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Champagne offers tremendous depth and variety, from drier, extra brut wines and fruit-forward rosés to niche demi-sec offerings, so I would encourage consumers to first explore entry-level Champagnes from different producers to learn the subtle nuances that fit their palate, says Coravin founder Greg Lambrecht. By doing this, he explains, youll start to become familiar with the various styles of Champagnefor example, Brut Nature, Brut, and Demi-Secwhich are generally defined by their dosage level, or how much sugar is added to the wine. These terms can be a bit confusing, as dry in English means not sweet, while the literal term for dry in French is sec, which is used to denote Champagnes on the sweeter end of the spectrum.

If you like bone-dry Champagnes, look for bottles that say Extra Brut or Brut Nature if you like something a little softer, plain old Brutthe most well-known and widely-available styleis a safe bet. Palates that lean sweeter should go for Extra-Sec , Sec, Demi-Sec, and Doux.

The 17 Best Champagnes For Mimosas

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Effervescent and crisp, Champagne pairs wonderfully with the tangy sweet flavors of fruit juice. And when it comes to cocktails to try if you like drinking Champagne, the classic mimosa has been a delicious pop of fizz on brunch tables, wedding receptions, and formal celebrations since its inception in the 1920s at The Ritz Hotel in Paris .

Champagne comes in a variety of types and quality levels, and each house has its signature style and range. While the ways to store Champagne can affect your wine, the true quality of bottles spans three tiers: it starts with simple, non-vintage wines produced with grapes grown over several years to achieve the house style. The next quality level is found in vintage Champagne produced from grapes grown in one calendar year. The top echelon of Champagnes is called prestige or tête de cuvée, which is crafted from the finest grapes produced in only the best years.

In addition to the three-tier quality levels, other factors determine a Champagnes style. Its produced from three grapes two black grapes and one white grape called chardonnay. A Champagne house will blend the grape varieties to achieve its unique individual styles. Vineyard location also affects grape quality, and the best Champagne comes from premier cru and elite grand cru vineyards.

Which Champagne is the best one for your next mimosa? Read on to find out.

What Kind Of Champagne Is Best For Mimosas

Dry champagne or sparkling wine is best for mimosas. You can opt for a bottle of inexpensive champagne since youll be mixing it with orange juice. Look for a bottle thats not too sweet in the $12 to $15 range. If you want the best tasting mimosa you can use an expensive brand of real Champagne, but those are also perfect to sip alone.

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What Does Brut Champagne Mean

What Does Brut Mean? In short, brut is the French word for dry. Therefore, brut sparkling wine refers to a dry sparkling wine. Brut is also a term thats used to describe Champagne. However, when winemakers refer to brut wine, they are referring to the style of wine, rather than any particular variety.

How To Make Mimosas:


Alright, once your glasses and ingredients are all chilled and ready to go, its time to mix!

Simply tip your champagne flutes at an angle and pour your desired amount of sparkling wine, careful not to let it fizz and foam too much on top. Then top with orange juice. Garnish your glass with a little orange slice, if you would like, and serve!

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The Best Juices And Purees For Mimosas And Champagne Cocktails

While a mimosa is traditionally made with orange juice, you can use a variety of fruit juices in your champagne cocktail! Freshly squeezing your juice or pureeing fresh fruit will result in the best flavor! However, if you need to purchase juice for your mimosa, I recommend selecting a high-quality, non-concentrate, pulp-free orange juice for the closest freshly-squeezed flavor!

When choosing fruit juice for making mimosas, consider the sweetness or acidity of the wine! Its best to use a juice flavor that will complement and balance the flavor of the sparkling wine!

Best Brut: Gruet Brut Nv

Image Source / Wine.com

  • Tasting Notes: Pear Skin, Baked Bread, Honey

Sparkling wine produced in the heart of New Mexico? You bet. Originally from the Champagne region, the Gruet family founded this southwestern estate in 1984 after discovering its potential for high-quality wines during a family trip. Expect flavors of pear skin, fresh-baked bread, yeast and honey. Affordable, homegrown, and easy to find? Count us in.

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Is Brut Or Extra Dry Champagne Better

As a result, Brut champagne is sweeter than Extra Dry champagne, a very important distinction. Despite what many people assume, Extra Dry champagne, as opposed to Brut, is sweeter. The French word brut translates to dry or raw.. The wine is so good that some people even choose Brut instead of the wine they had been drinking previously.

Sparkling Wine To Orange Juice Ratio

Mimosas 3 Ways | How To Make The Best Mimosas | Brunch Recipes

This is always the big question with mimosas, and the answer is simple: its totally up to you!

I prefer my mimosas to not be overly sweet, so Ive always opted for 2 parts sparkling wine and 1 part orange juice. But the classic ratio calls for 1 part sparkling wine and 1 part orange juice. So feel free to experiment and go with whatever sounds best to you and your guests! The beauty of pouring individual servings is that you can easily customize each drink to taste.

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What Champagne Is Best For Mimosasdry Or Brut

Despite the name, champagne labeled “dry” or “extra dry” will actually be slightly sweeter than a “brut” bubbly”brut” is not sweet at all. The choice is yours and depends on whether you prefer your mimosas to be on the sweeter side or not. Both will be delicious, but you just might want a little less orange juice if you’re using a slightly sweeter sparkling wine.

Mionetto Organic Extra Dry Prosecco

Did you know that Mionetto is a well-established brand that places emphasis on consistently making quality wines? Hailing from Italy, Mienettos success in the international scene is attributed to its efforts in juxtaposing tradition and innovation. Hence, if youre looking for a reputable brand that has a long history of creating state-of-the-art wines and one that is grounded in its roots, then you can never go wrong with Mionettos organic extra dry Prosecco. This Italian sparkling wine is made from organically farmed grapes, so you need not worry about your bottle containing traces of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Mionettos elegant Prosecco offers a nice bouquet of tropical fruit aromatics and flavors. It boasts the signature mouthfeel of a good prosecco and is a festive one to open as the added CO2 almost always leads to little celebratory spilling when the cork is first cracked perfect for special occasions.

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Best Champagnes For Mimosas

Cheers to brunch!

Mimosas are one of the most popular cocktails for a reason. They’re incredibly easy to make , you can prep them for a crowd, and they’re fun, fruity, and bubbly!

So how do you make a mimosa, anyway? All you have to do is pop open a bottle of sparkling wine , pour the sparkling wine three-quarters of the way into the glass, then top with a splash of orange juice. You can totally customize it, too. If you’d rather have a little less alcohol, then flip the proportions and add more orange juice and a splash or sparkling wine, or try using different fruit juices like peach, pineapple, or apple cider for a different flavor profile. You can even create a mimosa bar for your next brunch party. Read on for some of our tips and top picks for the best champagnes for mimosas.

What Is A Mimosa Should I Go Sweet Or Dry

Whats the Best Champagne for a Mimosa?

A traditional mimosa is sparkling wine and orange juice, but these days people are using different types of juices as well. Variations also include splashes of products like St Germain elderflower liqueur or other types of fruity schnapps. But just to make a standard mimosa the first question you should ask yourself and the people that are going to be drinking it is whether you like sweeter or drier beverages. As for myself personally, I tend to go with something on the drier side for a Champagne because I find the juice to be a little bit high in sugar and sweet anyway. A majority of our customers tend to opt for the sweeter Champagne and the sweeter sparkling wine because that is what they enjoy.

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Bottles Of Bubbly To Let Your Cocktail Shine

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Tart, tangy, and laden with fizzwhat more could one ask for from a brunch cocktail? Its no surprise that Mimosas have long been the quintessential choice for midday weekend sipping. When it comes to mixing up the brunch favorite at home, seeking out a quality bottle of bubbles is still key. In other words, just because youre adding a splash of juice to your wine doesnt mean that the standard of your bubbles should go down, and while we do condone seeking out well-made wines, finding good value is also non-negotiable.

Our industry experts have chosen their top picks for Mimosa-destined bubbles, no matter what your choice of entrée may be. Grab your flutes and get ready for some delicious mid-day drinks.

Here, the best sparkling wines for Mimosas.

Best Overall: Bisol Crede Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Superiore

Image Source / Vivino

  • Tasting Notes: Orange Blossom, Peach, White Flowers

After scouring high and low, weve found that Bisols Crede Prosecco Superiore provides the best QPR ratio when it comes to wine for brunch cocktails. Produced in Venetos Grand Cru grape-growing region, this top-notch prosecco jumps with fresh flavors of orange blossoms, peaches, juicy apples, and white flowers. Be sure to taste solo to really experience the great quality this bottle provides!

Prosecco is made with the glera grape, which is fresh, fruity, light-bodied, and made in the Charmat method, which preserves the classic characteristics of the glera grape, explains Enore Ceola, CEO of Freixenet Mionetto USA. These are two key reasons that make prosecco the ideal sparkling wine for a great mimosa.

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How To Choose Sparkling Wine For Mimosas

I like to use a dry sparkling wine, not sweet. Use the wine that you like the taste of. You dont need to break the bank, though. We spend $12 to $15 on the sparkling wine we add to our mimosas.

Your best bet is to look for Cava, which comes from Spain or an American sparkling wine thats around $15.

A dry Prosecco is a great option, too. Unless youve found something you absolutely love, dont go lower than $10 since that can lead to headache central.

The 7 Best Proseccos For Mimosas

How to Make a Mimosa – You’re Doing It All Wrong

Nothing says brunch like a classic Mimosa. Its refreshing and can even be restorative after a late night. Fans of the cocktail enthusiastically order it at any time of day, while aficionados experiment with riffs and tweaks on the standard recipe to enjoy at home.

While seemingly simple to make, there are a few crucial tips to follow to create a fail-safe version of the citrusy libation. Best practices include sticking to dry versions of sparkling wine to avoid an overly sweet concoction. And if youre mixing for a crowd, Mimosas are not the beverage for making in batches. Instead, create each drink individually to avoid the dilution of bubbles and eventual separation of the juice from the wine in a pitcher.

A classic version of the Mimosa calls for equal parts Champagne and orange juice. But for some, its not always realistic to drop the cash needed to buy Champagne, only to mix it with juice in a flute glass. While different in many ways, Italian Prosecco is a perfectly suitable and affordable substitution when making a Mimosa.

To determine the best Prosecco to use in the brunch classic, we searched for dry Italian bubbly at a variety of price points. Here are seven of the best Proseccos for Mimosas, ranked.

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For The Best Mimosa Use Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

If you can swing it, use freshly squeezed orange juice. It seems over the top, but when you consider half the drink is juice, you want the best.

Freshly squeezed orange juice tastes fresher, lighter, a bit tart, and more delicate than anything you can find in the store. With that said, when were in a pinch, well use the Simply brand of orange juice.

Tips For The Best Mimosa Drink Recipe

Below are a few simple tips to help you execute the brute champagne mimosa shown here, featuring fresh mango puree along with chambord!

  • Sweetener: The amount of sugar to use when making fruit puree will depend upon the natural sweetness of your fresh fruit! If your fruit is naturally sweet you may want to leave out the sweetener completely, especially is you plan on using a sweet champagne! I suggest you make the puree without any sweetener. Then, taste it and add the sugar if needed, a little bit at a time!
  • Layering: If you want to create a layered cocktail , there are two ways you can go about it!
  • The traditional way is to layer the cocktail ingredients according to their specific gravity, with the heaviest ingredient on the bottom. This method creates a sparkling mixed drink with distinct layers. However, this method requires planning as density can vary between liquor brands and styles!
  • Alternatively, you can simply create a swirl of two colors by adding the heaviest ingredient to the champagne flute last! The heavy liquid will slip underneath the alcohol that is already there, creating a swirly layer!
  • Tell me, what festively fun Mimosa cocktail will you make!? Until next time, friends, Cheers! May your holiday be marry and the Easter cocktails be plenty!

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    The 8 Best Champagnes For Mimosas Of 2022

    A mimosa cocktail is composed of champagne and chilled citrus juice, usually orange juice unless otherwise specified. It is often served in a tall champagne flute at brunch, at weddings, or as part of business or first class service on some passenger railways and airlines. The mixing ratio of the classic mimosa differs based on the source.

    Pineapple Apricot Mimosas. pineapple apricot mimosas. Credit: fabeveryday. View Recipe. this link opens in a new tab. Apricot nectar, pineapple juice, and frozen orange juice concentrate work together beautifully in this big-batch Champagne cocktail. 10 Easy Big-Batch Cocktails for a Brunch Buzz.

    7. Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec. It is not a list of champagnes if we dont include Veuve. Surprisingly, the Demi-Sec champagne blend works the best for mimosas. Although much sweeter than the other champagnes on this list, it does a good job of balancing out the overall acidity of the orange juice.

    Barefoot also makes decent & well priced champagne/sparkling wines that are easy to find- weve done mimosas with sparkling barefoot moscato and they were good! Pro tip: If you add chambord to them they are absolutely amazing. Reply. Expert September 2022.

    A Cava or dry Prosecco represent great choices, as well as a true Champagne preferably Brut. While traditional mimosas simply consist of a sparkling wine and orange juice, I also find pomegranate or grapefruit juices to be delicious morning spirit mixers.

    Mimosa Variations To Try

    The Classic Mimosa Your Brunch Really Needs
    • Try making your mimosa with pineapple juice, cranberry juice, or pink grapefruit juice.
    • Add a splash of crème de cassis for a pretty ombre pink color.
    • Drop a hibiscus flower into the bottom of your champagne flute for a pretty garnish.
    • Blend the orange juice with ice for a bellini-like cocktail.
    • Add a strawberry or a few raspberries to your glass.
    • Drop a few cranberries into the glass for a festive vibe.

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    Choosing The Perfect Bottle Of Bubbly Is Essential When Making Sensational Mimosas Our Sommelier Rounded Up The Best Champagne For Mimosas For Your Next Brunch Bash

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    Charles Wollertz/getty images

    Most people would agree that mimosas are a must-have for any weekend brunch. As a sommelier, I recommend you stick with good quality but inexpensive sparkling wine for any champagne cocktail. Orange juice will mask your bubblys finer points, so its wise to save your high-end champagne for enjoying on its own.

    For mimosas, choose prosecco, cremant, cava or entry-level Champagne to bring fizz and flavor to mimosas.

    via totalwine.com

    Quick Answer: How To Make A Mimosa With Champagne

    Sliced apples and cinnamon sugar on the rims. To get the cinnamon sugar onto the rims of your champagne flutes, pour a little cinnamon sugar into a shallow bowl. Moisten the top of the champagne glasses with a little water.

    Mimosas are best served with fresh-squeezed orange juice and a dry Champagne. Dry Champagne doesnt have a lot of residual sugar, which makes it perfect for a mimosa. You will get plenty of sweetness from the fruit juice, so a dry champagne is definitely the way to go to balance out those flavors.

    Mix it Up The basic mimosa is a mixture of orange juice with either champagne or sparkling white wine. The champagne or wine are typically chosen for their dryness to offset the sweetness of the orange juice. Any combination should take those contrasts into consideration to avoid creating a cocktail that loses its refreshing taste.

    If the short ingredients list didnt give it away, this mimosa recipe is easy. Simply pour the orange juice into a champagne flute, then top off with champagne. Once the champagne has gone down a bit, top off your glass with more bubbles as desired. You can serve your homemade mimosas as is, or garnish with your favorite fruits, berries, or herbs.

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