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How Does A Wine Club Work

CALIFORNIA WINE COUNTRY // Napa Valley Wine Tasting

This actually depends on the winery, as there are a number of factors that affect what they offer. Wine clubs and allocations release wines each year. The focus of a wine club or allocation is the current release wines, which are the wines that were just finished. However, being part of the club does often allow you to purchase older bottles when they are available. Some wineries produce a wide selection of wines and thus will release wines 4 times or more every year while others only produce a few different wines so they only release wines once or twice a year. Each release in a year is a different wine. So you might see Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the Spring and Cabernet and Merlot in the Fall. Some wineries will require you to receive a specified amount of wine every year otherwise you will be removed from the wine club while others act as an allocation, which offers you a limited amount of wine during each release and you can choose to take all of it or only part of it. Regardless of the setup, every wine club and allocation comes with perks for the members. Those can be special events, free tastings, special access to limited edition wines, opportunities for travel, discounts, and more. If you really like a winery then joining the wine club will offer you a lot of benefits to enjoy.

Can You Have A Picnic At The Wineries

Unfortunately, the vast majority of wineries do not allow picnics on the property, however, there are some rare exceptions. A limited number of wineries do feature lunch options to pair with your tasting and there are a ton of amazing restaurants with outdoor seating in both Napa and Sonoma. If youâre looking to take in the beautiful scenery while you enjoy your lunch, there is definitely a way to make that happen.

Meet Stu From Stu Lindons Wine Experience

Experienced tour guide for Napa, Sonoma, Russian River A wine lover who will share his deep knowledge of wine and wineries with you

Stu is a conduit between the winemakers and wine lovers, bringing fun and excitement to the stories he tells along the way. He knows his wines and Napa history and shares this with you throughout the day.

Stu was amazing! We wanted more than just a driver to get us from Point A to B and Stu helped us appreciate the history of the valley that really added a depth to our day that we would not have gotten with a regular driver.

BEST FOR: Small groups of 4 or less who want a more intimate experience of Napa, Sonoma or Russian River wine regions.

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Early Days Of Sonoma Wineries

He made his home here and established the town of Sonoma around the mission. Taking some grapes from the mission, he began to cultivate his own wine.

During the upheaval, cuttings from the mission were taken all over Northern California and new vineyards began popping up everywhere. Many of these wine regions are still going strong today Glen Ellen, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek Valley, and, of course, Sonoma Valley.

The Ultimate Private Limousine Tour Of Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tour Experience Safe And Reliable

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Many visit the Napa Valley simply to be part of those who are enjoying the vines from the vineyards scattered across the valley. Napa Valley Vineyards is tagged by the greatest of wine tasters as the world’s most famous wine-growing region. Truth be told it is. Apart from the serenity that will envelop you in the vineyards, this region is also home to the best wineries in San Francisco. Across the valley are over 400 wineries, each with its history, tradition, uniqueness, and style. The Napa Valley Vineyards are known and cherished by wine tasters on wine tours from every part of the world. So, if you are new in the circle of wine lovers and tasters, the best place to perfect your tasting skill is the Napa Valley Vineyards.

If you are one of those who visit Napa valley, then 1ST-CLASSIC will pick you up from wherever you are in San Francisco Bay Area and will take you on a wine tour of Napa Valley Vineyards. You will ride in one of our Executive Class Limousine, Sedan, SUV, Sprinter Van, Charter Bus, or Limo, and our knowledgeable courteous chauffeur who is familiar with the wineries will take you across Napa Valley where you can taste the best of wines that will surpass your expectation. Reserve online or call us today and get ready to have an unforgettable Napa Valley experience!

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Our Exclusive Napa Valley Wine Tours Why Choose Baja Limo

Of course, there are many companies offering transportation services all across Napa Valley. You may have several doubts when it comes to deciding which would be a reliable company that will accompany you around Napa Valley. Obviously, youd want quality, efficiency and reliability from the Napa limo company you choose.

Baja Limousine Service Provides the Finest Napa Valley Wine Tours Enjoy Wine, Limo & Food

Napa limousine service strives to offer the best services possible, completely satisfactory and exciting. To provide visitors with an authentic, enjoyable experience without any hassles, Baja Limo has partnered with most of the Napa Valley wineries. Here are several exclusive benefits youre definite to enjoy with Limo Service in Napa:


Weve spend a considerable number of years building personal relationships with various wineries, their wine makers, proprietors and the staff running the tasting rooms. Generally, weve secured special treatment for our clients when theyre accompanied by us. This is awarded in everything, from personal attention, private access, special pouring or vintages, to even the waived tasting fees. You get that comfort level people usually feel when theyre amongst friends.

Well-Educated and Knowledgeable in Matters Wine

Customized Experience

Fantesca Estate And Winery

Discover a luxurious Napa Valley experience through a private winery tour and tasting with Fantesca. You will experience the Spring Mountain views and savor world-class wines crafted by Heidi Barrett and Tony Arcudi. The unparalleled hospitality and scenery of Fantescas historical Cabernet vineyard will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

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Does The Sommelier Guide Come Into The Wineries With Us

At our partner wineries, we will join the tour to help entertain, provide any answers regarding non-winery-specific questions and assist the winery in their goal to provide you the best experience. In some instances there are wineries that do not have the room to accommodate a tour guide, however, we will always try to steer our guests to establishments that work in harmony with our Sommeliers.

Timeless Napa Wine Tours Testimonials

One day in Napa Valley, wine tasting travel guide

We love Timeless Napa Wine Tours..!! Our tour guide/driver was very knowledgeable of the valley.. We had a fabulous time and so appreciated seeing the smaller family owned vineyards. Italics Vineyards was top of our list!! Thank you for such a great day..!

– Lauren Dekas

Timeless Napa Wine Tours is the best..!! I’ve used them on several occasions and they always go above and beyond to make it the best trip possible. Fully recommend! 7 stars

– Jessica Wasch

What a wonderful day! The driver was so knowledgeable and personable! We really felt pampered and taken care of. She went beyond to make our winery experience a memorable one! She made the day the.. BEST DAY EVER..!!

– Nicole Greene

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Outstanding Napa Limo Wine Tours

Youre assured of outstanding Napa Limo serivce tours as our brand is built around the exceptional functionality, comfort and progressive cool style of the Limousine. Truly, its the ideal touring vehicle for small groups, and is inclusive of all modern conveniences for seeing Napa Wine Valley at its finest. There isnt any viable reason to fail taking advantage of what the limo has to offer.

Comfort and Provisions

Tasting wine all day can be tiring. We keep you properly fueled with waters, premium drinks and energy snacks throughout the tour. Also, we take breaks to refresh and revive the palate so you can stay fresh.

Attention to Detail

We surely dont expect you to know all the details and nuances which go into planning a day of wine touring. Thinking about everything, from timing, logistics, and weather, dining/picnicking to even choosing the right spots, can be overwhelming. We do the difficult part for you, giving you tips appropriate for the tour and advice wherever we can. In the end, you can assuredly say you received more than what you had expected.

Competitive Pricing and Value

We are very sensitive to matters regarding your budget. We try to assist lowering hourly rates and other fees to make for a convenient budget. We offer more value for your money. The level of our professional knowledge, photography and customized services outshines most other tour guides here.

Daily Napa Valley Sprinter Limo Wine Tours

An enjoyable alternative to a private limo tour for a fraction of the cost. Build friendships with fellow wine tasting enthusiasts and create life-long memories.

Dynamic Napa Wine Tours gives wine enthusiasts the luxury and service they expect from Beau Wine Tours without the additional cost of a private tasting tour. The daily wine tours experience is an affordable and wildly popular way to enjoy Napa Valley and its world famous wines. While on this mixed-group tour, you will meet new friends who share your passion for great wine as well as those curious about the wine tasting experience. You will learn about Napas eclectic local history and geography and see for yourself why visitors and locals alike are in love with the beauty that surrounds the Valley.

Your full day of wine tasting begins when we pick you up from your Napa Valley hotel in one of our luxurious Mercedes Sprinter limousines. Enjoy a glass of complimentary champagne as you become acquainted with your fellow wine enthusiasts. Relax in the plush seats as your vehicle weaves its way through Napas extraordinary countryside and beautiful vineyards.

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Meet Napa Valley Wine Country Tours

Wine Taste in Style! 19 person Convertible Limo style shuttles Luxurious SUV

When you want to visit Napa is luxurious style, pick Vine Country Transportation. They everything from town cars to limos to a 55 person coach and even offer complete tour packages for bachelorette parties and corporate events. Best yet, George is one of the nicest guys youll ever meet and makes a fun day in Napa or Sonoma even more enjoyable!

This has to be by far, hands down best wine tasting tour experience ever had! Our driver George was AMAZING, he made the day PERFECT. He is super nice, attentive and outgoing.

BEST FOR: From couples to groups, Napa Valley Vine Country Tours has a number of vehicles with rates that are very fair for a large transportation company. Their convertible large shuttle makes getting there half the fun, especially for bachlorette parties.

Meet Melissa From A Drive For Wine Co

Napa Valley Wine Country Tour is a full service Napa Wine Tour Service ...

Luxury SUV! Makes Reservations Napa, Sonoma, Russian River Expert Expert Tour Guide, Not Just a Driver

A Napa local with a passion for the stories of wine country, Melissa excels in customizing the perfect day for guests. From iconic, historic wineries to fully allocated, boutique locations, Melissa can tailor the day to your preferences or drive your plan in her luxury SUV. Melissa costs a bit more than a basic driver but shell add a lot of flair to your trip and even make your reservations, a huge time saver and worth it!

Melissa is such a delight! She recommended amazing wineries that we would not have found on our own and even make the reservations for us, all included!

BEST FOR: Those looking for a full service driver. If you want an entertaining tour guide who knows all the Napa stories, book Melissa. She also helps with itineraries and can even make your reservations for you, a huge time saver. Groups of 6 or less.

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Why Our Wine Tours

We don’t have preset itineraries and will create a unique itinerary, just for you, based on our extensive knowledge of the wineries in Napa and Sonoma. In addition, Jason, our owner, personally leads every tour! He has personally visited over 125 wineries. He has established relationships with every winery he recommend to ensure the best experiences for our clients. This allows us to plan the best trip for you, your preferences, and your budget. We will handle all of the reservations for you, lunch spots, dinner reservations, if you need help with dinner plans, and provide 10-12 hours of driving time per day at no additional charge!

Maybe you’ve been to Wine Country before and just need a little help figuring out where to go on your next trip or getting reservations at some of those hidden gem, hard to get into wineries? If that’s you, then our consulting services will be perfect for you. We’ll get all your winery reservations set for you as well as assisting with lunch/dinner reservations and suggestions, other sightseeing opportunities, or any other Wine Country travel needs you might have.

Let us take the stress out of your vacation planning so you can dare to DREAM, EXPLORE, and DISCOVER Wine Country like you never have before!

Travel In Style Transportation Options With Beau Wine Tours

With a focus on green efforts and offering wine tours, corporate and group travel, and airport transportation, our transportation partner Beau Wine Tours goes beyond the expectations for our clients.

Their chauffeurs are highly trained guides providing you with superior and professional service. Beau Wine Tours offers preferred rates exclusively available to guests of Mount View Hotel & Spa Napa Valley. Contact our concierge or our sales team to make your reservations.

Contact our or our to make your reservations.

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Escape With Limo Service In Napa Into The Intricate World Of Wine

Baja Limo is your personal concierge to one of the worlds most renown wine regions. Featuring some of Napa Valleys finest offerings in wine, dining, and attractions, this interactive guide is your resource to planning an unforgettable tour of this famed region. Baja Limo, Sacramentos premier luxury transportation, provide groups of all sizes with personalized, guided tours of Napa Valley in the ultimate comfort and style. Our relationships with local wineries and restaurants give our guests exclusive access to some of the regions most popular destinations. Come and experience the wineries that helped put California on the forefront of the wine world, enjoy delicious culinary creations from expert chefs and explore historic attractions, all with Baja Limo

Wine Tours Wine Tasting And Limo Service In Napa And Surrounding Areas

Napa Valley Wine Tours Limousine Service

Welcome to Timeless Napa Wine Tours, Napas preferred wine tour and transportation company. At Timeless Napa Wine Tours, we specialize in top-of-the-line service and offer access to Napas best wineries. We can accommodate groups from 2 to 12 people. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway for 2 or a group party with family and friends, you can count on us for safe, reliable, and luxurious transportation.

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Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tours

Giving a Luxury Touch to Your Travel Needs!!!

Napa Valley is well known for producing some of the worldâs best wines. Full bodied Cabernets, fruity Merlots, and buttery Chardonnay are just a few of the dozens of varietal wines presented by the 400-plus wineries, each with its own unique style, setting and history, the valley offers something for everyone. With BlackWagen services at your disposal, explore the most magnificent wineries of Napa Valley! Enjoy unforgettable wine tastings, stunning views and behind-the-scenes tours of wine cellars and caves. Plus, 95% of the wineries are family-owned and operated, which means nearly every spot will feel like home. BlackWagen brings you an all-day Napa Valley Wine Tours where you’re in control, whether you just want hours of Napa wine tasting or are looking for special side trips like a picnic lunch or shopping at Napa’s outlets and not to mention the scenic rolling beauty of Napa Valley Wine Country, its range of splendid architecture, and the intimate hospitality of Northern California wineries when you hire a private executive black car services from BlackWagen, you experience the romance of California wine country at your own pace while we are taking care of the transportation! Our executive black car services are available but not limited to Yountville, Oakville, Rutherford, St. Helena, Angwin, Calistoga. Book us today to enjoy the luxurious wines of Napa Valley!!

Can I Bring My Children

The short answer is yes. Unfortunately, there are a number of wineries that do not allow children. However, we can always arrange a day around specific wineries that donât have that rule in place in case you are not able to find a babysitter. Even though they are not drinking, many wineries will charge a small amount for the seating due to limited space.

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Meet Rod From Napa Driver Tours

Can Legally Drive Rentals Trip Planning and Reservation Service Included Extensive wine and winery background Highly competitive Rates

There are plenty of drivers in Napa who claim they can legally drive rentals, but Rod is the only one who posts his documents online so you can feel confident that you are protected. Rod also can help you plan out your itinerary and will even make the reservations for you – yes, that is not a misprint! This is HUGE!

Wow, what a great value! Rod and Wally helped us pick wineries and then Rod made the reservations. We just had to show up and enjoy our day. What a treat!

BEST FOR: Those on a tighter budget who are looking for a driver with rates that dont break the bank but also want a courteous and knowledgeable driver. If you have a rental, you need to check with Rod for his rates.


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