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Which Starter Wine Should You Buy

White Wine Basics – A guide to Riesling, Moscato, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc

Its best to start simple so you can isolate what youre tasting and what it is about a wine that you like or dislike.

Start in the $10 to $15 price range. Most wines at this price point are typical of their variety and region. Some say that complexity doesnt start until the $25 level or $35 level, but while youre in the exploratory phase, its better to spare your wallet. That being said, you can find good bottles of wine under $10its just a bit harder.

Again, its hard for a beginner to tell how a wine will taste based solely on the varietal. So, above all, dont be shy about asking for help. Your best bet is to walk into the store and ask for the kind of wine youre interested in trying. Say, I want a dry, light-bodied white wine or I want to try a full-bodied red. Or, you could even mention wines that youve enjoyed in the past and ask for something similar.

Another good tactic is to ask for a typical varietal, e.g., Find me a typical Pinot Grigio for $15. Heres a quick rundown that might help you decide:

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What Is A Standard Pour Of Wine

There is no legal measure for a standard pour of wine. In the restaurant industry, it falls somewhere around the 5 oz. mark. This allows a sommelier or host to pour roughly 5 glasses out of any 750 mL bottle of wine. Some restaurants will pour as much as 6 oz. and some may offer less, depending on the price of the wine. Some glasses have pour lines printed on them for a precise pour every time.

For tastings, a standard pour falls around 2 oz., enough to properly smell and taste the wine without initiating a buzz too quickly. Similarly, dessert wines are usually served in 2 oz. pours since they are much sweeter and higher in alcohol than other types of wines.

The size of the glass also contributes to how much wine is poured at a time. A smaller glass will give the appearance of more wine while a big balloon glass will make even a generous pour look light. Sparkling wine is often served in 5-6 oz. servings, like white or red wine, but it might look like a smaller pour because of the shape of the flute. Its important not to overfill a wine glass, as the extra space in the glass is there intentionally to hold aromas.

To further create a seamless wine experience for your guests, learn how to open a bottle of wine using the proper corkscrew for the job.

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Finding A Great Dry White Wine

If you are interested in dry white wines, you can use this information to find an option that makes sense for you. We did all of the complex research so that you could simply sit down, sip a glass of white wine, and feel comfortable. Dont hesitate to reach out to us if you need to learn more about your options.

What Is The Best Wine For Beginners


Do you start with dry wines, sweet white wines, dry red wines, or sweet red wines? Ideally, you want to experiment a little bit when youre just getting started. That being said, the following are great for beginner wine drinkers. Vinho Verde, Pinot Grigio, and Vermentino.

Others are Sancerre, Grenache Blanc, and Prosecco.

The aforementioned are all white wines. The red wines Ill recommend are Merlot, Gamay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel. Its not surprising that these popular red wines are among the most loved wines in America.

So if youre wondering about the right wine for you, you could get started with these two. One is white, while the other is red.

Vinho Verde is a light-bodied wine made in Portugal. Its alcohol level is quite low, so you dont need to pair it with food. Its made from local grape varieties such as Arinto, Alvarinho, and Loureiro. Its fruity, crisp, and refreshing.

Merlot is a medium-to-full-bodied red wine that was originally made in France. Now, its also made in California, Washington, and some other wine regions of the world.

Its awesome for beginners because it has a very subtle flavor. It feels smooth on the palate and is rich because of its vanilla, chocolate, plum, and cherry flavor.

In addition to wine, you may want something stronger, such as liquor. But why is it that grocery stores dont sell liquor? .

This is what I explored in a recent article I published.

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What Are The 8 Basic Types Of Wine

There are many major varieties of wine, with each type ideal for certain food pairings.

Its understandable since there are thousands of grape varieties. But here, well focus on eight basic types. They are sweet white, rich white, light red, medium red, bold red, dessert, sparkling, and dry white.

Lets check them out.

Gary Murdock Jr.

Different Levels Of Dryness And Sweetness In White Wine Grapes

What is interesting about white wines is that any grape can be used to produce a sweet or a dry flavor. Typically, it all depends on the length of the fermentation process.

When winemakers stop early in the fermentation process, they retain more sugar and create a sweeter wine. Conversely, longer fermentation times remove more sugar and produce a dryer taste for your white wine.

As a result, it isnt necessarily the grape type that matters when creating a dry white wine.

However, some white grapes simply taste better dry, such as the Muscato. While it is possible to make a sweet wine out of this grape , it simply has a better variety of aromas and textures when created as a dry wine.

The wines on our list could all be sweet but rarely are because theyre better dry.

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Straight From The Chart

Red wine and white wine come in a wide array of flavors, sweetness, body, and more. Use the charts above to make more informed decisions. Whether you’re looking to increase your restaurant profit margin, need more wine varietals to upsell, or just want to try something new, there are plenty of options at your disposal.

Make sure to stay on top of your wine knowledge. One of the best ways to do that is to look at the most famous wine lists or most popular wine lists in the country. There are so many types of wine lists you can create, so looking at the competition can really make a difference! You should also learn the proper way to handle different wines. Preventing wine oxidation or dealing with bottle shock can help keep you from having a bad day.

What To Look For In The Color Of White Wine

Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Gris – White Wine Guide

How Light Refracts Through Wine

Does the white wine just sparkle with light shining through it or does it cast a dim yellow hue onto the table? A sparkly star bright wine tells me that the wine is not dense and is not made with the use of oak or aged on the lees . Star bright wines tend to be light bodied, young, have high acidity and are filtered. In contrast, a wine that casts a dull hue or a dim yellow color has a lot more pigment in it and could be a much richer older wine. These wines could be dim because of aging in oak or on the lees or they could be an intense sweet wine with a lot of sugar and color extraction from the skins of the wine.

Intensity of Color

Looking at the saturation of color in a white wine can indicate the richness of the wine. For instance, the color of chardonnay can range from very pale yellow with hints of platinum to a saturated straw gold. A very and zesty. A saturated golden chardonnay will most likely be oaked and buttery in style. Additionally, if the sweetness of the wine is brought about by a higher grape-skin-to-juice contact, that wine will have more pigment in it. A sweet wine made partially with semillon grapes called Sauternes is bright yellow.

Identify the Major Color and Minor Color of White Wine

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Sparkling Wines From Driest To Sweetest:

  • Demi-Sec/Semi-seco
  • Doux/Sweet/Dulce.

Sparkling wine is made from a wide range of red and white grapes. Champagne proper is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and/or Pinot Noir.

Increasingly, wine drinkers and producers are using the term sparkling wine and champagne interchangeably, in the same way we might call any facial tissue a Kleenex. Purists insist that only wine produced in the Champagne region of France should rightfully be called champagne or Champagne, but there are no laws in the U.S. governing that distinction. So, if you think youre getting a steal on a bottle of imported champagne for only $12, you should probably check the label a bit more closely.

Best Sweet White Wine To Try

Let’s talk more about white wines that are actually sweet.Our sweet white wine list includes: Moscato, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling. Very sweet white wines include: Sauternes, ice wine, and late harvest wine.Whats the difference between slightly sweet white wines and dessert wines?Sweet wines like Moscato are still light and crisp, while dessert wines like Sauternes are rich and dense. Think of it like the difference between a soda and hot chocolate. Soda is sweet, but its still light enough to enjoy with a meal. Hot chocolate is rich and very sweet, and you probably drink it for dessert.Moscato and Riesling are two of the most common types of sweet white wine. We recommend these as great starting points if you want to try something new and a little sweet.Heres a list of some of our favorite Moscato and Riesling wines:

What is Moscato wine? Find out all about one of our favorite sweet white wines here. What is Moscato? Learn Why Were Sweet on this White Wine

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Food Pairings For Riesling

Due to its even balance of sweetness and acidity, Riesling pairs well with most foods, especially those with a bit of spice. Riesling has long been noted for how well it pairs with spicy food, and it is one of the few wines that is excellent with the robust heat of Thai and Indian cuisine. It also pairs well with white fish, chicken, and pork . Sweeter Rieslings also pair with most sweet foods.

Meat Pairings


Red Wine Types Chart Sweet To Dry

Beginneres White Wines List

Now that you know the different types of red wine, how do you choose the right one for your meal or occasion? Here are a few tips: If youre serving hearty dishes like red meat or pasta, choose a full-bodied red wine.

Those serving lighter dishes like poultry or fish should choose a medium-bodied red wine. Finally, choose a sweet red wine if youre serving dessert.

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What Is The Most Famous Type Of Wine

Red wine is the most famous type of wine in the United States. Its closely followed by white wine or rose. It is fermented with grape skins and seeds, while white wine is not. Its color ranges from deep opaque purple to pale ruby and everything in between.

There are different types of red wine.

Red wines have dark fruit flavors and are rich in tannins . The latter leaves a dry, rubbing sensation on the tongue and is found in bark, leaves, and plants. It is in grape seeds, skins, stems, and oak barrels. Inexpensive wines often have low tannins.

Ever wondered why Trader Joes wine is inexpensive?

Thats what I explored in a recent article I published. In it, I looked at the cheapest wine they have, where they get their wine, and I even revealed the best wine theyve got.

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Some red wines, such as Merlot and Sauvignon, are made with red wine grapes or black grapes, such as Carbanet Franc.

Cabernet is also often employed as a blending grape to create a richer flavor profile. When wine is made from a single grape type, the variety is known as the wine varietal and is displayed on the wine label.

According to yougov.com, the most popular brands loved by Americans are:

C. May 1, 2021

Essential Wine Types Chart And Guide For Beginners

There are many different types of wines available on the market, which can make choosing the right one for you a bit overwhelming. But dont worry, were here to help!

This guide will introduce you to the different types of wines, including red, white, rosé, sparkling, and dessert wines. Well also provide some tips on how to choose the right wine for your meal or occasion.

In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about the most popular wine types. This way you can order with confidence the next time youre at a restaurant or wine store.

Lets get started with our wine types charts and guides for beginners!

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The Different Types Of White Wine

Theyre more than just for spritzers or to satisfy your sweet tooth. Crisp, tart, aromatic and expressive, the different white wine flavor profiles are as much of a journey for your palate as they are a tour around the world. However, many still assume that all white wines are too flat, too sweet or worse somehow not as sophisticated as reds. Pairing your white wine correctly can improve the experience you have with white wine as well. Take our Wine Pairing Quiz and find the perfect pairing for you!

Every wine-growing region around the world cultivates white wine grapes for a reason. With hundreds of varietals and variations, each of the many kinds of white wine showcases various smells, sights and tastes unmatched by other drinks.

Red Wine & White Wine Sweetness Chart

Wine Classification | Types of Wine

Bone Dry is a technical term meaning theres no more sugar in the wine. Styles that normally land in this category include Bordeaux, Pinot Grigio, Tempranillo and Albariño. Dry wines generally refer to examples with less than 10 grams of sugar per liter , often including Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Fran, Sauvignon Blanc, Vignier, Syrah, Zinfandel, Garnacha and Chardonnay.

Dry wines generally range between 10 and 20 g/l. Examples are Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Champagne.

The term sweet wine can be applied to any off-dry wine and above, but is generally reserved for wines of 20 g/l or more. Any wine between 20 and 75 g/l is usually called semi-sweet wine, like Lambrusco or Moscat. The types of very sweet wine, such as Tawny Port and Vin Santo Rossi wine, are usually 75 g/l or more.

Regardless of where a particular style fits on the wines sweet map, it is good to remember that residual sugar content and perception of sweetness are two different factors that are both related to the sweet taste of something. While residual sugar refers to the actual sugar level of the beverage, the perception of sweetness is more complex and can also occur in dry wines. For example, when a wine has tastes or aromas associated with sweetness , our taste is more often read as sweet. Other characteristics of wine, such as high levels of alcohol, can also increase the perception of sweetness, while factors such as acidity and tannins can reduce it.

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Wine Sweetness Chart Indicators

Wines can be freely divided into sweet, semi-dry or dry. Normally, the amount of residual sugar of a wine depends on its level of sweetness. Remember that during fermentation, the natural sugar contained in the grapes is converted into alcohol by yeast. When fermentation stops before all the sugars are converted, the alcohol content is reduced and the wine becomes sweeter.

In table wines, the lower the alcohol content, the higher the residual sugar content and the sweeter the wine. There are exceptions to this rule, but it is a good general rule. This is one of the reasons why German Riesling is often found with an alcohol content between 8 and 12% GVA, with a significantly higher residual sugar content.

Categories of sweet red wine

The most famous sweet red wines fall into the category of dessert wines. You will want to visit this section while shopping. You can look for wine labels that fall into several categories:

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What Is The Driest White Wine

  • Assyrtiko is one of the driest white wine you can find. Assyrtiko comes from Greece, mainly from the island of Santorini. It has searing acidity and an interesting saline quality. Assyrtiko is also used to make Vin Santo, a very sweet dessert wine which it is why it appears on both sides of the White Wine Dryness Chart.
  • Melon, or Melon de Bourgogne, is the grape that makes the very dry white wines of Muscadet in the Loire Valley. It is often considered the driest white wine.
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • A very popular white wine, Sauvignon Blanc is almost always dry although some off-dry styles are out there. French Sauvignon Blanc will be the driest whereas Sauvignon Blanc from the New World will be less dry.
  • Gruner Veltliner
  • A very dry and spicy white wine from Austria, Gruner Veltliner is a safe bet when looking for a dry white wine.
  • Chenin Blanc comes in many different styles that vary from very dry to quite sweet. Most Chenin Blanc from South Africa is dry, whereas Chenin Blanc from Vouvray is demi-sec or medium-sweet.
  • Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio
  • Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are the same grape variety in French its called Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio in Italian. Most Pinot Grigio will be dry. Some Pinot Gris in Alsace or Oregon may have an element of sweetness.
  • Semillon makes mostly dry white wine in Bordeaux where its blended with Sauvignon Blanc. However, it also makes the very sweet dessert wine Sauternes.
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