Kiss Black Diamond Rum Where To Buy

Legacy Of The Beast World Tour 2022 Box

We Tried the KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum… YAY or NAY? Q& A

IRON MAIDEN presents a new gift box. The Legacy of The Beast World Tour 2022 box. Besides the brand name Trooper, this unique box also contains the band name Iron Maiden.

The beer is developed by IRON MAIDENs lead singer Bruce Dickinson together with brewmaster Martyn Weeks of Robinsons Brewery.

The Limited Edition Legacy of The Beast World Tour 2022 box contains 3 TROOPER cans of 500ml and a beer glass.

The perfect gift for an IRON MAIDEN fan!

A Star In The Rock Sky

As a successful band, KISS has long since taken off in the world of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Almost 30 of their records have already won gold and they have a place of honour in the Rock Hall of Fame. Now they are conquering the world of spirits with their first dark rum release. Because the new Black Diamond Rum is the exciting result of a collaboration between the rock band Kiss and Swedish Brands for Fans. For all those who are into rock music and culture and who like good rum, Black Diamond Rum is almost a must-try.


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