La Gritona Reposado Tequila Review

About La Gritona Tequila Reposado

La Gritona Reposado Tequila Review

La Gritona is a reposado tequila from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Owner and operator Melly Barajas, along with a group of local women, produce this tequila in a small distillery using locally grown agave. The bottle is also produced locally hand-blown using recycled glass in a city an hour away.

Since its a reposado tequila, La Gritona is slightly aged before bottling. The spirit sits in ex-Jack Daniels barrels for 8 months to accentuate the agave characteristics without adding too much flavor from the barrel. Theres more in-depth information on the distilling process on the La Gritona website.

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Based on 1 votes, the average rating for La Gritona Reposado Tequila is 8.0/10.

Top reviews for La Gritona Reposado Tequila:

& horbar One of my favorite tequilas to have on hand – smooth yet bright. Mixes well into a margarita or on its own.

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Why people love it?

La Gritona Reposado Tequila which is carefully distilled at Guadeloupe is adored for its sweet, agave, herbal and vegetal flavor notes.

Personal Scores & Reviews From Our Community

Fair to middle of the road Reposado expression. Not a lot going on here. Some cooked agave, a little artificial sweetness detected. A little flat in the mid palate. Finish your s fair

Vegetal, raw agave ….. no barrel or signs of aged flavor …. low key sipper and good for mixing

This is a very interesting tequila. Lots of vanilla cake batter on the nose, some ethanol when you get deep into the glass, some agave and vegetal notes. The flavor is very surprising, I thought it was going to be a vanilla cake bomb but the nose definitely doesnt fully translate into the tasting. I get raw agave, a touch of vanilla and oak, its at a nice sweetness. Lingering is a very interesting spice note, reminiscent of cinnamon or baking spices. All in all, Im very pleased with this, definitely a highly competent reposado. Something agave lovers can enjoy while also being something interesting to show to a non tequila drinker.

I expected not a lot, and it didnt disappoint. Unlike others, Im barely getting anything to identify in the nose. A hint of agave but also a slight funk and maybe an extremely slight touch of sweetness. Not getting any barrel notes. Mouth feel is weird. And the finish…Starts a bit harsh. No sweetness. Then a bit of heat. A blend of black pepper and cinnamon. It ramps up and then calms a bit for a long peppery finish. For cocktails maybe, but sipping, not so much.

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La Gritona Reposado Tequila

Mexico- This exciting new tequila is made with a complex and brooding character in mind. The spirit gives off notes of caramelized fruit, ginger and pepper. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, as a shot, or in a cocktail.

3 oz.

Lime peel to garnish

Pour citron vodka, silver tequila and lime juice into cocktail shaker with ice.Shake well. Pour into martini glass. Add club soda and stir. Garnish with lime peel.

Tequila may have a wild and crazy reputation, but this unique spirit is created according to strict guidelines, guaranteeing authenticity and consistency. Its distilled from the fermented juice of the Weber blue agave plant, and comes only from a specified region of Mexico, centered around the western state of Jalisco.

Tequila production begins with the agave plant, cultivated in Mexicos desert regions. Early civilizations believed agave was a gift from the gods, which they used as a source for food, fibers and building materials. They would cut off the top of the plant, and the remaining stump filled with a liquid called aguamiel that would ferment into a cloudy, low-alcohol drink.

Spain lifted the ban for good in 1792, and in 1795 gave a license for the production of tequila to Jose María Guadalupe de Cuervo, maker of what is now the worlds best-selling tequila, Jose Cuervo.

A tequila labeled simply gold or joven is unaged, possibly with caramel coloring or other sweeteners added.

La Gritona Reposado Review

La Gritona Reposado Tequila  Bitters &  Bottles

Once alcohol sales moved into grocery stores in Washington, it really did impact the diversity of spirits you could buy across different state run stores. So, when we happened to be out and come across an original Liquor Store still doing business, I had to go inside.

The selection wasnt that big of a departure from the big box liquor stores, but when I see something out of the ordinary I tend to be a moth to a flame. When I saw La Gritona at the North Tacoma liquor store, I grabbed it. The bottle has a vintage look and feel with a moonshine vibe.

I wish the bottle was the only thing that had a moonshine vibe, but this tequila had a rough alcohol taste that we tend to call grainy. I have read several other reviews that referred to a plastic like taste, which might be the note I was getting stuck on.

This tequila still stands well above any Jose Cuervo or Jimidor, but not a show stopper. It has some very sweet flavors, which I personally enjoy. However, the complexity that the oak barrels seems to overpower that at the end.

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