The Difference Between Bourbon And Whiskey

What Does Bourbon Taste Like Vs Whiskey

Irish People Try American Bourbon Vs Irish Whiskey

Because bourbon is aged in new, charred-oak barrels, its typically described as having notes of caramel, vanilla and oak. Bourbon can also have tasting notes such as baking spices, black pepper, cocoa and fruit. Bourbon tends to be smoother than whiskey, with a softer mouthfeel and an overall sweet-presenting flavor, making it a good entry-level sipper for those new to whiskey. Wheated bourbons have a mash bill with a high concentration of wheat, which creates an even sweeter taste.

The taste of whiskey varies depending on the style. Whiskey tends to have a woody or oaky flavor profile with notes of spice, fruit, nuts, vanilla or caramel. Although some of whiskeys flavor notes overlap with bourbon, whiskey tends to have a grainier, sharper mouthfeel than bourbon. Rye whiskey, which has a mash that contains at least 51 percent rye, tends to have a spicier flavor profile than bourbon and some other whiskeys.

What Is The Best Bourbon Cream Recipe

A lot of people think of bourbon as being synonymous with whiskey, but it can also be used in other drinks such as cocktails or desserts.

To understand why bourbon is so useful when making desserts, we need to first look at what makes the drink itself unique.

When we talk about bourbon, we generally mean American-style bourbon.

The main ingredients include corn, rye grains, barley, and wheat.

These grains produce the majority of the flavor found in the final product.

The process of distillation removes all of these unwanted elements from the grain, leaving behind only the essential oil.

Bourbon is produced using different methods depending on its region, which explains why there are many types of bourbon available today.

One common type is Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, which was originally created by Colonel William Larue Weller in 1830s. It is now one of the three major categories of American whiskies, alongside scotch and Irish whiskeys. There are also several single malts that use the same base ingredient.

Although bourbon is primarily known for its alcoholic properties, it is actually more commonly consumed as part of mixed drinks.

For example, mint juleps, which combine bourbon together with sugar, water, lime juice, and ice, are very popular throughout the United States.

You may even have seen them served up at weddings or parties.

If you want to learn how to mix a mint julep, then take a look at our guide here.

Know Your Drink: Whiskey Vs Bourbon Vs Scotch

Whether youre ordering a whiskey neat or on the rocks, whiskey is one of Americas favorite drinks to order at a bar. Whiskey comes in many forms and variations such as scotch vs whiskey bourbon, rye whiskey, etc.

When it comes to choosing a drink, there are so many options. But not all of them are created equal. Scotch, bourbon, and whiskey are three different types of alcohol that you might see on the menu or in your local liquor store. All drinks may seem the same at first glance, but they have their own unique characteristics that make them stand apart from one another.

Lets take an informative look at these three popular distilled alcoholic beverages that are derived from different grains and tell the whiskey vs bourbon vs scotch story.

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Is It Whiskey Or Whisky

The answer to this question is purely a matter of preference. Both are technically correct. American and Irish brands will most often use the âWhiskeyâ spelling, while Scotland, Canada, and a large portion of the EU tend to use the âWhiskyâ spelling.

We prefer to use the Whisky spelling to refer to both our own and the entire spirit category unless we are speaking about specific brands that call themselves whiskey.

Parkers Heritage Collection 16th Edition Double Barreled Blend Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Taste 3

Do you know the difference between bourbon and whiskey?

Average Price:$175

The Whiskey:

This yearâs Parkerâs Heritage starts off with Heaven Hillâs classic bourbon mash bill of 78% corn, 10% rye, and 12% malted barley. From there, itâs all about where and how that whiskey aged. The lionâs share, 67% of the blend, comes from a 13-year-old double-barreled bourbon from the 5th-7th floors of Rickhouse Q. 33% of the blend comes from a 15-year-old bourbon that was aged on the 2nd and 5th floors of Rickhouse II. Those barrels were batched and then bottled 100% as-is without any filtering or proofing.

Bottom Line:

This is Heaven Hill at its peak. This is a magnificent pour of whiskey. Make sure to take your time with this one. Add a little water, nose and taste some more, and really let it bloom on your palate. Itâll be worth the effort.

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What About Tennessee Whiskey And Kentucky Bourbon

Tennessee whiskey is a straight whiskey produced in Tennessee. Even though it is technically a bourbon whiskey, producers of Tennessee whiskey do not use the term bourbon to describe their products.

The vast majority of Tennessee whiskey producers filter their whiskey using the Lincoln Country Process. This process involves running the whiskey through charcoal chips to remove impurities before it is placed in a barrel for aging. This process gives the whiskey a smoother flavor.

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, also called Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey when aged for two years, must be produced in Kentucky. About 95% of the worlds bourbon supply is made in Kentucky, so when you open a bourbon, it is very likely to have come from Kentucky.

Does Bourbon Taste Different Than Whiskey

Bourbon has a bit of a sweeter, smoother taste then whiskey, with notes of caramel and vanilla. This is because it is always made from at least 51% corn, which is naturally quite sweet. Whiskey can vary in flavor depending on how long its has been aged, where it comes from, and how it is made, and can range from oaky and dry to a full-bodied caramel-like flavor. You definitely can’t go wrong with either!

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It Doesn’t Need To Come From Kentucky

You may have heard that in order to be a bourbon, the whiskey has to be from Kentucky. That’s not quite truebourbon can be made outside that state. But to be designated a “Kentucky bourbon,” the spirit has to be both distilled and aged in Kentucky. The name “bourbon” even comes from old Bourbon, what is now Bourbon County, Kentucky. Most bourbon is made in Kentucky, but not all, so it has become synonymous with the spirit, much as the Champagne region in France is synonymous with champagne, even though sparkling wine using similar methods is produced elsewhere. So next time you order a bourbon, you know that what you’ll be getting in your glass isn’t just a whiskey, but a specific kind of whiskey.

What Whiskey Is The Smoothest

Irish People Try American Bourbon Vs Japanese Whisky
  • Scotch Whisky. Laphroaig 10 Year Old is considered by many to be Best Single Malt Whisky in the World. It has a smokey-smooth taste, without being too overpowering.
  • American Bourbon Whiskey. American Bourbon is not as simple as you might think.
  • Canadian Whisky.
  • Best for Sipping: Widow Jane 10 Year.
  • Best Kentucky Bourbon: Evan Williams Single Barrel.
  • Best Tennessee Bourbon: Heavens Door.
  • Best Under $50: Four Roses Single Barrel.
  • Best Under $100: Willett Noahs Mill.

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Bourbon Vs Tennessee Whiskey: Which Is Better

There isnt a one-size-fits-all answer here.

The true answer depends on your taste preferences.

If you want an easy-to-drink whiskey with a modest flavor profile, go with Tennessee Whiskey.

You can enjoy it neat or mix it with whatever soda is nearby for an excellent drink.

If youre a whiskey connoisseur who loves tasting the complexity in their drink, go with bourbon and drink it neat.

If this describes you, I have a bunch of resources for you that will help you find the best bourbons for your budget and taste preferences.

I highly recommend checking out these articles:

The Differences Between Tennessee Whiskey And Bourbon

The key difference between the two types of whiskey is that Tennessee Whiskey must be filtered through maple charcoal before being put into the barrel for aging. This is called the Lincoln County Process and it was developed in the late 1800s.

Its used to remove impurities from whiskey. The process involves filtering the whiskey through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal. This removes impurities and gives Tennessee Whiskey its smooth, mellow flavor.

Bourbon is also filtered before being put into the barrel, but most distillers use chill filtration. This is a form of carbon filtration where activated charcoal is added to the whiskey to remove oils and other unwanted compounds. Then, the whiskey is filtered through a paper filter that removes the charcoal.

Another obvious difference between bourbon and Tennessee whiskey is where theyre originated. Tennessee whiskey is obviously made in Tennesseebourbon is normally made in Kentucky.

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The History Of Bourbon Creams

Bourbon creams were originally created by French chefs as part of their famous desserts menu.

The first recorded instance was in 1837 when Napoleon III ordered his chef to create a new dish using vanilla ice cream, caramelized bananas, and whipped cream.

However, it wasnt until around 1880 that the term bourbon cream began appearing in American cookbooks.

A few years later, in 1889, another version appeared in Southern cuisine under the name of crème mélangée.

In America, the use of vanilla ice cream was replaced with milk and eggs, which gave the drink its distinctive creamy texture.

As time went on, other ingredients such as chocolate, nuts, fruit, honey, and even coffee were added into the mix.

All these additions helped to enhance the flavor profile of the beverage, making it one of the worlds most versatile drinks.

Popular Bourbon And Whiskey Cocktails

The Complete Tennessee Whiskey Guide

Now, the fun part is mixing these spirits into cocktails! Of course, bourbon cocktails are whiskey cocktails. But not all whiskey cocktails are bourbon cocktails. In other words, some whiskey cocktails call for bourbon specifically. Other whiskey cocktails you can use any style of whiskey, including bourbon. Usually Irish whiskey cocktails and Scotch cocktails are specific to that type of whiskey, so dont substitute bourbon.

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Benefits Of Drinking Whiskey Over Other Liquors

When it comes to the difference between scotch and whiskey, one may notice that people tend to go with the latter more often in the name of health benefits. Whiskey drinks, like whiskey on the rocks, whiskey sour, and whiskey old-fashioned all have many different benefits.

  • Drinking whiskey on the rocks has been shown to relieve pain from arthritis better than drinking any other drink that is commonly thought of as a cure for arthritis because whiskey contains an amino acid called glutamic acid which boosts the production of endorphins, i.e. feel good chemicals in our body.
  • Whiskey old-fashioned has the same benefits as whiskey on the rocks.
  • Whiskey sour is also beneficial because it contains a lot of vitamin C and a protein called cysteine, which helps prevent hair loss, but only in women.
  • Lastly, not only does whiskey Irish coffee give you an energy boost from caffeine but its also proven to provide pain relief for headaches due to the whiskey content.

There is no such thing as bad whiskey because different whiskeys will taste differently depending on what type of grains they were made from, as mentioned when we discussed what is a scotch and what is bourbon previously.

  • Whiskey has been used in recipes and to cure many ailments since the drink was discovered.
  • Whiskey can be used in many different cooking recipes, from bread to salad dressings.

It seems that theres a lot more to what is whiskey than meets the eye!

How Do The Tastes Of Whiskey And Bourbon Differ

Bourbons main characteristic is its sweet flavor, but it also has hints of smokiness due to the charred oak aging process. Bourbons made with higher proportions of corn are generally sweeter than those with more abundant doses of rye. Aside from being sweeter than most Scotch whiskeys, bourbons are often heavier in texture and offer notes of toffee, cinnamon, and vanilla.

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Difference 1 Bourbon Cream Vs Brandy Cream

First off, let us talk about the different types of cream used to make either of these two desserts.

Both have been around since the early 1800s when they were created by French chefs who would blend together butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and whiskey or brandy to create a delicious treat.

While both creams use milk, in order to call something a cream, it must contain dairy ingredients like whole milk, skimmed milk powder, powdered nonfat dry milk, whipping cream, evaporated milk, or half-and-half.

These milks can be substituted for cows milk but we recommend using only full fat milk for best results.

Both bourbons and brandies come from wine grapes and are distilled into spirits before being aged.

The process of distillation involves heating the fermented grape juice until all of its sugars are extracted and concentrated.

Afterward, the liquid is allowed to cool down and ferment again to produce a clear spirit.

Distillers will often add flavoring agents during the aging process, which is why the final product tastes slightly sweeter than straight wine.

But while the basic ingredients are similar, the major difference lies within their flavor profiles.

While both bourbons and brandies are sweet wines, they also have distinct flavors that give their creams unique characteristics.

Uncle Nearest Single Barrel Premium Whiskey Barrel No: 007 Taste 11

Irish People Try American Bourbon Vs Scotch Whisky

Average Price:$79

The Whiskey:

This new single-barrel release is made with juice distilled, aged, and bottled at the Nearest Green Distillery in central Tennessee. The single barrels are chosen for their exact flavor profile and greatness and bottled completely as-is with no filtration or cutting with water to maintain that barrelâs greatness in the bottle.

Bottom Line:

This is where things start getting really good. This is a solid sipper that needs a rock and nothing else really.

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What Is The Difference Between A Bourbon Cream And A Whiskey Cream

Whiskey cream is often confused with bourbon cream because they sound very similar.

However, while both these desserts have a rich creamy texture, there are key differences in their flavor profiles as well as their ingredients.

While bourbon cream contains bourbon , it doesnt contain any spirits at all.

Whiskey cream does use spirits such as whiskey or scotch, but in addition to these ingredients, it also includes eggs and milk.

Both types of creams can be served warm or cold, but each one works best when paired with ice-cold water.

The reason behind this is that once heated, the fats found in the custard will separate from the other ingredients if left alone.

If you want to make bourbon cream without using actual bourbon, try substituting it with Irish whiskey instead.

You could even add a splash of Baileys Irish Cream into the mix, which would give you a delicious twist on this traditional treat.

Bourbon And Whiskey As Kitchen Aids And Collector’s Items

But, back to the pressing issue of what constitutes a proper Old Fashioned, it is perfectly fine to use either bourbon or whiskey. Both offer a smoky, sweet, and strong kick to the drink, and when mixed with sugar water and bitters, it becomes an age-old classic cocktail. But if you really want to take it back, Thrillist explains that it was first made with gin in an 1862 bartending book.

Still, bourbon and whiskey can be used for much more than mules and sours. Besides great cocktails, bourbon makes an excellent tenderizing marinade for chicken, beef, or whatever is on the menu. It’s also a great way to introduce a smoky and caramelized element to jams, sauces, and baked goods. Whisky, on the other hand, is great for desserts, according to BBC Good Food. Pudding, tarts, pies, and cake can all benefit from the savoriness of a splash of whisky.

Lastly, they are popular and expensive collector’s items. So, if you have a few extra dollars to spare, then you’re in luck. Some rare 1984 bourbons cost upwards of $30,000, but compared to a $1.9 million bottle of Macallan whisky, the first seems a little more doable. However, the most expensive whisky yet to be purchased is Isabella’s Islay a diamond and ruby-studded bottle selling for a mere $6.4 million, per Restaurant Clicks. A one-ounce cocktail of this would equal nearly $256,000. Who’s picking up the tab?

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Why Do Bourbons And Whiskeys Taste Different

The reason bourbons or whiskeys taste different from one another has to do with sourcing of the ingredients inside the bottle, not the label on the front. A spirit made from distilled corn will taste different from one made from distilled rye. After all, its a different recipe.

And at Jack Daniel Distillery, for example, they inoculate their fermentation using a yeast strain that they can date back to Prohibition. Its still grown fresh from the mother culture in our lab every day, Fletcher explains. That yeast is a massive source of flavor for our whiskey and if we use a different yeast than the next distillery, thats a major flavor difference.

Kerri Richardson, president of the Bourbon Womens Association located in Louisville, Kentucky, says female bourbon drinkers frequently choose higher proof bourbon as their favorites, and she has medical and anecdotal data to back it up. Sensory studies done in the 1990s demonstrated that women have a genetic predisposition to picking up scents and flavors thanks to larger olfactory centers in the brain.

When you have a very high proof whiskey, theres usually a lot of interesting things happening in that bottle and really tend to go for that, she says. We had a blind tasting a year ago of Heaven Hill products and I knew what would be in that lineup. I didnt know which was which, but I knew the one we would pick as our favorite the highest proof and I was right.


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