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About Teremana Tequila

Teremana is an ultra-premium, small-batch tequila founded by Dwayne The Rock Johnson. It is crafted at Destileria Teremana De Agave in the highest peaks of the Jalisco highland mountains. With three expressions a blanco, reposado, and now an añejo its name loosely translates as spirit of the earth, from the Latin word terra, meaning earth, and the Polynesian word mana, meaning spirit. Made from fully mature, naturally sweet agave slow roasted in small traditional brick ovens and distilled in handmade copper pot stills, Teremana has been named, the tequila of the people.

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How Is Teremena Tequila Made

Teremena Tequila is carefully handcrafted in Mexico, in the peaks of the Jalisco Highlands.

As mentioned earlier, they use small-batch manufacturing, enlisting a local family-run distillery to provide the highest quality products.

They use a 100% brick oven for roasting the agave. They do this for three days and then shred the agave, which will extract its juices, ready to be fermented.

Once the fermenting process has finished, the tequila is then distilled with copper pot stills.

The stills used have been handmade by an artisan on the same premises as the distillery. Using copper stills that have been handmade produces a much smoother and cleaner tequila.

  • Small batch tequila made from 100% mature, highlands agave
  • Notes of bright citrus with a smooth, fresh finish
  • Great in mixers, also a reasonable sipper

Teremana Blanco is the brighter liquid of these three products, with Blanco meaning white in Spanish.

The 100% agave from Blue Weber Highlands gives it a very strong agave scent, that some people seriously love.

This Teremana Tequila has refreshing bright citrus notes, along with a smooth fresh finish, leaving you wanting more after each sip.

It also has zero sugars and carbohydrates, so you dont need to worry about breaking any fitness regime you may be on. It is also completely gluten-free!

A Brief History Of Tequila

The tequila we know and love today dates back to around 200 AD and was known as something called pulque. This was made from fermented agave plants made by Aztecs in what is now known as northern Mexico.

It is believed that the Spanish invasion of the Aztecs in the 1500s lead to the introduction of the distilling process, using the agave plant to make tequila.

When the Spaniards ran out of brandy, they apparently mixed mud and agave to make a drink. In the 1600s, the first large distillery was built in Jalisco, which is still where most tequila is made.

Tequila began to be commercially produced in the 1700s, by the Cuervo and Sauza family. These are still some of the most popular brand names of tequila on the market today.

The Sauza family is said to be the first to discover that blue agave is the best for making tequila, and using this ingredient is now a requirement for something to be considered tequila.

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S And Mainstream Success

Johnsons first big box office success came in 2011, portraying Luke Hobbs in Fast Five , the film becomes the seventh highest-grossing film of 2011. He became known for reinvigorating film franchises after portraying in G.I. Joe: Retaliation and reprising his role as Luke Hobbs in Fast & Furious 6 , while also starring in true-story films Pain & Gain and Empire State . That same year, he hosted and produced the TNTreality competition series The Hero, and won the Favorite Male Buttkicker Award at the 2013 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. In May 2013, it was announced that he would executive produce and star in Ballers, an HBOcomedy-drama series about NFL players living in Miami. By December of that year, Forbes named him the top-grossing actor of 2013, with his films bringing in $1.3 billion worldwide for the year. Forbes credited the success of Fast & Furious 6, which grossed $789 million globally, and his frequent acting work as primary reasons for topping the list.

Johnson is noted for his busy schedule and developing multiple projects at once. A sequel to the box-office hit San Andreas was announced to be in the pre-production stage with the director of the first film, Brad Peyton, returning as director along with the main cast .

On November 14, 2019, he announced a December 2021 release date for the standalone Black Adam film. Production on Black Adam began filming in April 2021 with it set to release on July 29, 2022.

In The Year And A Half Since Dwayne Johnson Launched His Tequila Brand Teremana He Has Learned A Lotincluding The Best Foods To Pair It With

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In March 2020, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s tequila brand, Teremana, was supposed to launch with a full-scale marketing campaign. But when the pandemic hit, Johnson decided to take a different approach. He started hosting “Teremana Tuesdays” on Instagram Live, addressing the isolation that everyone was feeling in the early days of the pandemic.

He’d make , answer questions, and talk about silver linings amid a confusing time. “I did that every week and developed a real connection with the consumers,” Johnson said. His unique style paid off: By the end of 2020, Teremana had sold 300 cases of tequilaa record-breaking amount of sales in comparison to any other spirit in its first year of business.

“I’m really grateful that consumers didn’t only trust the new brand, but they all made a point of sending in these videos of themselves enjoying Teremana,” he said. “It became this really unique experience with a tequila.”

While Teremana has been 10 years in the making, it wasn’t until five years ago that Johnson connected with a family-owned distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Together, they built a new distillery exclusively for Teremana, and 113 distillations of Teremana Blanco were created before Johnson was satisfied. “I wanted to make sure that I went into the venture with respect and reverence to the culture,” he said.

WATCH: The Rock taste tequila with F& W executive wine editor Ray Isle.

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Danos Dangerous Tequila Aejo

Reserve Bar

One of the most-awarded bottles on our list, Danos Añejo Tequila is aged 18 months in virgin French white oak barrels and produced using 100% agave at a family-owned distillery that dates back to 1840. A small sip reveals aromas of roasted agave with woody notes, before the tequila opens up with hints of caramel, coconut and oak.

Founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2018, Danos Tequila just won Best in Class Añejo at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Danos also won the Gold Medal in the 2019 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Tasting Competition, and the Double Gold and Gold in the 2018 SIP Awards.

Think of this as the cognac of tequila best for sipping neat, or with an ice cube.

Best Blanco: Don Fulano Blanco

Courtesy of Don Fulano

Region: Jalisco | ABV: 40% | Tasting Notes: Lemon peel, Lemongrass, Cooked agave

Theres a saying: Whiskey is aged in wood, and tequila is aged in the ground,’ says Hurley. Thats so true because agave takes six to eight years to mature, so you can detect the influence of the terroirthe soil, sun and shade of mountainsespecially in a blanco. He calls this one from the Altos region phenomenal.

Produced by Jaliscos famed Fonseca family using deep well water, Don Fulano Blanco offers green cooked agave notes, a little bit of pepper and minerality, and hints of lemon peel and lemongrass, Hurley says. Along with those complex layers of flavor, Hurley likes its mouthfeel. It has a nice body all the way through, so its one of the easiest drinking tequilas out there, he adds.

Blancos showcase the terroir and the agave, but they also show any imperfections. Look for spirits with a medium to full body, a bit of attitude, minerality and brightnessand not much ethanol burn. You can tell an impure spirit if you get that. Morgan Hurley, Marketing and Beverage Director, Mex 1 Coastal Cantina

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Why The Rock Started A Tequila Business

Considering all the success he has seen in the entertainment industry, it was a little unexpected when The Rock entered the tequila industry with the launch of Teremana in March 2020.

According to the man himself, he went into the liquor business because he has been a huge fan of tequila for a very long time. So, the idea of starting his very own liquor brand was always there in his head. In fact, he had been thinking of it for the past 10 years but just never seemed to find the right time.

As far as the brands name goes, it pays homage to The Rocks Polynesian roots where the word tere means The Earth and the word mana means spirit. So, Teremana loosely translates to the Spirit of the Earth.

The former wrestler partnered up with his friends Dany Garcia, Jenna Fagnan, and Ken Austin, who are now listed as co-founders of Teremana Tequila. With their help, The Rock decided to capitalize on his legacy as a sportsman and actor to turn Teremana into a luxury brand name. The Rock and his team worked with a Mexican family-owned distillery to establish the brands very own distillery, where local artisans create small batches of his premium drinks.

Not only does the Rock endorse his tequila, but he also makes sure that he involves himself in every step of the brewing process, overseeing every small decision, from the flavoring to the distribution and even the marketing.

Dwayne The Rock Johnsons Tequila Finally Has A Name & We Bet You Cant Guess It

Dwayne Johnson Makes the Teremana Tequila âStrawberry Manaritaâ Cocktail

We have a lot to look forward to next year: The Mulan live-action film, the launch of HBO Max, Ina Gartens new cookbook, and the Golden Girls cookbook, among others. And now we have one more item to add to our list of most anticipated releases: Dwayne The Rock Johnsons tequila, Teremana Tequila.

The Rock recently posted to his Instagram the name of his tequila, the meaning behind the name, and approximately when we can expect it to hit shelves and its soon, my friends.

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After years of hard work, this blessing is truly a dream come true but its just the beginning and theres much work to be done. Im committed with my team to bring you the best tequila, because quality and legacy are what matter most, he writes, followed by the hashtags #Q12020 and #ItsAlmostReady.

As for the what Teremana Tequila means, Johnson explains, TERA means of the earth and MANA is our powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us. Spirit of the earth.

Johnsons tequila is described as a small batch, hand-crafted tequila from the Teremana blue agave in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Our goal is to create a tequila that is the best of quality and taste, but done the right way by hand, he says.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by therock on Oct 30, 2019 at 4:58am PDT

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by therock on Oct 30, 2019 at 4:58am PDT


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Is Anejo Tequila Clear

Cristalino is usually an añejo or extra añejo tequila that has been filtered with activated charcoal in order to remove its color and enhance its fruity and floral character. The result is a clear tequila, similar to a blanco, which also retains the taste and aroma profile of a tequila that has been barrel aged.

The Rocks Teremana Tequila Tops 600000 Cases

Teremana Tequila has sold more than 600,000 nine-litre cases in 2021, solidifying it as the fastest-growing Tequila in the history of all spirits, according to co-founder Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Professional wrestler-turned-actor Johnson launched Teremana in March 2020 with his partners Dany Garcia, Jenna Fagnan, Ken Austin and the Lopez family. In its first year, the brand was on track to sell 300,000 cases.

This year, Teremana has doubled its sales, surpassing 600,000 cases. No one has ever seen that for a brands first full year in business, said a spokesperson for Teremana, which recently unveiled an Añejo expression.

While its sales continue to climb, Teremana is positioned as a small batch Tequila. The brand is produced by hand at a purpose-built distillery in Jesús María, Jalisco, Mexico .

Johnson told The Spirits Business: At Destileria Teremana de Agave, the team uses only one process, and everything involved in the production process is made there, including brick ovens, copper pot stills, open fermentation tanks, etc. and, of course, the Tequila.

The nature of handmade copper stills dates back to the days of traditional Tequila making and produces a cleaner, brighter Tequila. Our copper pot stills are small, they are only 3,800 litres each.

We harvest only fully mature agave, slow roast in old world brick ovens, and distil in small handmade copper pot stills to bring out rich, flavourful Tequila that reflects the earth it comes from.

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Is Blanco Tequila Good For Sipping

Whether shaken, stirred, or simply sipped on its own, blanco tequila consistently brings happy hours to the next level. However, knowing which tequila to drink is key. In a sea of options, we found the best blanco tequilas for mixing into cocktails, sipping neat, or gifting to the tequila aficionado in your life.

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Does The Rock Really Own Teremana

" The Rock"  And Teremana Tequila Want To Pay For Your Guac!

Celebrity endorsements can sometimes get to be too much and it gets pretty confusing to determine just how far into companies these celebs really are. We can happily announce that The Rock is doing more than just making ads for this one.

Working alongside the small-batch distilleries that produce each bottle, The Rock owns and operates Teremana Tequila. Invested in the sustainable manufacturing process and release of each new product, Dwayne Johnson has made this brand his latest project, working to bring new lines and products to a well-established world of alcohol.

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Is Teremana Good For Shots

Yes, I included Teremana among the best cheap tequilas for shots as it has the right flavor profile to deliver punchy shots.

As a general rule, never over spend in a tequila for shots or margaritas. Fine sippers are bad shooters and even worse to make cocktails.

Stick to cheaper option and save your hard-earned money!

Which Teremana Tequila Is Best For Sipping

Teremana Featured in Mens Health Best Sipping TequilaSiete Leguas Reposado. Patrón Extra Añejo. Fortaleza Blanco. Los Arango Reposado. Siembra Valles Ancestral. Casamigos Reposado. 1800 Silver. Clase Azul Reposado. When it comes to coolest tequila bottle, Clase Azul is absolutely unmatched.More items

  • Salud! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Last January, before the world went into lockdown, Dwayne The Rock Johnson introduced his Teremana Small Batch Tequila to Oprah during the Atlanta stop of her 2020 Vision Tour at State Farm Arena. If you didnt know, Oprah is a notorious tequila lover and is even known to give out shots! That day she told the audience, Unless Jesus has told you otherwise, when you come to my house, youve got to have a tequila shot. So The Rock brought the tequila to her house as a birthday tribute! And Oprah approved, sealing the deal with a toast to The Rocks father, pioneering pro wrestler Rocky Johnson who had recently passed.

The Peoples Margarita

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What Is The Highest Proof Tequila

The 5 Strongest Tequilas in the World

  • Dulce Vida Blanco: 50% ABV. If you can get past the intense flavor of blanco tequila in general, this 100-proof liquor is rumored to be one of the better tasting ones.
  • Pueblo Viejo Blanco 104: 52% ABV.
  • El Luchador: 55% ABV.
  • Tapatio Blanco 110: 55% ABV.
  • Sierra Silver Tequila: 75% ABV.
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    Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

    We Tried The Rock’s Tequila! ðªTeremana Tequila Review


    If Casamigos is what you serve at your party, Clase Azul is what you break out for the select few invited to stick around after the crowd leaves. This may be one of the priciest options on our list, but this top-shelf tequila is worth the premium price. Clase Azuls tequila comes in this instantly recognizable bottle, which you see on the top shelf of high-end bars and restaurants. At over $100, this is a true premium spirit, with a bottle and flavor profile worthy of its price.

    Made from blue agave plants in Mexico, Clase Azul Reposado Tequila features notes of spice, cream soda, apple cider, jasmine, cinnamon and honey. The bottles, meantime, are like a work of art, inspired by traditional Mexican colors and motifs. Each bottle is hand-crafted and hand-painted, so no two are alike, making Clase Azul a great gift idea as well.

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    Dwayne Johnsons Teremana Tequila Set For Strategic Global Expansion

    NEW YORK and WOLFENBUTTEL, Germany, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ With more than 640,000 9L cases sold in 2021, Teremana® Tequila has been the most successful launch of a spirits brand in U.S. history. From this unparalleled start, the brand is focused on furthering strategic expansions in the US and international markets.

    The launch of Teremana Tequila has been an unprecedented and historic success in North America, said Dwayne Johnson. It has far exceeded all of our expectations and accelerating at an extraordinary pace towards its full potential. Taste, quality and affordability are the keys to Teremanas success, but the driving force will always be the brands deep, mana fueled connection with the people.

    This is a very inspiring road for me and my founding partners to travel down as this dream has become a reality.

    Industry experts credit the unprecedented growth of Teremana to the company providing top-shelf premium quality and superior taste at an accessible price for all, coupled with the unparalleled authentic connection of Dwayne Johnson with hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide.

    The Lopez family from Jalisco, Mexico are co-owners in the Teremana brand. The incredibly respected and credentialed family has built a unique home on their grounds solely for Teremana Destileria Teremana de Agave. Here they craft Teremana with love, made the right way, in small batches.

    Terms of the investment will not be disclosed.


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