wine cocktail.

Lemon Drop Martinis We make lemon drops from scratch. Watch our video to see how.

Champagne Cosmopolitan Cocktails these combine the classic comso cocktail and sparkling wine.

How to make a Perfect Kir Royale Cocktail with champagne and Crème de Cassis.

Recipe updated, originally posted December 2012. Since posting this in 2012, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear and added a quick recipe video. Adam and Joanne

What Prosecco Is Good For Mimosas

The 7 Best Champagnes for Mimosas in 2021

“Don’t waste champagne on mimosas,” says sommelier Steven McDonald. “Use a high-quality cava or prosecco like Naveran Cava or Bisol Prosecco. The orange juice will cover up the nuance of the sparkling wine, but you’ll be grateful for not choosing something that’s going to cause a headache later in the afternoon.”

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Does Barefoot Make Champagne

With a crisp, refreshing finish, Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee is the driest Barefoot Bubbly Brut Champagne. This bubbly pairs perfectly with fresh fruit, cheese trays or seafood dishes. Enjoy this California wine chilled or mixed in a cocktail. A convenient twist and pop closure ensures no wine opener is needed.

Choosing The Perfect Bottle Of Bubbly Is Essential When Making Sensational Mimosas Our Sommelier Rounded Up The Best Champagne For Mimosas For Your Next Brunch Bash

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Most people would agree that mimosas are a must-have for any weekend brunch. As a sommelier, I recommend you stick with good quality but inexpensive sparkling wine for any champagne cocktail. Orange juice will mask your bubblys finer points, so its wise to save your high-end champagne for enjoying on its own.

For mimosas, choose prosecco, cremant, cava or entry-level Champagne to bring fizz and flavor to mimosas.

via totalwine.com

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What Champagne Is Best For Mimosas Dry Or Brut

What champagne is better for an mimosa party? Blanc de Noir or sparkling wine? There is no such thing as champagne that is dry or extra dry, which is a bit sweeter than champagne that is brut its not sweet at all. Depending on your preferences, you can choose whether or not to serve your mimosas with a sweeter flavor.

Its a good idea to pair your favorite fruit juice with a dry or semi-dry sparking wine. If you want to try something different, try Prosecco, or dry Prosecco as well as a genuine Champagne, preferably Brut. If you want to have a great Champagne for Mimosas, we recommend the following affordable whites. Graham Beck Wines, a family-owned and operated winery, will be celebrating its third generation of success. Wine was produced for the first time in 1991, and President Nelson Mandelas inauguration in 1994 marked the cellars debut vintage. During the First World War, Bepidetto lost his horse and cart full of wine barrels, which has now been lost for almost a century.

Freixenet Cordon Negro Cava Brut

Mimosa – Champagne Cocktail for brunch!

Freixenet Cordon Negro originated from a family of winemakers dating as far back as 1861. With the skills and determination of the founding Ferrer and Salas families, Freixenet has successfully become the leading global brand of well-crafted sparkling wines. Known as the Black Bottle Bubbly, the Cordon Negro Cava Brut is a balanced sparkling wine, imbued with traces of citrus, apple, ripe pear, and even a hint of ginger that will suit your brunch buffet in the morning all the way through your snacks and a movie night in.

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French Champagne Or Less Expensive Alternative

Once youve established that then you can go to what style or type you might like. Traditional French Champagnes typically come with price tags well over $30 up into the hundreds of dollars. If youre mixing it with juice I dont usually recommend that you go that route. However, if you know that most of the people are going to be drinking enjoy it without juice then a nice French Champagne might be the option for you.

Prosecco from Italy has become a popular choice lately. These tend to be a little bit lighter and sweeter than Champagnes, but not super sweet. Prosecco is a good middle of the road option with more reasonable price tags so you dont feel as bad mixing them with juice. Another great option if you prefer the drier side is a Spanish Cava. Cava is to Spain what Champagne is to France. The ones we carry in particular are very dry and have moderate prices.

We have a number of people that come in asking for Asti Spumante to make their mimosas. Astis are a sweet sparkling wine from Italy. Asti is a region known for their sweet sparking wines, usually made with Moscato grapes. There are some good alternatives to Astis that also come from Italy. Be sure to let the person know working at your local wine store what youre doing with the sparkling wine. If you are mixing it they should be helpful in finding a a moderate priced alternative for you.

Is Prosecco Better Than Cava

Unlike Champagne or Cava, Proseccos secondary fermentation occurs in tanks rather than individual bottles. This process, known as charmat, is cheaper and faster than the méthode Champenoise. Prosecco tends to be sweeter than the average Champagne or Cava, and its flavors are usually simpler and fruitier.

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Which Prosecco Is Best

Best prosecco 2020

  • Sacchetto prosecco extra dry Fili NV. Best prosecco for complexity of flavour. There’s lots going on with this one. …
  • Romeo & Juliet prosecco di Treviso brut DOC NV. Best easy drinking prosecco. Brut-style, and you can really taste it. …
  • Casa Belfi prosecco colfondo frizzante NV. Best prosecco with a twist.

Champagne For Mimosas: Brut Or Extra Dry

Pin by Isela Sanchez on Food

Depending on the grape type, cultivated location, and production technique, there are countless champagne options for crafting brunch mimosas. Typically, you should select dry champagne to balance orange juices flavor in the cocktail.

Look for labels of Brut or Extra Brut on the champagne bottle. Between the two, extra dry champagne is indeed sweeter than its counterpart. Yet, both types work fine in mimosa recipes, containing little to no residual sugar after fermentation.

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Perfect Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

My best friend Kim is the queen of mimosas. Whether its going out for a weekends bottomless mimosas brunch, a lazy summer bring-your-own-mimosa-to-the-beach day, or just the ticket for getting though a long flight on an airplane, her recipe for a good time always starts and ends with mimosas.

Bubbly and fizzy, light and bright, mimosas are the perfect champagne cocktail for adding a festive flair to any occasion thats fit for bubbly. Or basically, Tuesday :).

Mimosas are an essential for bridal or wedding showers, baby showers, Mothers Day, Easter, Groundhogs Dayjust about any holiday you can make an excuse to celebrate. Lest we forget New Years Day, where they are the best easy eye-opening hair-of-the-dog-sipper that wont take your breath away.

In my humble opinion, theres no better way to set up a cheers than with a little bubbly spiked with a little something sweet. Thats why today Im sharing the perfect recipe for the best mimosas, made with bubbly sparkling wine instead of expensive champagne, making the cha-ching of dollars dropping into your hand just one more reason to toast cheers to all the celebrating were about to begin.

My little family and I recently visited where legend has it the mimosa was created, at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, so naturally I imbibed. I also took notes on how to make the perfect mimosa, so here we go.

Making Them For A Crowd

Since sharing how we make mimosas, many of our readers have asked how to make mimosas for a crowd. You can make mimosas in a pitcher.

Premix mimosas in a pitcher just before your guests arrive. Dont do this too far in advance, because you will lose some carbonation.

Whether you premix or make the mimosas one by one, make sure the wine and orange juice are well chilled. Keep the wine, orange juice, and if you added them to a pitcher, the pitcher in the refrigerator until your guests arrive.

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