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The Perfect Mojito Made At The Bacardi Factory In Puerto Rico

To find the best Puerto Rican rum, follow the stars. Every single bottle of Ron del Barrilito holds premium rum that has been crafted by hand, using the same methods since 1880. Its always been made in very small batches. Absolutely no artificial ingredients or colorings are used. Its aged to perfection in vintage, Spanish white oak sherry barrels.

Join Us On A Luxury Rum Tour In Puerto Rico

Join Wine Paths on our exciting and exclusive rum tours in Puerto Rico, the worlds number one rum capital, and home to some of the most refined rum varieties. We will take you to the famous distilleries, museums and landmarks that are significant to the rum making industry.

Learn all about the history of Caribbean rum, how it was invented and developed, and how it is made today. The rum makers of Puerto Rico craft their rum to exacting industry standards. Meet the Master Blenders, flavor creators and expert rum producers that have shaped the global market with Puerto Rican spirits.

Taste authentic local cuisine, enjoy a selection of cocktails, and discover the different styles of rum that best suit your palate. Hone your nose and uncover the secrets behind light or dark rums, and delve into the depths of different spices and ingredients.

Where To Buy The Best Puerto Rican Rums

You can buy the best Puerto Rican rums in San Juan Airport Duty-Free. On our visit to Puerto Rico, we managed to score Don Q, Bacardi Limited, and Bacardi 8 at a lower price than any store on the island.

You can also score bottles in stores in the towns of Luquillo and Fajardo, but there are unique perks with San Juan duty-free.

You can take your rum to your final destination without checking it in your luggage. Also, they offer discounts which make the rum cheaper.

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Miscellaneous Rum Production Notes

  • Club Caribe – created to offset the losses from Captain Morgan moving to the Virgin Islands
  • Don Q – the topselling rum brand in Puerto Rico
  • Bacardi is produced in Cataño – it is originally from Cuba.
  • Ron Castillo – produced by Ron de Castillo y Cia , a subsidiary of Bacardi.
  • Trigo Reserva Añeja – produced by Trigo Corp, San Juan, Puerto Rico, who purchases its rum base from Bacardi. The Trigo Corp specializes in aging and blending local rums according to their own unique methods. In addition to Reserva Aneja, they produce the popular Ron Canita de Alambique, Trigo Coquito, Twin Isle and Ron Bugalu coconut rum.

Best Rum Brands In Puerto Rico Listed

Bacardi Factory Rum destillery in P.R

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Puerto Rico is known for their beautiful islands, but do you know that they are also one of the best rum producers in the world? In fact, the largest premium rum distillery in the world is located in Puerto Rico.

With all the rum brands in the market today, finding Puerto Rican rums that are good value for money can be challenging. Well save you from hassle because here are the best rums in Puerto Rico that you should not miss out on.

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Why Go Rum Tasting In Puerto Rico

Rum can be made in any location where sugarcane is cultivated or imported. Most rum production takes place in the Caribbean and Latin America and Puerto Rico is responsible for making over 80% of all the rum that is consumed in the USA alone.

Puerto Rico is also home to five of the pillar brands of the industry Barcardi, Don Q, Palo Viejo, Ron del Barrilito, and Ron Llave. The Bacardi label is the most prolific and is sold in 175 countries worldwide. But even devoted Barcardi drinkers are often unaware of the whole story of how this rum came about, and what stringent production processes are used to craft the different rum products.

With the help and assistance of rum experts, you will learn about the characteristics that make Puerto Rican rum so special. You will also get to experience the unique flavors of rum varietals, including light rum or silver rum, amber run, spiced rum and dark rum. The art of rum making is a complex one, and well help you unravel the mysteries of this unique spirit in the rum capital.

Puerto Rico Cruise Excursions

Bacardi Rum Factory & Old San Juan Forts

San Juan Bacardi Rum Factory Tour Price:

A minimum of 4 passengers per reservation is required

4 passengers

$53us pp

The Bacardi Rum Factory & Old San Juan Forts Tour combines two incredible sightseeing tours of San Juan into one.

An incredible journey into Puerto Rican history, and culture for Rum Lovers and History buffs alike.

First, you will tour the largest rum distillery in the world where you will learn the process used to produce this famous rum and the colorful history of Bacardi Rum.

Next, experience Old San Juan and journey back in time by walking through Fort San Cristobal and visiting the grounds of Fort San Felipe Del Morro, learning the history and legends surrounding these famous structures.

The tour starts at the Bacardi Distillery in their state-of-the-art theater, where you will be shown a short film explaining the history of Bacardi since its inception in Cuba.

Then, experience firsthand, how the first Bacardi Distillery operated and learn the process that converts sugar cane into Rum.

View Bacardi family heirlooms and other interesting artifacts that tell a story of the rich Caribbean history.

Bacardi has put together an interactive room where you will be able to inhale your way through different varieties and blends of Bacardi, accompanied by the introduction of a wide range of products Bacardi has to offer.

You may also choose these two options:

Option #3 Beach stop included in the price of the tour

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Visiting Casa Bacard: A Review Of The Bacardi Factory In Puerto Rico

Casa Bacardi is the largest rum distillery in the world, producing the most popular and heavily awarded brand of premium rum. Its a popular day trip for the more than 1 million cruise ship visitors that land in San Juans port every year, though its easier and cheaper to visit on your own.

Rum has become synonymous with the Puerto Rico thanks to its famous drink, the pina colada. In fact, there are a handful of rums that make up Rums of Puerto Rico, an organization meant to highlight the centuries-old distilling process and showcase local rums of the island, including Bacardi.

The other distillery you can visit is Hacienda Santa Anna, associated with the rum Ron del Barrilito. Bacardi is better known, however, and the tour has a lot to offer guests, from historical facts to a special reserve rum only available for sale at the factory.

Whether youre a tourist or a local, I highly recommend a visit. Heres everything you need to know to plan your trip to Casa Bacardi.

List Of Puerto Rican Rums

Bacardi Rum Factory Tour San Juan Puerto Rico Feb.2012

Don Q Añejobarrel-aged

Rum production has been an important part of Puerto Rico‘s economy since the 16th century. While sugar cane harvesting has virtually disappeared in Puerto Rico , distilleries around the island still produce large amounts of rum every year. Don Q is the top-selling rum brand on the island, where more than 70% of the rum consumed in the United States is produced.

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Trigo Reserva Gran Aejo

Average Price: Roughly $39.99

Alcohol Content: 40%

Why We Like It:

Trigo Reserva Gran Añejo is an aged rum matured in barrels for ten years for its amber hue and smooth and mellow vanilla scent.

The Puerto Rican rum will greet you on the palate with maple, vanilla, and caramel notes. It has a lingering spicy finish accented by flavors like clove, cayenne, and black pepper.

Unlike rums aged from other brands, Trigo Reserva Gran Añejo is cheaper and well-loved for its mixability. You can consume it neat or as a rum cocktail that you can share with your friends and family members.

Welcome To Casa Bacardi

Yeast, water and sugar cane molasses: these are the only three ingredients needed to create Puerto Rico’s most popular spirit. Nobody makes rum like Casa Bacardi, where the “World’s Most Award-Winning Rum” is produced. A trip to Puerto Rico would not be complete without a visit to this iconic distillery to taste Bacardi’s famous rums straight from the barrel!

About Bacardi House

The Bacardi Corporation was founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1936. The Bacardi Factory was built in 1958 on 127 acres in the town of Cataño. The rum production facility is the largest premium rum distillery in the world, and one of the more than 20 Bacardi manufacturing facilities globally.


Casa Bacardi offers three exciting experiences for visitors and locals alike. Take part in a fun and interactive mixology class, where youâll learn how to create the perfect Mojito and Shaken Piña Colada while learning about the history of the cocktails. Go beyond the recipe and pick up some cool bar tricks and skills.

How to get there

The quickest and most cost-effective mode of transportation is the Puerto Rico Ferry departing from San Juan. The ferry departs every thirty minutes and is fifty cents each way. In just 8 minutes, the Puerto Rico Ferry transports riders across the San Juan Bay to the Cataño pier. Taxis can be found on the right at the bus station to complete the last 2 miles of the trip to the factory.

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When To Visit Puerto Rico

The best time to go to Puerto Rico is usually from mid-April to June, as this is just after the busy winter season has ended and before the rainy summer season really gets going. The wet season hits it peak in August and will last until November.

As well as high humidity, the wet season is much hotter which some may not find to be comfortable for sightseeing. However, thats not to say that wet season should be ruled out. This can be a great time to travel if you want to miss the crowds.

From December to March, the island is dry, hot and sunny. But this is the most crowded time, with holiday makers hitting the beaches.

Visit The Rum Distilleries Of Puerto Rico

Postcard from Bacardi Rum Factory, Puerto Rico

If you love rum, visiting a distillery will give you the opportunity to discover this spirits enticing history, learn how its made, and, of course, sample a drink or two.

Rum is the Caribbeans most popular and versatile spirit, so if you want to appreciate rums true craftsmanship and rich history, the best option is to visit one of the Islands three main distilleries. Casa BACARDÍ will wow you with its modern visitor center, premium selection, and views of Old San Juan from across the bay. Hacienda Santa Ana will take you back in time to the late 1800s and walk you through the production process of Ron del Barrilito, the craft cocktail scenes favorite small production rum. Or take a daytrip to the town of Jayuya for some flavorful moonshine called pitorro at the Craft Spirit Distillery.

Refresh and recharge in the Rum Capital of the World at Casa BACARDÍ.

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Places To Visit In Puerto Rico

Barcardi, the worlds most popular rum brand, has a distillery located across the bay from Old San Juan. The distillery is a popular attraction, with tours available seven days a week. The area of San Juan is also a fantastic place for visiting bars and trying out the different rum cocktails on offer. Travelers also choose this location for its many restaurants where they can sample authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.

While Bacardi is the most famous label, Don Q is also a favourite amongst locals in Puerto Rico. Manufactured by the Serrallés family in the town of Ponce, you can visit the Serrallés Castle Museum where you can learn about the history of sugarcane during a guided tour.

Other distilleries that are open to the public include Hacienda Santa Ana and PitoRico .

Explore The Spirits & History Old Of San Juan

Discover a variety of rums at Casa Bacardi, known as the Cathedral of Rum. Hear their history and the process they use to make their world-famous rums. Enjoy various rum drinks. No single one is best decide which suits your whim and fancy! Gift shop and then ready yourself for Old Town.

Around the harbor, we go toward Viejo San Juan. On the outskirts, a visit to the State Capitol is rewarded with beautiful mosaics and acquiring a broader sense of the Puerto Rican identity. Later we continue by driving into and along with the most famous landmarks of San Juan National Historic Site. Back in our vehicle, view Castillo San Cristobal and El Morro.

We stop at Ballaja. Take pictures here as you stroll about the battlefield and touch the battlement walls and its embrasures. Look on the cemetery below, between you and the shore. Our tour cannot finish without a drive down Cristo Street, where San Juan Cathedral and La Fortaleza are found. Time is provided for window shopping and browsing. Columbus Square will be our final spot. At the appropriate time, we return to your hotel.

Our guide shows you around, highlighting the best of San Juan, its history, and its mystique.

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History Behind The Bacardi Logo

The fruit bat that has become synonymous with Bacardi has a story behind it. Facundos wife, Amalia, saw fruit bats in the familys warehouse when they were first starting the business.

Traditionally, bats were considered a symbol of good luck . Amalia knew this was a sign and that the bat was meant to be the symbol of Bacardi, and an essential element of the family legacy.

The bats were intended to ward off misfortune. They also turned out to be practical, helping the process along by pollinating sugar cane and eating any bugs that threaten the crop.

Today, the Bacardi bat is one of the most recognizable product logos on the market.

About The Casa Bacardi And The Bacardi Factory

Bacardi rum factory tour drink history shot in Puerto Rico

Bacardi was originally founded by Facundo Bacardi Masso in the late 1800s. The brand originated in Cuba but established distilleries in Puerto Rico and Mexico in the 1930s.

Today, the factory in Cataño, Puerto Rico is the largest premium rum distillery in the world and is located about 20 minutes from Old San Juan. Its easily accessible by Uber, taxi or rental car. Public transport isnt great in Puerto Rico so I wouldnt advise it.

The factory was christened by the governor of Puerto Rico as the Cathedral of Rum in 1958. Its also the only place in the world where you can buy their special reserve rum, sold for $85 a bottle. As a cool bonus, you can fill and seal the bottle yourself. This makes a great souvenir for any spirit lovers in your life.

Bacardí ages its rum for a minimum 1 year, and for up to 16 years. Its the wood of the barrels that gives the rum its aroma, color and flavor. After 16 years the barrels are retired and used for fertilizer or compost.

Rum is a distilled spirit, with charcoal filtering the alcohol. The different types of labels are made by blending different ages. For instance, the distillery adds water to the blending and brings it down to 80 proof, which is 40% alcohol per volume.

Fun fact: Bacardi also makes beer, but its currently only available in the Florida markets.

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Interesting Facts About Puerto Rican Rum

As well as having a link to pirates at sea, rum was also the official drink of the British Navy. Rum rations were even given to sailors to fight off scurvy. Thats where the term Navy-strength originates from. Navy-strength rum means rum made to at least 57% ABV . The reason for this was a safety precaution. If the rum should have leaked on board a Navy ship and caused their gunpowder to get wet, the high alcohol percentage would have kept it flammable. A lower alcohol percentage would have meant neutralization of the gunpowder, making it unusable at battle.

While Puerto Rico is known as the rum capital of the world, the spirit was actually first distilled in Barbados. It was discovered by plantation slaves who used molasses to make alcohol through fermentation.

Read on for some unforgettable rum experiences in Puerto Rico.

Bacardi Rum Factory Legacy Tour

5/22- Bacardi has restarted their tours by reservation only.

If you are a rum fan, you must a trip to Bacardi Rum Distillery to do the Legacy tour. This tour is more of a tour about Bacardi and how they make rum at the factory, but not a factory tour. But it is generally entertaining.

Two things before we start:

  • it is freezing inside the tour building I was happy to have a sweater with me!
  • bring the e-mail addresses of friends so you can send them a video e-card from the tour.

Our Tour

This is a run down of the tour: When we got to the Bacardi gate, we said we wanted to take the tour and the guard gives you directions to the parking area.

After parking, we walked into an open-air pavilion with the bar and chairs and tables set up. We stopped at the desk to the left and checked in for the tour we wanted. They gave us a Bacardi coin that you can keep or trade in at the bar to fill your glass with a welcome drink. We got there early to have or drink before the tour, but no drinks are allowed on the tour, so drink fast or wait and have the drinks after the tour.

Our tour was called ontime The tram driver talks a little about the company and the buildings and sculptures you see on the way to the tour building. It is not the actual factory, just a tour building. The tour is 45 mins of a glitzy, informative, entertaining and delicious commercial for Bacardi.

Allow 2 3 hours.


It should be about 20 min drive from the San Juan area.

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