Kitchen Cabinet Wine Rack Ideas

Personalized Rustic Wine Storage Rack

Build Your Own DIY Wine Glass Rack for Kitchen Cabinets

Properly customize your homes décor with this personalized wine rack. It is perfect to hang up on the wall near a bar whether that is in the kitchen or in its own area like a basement. This holds a couple of wine bottles, but it can also support numerous glasses whether you hang them on the bottom or sit some of them on the top rack. Otherwise, you can place different decorative items on the top section too if you want to help this blend even more with your rooms décor. Thanks to the rustic appearance of the wood, it can suit a vintage style as well.

A Small Inbuilt Kitchen Wine Storage For Open Kitchen

This kitchen wine storage unit beside the breakfast countertop is perfect for a small apartment with an open kitchen. This cosy corner has everything you need to unwind after a long day of work. The comfortable high chairs add to the vibe of this space. This kitchen wine storage setup has everything you need to entertain your guests as you prepare your meals.

John Dolecheks Diy Wine Rack

This step-by-step process from John Dolechek features a wall-mount wine rack. If you love geometrical décor, the diamond pattern of the shelves is perfect for you. The straight, square edges make it an easy starter project. You can customize the number of units and sizes to fit your wine collection.

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Contemporary Kitchen With White Cabinets And Built In Wine Rack In Kitchen Island

A Cambria eggshell countertop was preferred in this small kitchen where bright tones dominate. White clear glass backsplash preferred kitchen has been made more spacious with white shaker cabinets. There is a wine cabinet on the island. The wine cabinet is designed as a medium tone wood and consists of 3 compartments, unlike the white cabinets, to be easily distinguished and stand out. In this example, which receives daylight comfortably, 3 green pendants placed on the island add a different atmosphere to the space.

ID# 100623 | Credit |

Ikea Wine Rack Storage Hack

55+ Cabinet Mounted Wine Rack

Theres much fun to be had with IKEA furniture as it allows for some great hacks. Case in point: this cool wine storage. Originally, this design stems from IKEA Kallax shelves. From there, all you need to do is build or buy some wine inserts or X-inserts. You can fill up the entire thing with the wine inserts or leave some space at the bottom for storage bins if there is anything else wine-related you need to keep close by. This is such a quick and easy way to organize all those wine bottles that have been clogging up your pantry or cupboards.

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Transitional Kitchen With White Shaker Cabinets And Casearstone Countertop

In this kitchen design with high ceilings, white color is dominant, casearstone countertop is preferred and a nice harmony is achieved with white shaker cabinets. Granite countertop is preferred on the island and it is designed with dark wood tones. The beige tones used in the seating units are in good harmony with the rest of the kitchen. The glass lidded wine cabinet on the island has many divisions. The lighting of the place was focused on the island, and in other places, small ceiling-embedded lighting elements were preferred.

ID# 100627

Wine Storage Ideas For A Small Kitchen

If youre a wine enthusiast, but dont have a wine cellar, its okay. You can still proudly display your vintages, either as a backdrop or as the star of your kitchen.

This room is the ideal place for wine storage, as its close to the wine glasses and entertainment area for guests. Even those with a smaller kitchen can find ways to store their bottles efficiently and beautifully.

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Modern Geometric Handcrafted Wine Rack

When you are in the market for something more unique, check out this geometric, handcrafted wine rack. Available in a set of three, these have a hexagonal shape and are set up in a honeycomb style that looks appealing when hung on the wall. This lets it flow well, more so if you hang it up around a bar area or kitchen area. In fact, you can hang this up in any pattern you wish that best fits your particular style. Also, this can be made in a handful of different wooden materials from darker ones to lighter ones, allowing the wine rack to blend with various types of décor.

Stackable Countertop Wine Bottle Storage

How to build a Wine Glass Rack for Kitchen Cabinets // DIY

Keep your wine bottles close at hand with this nice wine bottle storage. It fits well on a countertop so that you can add to the décor in your kitchen, settling these bottles off to a specific corner in the room. This way, you save on space while elevating your decorative style. There is a nice geometric pattern to these holders too so that they look more appealing. Consider that you can also choose from various colors, and there are three different sizes to pick from too. They are designed so that they can stack on top of each other.

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Dresser Wine Rack Upcycling Storage

Dont toss out that old dresser when you can put it to much better use. As an upcycling project, you can transform this dresser into a wine rack. A paint job and taking out some of the drawers go a long way into making this seem like a wine bottle storage that youve bought rather than built at home. Depending on how you paint it and the type of dresser you have, this can have a pretty cool farmhouse look to it that wont look out of place if you set this up in your family room or dining room. You can even use the top of the dresser for extra storage for other decorative items.

Make A Wine Rack From An Old Cabinet

Old furniture is a great starting point for creating your own unique wine rack. You can clean up and refurb an old cabinet, table, or even a piano into a wine rack.

This is actually an old dresser found in a dumpster, that was cleverly converted into a wine rack storage table. They sanded it down and applied a walnut stained top and painted the entire piece white. Afterward they added new cabinet pulls, and wine bottle and wine glass holder hardware.

And if you feel like going for a weathered vintage look, you dont even have to refinish the cabinet as you see below.

We also have a Dresser to Wine Rack DIY provided by The Happy Housewife, which she shows you how she took an old dresser and converted it into a wine rack.

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Top 6 O & K Furniture Industrial Wine Rack

O& K Wine Rack Table with Glass Holder

If youre in the market for an open wine rack, then this product is a decent pick as it allows users to take advantage of the top to display or open your wine. This floor standing wine rack allows users to store up to 7 bottles in the middle tier and while the space on the left and right side is meat for keeping bottle openers and glasses.

More so, the top tier is suitable for holding any extra wine bottles or ornaments. The manufacturer included step-by-step instruction and necessary hardware for hassle-free assembly. Even better, users can easily contact this brands customer service for quick assistance though you shouldnt need that. O & K Furniture Industrial Wine Rack is built with MDF and durable black metal for longevity.


Unique Wall Hanging Wine Storage

20+ Under Cabinet Wine Storage

Are you looking for a way to keep your wine within reach yet still out of the way? Then consider going for handmade wall rack ideas such as this one. The stained wood offers a lovely dark tone to the piece overall, and it helps this blend vintage and modern themes together. There is a uniqueness found with the storage too considering how the wine bottles hang from the holes. This method provides the storage with a sense of movement while capturing the attention of anyone who walks into the room. Also, there is an ample amount of room available to hang numerous bottles.

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Pipe And Tube Diy Wine Storage

It may seem odd to have an entire category of pipe and tube wine racks, but the shape and availability of these items makes them the perfect building blocks for vino storage! Our next DIY wine rack is a breathtaking wall display made of terracotta clay tubes. Buy a few or buy a bunch either way you can create a perfect vintage wine display wall.

Looking for something a little smaller and with a bit more funk? Our next DIY wine rack, by Adventures in Creating, was made with various sizes of PVC pipe. Arranged in a fun, sculptural way, this wine rack is really a work of art!

Need some wine storage and a side table? Why not make two-in-one? This mod, industrial side table, by Adventures of an Almost 40 Year Old Intern, uses drainage pipes held together with turnbuckles to store your beloved wine collection. Add a glass table top and you can even have a little bar area on top!

If you are looking for something on the cheap, you will love our next DIY wine rack. Originally created on ReadyMade and featured on Bob Vila, this DIY wine rack is simply made by lining up cardboard tube mailers. How easy and spectacular is that!?

Traditional Kitchen With Soft Green Island And Marble Countertop

In the example of the large classic u-shaped kitchen, the island used in light green kitchen cabinets shows itself in an eye-catching way. Dark wood floor is used and it reveals the upper parts of this space. We see the harmony between marble countertop and green. Some of the beaded inset cabinets used under the island are used as wine cabinets. In this bright kitchen, white subway-tile backsplash was used, and modern style wall sconces were preferred as the lighting element.

ID# 100638 | Credit |

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Kitchen Cabinet Wine Rack Storage

Are you out of room to store your wine, but still want to keep it within reach? Then consider going the route of using your kitchen cabinets as a base for your wine storage. With just a couple of wooden boards, you can add to your cabinets, giving more personality to your kitchen without taking up much room. This is great for those small-space designs. Also, the wine bottles are always right where you need them to be so you dont have to wander too far to make a drink.

Top 2 Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/ Towel Rack

Rockwood Kitchens Wine Rack Wall Cabinet Assembly

Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/Towel Rack

This product is considered as one of the best wall mounted wine racks that you can add to your choices

Need more space in your kitchen? The Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/ Towel Rack can be the solution to your space problem. This rack is designed to hold wine bottles horizontally without taking up any space on your kitchen counter.

The rack features a unique configuration to allow users to build in more depending on how much space you need to create. Although this wall-mount wine rack is built for holding your wine collections, this versatile product can be used to hold your towels.

The Sorbus Wall Mount Wine/ Towel Rack has enough space to hold six vinos at a time, but users can always include extra racks for more space to house additional wine bottles as your collection grows. Although this model racks some assembly, it includes detailed, clear instruction to guide you through the process.

Besides, this best wall wine rack comes at an affordable price range.


  • The included screws are not long enough

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Plumbing Pipes Trendy Wine Rack

Plastics are hard to eliminate in the environment. With this plumbing pipes wine rack, you can help nature through recycling. Not only will you lessen the waste, but you will also have a trendy and chic wine rack.

Depending on your aesthetic, you can paint in any color to suit your aesthetic. It is a sleek circular modern décor, away from the traditional rustic edges.

Transitional Kitchen With Blue

Dark tone floor is preferred in this kitchen design, where blue and gray colors are elegantly used, while the stainless steel appliances are placed in recessed-panel gray kitchen cabinets, while the kitchen wine cabinet finds its place here. In the kitchen, which has a large design area, quartzite countertop is preferred on the island, and blue color and stainless steel material are preferred for seating elements.

ID# 100645

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Hexagonal Prism Wire Rack

This wine rack is simple and neat. The hexagonal prism is the perfect shape to cradle a wine bottle, while the wire makes the wine bottles their own decoration. You can see the labels clearly through the wire, and the seven compartments stack neatly because of the hexagonal shape. This is a small wine rack that fits almost anywhere, so you can put it on your counter, bay window, or even on a low shelf.

Transitional Kitchen With White Cabinets And Beige Floor

19 Sleek Contemporary Wine Cabinets to Enhance Your Interior

In this kitchen designed in harmony of white and beige colors, the blue double-bowl sink island stands out. Part of this island, half of which is used for storage, is reserved as a wine cabinet. The bright atmosphere of the space is supported by subway-tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and white shaker cabinets. Quartz countertop has been preferred throughout the kitchen.

ID# 100637 | Credit |

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Contemporary Kitchen Built In Wine Rack In Kitchen Island With Multicolored Backsplash

In this eye-catching I-shaped kitchen, dark tones are preferred for the lower cabinets, while white tones are preferred for the upper cabinets. Light tone flooring is compatible with the general of the kitchen. A white countertop was used throughout the kitchen and a 4 * 5 unit wine cabinet was used on the island. Multicolored backsplash adds a different tone to the space.

ID# 100635 | Credit

Handmade Modular Wine Rack Storage

Create a unique little wine cellar with this modular wine rack design. You can place the bottle holder vertically or horizontally, and if you buy multiple ones, you can set them up together to form one cohesive piece. The single storage option holds three bottles well enough, and it works well if you place it on the ground or if you elevate it on a countertop or table. It has a clean and modern appearance that allows it to blend well in a contemporary room. Also, there are six different color styles you can choose from so that you get the best fit possible for your style.

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Pallet Wood Wine Rack Floor Storage

This storage utilizes reclaimed wood to create a unique wine rack that sits well on the floor. Settle it off to a corner to add more to your rooms decorative style. The three shelves work well at holding multiple wine bottles so that you can store as much as you need. At the same time, the pallet wood floor cabinet also has plenty of space on top for that extra bit of storage. You can use this for more bottles, glasses, or for anything else that you wish to add to your wine rack. With this rack, you not only get something stylish, but you also receive something good for the environment considering it uses that reclaimed material.

Turn Your Island Counter Into A Minibar

Super Easy to Build Wall Cabinet Wine Rack

A kitchen island is a multifunctional area that can be used for cooking, chopping and entertainment. You can also use it to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. You can also use the space underneath to arrange your wine bottle. A kitchen table with a wine rack underneath and some room for your glasses can transform your kitchen island into a personalised bar.

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Contemporary Kitchen Wine Cabinet Shelf Unit With Gray Basalt Tile Backsplash

In this example where we see a stylish design, a bold, black basalt tile backsplash wraps the wall up to the ceiling, so the impression of the space has increased. The wooden details used on the ceiling and walls made this open concept kitchen more impressive. The lighting elements, which have a minimal design on the island, have increased the elegance of the place, and the kitchen wine cabinet, which has a different design, is in harmony with the other elements.

ID# 100605 | Credit |

Contemporary Kitchen With Wood Countertops And Flat

Wood countertop is preferred on the island part in this mid-sized modern small kitchen with an impressive appearance. In the lower part of the island and the rest of the kitchen, flat-panel white cabinets were preferred and a small wine cabinet was designed. The black glass sheet backsplash used in the rest of the kitchen makes the overall mood of the kitchen impressive.

ID# 100636 | Credit | Sustainable Kitchens | © Photo by Charlie OBeirne

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Diy Wine Rack With Leather Sling

This modern wine rack provides a more contemporary twist. It features straight lines and a flexible leather sling. Its the perfect countertop if you have a more modern aesthetic.

Its sleek and dark and has a geometric artisan style. It can be used for parties and gatherings where you only serve a small number of wines.


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