How Many Times Is Tito’s Vodka Distilled

The Vodka Is An Award Winning Brand

The Method Behind Tito’s Handmade Vodka

The passion and dedication to their craft is obvious at Belvedere. They are the top award winning vodka that is widely recognized throughout the globe with accolades from The Vodka Masters, and the International Spirits Challenge, who awarded the distiller Vodka Producer of the Year.

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Is Belvedere Better Than Titos

But for now, we think Titos and Belvedere are superior. For a high-end vodka, Belvedere is a great choice, especially for a martini or a dessert-style cocktail. But, we both agree that Titos Handmade Vodka is the best value for the money. It is smooth, easy to drink, and mixes well in pretty much anything.

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Titos Handmade Vodka Review By Robert

@Rich, I did the same thing. I just happen to find my first bottle at a liquor store I dont go to very often. As soon as I got back to my friends place, we couldnt wait long enough to chill it. Titos and 360 are the only two vodkas Ive had warm that I thought, thats better than a lot of other vodkas frozen.

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Titos Began In A Pot Still Which Is Uncommon For Vodka

Vodka tends to be made in column stills, which means putting any starch-containing distillate content on the top of a massive column and flushing it with incredibly hot steam. Beveridge originally chose a pot still instead a more labor-intensive process, but one that is widely recognized for producing high-quality spirits. Based on current production, it is believed that Titos now uses a combination of column and pot stills.

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We Know Tito’s Is Distilled From Corn But Not Much Else About How It’s Produced

How Many Times Is Tito

Bert “Tito” Beveridge is open about his fascinating origin story as a vodka maker, but keeps pretty tight-lipped about the specifics around his eponymous vodka. What we do know is that it is a grain vodka rather potato which is typical for many other versions of the spirit. Specifically, it’s made with 100% corn.

So how did Beveridge create his recipe for Tito’s? According to the Tito’s Handmade Vodka website, it wasn’t exactly easy to teach yourself in the pre-internet days of the ’90s. Beveridge eventually uncovered photos showing how vodka was made during prohibition. Distillers at that time would create stills apparatuses used for distilling with a copper pipe and an outdoor fryer . Beveridge says he tried countless recipes and just kept messing with his formula until he thought his spirit was better than the two best vodkas he had tasted. What he ended up with was a vodka that can be enjoyed straight or so the company claims.

Other than that, we don’t know a lot about Tito’s distilling process especially in its current day iteration. When Forbes visited the distillery back in 2013, its photographer was directed away from the buildings housing its current-day operations. According to Eater, its likely given the scale of the company’s manufacturing that the vodka is made by re-distilling a pre-made grain-neutral spirit.

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Belvedere Vodka Price Sizes & Buying Guide

Looking for an updated Belvedere vodka price guide?

Belvedere Vodka, with its philosophy, Made with Nature, Polish Rye, purified water and distilled by fire, is a premium Vodka manufactured by Polmos yrardów in a 110-year-old distillery located in the town of yrardów in Poland.

It is owned by the world-renowned luxury goods conglomerate Louis Vuitton Moët Henness , it is one of the worlds top brands of Vodkas. It is much sought-after by the purists.

For Belvedere Vodka to qualify for the title of a super-premium-graded Polska Wódka , the vodka must be produced using specific Polish grains and water. Here enters a variety of the Polish Dankowskie Zlote Rye, an ancient hardy grain.

This grain, used in all Polish Belvedere Vodka production is sourced in Poland, from several dedicated farming facilities.

On its own, the grain produces an unparalleled flavor, particularly important whereby, in Polish law, no other additives or sugars are permitted in the process.

Complementing the use of this grain in the production process is naturally purified groundwater drawn from the original well located on the grounds of the Polmos yrardów distillery.

Vodka, by the way, means little water in Polish.

The fire, in their philosophy, is a reference to the heat required in the distillation process where Belvedere uses a quadruple distillation technique to manufacture this fine, super-premium Vodka.

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How To Order A Titos Martini

To order a Titos Martini, start by shaking two and a half ounces of Titos vodka and a half ounce of dry vermouth together with ice. Strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass, and garnish with an olive or a lemon twist. For a classic Titos Martini, serve straight up with no additional ingredients. For a twist, consider adding a splash of orange or cranberry juice for sweetness. Enjoy!

Martinis may be simple, but ordering one correctly can be as difficult as ordering a pizza. There are no need to be afraid of the martinis piquant flavor and sharp bite when ordering from a martini bar. Weve given you step-by-step instructions for making your order, and a martini from the James Bond movies could be on your list. If you prefer a dry or wet cocktail, use the ratio of vodka and gin to vermouth. A wet martini is made with a higher proportion of vermouth. As a result, the vermouth flavor will be stronger, while the drinks flavor will be weaker. You can also add other garnishes and toppings to your martini if you prefer.

If you prefer no garnish on your martini, order it clean. Unless specified otherwise, the bartender will almost always stir the martini for you in most high-end bars. When you make a martini, combine it in a cocktail shaker for a more smooth and unified taste.

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Titos Handmade Vodka Review By Roz


I remember when Titos first came out, I lived in Austin and it was growing in popularity. It was a good vodka. Fast forward a couple of years, Titos is now on shelves all over the world. I bought a table of Polish friends a round of shots and we all literally cringed when the taste if rubbing alcohol hit our lips. WHAT? I dont know what happened but when people tell me that Titos is the real deal I get the cringe feeling all over again. Terrible taste with a guaranteed headache the next morning. Want a good Texas Vodka? Try Dripping Springs Vodka. A table of drunk Polish people cant be wrong about Vodka. ever.

The Idea For Tito’s Was Born Out Of A Self

25 Years of the Tito’s Handmade Vodka Story

With all the career changing that Burt Beveridge did before founding Tito’s Handmade Vodka, it’s likely not a surprise that the idea to launch the business came to him thanks to a self-help activity. One night in 1993 after a party, Beveridge flipped on a TV show that featured a motivational speaker sharing tips for finding the right career path . The speaker suggested that someone can figure out their passion by creating a chart that includes what you are good at and what you like to do what lies in the intersection are the elements you should look for in your career.

On Beveridge’s chart which is featured on Tito’s website he wrote that he was good at engineering and science, as well as dealing with people, sales, and inventing things. For things he liked to do, he included being around people, building things, and nightlife .

Going into the distilling business where he’d work with people and launch a new product was the clear combination of what he loved and what he thought he was good at. Plus his interesting career path likely gave him a good opening line to “talk to girls.”

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Titos Handmade Vodka Celebrates The Art Of Vodka Making As It Used To Be

Titos Handmade Vodka is distilled 6 times, to remove all the impurities without sacrificing taste. So Titos Handmade Vodka achieves a round, comfortable 80 proof thats 40% abv. And its distilled from corn grown right in the heart of the US, from the Midwests corn belt.

Corn vodka has its own distinct, sweet taste, which is showcased in Titos Handmade Vodka. Although corn is typically used to make whisky, it can be used to make vodka too as it is in Titos Handmade Vodka. When spirits come off the still at 95% abv, like it does at Titos Handmade Vodka, and is cut with water to no less than 40% abv, it is classified as vodka.

Titos Handmade Vodka is a true American classic, of the old-fashioned corn vodka style. If you want to experience a taste of the US, Titos Handmade Vodka is the authentic product. You can purchase Titos Handmade Vodka from our shop and try it for yourself. For drinking straight, or making into a delicious cocktail, you cant beat Titos Handmade Vodka.

Titos Handmade Vodka Review By Rajir


One of the Best Vodkas for the money you can find. Those Texas boys know what they are doing and Titos is the Reason Grey Goose sales have seriously declined. Im noticing different patterns on this forum, some saying things that simply can not be true. Are you guzzling the drink or using it as recommended. Put in your freezer & shake it a little before trying Titos.


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Titos Handmade Vodka Review By Miles

No Rating

A bottle of this is $40.00 at my local liquor store.

Sometimes I wonder why we moved to Canada.

Oh well its an excellent vodka. It has a bit of a strange taste that reminds me somewhat of cardboard combined with a mild sweetness, but even thats barely there. Its a calm vodka that soothes the tongue and warms the throat without stinging whatsoever.

It makes great liqueurs with flavors that are toppled flat by harsher products Ive never made a successful pistachio liqueur with anything otherwise.


All About Titos Vodkas Ingredients


Titos believes that if you are going to do something, you have to do it right indeed, he made things right with every bottle of Titos vodka.

Titos vodka is made of yellow corn, and despite its high-starch origin, it is gluten-free.

Titos vodka has a sweeter flavor and softer mouthfeel than vodkas made from wheat or potato.

Aside from its flavor, the brand used corn because it is more economically viable and easy to get.

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Yes The Mans Name Is Really Beveridge

The man behind this Texas Hill Country spirit is named Tito Beveridge, and everyone except for Alanis Morrisette has picked up on the irony. His first name is actually Bert. Full name: Bert Butler Beveridge II, named after his grandfather. Growing up in San Antonio, he picked up the nickname Bertito, for little Bert. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to the phrase I believe Ill have a little vodka.

The Untold Truth Of Tito’s Handmade Vodka

If you’re a vodka drinker or even if you aren’t you’re likely more than familiar with Tito’s Handmade. You can find it at most bars and essentially every liquor store in the country. While the United States isn’t typically associated with vodka production, Tito’s is distilled in Austin, Texas. The vodka has only been around since 1997 but it is now more popular here than varieties from Russia or Poland .

Ringing in at around $20 for a fifth, Tito’s may not be considered a top-shelf vodka, but don’t let that lower price point scare you away. Alcohol experts report that vodka pricing is often based on marketing and image anyway, not to mention that many vodka lovers swear by Tito’s, including Mashed . Here’s everything you need to know about Tito’s before you order your next vodka soda or dirty martini.

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This Vodka Is An Old Recipe

Have you ever heard the phrase, you dont mess with perfection? This is the case for Belvedere vodka and the distillers have steadfastly followed the distilling traditions for handcrafting vodka from 100% Polish rye. They follow the process of distilling it four times in a system that has been handed down from generation to generation for 600 years. The distillery was established in 1910.

How Many Times Does Grey Goose Gets Distilled

Tito of Tito’s Vodka Interview: Vodka made from Corn

Grey Goose vodka is distilled once to refrain from stripping all contents from the liquid produced after fermentation. This brand uses high-quality natural ingredients, which will be put to waste if over-distilled. It is common to use multiple distillations, whether in potato vodka brands or grains.

Traditional vodkas are just plain and clear tasteless spirits due to multiple distillations. Realizing that the demand of drinkers over flavorful vodkas, Grey Goose vodka improved the methods. Brands like Titos vodka, Kirkland vodka, and Absolut also have their distillation process that results in smooth and savory vodka, making it favorable to every drinker.

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Tito’s Has Been Sued Multiple Times Over Its ‘handmade’ Claims

Back when Bert Beveridge founded Tito’s Handmade Vodka, he truly was making a “handmade” spirit, using a single 16-gallon pot still to distill the spirit . However, those days disappeared in the early 2000s with the company’s rapid sales expansion. And yet, Beveridge claims his vodka still counts as a craft product. While the American Craft Spirits Association considers a distillery “craft” if production exceeds 750,000 gallons a year, Eater points out that Tito’s Handmade Vodka sells millions of cases a year.

The company has also caused consumer confusion by continuing to describe its vodka as “handmade.” According to The Spirits Business, a consumer named Trevor Singleton filed a class action lawsuit against the company back in 2015. He alleged that Tito’s deceived vodka drinkers into paying a premium price for the product because of its claim of being handmade. This case were ultimately settled or thrown out. In response to criticism for keeping “handmade” in the name of his product, Beveridge responded that he still creates vodka in pot stills just a lot more of them .

Americas Original Craft Vodka

Titos Handmade Vodka is produced in Austin at Texas oldest legal distillery.

Titos Handmade Vodka is Americas Original Craft Vodka. In 1995, Bert Tito Beveridge obtained the first legal permit to distill in Texas and created Titos Handmade Vodka. We batch distill our corn-based vodka using old-fashioned pot stills and the vodka is naturally Gluten-Free. Titos Handmade Vodka is distilled and bottled by Fifth Generation Inc. in Austin, Texas on the very same land where the whole venture started.

Tito Beveridge wasnt always known as the vodka guy. Born and raised in San Antonio, Tito went to Vanderbilt for a year before returning to Texas to attend UT , where he graduated with degrees in geology and geophysics. After college he got into the oil and gas business. He did that in Texas, and then found himself down in Venezuela and Colombia running heli-portable dynamite seismic crews. He came back to Texas, again, and started a drilling company in Houston. Eventually he got tired of chasing the buck, and decided to move to Austin.

In Austin, Tito got into ground water geology, and then thought he would give the mortgage business a try. It was around this time, in 92 or 93, when he started making flavored vodka as gifts for friends. One night he was at a party and a stranger came up to him and said Hey youre the vodka guy, and he said No, contraire, I am the mortgage guy. But, that really got Tito thinking

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Why Is Titos So Popular

First, its a craft distillery, meaning that its a small-batch operation that uses traditional methods. This makes the vodka smoother and more flavorful than mass-produced brands. Second, its made in Texas, which is known for its high-quality grains.

This gives the vodka a unique flavor profile thats different from other vodkas on the market. Finally, Titos is affordable, meaning that you dont have to spend a lot of money to enjoy a high-quality vodka.

Hangar 1 Straight Vodka

Titos Handmade Vodka 70Cl

The Hangar 1 Distillery in Alameda, California produces the vodka under the brand Hangar 1 Vodka.

Small-batch vodka is created by combining Viognier grapes that have been pot-distilled with American wheat that has been column-distilled. Fresh fruit is first infused into the vodka base before being pot-distilled to produce the flavored variations. The fruits are sourced from farms around the US when they are in season. Each batch of distillation requires a total of four weeks to complete. The flavored vodkas from Hangar 1 are made with fruit tastes like Chipotle and experimental ones like Kaffir lime and Buddhas Hand citron.

Although Hangar 1 Straight Vodka has the classic vodka flavor, it also includes sweet and floral characteristics.

It is of high quality and doesnt have any strange chemical or greasy qualities. Overall, this vodka is excellent and goes well with any beverage.

Known for having a range of tastes, this vodka is excellent for drinking neat.

Basically, this is a superb vodka that tastes amazing.

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