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Intermediate To Advanced Guitar Lessons

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As students gain skills and experience, we move them along to more challenging programs at higher skill levels. Intermediate and advanced students take the skills they learned in beginner guitar lessons, and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. School of Rock Markham offers advanced guitar lessons for kids and adults that teach by playing challenging classic rock songs and emphasize playing the guitar in a real music venue. Our Markham guitar teachers will work with each student to develop a custom learning plan.

Singing Lessons For All Skill Levels

Beginner Singing Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Markham offers beginner singing lessons for kids. Our unique, performance-based approach develops students’ musical proficiency by preparing them to perform live. At School of Rock Markham, our vocal coaches are practicing musicians who integrate key music fundamentalsbreathing, posture and moreinto a curriculum based on performing with a band. Each week, beginner singing students participate in a private singing lesson and a band rehearsal.

Beginner Singing Lessons for Adults

School of Rock Markham teaches adults how to sing in our innovative Adult Program. Students develop vocal skills at a challenging pace designed to help you see results with every singing lesson. Adult vocalists learn how to keep tempo, stay on-key and master advanced vocal techniques for a powerful and healthy voice. Our curriculum teaches students how to sing by using popular rock songs that emphasize key concepts. Each week, Adult Program students have a private singing lesson for beginners and group band rehearsal.

Intermediate To Advanced Drum Lessons

More experienced to advanced drum students need a drum lesson curriculum that builds upon foundational skills and continues to grow musical proficiency. Thats why at School of Rock Markham, our drum lessons are customized for each student and his or her goals. Our Markham drum instructors integrate more complex techniques and conceptsintermediary grooves, shifts, meters and moreinto a student’s individual lessons and group band rehearsal, and will also select more difficult songs for his or her live performances.

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Intermediate To Advanced Singing Lessons

At School of Rock Markham, our singing lessons for kids and adults are designed to help our students reach a high degree of musical proficiency. Intermediate and advanced singers take skills learned from previous singing lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. Our advanced singing lessons teach students to sing by performing popular rock songs that illustrate a specific vocal concept or technique. We pair weekly private singing lessons with weekly band rehearsals with the goal of getting musicians to perform live in Markham.

Bass Lessons For All Skill Levels

Rock N Roll Tequila Mango

Beginner Bass Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Markham offers beginner bass guitar lessons for kids that blend weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. This performance-based approach results in a high level of musical proficiency because it engages and inspires students. Every School of Rock bass instructor is a practicing musician in Markham and teaches bass lessons for kids that get great results. Beginners learn to play bass guitar by using popular rock songs that illustrate key concepts and techniques.

Beginner Bass Lessons for Adults

Adults looking to learn bass guitar can enroll in School of Rocks Adult Program. No experience is necessary in our beginner bass guitar lessons for adults. At School of Rock Markham, our experienced, local bass guitar instructors have the patience and skills to help adult students gain musical proficiency. As with all School of Rock music programs, our bass guitar lessons for adults ciriculum is performance-based, and include both weekly private instruction and weekly band rehearsals.

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Rock N Roll Tequila Mango

Rock N Roll Mango Tequila, is produced with Blanco 100% Agave, grown and hand harvested in the highlands of Los Altos, Mexico especially for and imported by Rock N Roll Imports, and is known for its naturally silky smooth finish and crisp taste.

Rock N Roll Tequila has an exclusive celebrity affiliation with the “King Of Rock N Roll” Elvis Presley .

Rock N Roll Tequila Mango is delicious in a margarita and is perfect for shots, sipping neat, on the rocks or for mixing in cocktails and comes showcased in a distinctive, highly crafted 750mL rock n roll guitar shaped bottle decanter with a 50mL sample bottle on top. The sample on top allows you to try one of the other versions of Rock N Roll Tequila.

Review: Rock N Roll Mango Tequila

Rock N Roll Mango Tequila was recently released. It comes in a Les Paul Guitar shaped bottle. Some of the best guitar players of all time including Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Slash, Joe Perry and Jerry Garcia have all performed with a Les Paul guitar. Flavored tequilas are still in their infancy in the US. They are much more popular in Mexico. Mango, Lime and Cinnamon are the most popular flavored tequilas sold in the US. Rock N Roll Tequila is made from a double distilled 100% pure Highland grown agave base. Mango flavor, with no sugar is infused. Artificial flavor and certified color are added before bottling at 64 proof. It pours to a golden orange color. The aroma is juicy mango, and agave with a caramel backing. This smell so good, they may want to contact Bath and Body Works and package this scent as a plug in. The sweet mango entry has the sweetness of a liqueur. Orange flavor arrives before fading with caramel and agave taste. It finishes with a warm mild spicy sting and orange leaning citrus agave taste. A chilled shot of Rock N Roll Mango Tequila is a nice change of pace from a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. With a 100% agave base and no added sugar, you will also appreciate the hangover you dont have the next morning.

NOM: 1529

Region: Highlands

Score: 90

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Guitar Lessons For All Skill Levels

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock Markham, we offer beginner guitar lessons for kids. Our expert guitar instructors guide your child from start to finish with private instruction and weekly group band rehearsals. Every instructor at School of Rock Markham is an experienced musician, and they emphasize foundational music theory and technique when teaching guitar lessons to kids. Unlike other Markham guitar lessons and programs, School of Rock is designed to get students performing in a band.

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Adults

Its never too late to learn to play the guitar. Similar to our kids guitar lessons, School of Rock Markham’s beginner guitar lessons for adults utilizes a performance-based curriculum. Our experienced instructors teach adult students through popular rock songs, and teach students to play guitar in a way thats challenging and fun. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, which is why we combine weekly private guitar lessons with group band rehearsals. At School of Rock Markham, we teach beginner guitar lessons for adults in our Adult Program. This program gets students performing onstage at a local Markham venue.

Rock N Roll Mango Tequila 75cl



One-of-a-kind flavour presented in a unique guitar-shaped bottle, this fruity mango tequila is the new Rockstar of your home bar

The first mango-flavoured tequila, this spirit makes perfect party shots.

This fine blanco tequila made with Blue Weber agave is infused with tropical mango flavours for a headline spirit presented in an eye-catching guitar-shaped bottle.

Perfect Serve Make a round of Mango Chilli Margaritas.

You Will Need:

50ml Rock n Roll Mango Tequila 1 ½ tbsp lime juice 1 tbsp triple sec Pinch of Cayenne Pepper


In a shaker filled with ice, blend the tequila, lime juice, triple sec and cayenne pepper together. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a lime wheel

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The Path To Take The Stage

Our music programs for kids in Markham are designed to get students on stage performing, with the goal of building strong musical proficiency. Younger students at School of Rock Markham who have participated in the Rookies program can move to our Rock 101 music program once theyre ready. Additionally, students can begin Rock 101 without any prior experience. The goal of this rock program is to quickly develop a basic competence on students chosen instruments before moving on to our famous Performance Program.

The Performance Program at School of Rock Markham is our hallmark music program, where tens of thousands of students enroll each year. It consists of a weekly group rehearsal where kids and teens learn by playing rock music’s most iconic songs with a band composed of their peers. Students are assigned songs and parts that are tailored to them based on their age, experience and ability to learn new skills and concepts. Students then work through their parts in weekly private music lessons, refining the skills and concepts that those songs introduce. The goal of this curriculum is to prepare kids and teens for live performances. Every few months, School of Rock Markham Performance Program students take the stage and play at local Markham music venues in front of a live audience.


Drum Lessons For All Skill Levels

Beginner Drum Lessons for Kids

School of Rock Markham is the best option for anyone looking to learn the drums. Our beginner drum lessons get kids behind the drum kit and on their way to taking the stage. Thats why at School of Rock Markham we combine private drum lessons for beginners with weekly band rehearsalsit prepares students to perform live. With years of experience teaching drums in Markham, our drum instructors teach beginner drum students core techniques, including how to groove, play rudiments and more.

Beginner Drum Lessons for Adults

Our drum lessons for adults are designed to accommodate all skill levels. At School of Rock Markham, our beginner drum lessons for adults are built for musicians with little to no experience. We teach adults using the same core performance-based education philosophy as our drum lessons for kidsperforming with a band accelerates the learning process. Adult students will perform live at a venue in Markham. Unlike other Markham drum lessons for beginners, School of Rock combines private drum lessons with weekly band rehearsals so students are ready to play in front of real, live audiences.

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Keyboard Lessons For All Skill Levels

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Kids

At School of Rock we teach differently than other music schools in Markham. Our curriculum is performance-based, meaning that we prepare students to perform. Our piano lessons for beginners combine weekly private instruction with weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock Markham, our beginner keyboard lessons for kids take key concepts and music fundamentalsfinger placement, scales, key differentiation and moreand teach them through popular rock songs. This approach inspires and engages students, which results in attaining a high level of musical proficiency. Our piano teachers have years of experience teaching music in the Markham area, and know how to coach and motivate students of any skill level to play the keyboard.

Beginner Keyboard Lessons for Adults

The School of Rock Markham Adult Program puts beginner keyboard students in a band. Adult Program students in the Markham area learn to play piano through a combination of weekly private beginner piano lessons and weekly band rehearsals. At School of Rock, our piano lessons give adult students the chance to perform in a band at local Markham music venues, taking them out of the classroom and onto the stage.

Intermediate To Advanced Bass Lessons

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Our intermediate to advanced bass guitar lessons teach Markham students the skills they need to become the backbone of a band. Students take skills from previous bass lessons and layer on more difficult techniques and concepts. At School of Rock Markham, our bass instructors use popular rock songs as a way of teaching students advanced concepts and techniques. We pair weekly private bass lessons with weekly band rehearsals to inspire and engage students throughout the learning process.

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