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Is Two Fingers Tequila Good

Tasting the Loud Woman La Gritona Tequila

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When it comes to tequila, there are many different ways to enjoy it. You can have it neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer. You can also choose to have it with salt or without. But one of the most popular ways to enjoy tequila is by doing a shot with two fingers. So, is two fingers tequila good? The answer is yes! This method of enjoying tequila is not only popular, but it is also a great way to enjoy the flavor of the tequila. This method allows you to get a good amount of tequila in each shot, and it also allows the tequila to mix well with the salt on your fingers. If you are looking for a great way to enjoy tequila, then you should definitely try doing a shot with two fingers.

Two Fingers Gold Tequila was produced in the Los Altos region of Jalisco. The tequila is produced at a family-run distillery, and it is aged between 8 and 10 years on Mountain Blue Agave plants. According to the reviewer, not as good as that $1200.00 shot out of a bottle I tried at a bar in Canton. A very fine tequila is some of the best youll ever have. This reminds me of Don Julio. We are unable to ship to the United States. There are other tequilas available in the United States, but they are not as expensive or tasty as the two fingers gold.

What Proof Is Two Fingers Tequila

Distillation2x distilled Still Aging Column-ABV/40% abv 9 rows

How To Drink Tequila

The best way to enjoy tequila is not by drinking two to three shots of it. A typical cup of tequila can be consumed in small portions, and it is best consumed with friends. If you want to keep yourself drunk, try other cocktails such as amarillo or amarra.

Tequila: The Perfect Drink For Any Occasion

Silver and gold are the two most common types of tequila. Gold tequila is aged in different types of wooden barrels and comes out golden, whereas silver tequila is distilled right after distillation. Silver tequila is bottled directly after distillation, whereas gold tequila is distilled in different types of barrels. There are clear and silver tequilas, as well as gold and aged versions, all of which have a darker color. Whether youre sipping on a refreshing drink for a hot day or a more complex drink over time, tequila is an excellent choice. It has a variety of appealing flavors that go well with any kind of beverage, whether its clear or aged. If you want a good tequila, silver or gold are the best options.

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See How Two Fingers Ranks In Our Community

Mother in law re-gifted me this bottle. Its going to take a lot of mixer to drink this. Lots of alcohol & chemical aroma. Artificial sweetener flavor. Her sister bought this for $16 in OK. What a shame as there are reasonably good tequilas in the $18-22 range in Oregon.

My first tequilawith lemon and salt, theres a whole lot of owie in this little bottle

Two Fingers Tequila Is The Best Choice

Two Fingers Silver Tequila

When it comes to tequila, two fingers are unquestionably the best option. Two fingers gold is one of the more popular tequilas in the United States, but its price and taste are inferior to other tequilas. Make sure you try aejo tequila to get a smoother taste. Jarejo tequilas are aged between one and three years, making them the best type of tequila for sipping because of their smoothness.

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Tequila Two Finger Gold

A tasty gold tequila, this was produced in the Los Altos region in the Jalisco Province. The distillery is family run, and the tequila is made from Mountain Blue agave plants which have been aged for between 8 and 10 years.


Nose- Sweet caramel and fruity with fresh agave notes.

Palate- Sweet fresh agave with slight notes of caramel.

Finish- Medium bodied with sweet finish.

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. announces a new package design for its Two Fingers Tequila line. The new Two Fingers look is more in line with the Tequila category while maintaining the brands unique flair. The package redesign includes a clear bottle and a more streamlined black label prominently featuring a Blue Agave plant.

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Two Fingers Tequila Discontinued

As of October 2020, Two Fingers tequila has been discontinued. The company has not given an official reason for the discontinuation, but it is speculated that poor sales are to blame. Two Fingers was a cheaper alternative to other tequilas on the market, but it failed to gain a large following. The discontinuation of the brand is a loss for budget-conscious drinkers, but there are still plenty of other affordable tequilas available.

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Personal Scores & Reviews From Our Community

My first tequilawith lemon and salt, theres a whole lot of owie in this little bottle

The Reposado is quite a step up from the blanco. What was harsh about the blanco has mellowed in the barrel.On the nose: Agave, pepper and oak up front. A bit of alcohol and butter scotch. Not smooth, but a bit harsh On the tongue: Cooked agave carmel, pepper. A mild astringent oakiness that mellows with a bit of vallina or almond. An affordable sipper or mixer for the casual tequila drinker. Nothing special to seek out, but nothing quite offensive.

Is Good Or Silver Tequila Better


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According to a survey, silver tequila is superior to gold tequila for making a tequilarita. Silver tequilas aged taste is enhanced by the presence of a stronger, purer taste while remaining clear in color. As a result, it is an excellent complement to mixed drinks because it tastes great alongside other flavors.

What is the difference between a gold and a silver tequila? A blue Agave plant native to Mexico is used to make tequila, which is made from only those grown in specific regions of the country. Agave, reposado, and anejo are the four most common types of tequila. Silver tequila is primarily produced by fermented extracts of the blue Agave plant. The flavor and color of gold tequila are enhanced by the addition of additives and other spirits. Producers make gold tequila by combining aged and unaged tequilas, whereas silver tequila is only aged for a short time before maturing. Silver tequila is more easily absorbed if taken straight or with some salt and lime juice.

Silver tequila, on the other hand, has a harsh acrid taste, whereas gold tequila has a smooth taste. The most important thing is what you want to accomplish. When youre with friends, you cant go wrong with tequila.

Agave tequila is a type of tequila made from the Agave plant. It contains a variety of health benefits because it is low in calories, sugar, and carbohydrates. A pure, 100% Agave tequila is the healthiest option.

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Two Fingers Dos Dedos Tequila

Let the Fiesta Begin! Hola Amigos! You must be getting ready for una fiesta grande. And you’ve found the perfect Tequila for it. In this bottling is the pure character of premium agave plants, the essence of the finest Mexican Tequila.


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Two Fingers Gold Tequila Nom

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Vegetal aroma with distant notes of black pepper and reed/tall grass. The palate entry is semisweet and bean/legume-like at midpalate a spirity harshness takes hold. Ends bittersweet and a bit raw. For people who like their mixto tequila. on the rough-and-ready side. P.P.

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Is Two Fingers A Good Tequila

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There is no definitive answer to this question as everyones preferences are different. Some people may enjoy the taste of tequila when it is taken with two fingers, while others may find it too strong. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not two fingers is a good amount to use when taking tequila.

Why The Neck Tie

Pin su Enoteca Parlapà

Sitting prominently on the slopes of Volcán de Tequila is Sandovales, a historic hacienda built in 1821 that has housed prominent Mexican families for generations. As Agaveros Unidos de Amatitán acquired land for the Rancho Miravalle farm, Sandovales became a centerpiece for the family, and over time, the fertile landscape that laid claim to the only visible structure in the area became the subject of multiple legends and considerable local lore.These days, Azuñia honors its rich history in the region by paying homage to one such legend. Ever notice how our signature Añejo tequila comes with a leather bracelet and silver coin? Legend has it, long ago, a failed robbery attempt left valuable coins scattered throughout the fertile fields where Azuñias agave grows today, and these little gifts are a nod to one of many stories that help make this land such a special place.

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The Different Types Of Tequila And Their Health Benefits

According to Chris Chen, licensed acupuncturist and owner of the Simple Bone Company, the healthiest tequilas are dark tequilas aged in barrels that have been used for other types of alcohols. Because of the smooth flavor, aged aejo tequilas are the best type of tequila for sipping because they are aged for up to three years. Vintage tequilas are called aejo and have a darker color than reposado tequilas.

How Do You Know If A Tequila Is Good

If you want to be sure youre getting the best tequila, make sure youre looking at 100% Agave or 100% Agave. There are, however, additives that will ruin the flavor and cause your hangover to set in right away.

When you enjoy a good tequila, it is comparable to a fine Scotch. Even the most expensive tequilas can burn, ranging from 62 to 110 proof. Drinks with defined grades of tequila are also available. In the United States, a 750ml bottle of tequila costs around $10, while a fine bottle can cost $500 or more. Silver tequila is typically priced between $10 and $17USD. Reposado tequila aged in white oak must be aged for at least two years in order to be classified. This tequila is one of the best examples, and it is typically made with salt and lime.

You can sip an Aejo tequila as if it were an excellent scotch or bourbon. This wine is aged in white oak barrels rather than tanks. The Kah tequila wins the most outrageous bottle award for its painted caliberas and makes an excellent gift. Extra Aejo tequila is typically aged for three years, though some brands may have a much longer shelf life. One sips Extra and savors every sip, nor does one bolt for a shot of Extra or chase it with salt or lime. Nothing beats a bottle of your favorite extra special wine for that one-of-a-kind closing gift.

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Two Fingers Gold Tequila 750ml


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Two Fingers Gold tequila captures the pure character of premium agave plants, and the essence of the finest Mexican tequila.

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Scary Tequila Choices In The Bible Belt

CPK Chicken Tequila Fettuccini with Homemade Spinach Fettuccini Pasta

We arent in Mexico right now. Were not in California or New York either. Were in Macon, Mississippi and we have come to the realization that we are spoiled tequila brats. We are here to attend a family function and today during our errands we went looking for ingredients to make a Pure Margarita.

This is an easy task in Mexico or California, but a little more effort is required if you want to pull it off in Macon, Mississippi.

The first, and most important ingredient, tequila, required a 30 minute drive to the package store one of maybe two places you can get liquor here since until recently it was a dry county. Once we arrived, we realized that choice was not only limited, but scary. We never heard of Two Fingers tequila. Aristocrat Silver and Pepe Lopez didnt ring any bells either, and considering they are all in the $14 price range, and none of them have 100% de Agave listed on the label, we avoided them.

We spent a little more and opted for a bottle of 1800 Reposado, a 100% agave tequila made by Jose Cuervo.

Next ingredient limes. We picked them up at Super Wal-Mart, in Louisville, Mississippi which is a 30 minute drive from the package store. Limes were selling for 48 cents each.

Super Wal-Mart also sells agave nectar. But not near the honey or sweeteners. We found it hiding over with the baking items.


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