Sparkling The Story Of Champagne

Sparkling: The Story Of Champagne

France in Focus: The story of France’s most famous sparkling wine, the Champagne

88 mins | Rated TBC | Documentary

Directed by Frank Mannion | Starring Vitalie Taittinger, Bruno Paillard, Oz Clarke, Nicholas Soames, Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, Vincent Chaperon, Stephen Fry

The film is a love letter to the joys and pleasures of champagne. Major champagne houses featured include Pol Roger , Bollinger , as well as Piper-Heidsieck , Taittinger, JAY-Z’s Armand de Brignac, Cristal, Veuve Clicquot and Queen Elizabeth II’s vineyard at Windsor. It explores the legend of the French monk, Dom Perignon, who famously declared “I can taste the stars” when he discovered champagne, and examines the theory that the English actually invented champagne decades before Dom Perignon. It also looks at the impact of climate change. The champagne region is gradually becoming too hot leading to the likes of Pommery and Taittinger acquiring vineyards in southern England where the chalk soil is the same as the champagne region.Your “Bites” are A Preview of Loveski: A Jew-ish Deli, by Christopher + Martina KostowQ& A following the film with Paula Kornell, of Paula Kornell Sparkling WinesModerated by Amanda McCrossin, @sommvivantCINEMABITESDoors open at 5:45 pmTickets $35 inclusiveSparkling Wine available at the Concession Stand.Ticket sales support St. Helena Farmers’ Market

All The Glamour Behind Champagne

Champagne has always had a certain prestige, not least because glamorous stars liked to sip it. “Marilyn Monroe fell in love with Piper-Heidsieck,” says Benoit Collard, manager of the company. “Unfortunately everyone remembers the first part of her quote about wearing Chanel No5 to bed but forgets the last bit where she said and I wake up with a glass of Piper-Heidsieck because it warms my body up.”

The documentary also looks at the blossoming English sparkling wine industry. “Were on a journey,” says Richard Balfour, from the Hush Heath Estate. “Were not trying to mimic Champagne. Far from it. Were making English sparkling wine and it has its own style.”

I’m a huge fan of television so I really have found the perfect job, as I’ve been writing about TV shows, films and interviewing major television, film and sports stars for over 25 years. I’m currently TV Content Director on What’s On TV, TV Times, TV and Satellite Week magazines plus I previously worked on Woman and Woman’s Own in the 1990s. Outside of work I swim every morning, support Charlton Athletic football club and get nostalgic about TV shows Cagney & Lacey, I Claudius, Dallas and Tenko. I’m totally on top of everything good coming up too.

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Growing Popularity Of Sparkling Champagne

Sparkling: The Story of Champagne: BritBox release date more

Following the death of Louis XIV in 1715, his nephew Philippe II, Duke of Orléans became the Regent of France. The Duke of Orléans enjoyed the sparkling version of Champagne and featured it at his nightly petits soupers at the Palais-Royal. This sparked a craze in Paris as restaurants and fashionable society sought to emulate the Duke’s tastes for the bubbling wine. Champenois winemakers began to switch their business from making still wines to sparkling in order to capitalize on this craze. Throughout the 18th century, Champagne houses opened up-creating a new business dynamic in the Champagne region. Rather than single estate growers or monasteries producing the majority of wine, private houses or merchants who bought grapes from vineyard owners to make Champagne came to dominate. The houses of Moët & Chandon, Louis Roederer, Piper-Heidsieck and Taittinger were some of the major houses that were founded during this period. Each house hired sales agents to bring samples of their wine to royal courts across Europe as they competed with each other for shares of the growing Champagne market.

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The Best Value Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine comes in many different varieties and forms – from red wines like Brachetto and Lambrusco – to all the different forms of rosé and white sparklers – Spanish Cava Italian Asti, Franciacorta and Prosecco French Cremant and Champagne and everything in-between. The one thing all these varieties have in common is, of course, those delicious bubbles.

French Champagne is probably the most recognizable of the bunch but it’s also the most expensive. Many other wines are made using the same method, “methode champenoise” – where secondary fermentation happens in the bottle versus in large tanks like Prosecco, and offer great value, they just carry a different name.

Only wines made in Champagne, France can carry the Champagne name .

Sparkling wine is a tremendous pairing with salty and fatty foods like many of our favorite appetizers and even potato chips. There are also quite a wide range of sweetness levels in sparkling wine with names that are a bit confusing.

The driest is called “Brut Nature” or “Brut Zero” and has less than 3 g/L of residual sugar. This is followed by “Extra Brut” , then “Brut” , then “Extra-Dry” , “Sec” , “Demi-Sec” and finally the sweetest level “Doux” .

With so many different styles and sweetness levels, not to mention all the different grape varieties used, sparkling wine offers a whole world to explore!

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Development Of The Modern Champagne Industry

The roots of the modern Champagne industry were laid during the Industrial Revolution which saw vast leaps in understanding the method of making sparkling wine and improvements in the technology needed to make production more financially feasible. The French scientist Jean-Antoine Chaptal popularized the understanding that Champagne sparkled because it was sealed in a bottle before fermentation was complete. He further noted that it was the sugar in the wine that facilitated this fermentation process resulting in bubbles. Along with the bubbles came intense pressure from the carbon dioxide gas that could result in the bottles exploding. The disturbance caused by one bottle’s disintegration could cause a chain reaction, with it being routine for cellars to lose 2090% of their bottles to instability. The British method of coal fired glassmaking contributed to stronger wine bottles being available that could withstand the pressure of the carbon dioxide gas better. In the 1830s, a pharmacist from Châlons-sur-Marne named André François outlined formulas with precise measurements of how much sugar is needed to make a wine sparkle without producing more pressure than the wine bottle could withstand. Corking machines and improved corks made sealing the wine easier with less opportunity for the precious gas to seep out of the bottle.

A Documentary All About Bubbly Features Interviews With Experts And Spokespeople From Major Champagne Houses With An Emphasis On Winemaking Minutiae

Sparkling: the Story of Champagne Trailer

Peter the Great took four bottles to bed with him each night. Alexander II was so paranoid that the company Roederer had to create its transparent bottle, so the czar could check for impurities . It was the Widow Clicquot who discovered how to get sediment out of the wine. And while the Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon has always been credited with creating the first batch, it was sturdy English bottling that made the whole enterprise possible.

More Film Reviews

Such are some of the tales told in Sparkling: The Story of Champagne, and you wish there were a good deal more of themabout Napoleon, for instance: He was such a fan that his army was followed by anotheran army of wine merchants, who wound up introducing the drink to Russia. Waterloo might have been bad for Napoleon, we are advised, but it was very good for Champagne.

Bruno Paillard tasting Windsor Great Park sparkling wine in

Mr. Anderson is a Journal TV critic. Joe Morgenstern is on vacation.

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Appeared in the August 13, 2021, print edition as ‘Sparkling: More Dry Than Not.’

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Vitalie Taittinger

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The Dawn Of Sparkling Wine

During the 15th and 16th centuries, the area and the wines were adopted by nobility, but the wines were still, they did not sparkle. In fact, the first documented intentional processes for sparkling wine production were from England in 1662, not from Dom Perignon, who did not even arrive at the monastery in Hautvillers until 1668. Dom Pierre Perignons accomplishments were remarkable and the monk did much to improve winemaking, including improving vineyard management, devising the blending practice and perfecting the method for making white wine from dark grapes in Champagne, but he spent much of his time trying to eliminate fermentation that sometimes occurred after bottling, not inventing it! In the last years of the 17th century the first sparkling wine production in France began. Ruinart, the oldest surviving Champagne house to exclusively produce sparkling wine, was not established until 1729. Others such as Moet, Roederer, Clicquot and Heidsieck followed.

From The Late 19th Century To Modern Day


By the end of the 19th century, Champagne was making its mark and embedding itself into popular culture. The early 20th century brought its share of challenges. Some of the seeds of these challenges were planted during the century before when Champagne’s growing popularity encouraged Champagne houses to look outside the Champagne region for a cheaper supply of grapes. The French railway system made it easy for truckloads of grapes from the Loire Valley or Languedoc to be transported to Champagne at prices nearly half of what the houses were paying Champenois vine growers for their grapes. Newspapers published rumors of some houses buying rhubarb from England to make wine from. With hardly any laws in place to protect the vine grower or the consumer, Champagne houses had most of the power in the region to profit off of these faux Champagnes. To compound the misery for Champenois vine growers, the last few vintages of the 19th century were difficult with frost and rains severely reducing the crop yields. The phylloxera epidemic that ravaged vineyards across France was finally making its way to Champagne. The harvests between 1902 and 1909 were further troubled by mold and mildew. The 1910 vintages was particularly troublesome with hailstorms and flooding. Nearly 96% of the crop was lost.

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    Sparkling: The Story Of Champagne Review A Fine Aperitif For The Summer

    Bolly or Veuve Cliquot? If you ever wanted to bluff your way through that baffling list of bubblies, then pick this warm-hearted film

    Irish film producer and distribution executive Frank Mannion makes a genial host and guide to this polished survey of the highest of high-end sparkling wines its entertaining in itself to watch Mannion gulping down giant goblets of the vintage under the guise of interviewing the heads of various champagne houses. Theres very much a wine-tour atmosphere to this documentary, particularly in the first half as Mannion wanders from one vineyard HQ to another, most of them located in gleaming perfume-factory type cubes perched oddly in the French countryside. If you ever thought champagnes were pretty much the same, whatever the label, well, this parade of beautifully turned-out old school champagne-makers will put you straight on the difference between Veuve Cliquot, Pol Roger, Bollinger, and the rest.

    In the middle section, Mannions attention turns to the beverages successful attempts to market itself internationally Champagne Charlie, AKA Charles Heidsieck of Piper Heidsieck renown, appears to be the key figure here as well as the way champagne has smartly inserted itself into top-end entertainment and sporting events, from James Bond to Wimbledon, to keep its glamour ratings high.

    Sparkling: The Story of Champagne is released on 25 June in cinemas.

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    Rush To Buy English Sparkling Wine Amid Fears Of Champagne Shortage

    Festive sales of English fizz grow by a fifth as top French brands warn they are ‘running out of stock’

    Sales of English sparkling wine surged over Christmas amid fears of Champagne shortages, according to one of Britain’s leading wine merchants.

    Majestic Wines, one of Britain’s biggest wine retailers, said sales of English fizz grew by 19pc over the eight weeks to December 26.

    It came as some of Frances biggest sparkling wine producers warned that bottles could run out.

    The chief executive of Champagne giant Moët Hennessy, which owns brands such as Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon and Moët & Chandon, warned that his company was “running out of stock” at a press conference in Singapore in November.

    Michel Drappier, head of Drappier Champagne, said last month the company had begun rationing its bottles to ensure it would not run out of wine before Valentines Day.

    Tight supply of Champagne has been blamed on people wanting to celebrate and spend more on luxury in the aftermath of the pandemic. American buyers have also taken advantage of the strong dollar to buy up bottles.

    Fears over possible shortages appear to have prompted some drinkers to turn to English fizz. Booming sales of English sparkling wine helped Majestic to the busiest ever trading day in its 42-year history on December 23.

    While the English wine industry still only accounts for a small portion of wine sales in the UK, it has significantly grown in popularity over the last decade.


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