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TEREMANA Tequila Margarita | How to make

Celebrity spirits can be a bit hit and miss some are pretty awesome, and some are only awesomely terrible. Today were going to start taking a look at Dwayne The Rock Johnsons new line of tequila which includes not only this blanco, but also a reposado and most recently an anejo. So lets go ahead and taste what The Rock has been cooking.


It Just Rolled Out In Canada

Before his days as a professional wrestler, Johnsons career started in Canada as a CFL player for the Calgary Stampeders. It was a full-circle moment for him in March 2021 when he announced on Instagram, responding to great demand, that Teremana would finally be available in Canada. The product rolled out in select LCBO locations almost immediately with further availability in British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia in the following months.

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The Rocks Tequila Brand Is Teremana Tequila Good

The Rocks Tequila Most of us grew up with Dwayne Johnson entertaining us as a wrestler or actor. By launching Teremana, The Rock expressed his passion for tequila.

Teremana tequila is becoming well-known for its great taste and affordability. Teremana has its origins in the Mexican love for tequila.

The taste is smooth and sweet. The packaging is beautiful featuring Johnsons signature in the branding.

You might be wondering whether it is worth the hype. Lets dive in to find out!

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The Rocks Teremana Tequila Brand Is Expanding Globally

Teremana tequila, owned by comedian and actor The Rock, is set to expand its international presence after signing a deal with German liquor giant Mast-Jgermeister. Douglas Johnson, the global star of Siete Bucks Spirits, as well as Dany Garcia, the companys co-founder and managing director, manage Teremana The Peoples Tequila, which is produced by Siete Bucks Spirits. According to reports, Johnsons tequila company is now worth nearly $3 billion, thanks in part to a 30% stake he owns. In 2021, the company sold more than 600,000 bottles, a tenfold increase from the previous year. Does Mast-Jgermeister have a subsidiary company Teremana? Mast-J*germeister is distributing Teremana as an exclusive licensee, as are the Siete Bucks Spirits family, the Lopez family from Jesus Maria in Jalisco, Mexico, and the Mast Family from Mast-J*germeister. The Lopez family is a founding member of the brand.

What Kind Of Triple Sec Is In A Margarita

Comprar Teremana Blanco Tequila 75cl

A typical margarita contains orange liqueur. If you want to maintain the authenticity of the drink, you can reduce the amount of lime juice to 2 tablespoons and add 2 1/2 tablespoons of triple sec or orange liqueur. My preferred triple sec is actually orange curaçao. Another alternative is triple sec. Juárez in the brand I use.

I honestly think this jamaica lime margarita is perfect with just the lime juice, but I appreciate change.

Add the lime juice to the cocktail shaker.

Did you know that if you cap the shaker completely itll explode through the side seam? Yeah. I didnt know that until this shot, either. So, cap the shaker, then place the knobby-top-thing on and then shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Once the shaker frosts over, youre ready to pour.

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Best Tequila For Mixed Drinks

Familia Tequila, Reposado 750 ml

  • Reposado means to rest.
  • Blue agave is the heart of any great Tequila. Highland agave azul from Jalisco is the soul of Famiolia Camarena Tequila.

Teremana Tequila, Reposado 375 ml

  • Notes of oak and vanilla with a smooth, rich finish.
  • Introducing Teremana Tequila Reposado from Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Teremana Tequila, Anejo 750 ml

  • Notes of rich warm oak, vanilla and roasted agave with a lightly sweet and complex finish.
  • 100% Blue Weber Highlands.

Tequila Corralejo Tequila, Silver 750 ml

1800 Tequila, Reserva, Coconut 750 ml

  • 1800 Coconut is a distinct infusion of fresh, ripe coconut flavour and 1800 Silver Tequila
  • 1800 Tequila is made from 100 Percent Blue Agave harvested and picked from 1800 Tequilas family owned ranches in Jalisco, Western Mexico

Cantera Negra Tequila, Reposado, 100% Agave 750 ml

Fortaleza Reposado Tequila 750 ml bottle

  • Made of 100 percent stone-milled agave
  • Aged for 8 months in American oak
  • Amazingly soft texture with a vegetal sweetness

Milagro Tequila Silver 1 L

Montezuma White Tequila 750 ml

  • Aroma: Ripe essence of agave on the nose with fragrant citrus undertones.
  • Taste: Soft and clear on the palate, crisp, zesty citrus notes.

Cincoro Blanco Tequila 750 ml

  • AROMA | Fresh and cooked agave, citrus, light vanilla
  • TASTE | Smooth, fresh agave, white pepper, citrus , light grapefruit

Tequila Exotico Tequila, Reposado 750 ml

Cimarron Blanco Tequila 1 L bottle

  • The Finer Details.

  • 750m 750m 750ml

Teremana Tequila Reviews: What Do Customers Think

While not popular on many typical rating platforms online, this Teremana Tequila review took to blogs and sites dedicated to the best drinks to find top-tier ratings regarding this brand.

Fortunately, the hundreds of customer reviews more than make up for the unique sites weve pulled from.

The first stop on this rating list comes from Tequila Matchmaker who scored this brand 71% based on 455 ratings. Customers comment on the price point matching the quality of the drink, with some even saying the value is great considering the low price compared to others on the market.

One Teremana Tequila review stated, Very good value at price point. It is solid and sippable but not great. Cooked agave and alcohol dominate the nose for me. Taste is better than smell. Once again I get mainly agave and a hint of vanilla taste. Finish is on the harsh side. Would probably compare this to Tres Agaves as far as quality and value.

While the agave smell seems dominant to some, others appreciate the tone and layered flavors of each sip. One other reviewer on this site posted, The reposado has a pretty good flavor with slight vanilla nodes and a smooth finish. For the price this is a heck of a deal. I gave it a shot after watching The Rock chug half a bottle and raving about how good the blanco was so I tried both.

Rating site Flaviar gave Teremana 8.2/10 stars based on over 215 ratings. These customers were satisfied with the smooth drink, levels of flavor, and considerate prices.

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Teremana Tequila Blanco Review

The brighter of the two options in this Teremana Tequila review, the Teremana Blanco hits all the right notes with each sip.

The best part of this lighter drink? The hint of citrus that underlines the flavor. Bright, acidic, and somehow smoother than ever, this drink has zero carbohydrates and sugars for a guilt-free drink for people watching their numbers.

Did we mention its crafted from 100% Agave straight from the Blue Weber Highlands? While some may complain of the strong agave scent, most appreciate the true beauty of each breath and sip that comes from this delight.

Prices are currently unavailable for the Teremana Tequila Blanco on the brand website, so check local stores for a better idea of what cost to expect.

To those in search of something a bit sweet, the Teremana Reposado covers every desire.

Ready for these highlighted flavors? The Reposado offers each drink layers of oak and vanilla. Warm, soothing, sweet, and smooth, what more could you want at the end of a long day?

With more of a Fall and Winter vibe to this one, wed recommend sipping it straight for those warmer tones to really come through.

The difference in this drink compared to the last? The aging process is done in American whiskey barrels. It really seals in the oaky taste that makes this bottle so good.

Prices arent available on the company site, so look around for a better idea of the cost.

How Much Is Teremana Tequila Worth

Teremana Tequila Sour | Teremana Tequila | Booze On the Rocks

Hopefully it stays that way.Hornitos, in comparison, ages their tequila from anywhere between a few days to only a year or so.I tried teremana reposado and it wasnt bad, but i probably wouldnt buy it again if its over $25.It tastes like its meant to be popular and a smooth tequila.

Its one of the best tequila brands you can buy for under $40.Like so many other celebs, dj made the jump to alcohol, investing in the tequila company, teremana.No diffuser, which is surprising.Number juan is a tequila distilled in mexico that undergoes some parts of the aging process in the us.

On taste definite alcohol swirling around, vegetal, some sweetness and light citrus.Our tequila is no different.Priced at around $24 here in wi, this blanco is made from brick oven roasted agave distilled in a copper still.Teremana combines two words that are meaningful.

Teremana comes in a reposado and a.Teremana is a legacy brand for me, adds johnson.Teremana is preparing to sell 300,000 nine.Teremana tequila blanco 1 liter.

Teremana tequila is a deliciously smooth spirit with just the right amount of sweetness.The 1800 brand was launched in 1975 but named after the year 1800, which according to legend was the first year in which tequila was successfully aged in wood.The average size and weight of typical 750ml, 1.0l, 1.75l bottles and items with special packaging will require additional shipping costs and we contact you if there is any difference.

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There Are Two Expressions So Far

Teremana Tequila offers blanco and reposado expressions. Both are made with 100 percent Blue Weber agave which is roasted in traditional brick ovens and distilled in handmade copper stills. There are rumblings that the brand will be introducing an añejo expression down the road. If thats true, fans will need to wait one to three years for the required aging to finish.

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Teremana Tequila Price Sizes & Buying Guide

There was always going to be room in the alcoholic beverage market for a high-end small batch of Tequila produced in the traditional way. Slipping into this gap came Teremana Tequila, which was the brainchild of its founder Dwayne Johnson.

As a well-known, highly respected, and highly paid, movie star, Dwayne Johnson, also popularly known as the wrestling legend, The Rock, created the Teremana Tequila brand in conjunction with partners Dany Garcia, Jenna Fagnan, and Ken Austin.

It is worth noting the ingenuity, and thought, combined with Dwayne Johnsons own Polynesian heritage went into creating the brand name Teremana. Dwaynes Father is an Afro-American, and his mother is Polynesian, with both parents having been born in Samoa.

Teremana is actually a combination of two words, with Terra being the Latin word for earth, and mana being the Polynesian word for spirit. Hence, we get Teremana, meaning spirit of the earth.

Introduced to the USA in March 2020 and with only a short time in the market, sales of Teremana Tequila rocketed throughout the USA, and product launches quickly followed in Canada and Mexico.

Aided by the fact that Tequila in general had reached a position in the US market where it was enjoying the fastest-growing sales rate of any major spirit, double-digit sales figures were recorded in the super-premium bracket, right where Teremana was positioned.

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The Best Online Grocery Delivery Services You Can Use Right Now

Get out the salt and limes its time for tequila.

Not only on Cinco de Mayo or on National Tequila Day but any time there is a celebration, tequila is one of the best things to have on hand, adding some life to any party.

Fun fact: tequila is one of the only alcoholic drinks that is known for being more of an upper as opposed to a depressant, leading us to believe why it may be so widely consumed at fun fiestas. Plus, the spirit is delicious by itself, on the rocks or blended into beloved beverages like margaritas, Palomas and more.

There are also different types of tequila, depending on how the drink is made, including the main three blanco, reposado and añejo. Blanco, or silver tequila, has not been aged at all, resulting in a clear color. Reposado is the middle child, so to speak, and is typically aged between two to 12 months in an oak barrel that gives off a darker color. Finally, añejo is aged the longest, between one and four years for a richer color and depth of flavor.

No matter which you choose to cheers with, we have a tequila brand for you. Read on for a list of the classics like Patrón and more recent trendy tequilas like Kendall Jenners 818 and the pink colored Calirosa. Plus, they can all be delivered right to your door with Drizly, ReserveBar, Minibar Delivery and more.

Teremana Mixers & Cocktails

Teremana Tequila Recipes â Page 2 in 2021

Once again, there are more ways than one to enjoy tequila. Teremana is the bartenders dream because of its versatility and adaptability.

These cocktails will not only keep patrons coming for more. They will introduce a world of flavors to the enthusiasts palate.

The Blanco is ideal for tequila-based recipes. The Reposado is ideal for replacing whiskey and bourbon.

Here are some simple recipes to explore the Teramana range. Teremana brings character to any event, gathering, or celebration.

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Hollywoods Most Bankable Star Is An Investing Genius

Dwayne The Rock Johnson has a keen eye for business opportunities. Unlike these bad beat money moves, he built upon his charisma as a WWE entertainer to land his first-ever acting role in Scorpion King in 2002. His success as an actor is why he was named Highest Paid Entertainer in 2022 by Forbes.

The Rock realized early on that by leveraging success in one field, he would be able to enter others. Taking advantage of his public persona and personal brand, The Rock has made a flywheel of success that has served him in all his ventures, snowballing his net worth. Success as a wrestler led to a prize-winning acting career. His acting career served as a stepping stone for 7 Bucks Production, his original film and TV production company.

I consider myself an industrialist and an entrepreneur and a businessman as well. And Im in the relationship business. Im in the customer service business. Im in the consumer product business. And Im certainly in the movie business. I love building.Dwayne Johnson

The Rock speaking at The Fast Company Innovation Festival Credit: Fast Company

Accumulating both wealth and popularity from his entertainment career as an actor and producer put The Rock in a desirable position for partnerships. As a result, he signed a collaboration deal with Under Armour for athletic wear. Another popular brand co-owned by The Rock is ZOA Energy. After beginning operations, ZOA Energy became the highest-selling energy drink of 2021.

Teremana Tequila: Bottle Prices Variations And Sizes

Teremana Reposado Tequila: Notes of oak and vanilla with a smooth rich finish 750ml bottles 40% ABV $34.99

In the year 1795, after receiving the first official charter from the King of Spain to produce tequila commercially, Jose María Guadalupe de Cuervo began selling the very first Tequila, fully titled as Vino Mezcal de Tequila de Jose Cuervo. Cuervo has been producing tequila at La Rojeña, the oldest active distillery in Latin America, located in the town of Tequila, ever since

Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario: This exceptional tequila, in a 750 ml bottle, averages out at around $2,000 per bottle along with its hand-blown crystal decanter. Definitely for the well healed only!

Jose Cuervo Tequila ley .925 Diamante: This is the most expensive bottle of tequila ever produced and was first sold in 2010, After a lengthy manufacturing process, the stunning bottle, designed by Jose Davalos Mejia, was crafted from five pounds of pure platinum and 4,100 white diamonds.

While the tequila inside is top class, a very nice The bottle sold for an eye-watering US$ 3.5 million.

  • 75 oz lemon juice

Lightly mash 4-5 fresh raspberries in a separate shaker, add all ingredients with ice and shake

Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with raspberries

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Jenna Fagnan Is A Partner With Ken Austin In Teremana The Rocks Tequila Vinepair Interviewed Her And Here Is Her Take On Tequila


Her passion for tequila began when she was doing her studies working in Mexican restaurants. Back then, there was very little behind the bar, Fagnan says. There was one whiskey, two vodkas, one tequila. Everyone was drinking mixed tequila and the next day they didnt feel very good. I remember someone came in to talk about tequila and teach that there is real tequila made in a respectful way and had no additives. I thought that was fascinating, so from then on I loved tequila, but I never imagined working in the business.

His first foray into the world of alcohol was at LVMH, rescuing Dom Perignon champagne. Ken Austin convinced him to come to Austin and set up the launch of Tequila Avión with him.

Later, the duo teamed up to launch Teremana, The Rocks tequila when the pandemic hit.

We brought the family a state-of-the-art water filtration system to make sure the water we use goes back into the ground cleanly, and we are using the agave remains to make compost. Fagnan tells about the process of creating Teremana.

Dont drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

How Much Is Teremana Tequila

Dwayne Johnson Makes the Teremana Tequila Strawberry Manarita Cocktail

To those in search of something a bit sweet, the Teremana Reposado covers every desire.

Ready for these highlighted flavors? The Reposado offers each drink layers of oak and vanilla. Warm, soothing, sweet, and smooth, what more could you want at the end of a long day?

With more of a Fall and Winter vibe to this one, wed recommend sipping it straight for those warmer tones to really come through.

The difference in this drink compared to the last? The aging process is done in American whiskey barrels. It really seals in the oaky taste that makes this bottle so good.

Prices arent available on the company site, so look around for a better idea of the cost.

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