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Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey Review! (Conor McGregor Whiskey)

Is it good?

Proper No. Twelve is an unremarkable and ordinary drink, distilled at Old Bushmills distillery in Ireland.

In terms of sales, this whiskey still lags way behind other renowned brands like Jameson.

The overall profile of this whiskey is light honied fruit, just like other Irish whiskey drinks. The aroma, palate, and finish are relatively standard, but the color seems to be the problem. The glass is darker than other Irish blends, and speculations are employed because it doesn’t smell or taste as dark as it looks.

We can confidently state that Proper No. Twelve whiskey is not great or worse than other whiskeys therefore, it doesn’t deserve any more heat than you would on different blends. It encompasses both bitter and sweet tastes, making it rough on the edges when used in cocktails or punch.

It is suitable for people who want to drink it with a mixer. When you take a sip, it starts sweet, then the longer you keep it in the mouth, the longer the grain whiskey comes making it unsuitable for drinking neat. Yes, both the quality of the drink and the branding are low.

The Proper No Twelve Whiskey Variations

Region: Ireland

Distiller: Bushmills

Proper No. Twelve Whiskey: This is a delightful Irish blended whisky aged in barrels of ex-bourbon, giving it a smooth taste of vanilla, honey, and toasted oak.

The whiskey is triple distilled to help concentrate the alcohol and other light flavors left behind during each preparation stage.

When compared to other Irish blends, the Proper No. Twelve is light both on flavor and texture, with vanilla and pear. In the end, the sweetness fades into heat at the throat and as you breathe through the nose.

Whisky Reviews For Proper No Twelve Irish Whiskey

28 users have left 28 reviewsfor this whisky. Average rating is 72.60 points.

  • tribe scored this whisky 74 points

    05 oct 2022 9:15 pm

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  • Fruity, pleasant. Anise and fresh wood, something young flashes through. Pear but also grainy glue.
  • Taste

    7575Fruity with some pepper but also young. there is somehow cherry and pear with fresh wood. Slightly metallic due to the young and somewhat grain.

  • Finish

    Become a bit bitter and short. But quite ok for the money

  • Zombie scored this whisky 75 points

    18 sep 2022 12:56 pm

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    Definitely a mixer but fair results compared to its price. A chemical, almost metalic-like nose as aftertaste yet a somewhat respectable sharpness. Raw, unfinished but gutsy.

  • sakis scored this whisky 80 points

    23 aug 2022 1:02 pm

  • aw-home scored this whisky 73 points

    07 aug 2022 1:56 pm

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  • Apples with honey and a touch of vanilla.
  • Taste

    Vanilla with cotton candy and honey.

  • Finish

    Short with cotton candy and honey.

  • Sajmon scored this whisky 69 points

    07 jun 2022 12:28 pm

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    More marketing than quality, but for mixing drink it is good blend.

  • Puszkin1988 scored this whisky 69 points

    26 feb 2022 10:04 pm

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    Definitely for the mixers. Solo non-drinkable

  • rurzyk scored this whisky 80 points

    06 feb 2022 11:44 pm

  • AleMuse25 scored this whisky 65 points

    05 dec 2021 11:03 pm

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  • creamy caramel, a little lemon sourness


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    The History Of Proper No Twelve Irish Whiskey

    On the night of June 14, 2017, Conor McGregor took the opportune moment to announce his launching an Irish whiskey brand. Wearing an eccentric suit, sunglasses, and a bottle of whiskey in his hands, McGregor announced, raising the bottle that the “Notorious Irish Whiskey is coming soon.”

    Despite this, it took another year before the whiskey hit the market, debuting in Ireland and the United States in September 2018. Rather than carrying the original nickname” Notorious,” McGregor suggested that the branch instead launch Proper No. Twelve Whiskey.

    Launched under his Eire Born Spirits company, the whiskey is made through a partnership with Bushmills Distillery and is distributed by Proximo Spirits globally. Proper No. Twelve Irish whiskeys is a brand representation of Irish whiskey. It gets produced at the oldest whiskey distillery in Ireland.

    Proper No 12 Irish Whiskey Review

    Review: Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey

    Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey

    I am an outlier among Millennials in that I frequently have to Google celebrities to find out who they are, so learning that MMA fighter and boxer Conor McGregor is behind Proper No. 12, a new Irish whiskey, didnt set me up with any particularly elevated expectation for the spirit.

    Instead, I gave it an objective chance. And if this whiskey clears any bar at all, it is the low one of being not altogether different from the other blended Irish whiskeys that are more often deferred to than sought out. Is there Green Spot? No? I guess Bushmills, then.

    Before the tasting notes, lets talk for a moment about how people actually behave. A week after my wife and I and some friends initially tasted Proper No. 12 for this review, I had a glass of it on the rocks with bitters and lemon peel. This is probably closer to the way an ordinary drinker of this kind of spirit would consume it in the real world, and it was good. But practically all Irish whiskeys are good when prepared this way, and I would credit Angostura bitters, which is magic that adds an extra layer of flavor to well spirits, and my corner market that always has good lemons for 50 cents apiece for this, before crediting the whiskey.

    Nevertheless, heres what we got when drinking it neat, and then with a few drops of water.

    The Whiskey

    Color: A few shades darker than the pale gold of other Irish whiskeys. Gold with a rustwater tint.

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    Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey Review

    Unless youve been living under a bridge in the middle of nowhere for the last 5 years you know who Connor McGregor is this is his whiskey. I dont mean I stole this sample of Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey from him, though that would be a cool story, I mean that he worked with the Bushmills folks to create this standard blended Irish Whiskey that in no way represents the flash and power of Connor himself.

    If youre wondering why I think this whiskey comes from Bushmills its pretty simple: I read the press release. In the release it says Connor turned to the worlds oldest whiskey distillery, located in Ireland which is Bushmills claim to fame. It also says he worked with David Elder, esteemed master distiller, previously of Guinness but whose most recent position,, was Distilling Manager at Bushmills. They go through great lengths to not say whats right in front of you.

    Whiskey Review: Proper No Twelve Irish Whiskey

    There have been a string of spirits with famous names attached to them. From Dan Aykroyds Crystal Head Vodka to Danny DeVitos limoncello theres a whole range of spirits out there produced, branded, and marketed by celebrities. Today were looking at a whiskey from Conor McGregor to see if it lives up to his hype.


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    Reviews & Tasting Notes

    Based on 550 votes, the average rating for Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey is 7.2/10.

    Top reviews for Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey:

    & horbar Favorite whiskey

    Scroll down for all reviews.

    Why people love it?

    Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey which is carefully distilled at Bushmills is adored for its vanilla, honey, toasted wood and green apple flavor notes.

    Mcgregors Proper No 12 Whiskey Review

    Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey Review

    As Im sure you all know, the internet has been set alight by Conor McGregors entrance into the Irish whiskey industry with the announcement of his own blended whiskey Proper No. Twelve. The double champ is one of the most recognisable and followed people on the planet, and As I mentioned in my first article examining McGregors new whiskey, he has a greater social media following than any brand in the industry.

    He is able to leverage his own brand to sell a consumer product, which is literally targeted at the 40 something million people that follow him across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His market reach is unimaginable. His first social media announcement about the brand garnered nearly two million likes in a matter of hours, which a reach of several times that number.

    This is a number that a brand like Jameson or Bushmills could only dream of. To give you an example of his ability to successfully convert his followers to an idea, lets take his whiskeys social media account @properwhiskey. He mentioned it once on Instagram and it not only garnered the illustrious verification tick but also 100,000 followers almost instantly.

    So, I think it is about time to crack the cork and discover what thousands of McGregor fans will be pounding during Conors upcoming fight.

    So, moving past the caramel, what else does the whiskey have going for it?

    Finish: its lingering and the clawing remains. The sweet grain and vanilla follow through.

    Until next time,


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    Review: Proper No Twelve Irish Whiskey

    Proper No. Twelve, aka Proper Twelve, is UFC fighter Conor McGregors whisky. By that I mean it is a new brand launched under his supervision, named in honor of the Crumlin, Dublin 12 neighborhood where McGregor was born and raised.

    Now, McGregor has not gone out and built a distillery in The Liberties or anything. His team is sourcing Irish whiskey and bottling it a practice that is exceedingly common with Irish whiskey brands. Its also worth a side note to add that for each case of Proper No. Twelve that is sold, $5 is being donated to local first responder organizations, up to $1 million annually.

    Early response to the launch has been amazing, to the point where McGregor had to issue a formal apology for reported out-of-stock situations. Whether thats legitimate or just another marketing gimmick, you be the judge.

    Either way, lets give Proper 12 a taste.

    To my immediate surprise, this is not an aggressive whiskey. The nose is quiet and modest, a restrained reflection on mixed grains, oatmeal, and toasted wood. The palate has much the same feel very light on its feet, though with a significant alcohol component that provides a slight furniture polish note. Nonetheless, overall the emphasis remains focused on the granary experience, all toasty and a bit chewy as some of the alcohol vapors blow off. The finish is short but sharp, rather green at times but with a reprise of fresh cereal.

    80 proof.

    How To Drink Proper No Twelve Whiskey

    If you are looking for that Irish whiskey that is great for your punch, then Proper No. Twelve is the drink for you!

    The whiskey is tasty when served neat but goes better on punch and cocktails. When making cocktails using Proper No. Twelve whiskey, ensure that you select the best mixers to give your cocktail the best taste. The best mixers to use with this drink include lemonade, club soda, apple cider, coffee, and sweet vermouth.

    The flavor of Proper No. Twelve whiskey is boosted by the notes of vanilla, giving your cocktail that sweet aroma.

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    Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey Review: Overall

    The overall profile of the Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey is light honied fruit just like every other young blended Irish whiskey out there. The aroma, the palate and even the finish are pretty standard for the likes of Bushmills White or any of the other dozens of entry-level low proof Irish blends out there. Though what isnt standard is the color.

    Irish blends, like those mentioned, arent this dark so Im suspecting some e150a might have been employed because it doesnt smell or taste old enough to be this dark and I dont get a whiff of sherry. On the whole it is a fairly standard Irish blend that is neither daring or flashy, nor does it pack a punch its the antithesis of its creator.

    I respect Connor as a fighter, I enjoy watching his fights, and knowing his flash, style and knock out power I expected his whiskey to reflect that. Instead, we have nothing more than another young, low-proof, grain heavy Irish blend on a shelf already overburdened by the same. Proper Twelve is really no better or worse than something like Bushmills White or Kilbeggan Blended Irish Whiskey and doesnt deserve any more heat or derision than you would those or dozens of whiskeys like them.

    SCORE: 76/100

    *Disclosure: This Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey sample was graciously sent to me by the company for the purposes of this review. The views, opinions, and tasting notes are 100% my own.
    Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey Review 25

    Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey Review Summary


    Proper No Twelve Irish Whiskey

    Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey 750ml

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    This whiskey has a bold topaz hue and almond aroma. The palate has a distinct plastic note, underpinned with more pleasant almond and honey. A hint of lemon acidity and blast of alcohol heat sets the mouthwatering. Recommended to mix. This is a blend of grain and single malt whiskeys, aged a minimum of three years in former Bourbon barrels. The debut offering from Mixed Martial Arts Champion Conor McGregor benefits first responders for every barrel sold. Kara Newman

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    Ratings reflect what our editors felt about a particular product. Beyond the rating, we encourage you to read the accompanying tasting note to learn about a products special characteristics.

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    The Branding Is Just As Disappointing

    Yes, the quality of the whiskey may be poor, but the thing I was most disappointed with was the branding.

    This is Conor McGregor, a former two-weight champion in UFC and Cage Warriors.

    This is a guy who earns a living by taking his foot and using it as a weapon to kick people in the chin. Repeatedly. Until they’ve fallen to the canvas in a heap.

    This is a guy who has an image of a crown-wearing gorilla eating a heart tattooed across what is probably 80% of his chest.

    How Proper No Twelve Is Made

    The Proper No. Twelve whiskey is made from malted barley and grains, malted, mashed, fermented, and distilled three times. It is an 80-proof blend of Irish grain and single malt. The starch in the malted barley and grains gets released by pre-cooking and converting into fermentable sugars.

    The next step is fermentation, where the yeast meets the mash to gobble up all the sugars in the liquid and convert them to alcohol. The process of fermentation can take anywhere from 48 to 96 hours, with different fermentation times.

    Afterward, the drink is triple distilled to increase the liquid’s alcohol content and bring out both the good and the wrong components. Distillation helps to remove unwanted flavor and aroma.

    The label indicates how creamy, smooth, and properly balanced the drink is from the packaging. It is from malt and grain whiskey for a rich complexity. In bourbon barrels, the whisky is aged for at least three years and provides hints of honey-like sweetness, vanilla, and toasted wood.

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