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Black Ceramic Ring With Whiskey Barrel Oak Wooden Ring

Whiskey Barrel Rings

Black ceramic is an ideal choice for electricians as it is non-conductive. It is extremely durable and scratch resistance, with a 2035MPa on the Hardness scale, making it more durable than any metal except tungsten carbide. Unlike the black zirconium, the black ceramic color is not coated- that is to say it is black through and through. Should it get scratched , it will not reveal a different color underneath.

In addition to the main lines listed above, there are a wide variety of other styles of whiskey barrel wedding band available. You can click here to see the whiskey barrel category in my shop. Alternatively, you can select any style you see in any section of my shop and choose to substitute wood from the distillery of your choice.

Weathered Whiskey Barrel Wood Ring

Ancient as it may be, there is an undeniable refinement about whiskey and its production. Whiskey barrels come from hand-selected oak trees, usually from the white oak family, and are the primary means by which the flavor of the final spirit is achieved. The charred inside of a whiskey barrel acts to remove Sulphur while the wood sugars are caramelized and leech into the whiskey. Our weathered whiskey barrel wood rings are an ode to those smoky barrels which cure your favorite whiskey to maturity. We have several of the most well-known Tennessee whiskey barrel woods in stock, but if you have a favorite that isnt listed here and have access to some barrel wood, we can probably make something custom!

Weathering the wood is done via an old process, whereby the wood is dipped in water mixed with ferrous sulfate, the same stuff often used as a mineral supplement. You can read more about that process here. The mixture reacts to the tannins in the wood, turning them silver, gray, or dark gray, creating a permanent color change in the wood that is unique to each piece.

Select from your favorite American whiskey brand.

Note: The color of each whiskey barrel wood is the same as they are all made from Oak.

Whiskey Barrel Oak Rings

Do you or your future spouse enjoy a little Jack or Jim at the end of a long day…or for no reason at all? Perfect! We handcraft rings using authentic whiskey barrel oak wood that has a beautiful pattern and we know you’ll love it. All of our wood wedding bands and wood engagement rings are coated with our Ring Armor that makes them highly durable and water resistant.

Check out our blog and see how we make our whiskey barrel rings.

I absolutely love my ring! It’s unique and exactly what I was looking for. Ring aside, the JBJ team is amazing to work with.

Just received my fiancés ring today!! Its everything and more that I wanted!! He LOVES it. If I could rate them a 10 I would.

Really cool company with really unique materials and designs, plus excellent customer service. Special thanks to Ruth and Kirstin for all your help.

My husbands wedding band is exquisite. Its quality work without being too heavy and it honestly is nicer than the pictures. Great customer service and fantastic craftsmanship.

Beautiful ring! The quality is excellent. The seller was extremely communicative and helpful in answering my questions.

Im so glad that we got rings from here. The sizing process was straightforward and easy, and when the rings arrived they fit perfectly! They are very high quality and I couldnt be happier.

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All Our Rings Are Made True To Us Standard Ring Sizes

Don’t know your ring size?

We recommend getting your finger sized at a local jeweler. You can also do a quick Google search to find ring sizing methods available online. Just make sure you measure based on U.S. standard ring sizes.

If you order the wrong size, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We offer hassle-free returns and exchanges.

Whiskey Barrel Rings For Men

Black Satin Tungsten and Whiskey Barrel Mens Ring

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Our Range Of Tungsten Rings

We here at Manly Bands invite you to take a look at our entire Tungsten Collection of manly wedding bands. We know there is more to picking out a wedding band than just finding one that looks good. It has to feel good, it has to fit good, and it has to BE good for what you need. Whether you are the lead mechanic at the shop, the head maintenance tech for the plant, or the best damned handyman in the whole house, you may need a ring that can take some punishment. Tungsten is there for you, bro.

Just start here: The Overlord. You can’t get a ring that so perfectly honors one of cinema’s most iconic bad-ass villains without Tungsten. That sleek, sexy shine blends with the deep, dark, menacing black carbon fiber inlay. This ring doesn’t just promise the world a Force-Choke if they cross you, it promises to be able to take one itself.

And on the other side, you have The Peacekeeper. Solid Tungsten, with brushed metal. Silver, Blue, shiny, but subdued. This ring makes a statement, but not a loud and obnoxious one. It speaks of a quiet, but incredible inner strength, one that should not be questioned.

Why Order From Lux

When you order from us, we can guarantee several things:

  • Our mission is a charitable one, and we use reclaimed and environmentally friendly materials in all of our rings.
  • Our customer service is second to none, and we aren’t afraid to go the extra mile.
  • We have over 5000 5* reviews.
  • Where possible, we will help take the stress out of your wedding planning.

These are the reasons why we have the reputation that we do. So if you are on the market for a unique and individual wedding band, please get in touch and let our team take some of the stress out of your wedding planning.

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Mens Rings Made From Whiskey Barrels Have Got To Be Some Of The Coolest Wedding Bands We Get To Make Its The Ultimate In Upcycling And We Love How Each One Is Different From The Next

The history behind whiskey barrels is fascinating. To learn more about how whiskey barrel wood gets turned into mens wedding bands, read on! To skip ahead, check out our product page for the ring we appropriately named The Whiskey Barrel or check out our entire Whiskey Barrel Collection.

A Little Whiskey Barrel Background

The traditional whiskey barrel is made from American white oak harvested from trees grown in the middle to eastern parts of the U.S. and eastern Canada. Strips of wood are carefully bent and bound together with steel hoops. Then two round ends are attached, and the result is an airtight and waterproof 52-gallon container. Barrel makers, also known as Coopers, use a very specific process in creating these wooden wonders.

Drying. A whiskey barrel begins its journey as raw planks of wood that have to be stacked and dried for up to several months. How long the wood needs to dry depends on the final product that itll be used in making.

Cutting. Next, 31-33 boards are strategically cut in specific patterns to create the planks that make the sides of the barrel as well as the round tops and bottoms.

Assembling . The staves are arranged into a narrow-wide-narrow-wide pattern. This ensures that the pressure on the barrel will be evenly distributed among all the pieces when it is finished. Otherwise, the barrel will leak. Nobody wants that!

  • The barrels expand and become waterproof.
  • How Mens Rings Get Made From Whiskey Barrels


    How To Care For Your Tungsten Wedding Ring

    Whiskey Barrel Ring Transformation

    Mild soap, water, and love. Seriously just take it off while washing your hands and give it a little soapy love and it is very happy.

    … Just, try not to whack your ring against any tile floors, OK? Your manly swing + hard tile = a blow Tungsten may not survive. We all have our Kryptonite. Pliers and tile are Tungsten’s version.

    Don’t forget to stop by our ring size guide and get your Manly Ring Sizer to make sure you know your size first. It’ll save a lot of headaches and pre-wedding fights. Trust us…


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    Weathered Whiskey Barrel Ring Inlays

    Celebrate the spirit of your choice by selecting your favorite whiskey brand. We use authentic whiskey barrels once used by the respective brand in our rings. The white oak is put through a natural process that turns the wood a deep black. It reminds us of the charred inside of a whiskey barrel.

    Note: All of our weathered whiskey barrel woods have the same deep black color.

    Mens Whiskey Barrel Ring

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    Whisky Barrel Wood Ring Durability

    The elephant in the room when talking about any type of wood ring, especially whiskey barrel wood rings! Luckily for you, whiskey barrel wood produces the most durable wood rings that we make. Like all wood products, whiskey barrel wood rings are susceptible to water damage and abrasion. We recommend avoiding prolonged submersion in water like swimming, soaking in a hot tub, fermenting your hand in a barrel of whiskey, and so on and so forth. If you do find that your ring has been exposed to a bucket load of water, dont worry. Let the ring dry in a cool environment for a day or two and then condition the wood with a wood conditioner like linseed oil or beeswax.

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    Star Reviews From Happy Aad Customers:

    Mens Wedding Rings

    Love, Love, Love this ring. It is better than I expected. Matches my Tanzanite ring I wear on my right hand. This was a replacement wedding band. I lost my first one cause the size was off and the ring was heavy. This ring fits so well and stays put.


    They did great work and my husband loved the ring. It is great quality and super light weight. The timing from ordering to receiving it was also really quick. We are extremely happy with the product and the seller! Thank you again!


    We received this beautiful ring quickly and it was packaged well! The ring is stunning and my fiance loves it! It looks great on his hand! Also, from the time I ordered it, there was great communication with the artist! Felt good to know what was going on


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    The Ultimate Whiskey Barrel Wood Wedding Ring

    Looking for a completely unique and badass wood wedding band? Meet the Bourbon. This wood wedding ring is made of ultra-durable gun metal polished tungsten carbide infused with a 100-Proof inlay made from the finest whiskey barrels we can get our hands on! Every bourbon ring features a one of a kind wood grain pattern that makes for a great conversation starter! Not only does this ring look amazing, its also super comfortable. If youre a whiskey drinker, outdoorsy type, or just love the look whiskey barrel wrapped around your finger, this ring is for you! Engrain your memories. Rock the Bourbon.

    All rings are nickel free, come with a Lifetime Warranty, and are guaranteed not to turn your finger green.

    What Are People Saying About Their Whiskey Barrel Rings

    I’m not a ring guy, but this caught my fancy and I have really enjoyed it. It is easy on/off, but still stays put when I want it to. I’m very impressed with the quality of the ring and very much like the recycled whiskey barrel wood. I haven’t had it very long, but it appears to be wearing well even with the wear and tear I make on rings.

    Wally T.

    From the ring quality to the customer service, its has been a great experience. My friends were jealous of my new wedding band.

    Jason W.

    I am giving this ring 5 stars, at this price point I think you would be hard pressed to find a nicer ring. The fit runs true to size, the finish is very nice.

    Charles T.

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    Tungsten Carbide Ring With Bourbon Barrel Oak Wood Ring

    Not all Tungsten Carbide rings are the same! Tungsten and Carbon, elements that would naturally be powders, are combined at very high temperatures with binders to make an incredibly dense, nearly indestructible metal. The choice and quality of these extra elements are what sets this top quality, American made material apart from its mass-produced-in-China counterparts. While it is possible to shatter a WedgeWood Tungsten Ring, it is considerably more difficult than with a mall-kiosk tungsten carbide ring.

    How To Use The Manly Flat Ring Sizer

    Your finger looks JACK’D! Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel rings!

    Note: It’s best to measure when your hands are cold, not after a Manly workout when they are likely swollen with power and ingenuity.

  • Pop the desired size out of the flat sizer and find one that fits comfortably snug.
  • Shake your hand like you’re waving goodbye to your future in-laws and see if it stays in place. If so, that is your standard size! If not, keep trying. You should have to twist it a bit to get it off your finger. Otherwise it will be too big.
  • Make sure to consider whether you want to be able to spin your ring around a lot or if you want it to go on and stay on day and night and adjust your chosen size as needed.
  • Wear your chosen size around for the next couple hours while you do manly stuff, just to make sure it is, in fact, the droid you’re looking for.
  • Head back here to buy your Manly Band!
  • – This flat sizer contains sizes 5-15 in whole and half sizes, then sizes 15-20 in whole sizes only

    – Sizes 5-7 are 6mm in width

    – Sizes 7.5-20 are 8mm in width

    Please note: Ring Sizers are FINAL SALE and not eligible for return. Please pass on to a friend if you are done with yours and have no further use for it.

    Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, it all really boils down to how you want the ring to fit. Note that there should be a little resistance when taking it off. If your knuckles are big, do not size down for the smaller widths.

    Still totally stumped? We’d be glad to help, so email us:

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    Whiskey Barrel Wood Titanium Simple Band Ring

    Chasing Victory

    • A simple ring: titanium body with an inlay of wood cut from whiskey barrels once used by the Jack Daniel Distillery. Its a ring for a craftsman, a ring for an artisan. The man who wears this ring understands the beauty in simplicity, the art of subtlety. He needs a ring that will catch the eye, but one that still represents him in all his forms and one durable enough to keep up with his rough lifestyle. Its in the pocket of his faded jeans until the saw is turned off and his safety goggles are removed. Then its back on, sliding over his calloused, dirty fingers.
    • Made from whiskey barrels once used by the Jack Daniel Distillery
    • Wide wood inlay
  • The man who wears this ring understands the beauty in simplicity, the fine art of subtlety. He values hard work and requires a lightweight, durable wedding band that keeps up with his rough-cut lifestyle. Exuding utmost care and creativity, this genuine whiskey barrel ring is crafted with a durable titanium body and aged wood inlay. Industrious hands will be grateful for the soft, comfortable fit of a smooth interior paired with the natural grit of a wooden exterior. Whiskey barrel wood rings are the perfect choice for the artisan in your life, representing his deep appreciation for eye-catching natural beauty.

    After Making A Purchase

    After you make a purchase for a bentwood ring we will send you a free ring sizer. Once you have used the ring sizer please confirm your size here. Directions on how to use the sizer and how to confirm your size will come with the ring sizer.

    Already Received a ring sizer?

    If you already ordered a ring sizer before purchasing a bentwood ring then there is nothing further you need to do.

    Why Do We Send Out a Ring sizer?

    Besides the high level of craftsmanship and the amount of time that is spent on each ring. Northern Royal bentwood rings can be resized within a half size in either directions. If the ring needs to be resized more than a half size you would have to pay 60% of the ring price to allow for a brand new ring replacement. Of course you can still keep the ring that does not fit.

    Ring Sizer Shipping Time?

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