Ritual Whiskey Alternative Zero Proof

Where I Discovered The Brand Ritual

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative Review

I saw Mascha from Nomadista Nutrition, a fellow Registered Dietitian, share her love ofRitual Non-Alcoholic Beverages on Instagram and it peaked my interest.

I ordered a bottle of the Whiskey Alternative back in November of last year because Dan loves whiskey and I enjoy a whiskey sour every now and then. Plus I knew we were going to be participating in Dry January and thought it would be a fun way to jazz up mocktails.

How To Use It

Use Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative as a 1 to 1 replacement in classic cocktails. Heres a recipe for an old fashioned we made .2 oz. Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative¼ oz. of simple syrup3 dashes Fee Brothers orange bitters3 dashes Fee Brothers black walnut bitters3 dashes Angostura bittersBuild this drink in an old-fashioned glass over ice and stir gently.

Whiskey Sour Mocktail With Ritual Zero Proof

A great whiskey sour mocktail recipe using Ritual Zero Proof whiskey alternative. Perfect for non-alcoholic drinks.

We recently discovered these Ritual Zero Proof liquor alternatives and have enjoyed having them on hand to make mocktails during dry January or times when we just dont want alcohol.

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About Ritual Zero Proof

The Ritual Zero Proof brand launched in September 2019 with their Whiskey Alternative being one of the first 2 products they released.

Shortly after launching, this zero proof spirit won a silver metal under the category of the best tasting whiskey alternatives by the Beverage Testing Institute.

On the bottle, Ritual makes the following flavor highlights:

  • Black Peppercorn

They also state on the bottle that its advised to use this non alcoholic drink in a cocktail, which I believe is their roundabout way of saying, You probably shouldnt drink this neat.

However, despite this advice, well be trying out Ritual whiskey neat, on the rocks, as well as in some cocktails.

But, before we take the first taste, lets go ahead and take a few sniffs and get the nose of the drink.

Ritual Zero Proof Alternative Whiskey

Ritual Zero Proof Non

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My Initial Thoughts On A Whiskey Alternative

The team at Ritual Zero Proof did a great job on their brand. The packaging, bottles, and labels are fantastic. They look like a real bottle of alcohol. The bottle are heavy and when you pull the cork out of the bottle you immediately smell the notable scents of what real whiskey smells like. The deep caramel color and notes of oak make this alcohol replacement the real deal.

Dan tried some just simply over ice and said that it doesnt pass for the real deal but its enjoyable none the less.

In cocktails however is where we really felt like it shined. It mixes well with the flavors you would typically use in a whiskey based cocktail orange, bitters, lemon, simple syrup, etc.

They also sell a Tequila and Gin alternative that Im excited to try next.

Review: Ritual Zero Proof Gin Alternative

Were solidly into Dry January at this point, so were taking a break from our usual spirits to take a deep dive into some of the newer, non-alcoholic options on the market. Today, were looking at the non-alcoholic gin from Ritual . I have higher hopes for this gin than I did for the whiskey, since the manufacturing process for gin is much easier to translate into a non-alcoholic version. So lets dive right in and see how this stacks up.


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Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative Review

Ritual Zero Proofs Whiskey Alternative is one of the better known non alcoholic spirits on the market today.

Reading online reviews via Amazon or other sources youll see that opinions on this substitute are quite divided. Some seem to love it while others hate it.

Today, Ill be trying out Ritual Whiskey Alternative and give you my opinion on this zero proof whiskey.

Yes Its Possible To Make A Non

Ritual Zero Proof “Whiskey Alternative” Review #Faze5

Creating a worthwhile non-alcoholic Manhattan relies on having a finely tuned toolbox. Compared to traditional mocktails built around juices and syrups, the iconic Manhattan revolves around two key ingredients: whiskey and vermouth. As non-alcoholic distillates have continued to explode in popularitydrinks market analysis firm IWSR estimates the global market at around $10 billion, with compound annual growth poised to outpace that of alcoholic beverages through 2025theres suddenly a surplus of purported alternatives for both.

Heres the catch: these alternatives arent exact replicas.

When people make classic cocktails, theyre trying to capture the essence of the original cocktail, says Danya Degen, director of operations for Washington, D.C.s The Duck & The Peach. However, a lot of non-alcoholic spirits are thinner that has to do with how theyre constructed. As a result, most bartenders supplement booze-free spirits with ingredients that add some viscosityrich syrups, juices, egg whites, or aquafaba, for example.

Another hurdle: while traditional whiskey is pretty delicious on its own, many zero-ABV alternatives arenot. And in a spirit-forward drink like the Manhattan, there isnt much to hide behind, compared to say, a Whiskey Sour thats enriched with lemon, sugar, and egg white, or a Horses Neck variation lengthened and sweetened with ginger ale.

Any time you take on an all-spirits cocktail, you need all the ingredients to be great, says Degen.

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Ritual Zero Proof Review Whiskey Gin & Tequila Alternative

There are a number of reasons you may choose not to drink alcohol, and all of them are valid. But for many whove given up booze, finding a suitable substitute can be a challenge. Ritual Zero Proofs alcohol alternatives claim to deliver the same great taste of your favorite drink with none of the downsides.

This is a bold claim and one that practically every zero-alcohol alternative drink makes. So does Ritual live up to their promise?

In this review, we discuss what the brand does right and whether its products truly work as a replacement for alcohol.

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative Was Put To The Test

This is a review of Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative, including brand recipes taste tested. After having reviewed Rituals first two products, I was eager to try their take on non alcoholic whiskey.

Whiskey Alternative smells smoky and tastes sweet like caramel with a hint of spice. Theres also a peppery flavor that lingers in your mouth for a bit after drinking it.

It doesnt really taste like whiskey and after tastings and mocktail tests, unfortunately, Whiskey Alternative has not impressed.

Its decent in a non alcoholic whiskey tonic, which brings out the aromatic spices in it, making a sort of spice tonic beverage. However, given its lack of success in more mocktails, I would not recommend it, either as a non-alcoholic whiskey substitute or an alternative beverage.

I can recommend the other two Ritual products previously tested: Ritual Zero Proof Gin Alternative and Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative. For more information and photos for how Ritual Whiskey Alternative was evaluated, keep reading below.

How its made: Ritual Zero Proof individually distills each botanical then blends them. The final blend is microfiltered in batches before bottling.

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Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative

Happy Sober October everyone, hopefully its going well for everyone participating. Alcohol is a unique substance that has shaped and driven the creation of entire civilizations. It has a ritualistic place in many aspects of society ranging from toasting to transubstantiation. Yet, there is no denying that alcohol is at best slightly beneficial in moderation . As such, many people have started to look at both the health implications and the role of alcohol in our society differently.

And theres absolutely nothing wrong with that.

With that frame up, many individual producers have started to produce alcohol substitutes. The efforts of producers to do this range from pressurized removal of alcohol through using distillations at lower temperatures to making custom mixtures of non-alcoholic products. Amongst these products is Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative.

Drinking Rituals Whiskey Neat

Ritual Is Making Zero

My initial sip of Ritual Zero Proofs whiskey alternative left me neither wowed nor dismayed. Just kind of okay.

The viscosity of this non alcoholic whiskey is quite thick, which was one of the first things that I noticed. Its not a bad feeling as it adds a little more to the drink, but it is a bit heavier than a traditional whiskey.

The taste carries a lot of smokey flavor. Especially after swallowing. The smoke flavor is left lingering in the mouth.

Theres a solid spice to the drink. Either from pepper or some other kind of capsaicin.

This is Rituals attempt at recreating the whiskey heat. Its definitely not the same taste or effect that alcohol produces, but thats a pretty hard sensation to recreate.

When taking a sip, I do pick up on some very faint hints of caramel which are immediately replaced by an oaky type of taste.

The bottle states a number of flavors that I dont pick up on, including, stone fruit, Madagascar vanilla, sugar floss, and capsicum fruit.

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Boil Your Water First

Use a tea kettle or small pot to boil your water. Add a cinnamon stick to a heat-safe 12-ounce mug and pour the water on top.

Using a 12-ounce mug will allow enough room for all the ingredients as the recipe is written, but if you are using an 8-ounce mug, reduce the water to about 1/2 cup to ensure there is enough room for the Whiskey Alternative, lemon juice, and honey.

Choosing The Best Non

Whiskey alternatives, in particular, require certain characteristics to carry a Manhattan. You need a certain sharpness from the thing thats acting as a rye or bourbon. You need a bit of burn or punchcreating that is the biggest part of building a Manhattan, otherwise it tastes like caramel, says Degen. might not taste good on its own, but has the elements that will lend itself to a spirit-forward drink.

Collins, meanwhile, suggests Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative, Spiritless Kentucky 74, or Monday, his preferred pick.

You want to find some oak presence in there to trick your brain into thinking its whiskey, he says. Mondays great at keeping that bite. They age it in oak, so theres some oak presence. imparts the nuanced tones youd get in whiskey.

Liquor.com / Laura Sant

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Ritual Whiskey Alternative Vs Whiskey: How They Are Made

Ritual Zero Proof individually distills each botanical then blends them. The final blend is microfiltered in batches before bottling. Distillation is, according to Wikipedia, the process of separating the components or substances from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation.

While alcoholic whiskey does go through distillation, it is made quite differently. First, a grain is malted, then mashed, then fermented. After fermentation, its distilled, then aged. This is a basic summary, and there are many variables that can be applied in each step.

Non-alcoholic whiskey doesnt really have to go through all this, because it doesnt need to produce alcohol. It is just attempting to smell and taste like whiskey.

It turns out, the alcohol content in a beverage plays a major role in the way we taste and perceive flavors. This makes creating substitutes for alcoholic beverages fairly tricky, because you have to try and recreate the typical flavors, but not necessarily with the exact same ingredients or processes.

Why You Should Make This Non

Sober Bar Keep Episode 52 Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative
  • Its soothing. Between the hot water, honey, and fresh lemon juice, its the best home remedy for the common cold!
  • Its cozy. Warms you up from the inside out.
  • Its fun! All the benefits of your cocktail ritual without the lousy after-effects.

If youre loving this Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy with Ritual Whiskey Alternative and looking for other mocktails using Ritual Zero Proof, check out this Strawberry Daiquiri Mocktail and Apple Cider Spiced Rum Mocktail.

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Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

Ritual provides a number of recipes that they recommend using with their non alcoholic spirit.

Im going to start off by making the Old Fashioned and review.

Depending on how well it does with this classic cocktail, I might make some of their other cocktail recommendations to see how well Rituals whiskey holds up in a mocktail.

So What Is Ritual Whiskey Alternative Anyway

Ritual Zero Proof is a beverage company that uses natural botanicals to create delicious tasting, non-alcoholic spirits to use in place of their alcoholic counterparts. It gives you the option to unwind with a refreshing drink, without the after-effects of drinking alcohol.

Its calorie-free, all-natural and downright delicious. The whiskey alternative uses vanilla, stone fruit, and sugar floss to capture the essence of smooth whiskey.

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Ritual Zero Proof Non

Grapefruit and whiskey.

Not exactly a match made in heaven. At least thats what we thought. That is, until we discovered a little-known cocktail called The Blinker.

As it turns out, the Blinker dates back nearly a century. Which isnt all that surprising, considering that its a 3-ingredient cocktail, which were all the rage in post-Prohibition America. But what is surprising is the idea of blending smokey whiskey with fresh grapefruit juice. Sure, we love the lemon kick in our favorite non-alcoholic whiskey sour recipe. And of course, tequila and grapefruit make for a wonderful Paloma. But whiskey and grapefruit? To be honest we were a little skeptical

That said, the more we read about the Blinker, the more it started to sound appealing. So, we did what any good lover of non-alcoholic drinks would do we crafted our very own Alcohol-Free Blinker Recipe!

Now as we mentioned, the Blinker is a 3-ingredient cocktail. Andwhen it comes to creating a non-alcoholic version of a 3-ingredient cocktail, things can get somewhat tricky, as the alcohol tends to play a very flavor-forward role in these libations. Thankfully, we had just finished our full review of Ritual Zero Proof Alcohol Alternatives, and had been super impressed with their non-alcoholic whiskey. Knowing it was just the right blend of flavors to carry the weight of this whiskey-based cocktail, we decided to make it the star player in our Non-Alcoholic Blinker Recipe.


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