High West American Prairie Bourbon Whiskey

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

High West American Prairie Bourbon [Pineau de Charentes finish] Review

When an American first learns about whiskey, theres a good chance its a brand impression of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. United States whiskey would not be what it is today without it. Its odd, in a way, because America prides itself on bourbon, but its Jacks affordable price, iconic branding, and incredibly smooth profile that makes this a quintessential whiskey in America.

High West American Prairie Bourbon Final Thoughts And Score

Ive been a fan of this since batch 4 and still think its a good sipper but an even better mixer. Its a delightful bourbon that displays the bare minimum of what any bourbon should be. A perfect new drinker bourbon if you will but always a great cocktail bourbon, thats inviting, tasty and isnt challenging. But neither is it weak or light.

High West American Prairie Bourbon is a solid whiskey Im always drawn to on those nights when I just want a good bourbon that fits that perfect middle area between aggressive and soft. Its something every whiskey drinker should try, if not own, at least once.

SCORE: 3/5

*Disclosure: The bottle for this bourbon review was graciously sent to me by the company without obligation. The views, opinions, and tasting notes are 100% my own.

High West American Prairie Bourbon Review $30


A solid, standard whiskey with a ton to offer for the neat sipper and the cocktail crafter alike.


High West American Prairie Bourbon Barrel Select Review

Here we have a bourbon thats not a bourbon: High West American Prairie Bourbon Barrel Select. And lets be clear, there is nothing wrong with that. While technically true a bourbon stops being a bourbon if its finished in a used barrel, like these Barrel Select picks are, it definitely doesnt stop being delicious. It can, sometimes, become even better.

The barrel this bottle came from, was picked by K& L and it was finished in an Armagnac barrel for 1 year and 9 months. Thats a long time. Its long enough for a typically low-spice whiskey to pick up some bigger spice notes synonymous with Armagnac, and thats exactly whats happened here.

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High West American Prairie Bourbon Review

Ive been a fan of the High West American Prairie Bourbon for a while now all the way back to when it was the High West American Prairie Reserve and I reviewed batch 4. Its an excellent showing of what the team at High West can blend up when they get their hands on some good bourbons to play with.

I have a batch 1 in the closet from and someday Ill crack it open to compare to what Im writing today and what Ive written in the past and possibly the future. But today were looking at something more contemporary. Something thats fairly fresh off the shelf and more representative of what youll find out there on your own whiskey journey.

High West American Prairie Bourbon Whiskey

High West Whiskey American Prairie Bourbon  Malt Traders

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These Are The Most Popular Whiskey Brands In The Us For 2023

We live in the land of plenty, especially where whiskey is concerned. Here in the states, we specialize in everything from balanced bourbon and spicy rye to single malt versions that are really raising the spirits bar. For the whiskey admirer and appreciator, this is a fine place and time to be alive.

The market share for whiskey is remarkable, estimated to reach $20.75 billion in 2025 and growing every year. It hasnt enjoyed the recent surges that things like agave spirits have, but its remained a reliable and increasingly popular sipper in America. Makes sense, given the heritage of whisky in the U.S. and the fine work of some of the most famous brands in the land.

Within the whiskey category, there are some great small-batch producers very much worth exploring. Some of the smallest distillers are making some of the most interesting liquid within the genre. But in terms of easy-to-access stuff, or the most popular whiskies around, theres some quality to be enjoyed to. Heres a breakdown of the most popular whiskies in the U.S.

High West American Prairie Bourbon

Capable of running at speeds up to 55 miles per hour, the pronghorn antelope is North Americas fastest land mammal and performs the continents second longest land migration of more than 500 miles. Because of their love of travel, pronghorn require large areas of open and intact grasslands. Moreover, pronghorn populations have decreased 98% since the 1800s due to habitat destruction. American Prairie Reserve helps pronghorn through its ongoing fence removal efforts and by conserving wildlife corridors.Our American Prairie is a carefully crafted blend of straight bourbons at least 2 years old, making a great sipper and thoughtful persons whiskey. High West supports the American Prairie Foundation, to find out more go to americanprairie.org

Nose: Light caramel and sweet vanillaTaste: Rich and earthy on the palate with well balanced flavors of candy corn, honey nougat and sweet corn bread biscuitsFinish: Vanilla with a hint of caramel apple

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Reviews & Tasting Notes

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Based on 852 votes, the average rating for High West American Prairie Straight Bourbon Whiskey is 7.4/10.

Top reviews for High West American Prairie Straight Bourbon Whiskey:

& horbar Perfect, nothing to change.

& horbar Smooth, fine, tasty.

& horbar Light, sweet, fruity caramel

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Why people love it?

High West American Prairie Straight Bourbon Whiskey which is carefully distilled at High West is adored for its burnt caramel, vanilla, earthy and honey flavor notes.

Whiskey Review: High West Whiskey American Prairie Bourbon

Whiskey Review: Dog Master Whiskey + High West American Prairie Bourbon Cameo

I was looking through the list of whiskey reviews weve done and noticed that there are a lot of states that are missing from the list. Craft distilling is happening all over the United States and I feel like I need to branch out a little more beyond just Texas, New York, Kentucky and Indiana. So when I saw a bottle from the state of Utah I knew that I needed to give it a try.


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High West American Prairie Bourbon Barrel Select Final Thoughts And Score

This is the best version of the HWAPB Ive had. I have a rye finished cask, an ex-bourbon cask finish, a manhattan cask finish and of course the regular High West American Prarie Bourbon but this seems to have found a balance and a depth that nothing else has. Screw cognac, rum or sherry casks, bourbon appears to be best served by Armagnac casks.

Im beyond over-the-moon that K& L picked this ex-Armagnac finished High West American Prarie Bourbon Barrel Select because its something that folks in my whiskey circle have been talking about for years: Armagnac. Outside of whiskey we tend to gravitate towards Armagnac because the oak-forward similarities are hard to miss and this marries together the best of both seamlessly. I wish Id bought more.

SCORE: 4/5

High West American Prairie Bourbon Whiskey 375ml

$67.99 price per bottle

High West American Prairie Barrel Aged Bourbon Whiskey is a complex blend of straight bourbons, producing an aromatic whiskey that is rich and earthy on the palate. This American bourbon showcases well-balanced flavors of candy corn, honey nougat and sweet corn bread biscuits, with a finish of vanilla and caramel apple. A blend of straight bourbons aged from 2 to 13 years in charred white oak barrels, this High West whiskey is a great sipper and a thoughtful person’s whiskey. Its balanced body is also ideal for mixing a Manhattan or countless other whiskey cocktails. This 375 mL bottle of whiskey helps preserve the West – for each one sold, High West donates a portion of its after-tax profits to the American Prairie Reserve. Choose High West and enjoy delicious craft whiskey made with the pioneering spirit of the West. Sip Responsibly. American Prairie Straight Bourbon Whiskey 46% Alc/Vol 2021 High West Distillery, Park City, UT.


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High West American Prairie Bourbon 750ml


Gentle and soft, this blend of straight Bourbons would be lovely in a Manhattan Look for sweet, creamy caramel aromas and flavors that waft into cocoa and espresso on the finish. A portion of profits goes to benefit the American Prairie Reserve in northeastern Montana.92 POINTS: Wine Enthusiast


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