Plume & Petal Lemon Drift Vodka

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Is Plume & Petal Lemon Drift Good

My first decision was to sample this spirit on ice. On the rocks is not typically the way that I enjoy vodka, but I wanted to take in the complete untainted flavor profile, and I figured that the fruity elements and toned down abv would make it enjoyable enough. I was correct in that assumption.

The mouthfeel is really solid, not at all watered down, which can be a concern with this type of drink. The finish is more crisp and clean than I would have anticipated. This is a big plus for me personally, and the tiny amount of lingering lemon is pleasant as well.

I tried a few sips neat, and the spirit stands up there as well, the lemon coming through expectedly stronger but still sharp and leveled out. The drink recipe on the back of the bottle is a 2:1 pour of club soda to spirit. I sampled that as well, and while it is refreshingly tasty, it dampens down the vodka a tad more than I would like. I think a 1:1 ratio is actually more suitable.

When arriving at a Plum & Petal Lemon Drift rating, I must take into account how much I enjoyed the drink, as well as if its accomplishing the goals that it set out to meet. Spoiler alert, but it is going to grade highly in both areas. Finish reading to find out how highly.

Infuse Spirits Lemon Vodka 750 Ml

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Product Details

Infuse Spirits is aptly named. Seth Benhaim started infusing spirits in his garage in 2012 at the age of twenty-five. When he entered his first Vodka releases that year in the San Francisco Worlds Spirits Competition, his accomplishments made him the youngest ever winner of both Best in Show and Double Gold.

Infuse Spirits has gone on to develop a wide range of products, including six Vodkas, a Bourbon, a Rye, and a range of six unique cocktail bitters. This gold-medal winning infusion is bottled with the curly twists of thinly cut peel make for a perfect artistic visual in this craft vodka, as well speaks to the brands natural-infusion ethos.

Infuses Lemon vodka has a pale yellow hue and bright candied-lemon peel scent. The spirit has silky and viscous textures on the tongue, evolving into waxy lemon peel flavors. Serve well-chilled or as a unique citrus twist to a Martini.

Pick up your bottle today!.


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Plume & Petal Lemon Drift Vodka 750 Ml

  • PLUME & PETAL Lemon Drift Vodka Infused with Natural Flavors
  • Premium vodka liquor infused with natural flavors
  • Features emon, elderflower, white tea and honey notes
  • Gluten free vodka infused with natural flavors is 20% alcohol by volume
  • Made with 100% American grain and distilled six times for a delicate, delicious taste

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Product Details

Plume & Petal Lemon Drift a delightful vodka with aromas and flavors of natural lemon, sweet elderflower, and white tea. With a finish well-rounded out by a rich mouthfeel of honey, this vodka is perfect over the rocks or in a light punch or spritzer! Plume & Petal is based in Florida, recently starting a line of flavored vodkas inspired by light and refreshing botanical and delicate fruit flavors.

They pride themselves on crafting their vodkas with natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners. To top it all off Plume & Petal vodka is both lower in alcohol content and calories.

Best Vodka For Limoncello

Plume &  Petal

Vodka for limoncello is used to create the popular Italian liqueur. Limoncello is a sweet, citrusy drink that is typically served as an after dinner digestif. The drink is made by infusing vodka with lemon zest and then adding sugar and water to create a syrup.

The syrup is then mixed with the vodka and bottled.

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Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka 750 Ml Bottle

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Product Details

Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka is handcrafted in our Texas distillery using real lemon juice mixed with our award-winning vodka. Enjoy this new twist on the everyday citrus vodka.

750 ml

Reviews From Real Customers

This vodka is the best flavored vodka out there, i personally favor the lemon. It doesnt have that sickingly sweet artificial lollipop lemon flavor, it has that sour real lemon taste. It recommends mixing with soda water but i mix it with sprite and it tastes great tastes just like lemonade.

Honestly theres nothing bad i could say about this brand except that it is a little pricey almost $30 for a handle of it. But the quality is beyond worth it.

5 Stars! I love this vodka. I stumbled upon it at a testing at the liquor store and Ive been sold every since. I used to think indidnt like vodka but as it turns out I just didmt lile cheap vodka. This stuff is smooth doing down and so simple to get a good mix.

When i started drinking beer because I was tryimg to lose weight. So it used to use this and mix it with seltzer and youve got a yummy drink thats like lemonade. Buy it, you wont regret it .

This liquor is unassuming but delicious in just about any setting. I know people who sip on it straight despite it being 35% ABV, but its also great in a mixed drink. They have other great variations but this one tastes the least like alcohol while still having a high ABV.

My guess? Its the genuine cane sugar.

Plume & Petal Lemon Drift Rating

I will admit that I am not typically a connoisseur of flavored vodkas. Any sort of fruity flavoring added to a spirit usually has too much sugar content for me personally and also dilutes the characteristics of the spirit itself. Of course, when you come upon a spirit company that is tailoring their product to the healthier and lighter, it should be expected that there will be none of that syrupy sugar to weigh down the beverage. Even knowing that going in, I was delighted to discover just how light Lemon Drift ended up being and how well the flavor elements balanced out the sharpness of the alcohol that was still present.

I truly cant imagine any way in which this spirit could be improved upon for what its intended goal is. For this reason, I am compelled to wrap up this Plume & Petal Lemon Drift review by giving it the highest grade of 5 out of 5 stars. I very much look forward to sampling the other varieties that Plume & Petal has to offer.

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Plume & Petal Lemon Drift Review

Plume & Petal is clearly putting a lot of effort into their presentation. The bottle has a beautiful front label featuring golden feathers floating down from the top. The font is elegant, and the seal on the cork is reminiscent of a top-shelf spirit.

The back of the label contains a wealth of information. It explains that this vodka is infused with natural fruit, botanicals, and tea, with just a hint of honey. The label also tells us that there are just 85 calories and 8.2 grams of carbs per serving. This is a considerable amount fewer than vodkas with a higher abv. There is even a recipe for a refreshing drink that they call a Spa Day Spritz.

On first glance, this vodka is just as translucent as a traditional version, but when I poured it into a glass I was able to spot some minuscule particulates, perhaps flavoring elements that are added after the distillation process is completed. The aromas that come across are both pleasant and about what you would expect after seeing the description on the label.

Chopin Vodka Potato 750 Ml

Spaghetti Arrabiata | Jamie Oliver & Gennaro Contaldo | Real Time (ish) Recipes
Lowest Price

Product Details

Chopin Vodka is named after the famous Polish classical composer Frédéric Chopin. Produced by Polmos Siedlce, their classic vodkas are quadruple distilled from either potatoes, wheat, or rye grains. It is a small-batch Dorda family affair that first made its debut in North America in 1997.

Though they are most renowned for their potato vodka, their label has expanded their portfolio to include what are considered to be some of the finest single ingredient vodkas around, recently adding vodka-based caramel, chocolate, and coconut liqueurs to the lineup as well.

They are going against the popular belief that the spirit should be as neutral as possible, refusing to use any flavoring and coloring and proving that the single ingredient used in each expression can shine through.

Distilling their vodka in the Chopin distillery in the Polish village of Krzesk, they claim a whole 7 pounds of potatoes are used to make a liter of the spirit. All the ingredients are sourced locally and most of the process is done by hand, using a copper column still.

Chopins critically acclaimed Potato Vodka expression has earned several gold and silver medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition along with many other prestigious awards. Its a creamy and full-bodied spirit that is silky smooth and perfect for enjoying on its own or in any kind of mixed drink.

Pick a bottle up today!.

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Plume & Petal Lemon Drift

Vodka / Plume & PetalLow / 20%

Plume & Petal Lemon Drift Vodka is infused with natural and refreshing flavors that open up like a crisp, cool citrus breeze. For time savored, not spent, Plume & Petal is a 20% ABV premium, gluten-free vodka infused with delicate fruits, botanicals, and flavors with just a hint of honey. Perfect poolside, at brunch, or for evenings with friends, Plume & Petal can be enjoyed as a refreshing spritz with club soda, an easy punch, or even easier, on ice.

While many booze drinkers who are trying to tone back their calorie and alcohol intake might turn to NA beers to dealcoholized wine, it is also possible these day to find spirits that are designs for the health-conscious out there. One of the spirits that is best-suited for this type of modification is vodka, as it doesnt typically contain a large amount of sugar, and a reduction in alcohol shouldnt theoretically effect the flavor profile too drastically.

Plume & Petal is a company out of Florida that has established itself a bit in this realm of lighter, healthier spirits. They have created a number of different vodka flavors that they market as Light as a Feather. All of these varieties are gluten-free and distilled six times, while containing no artificial sweeteners.


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