Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne

Perrier Jouet Grand Brut Champagne

Perrier Jouët Champagne Grand Brut Wine Review

DetailsWinemaker Notes:

The notes of cherry plum, lemon, and bergamot orange emerge first, then make way for the flowers of fruit trees, such as lime and honeysuckle. These are followed by notes of butter, madeleine cakes, and vanilla sugar. Lingering notes of grapefruit, white peaches, green pears, apple trees, and green hazelnuts round off the taste.

Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut can be matched with dishes such as carpaccio of fish or white meats. Its lively vivacity works well with crisp vegetables and tofu.CRITICAL ACCLAIMJames Suckling – “This offers fresh and attractive fruit aromas with a gently flinty, white-peach and white-flower fragrance on offer. The palate has an attractive, fresh and crisp feel with creamy, crispy texture at the finish. Good NV. Drink now.” Wine Enthusiast – “With crisp acidity and layers of apple and citrus fruits, this attractive wine still has some of the higher dosage typical of this house. Together the fruits and the soft texture have produced a wine that is ready to drink.”Wine Spectator – “Meyer lemon peel, poached apricot and pastry cream notes are tightly meshed with a minerally underpinning and racy acidity in this vivacious Champagne. Creamy finish.” Wine & Spirits – “This wine updates an old-fashioned grand-marque style of Champagne with a bright, spicy approach. Its meaty, sweet umami notes bring to mind morels, while cool, zesty acidity keeps it clean and savory. Chill it down for aperitifs.”

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Best Pairings With Perrier

Featuring a rich palate bursting with powerful notes, Perrier-Jouët is best reserved with strong dishes that can complement its aromas. For example, salty dishes such as caviar, oysters and rustic pâté are all great options for starts.

Similarly, Grand Brut would pair well with cured meat, curries, fish dishes and rich pasta sauces. Other options include shellfish and marinated white meat. If youre seeking to pair this Champagne with cheese, know that it would go well with even strong options including blue Roquefort.

Although this Champagne is exceptionally dry, the lemon rind notes may pair well with a sour meringue or a sugar-free fruit tart. As for appetisers, Perrier-Jouët is quite versatile and would be quite at home with olives, tapenade, nuts, breadsticks and fresh fries.

For those that enjoy a smoke with their drink, you could even consider mild to medium bodied cigars with Grand Brut.

Finally, given its eccentric character, Perrier-Jouët is most enjoyed around 10°C but can be served at a cooler 8°C .

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We Owe The Iconic Bottle To A Lazy Nephew

In that classic tale of one brother works, the other brother throws himself into an extravagant flourishing arts scene, Henri Gallice and his brother Octave took over for their uncle Charles. Henri managed the family business while Octave headed to Paris to enjoy the aforementioned Beautiful Age. While Henri worked and Octave, presumably, loafed, that loafing paid off: In Paris, Octave met Art Nouveau artist Emile Galle, who made a career putting elegant floral prints on vases, among other things. Octave commissioned Galle to create the iconic Belle Epoque bottle design in 1902. And thus, its entirely possible the less hardworking brother had a more lasting impact on the Perrier-Jouet legacy than his hardworking brother.

Things You Should Know About Perrier

Champagne Grand Brut Perrier

If youve had the privilege of sipping Perrier-Jouet Champagne, or even if you havent, youll probably recognize it. The bottles famous floral design is beloved among royals and users alike, the subject of photos by Champagne pros in Paris, socially distanced partygoers in Miami, and this London wine lovers breakfast. But Perrier-Jouet is known for much more than its impressive looks.

Influential in the world of bubbly for more than two centuries, Perrier-Jouet was among the first Champagne houses to regularly stamp its cork with the date of a blend, also known as its vintage. It also associated quality with season and terroir before minerality was cool and just a few decades into production were talking the 1830s here the house decided to drastically reduce the residual sugar in its wines, essentially setting the stage for the dry Champagne we drink today.

Heres a dozen more things you should know about Perrier-Jouet.

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Overall Experience & Value For Money

Unlike many brands that seek to modernise themselves with new designs, Perrier-Jouët have remained loyal to their original identity by preserving the anemone aesthetic. The premium velvety label is framed by a web of golden flowers that encircle the bold Art-Nouveau style text.

Meanwhile, the capsule is attractive with a gold colour featuring the Perrier-Jouët initials. However, it would have probably been a nicer touch if it revealed itself as an anemone flower. As for the cork, it didnt regain its shape and showed signs of age. This means that the Champagne had been corked some time ago but it didnt negatively affect the overall flavour.

Finally, Perrier-Jouëts value for money is excellent and is well worth the extra cost compared to more mid-range Champagnes. In France, the bottle tested was purchased for 35. Due to duty and importation, this is usually a bit more in the USA.

Indeed, it costs somewhat more . However, it can be found on for only $45 or even less when on sale. Taking the exchange rate into account, this is merely $3 more than the French price at the time of writing this article.

The Flowers Arent Just For Show

Of course, flowers on the bottle only get you so far. Flavor and aroma are the key components of Champagne, and for Perrier-Jouet, its floral all the way. Its scent can be traced back to the Chardonnay grapes grown in certain ultra high-grade chalk slopes in Cramant and Avize in Epernay. Perrier-Jouet current chef de caves Herve Deschamps calls it the floral nuances of Chardonnay.

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Were All Pronouncing It Wrong

Unless youre the one person at the party who knows how to say Moet & Chandon, you probably also didnt know that youre supposed to pronounce the et part of Jouet. Those two dots mean everything you learned about trailing off at the end of French words ending in et was wrong. Per this very helpful video from Social Vignerons, its pronounced Pair-e-yay Zjhooooo-ET .

When Should You Drink Perrier

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut Champagne

With regards to the occasion, Perrier-Jouët is a grandiose and festive Champagne. Therefore, it would be the perfect companion for any grand event from weddings to galas. Although it could be enjoyed casually among friends, its character and soul more-or-less demand that it should be reserved for an occasion.

Nevertheless, if your entourage is passionate about Champagne, Perrier-Jouët makes an enjoyable alternative to more common cuvées such as Veuve Clicquots Carte Jaune.

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Its Basic Blend Is Grand

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut is the flagship style of the house, and a bottle will typically run you about $45. The blend is made with the traditional trio of Champagne grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. While the latter two are red-skinned grapes, Chardonnay, a white grape, makes up about 20 percent of the Grand Brut blend. This is vital to the Perrier-Jouet flavor profile. The houses grapes are highly prized for their high-chalk terroir, which many believe responsible for the telltale floral, delicate Chardonnay flavor.


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