Healthiest Wine For Weight Loss

Why Do Some Alcohols Have More Calories Than Others

Drink Wine to Lose Weight?

Just like fat, protein, and carbohydrates contain a specified amount of calories per gram, so does alcohol. One gram of fat is nine calories protein and carbs are both four calories per gram. Pure alcohol contains seven calories per gram. But when you drink a shot of vodka, a beer, or a glass of wine, youre not drinking pure alcohol.

Rather, these alcoholic beverages have alcohol, plus other substances that add to the calorie count. For instance, wine is made from grapes, which means there will be sugar left over after the grapes ferment. Beer is made from grain, and often, sugar is left that couldnt be broken down by yeast during the brewing process.

Regarding liquor, there are usually no carbohydrates or other additives that add calories to straight spirits. However, some spirits may come with flavoring that adds sugar. Sticky, sweet, and highly flavored liquors will contain more calories. Additionally, some producers may add sugar to reduce the bite of the liquor.

The real problem, when it comes to spirits, is what you drink it with. If youre drinking bourbon and coke, youre going to get a lot more calories compared to bourbon on the rocks.

Similarly, other cocktails, like , may have many mixers and additives that add sugar and calories. Thus, the best way to drink alcohol while wanting to lose weight is to drink spirits and drink them with few mixers or additives.

Which Wine Has The Least Calories

If you’re aiming to drop a few extra pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle this year, you’ve probably contemplated cutting wine from your diet. While this is an option, you might be glad to hear that there is another way the calories in wine vary depending on the varietal, and you just might find that some low-calorie wines can fit into your diet.

Its interesting to note that not all wines are detrimental to weight loss. In fact, a study done by Washington State University found that some red wines can actually aid weight loss due to an element called resveratrol.

In fact, Professor Min Du, who authored the Washington study, says, “Resveratrol can enhance the conversion of white fat to beige fat.” As beige fat is much easier to burn than white fat, drinking red wine in moderation can actually help with weight loss.

However, that doesn’t mean that your wine’s calories don’t contribute to weight gain. Therefore, this guide will show you some of the best low-calorie wine options available to ensure you minimize weight gain while enjoying a glass of wine.

Watch Your Relationship With Drinking

There are a thousand ways we glam-up our relationship with wine oversized novelty glasses and promises to friends to crack ten bottles after a bad day. But we really need to watch our subconscious pairing of alcohol as a remedy for a bad day or coping strategy for stress as this is when a relationship can go toxic.

Take a look at your relationship to wine is it used as a sensory pleasure or to combat pain?

Maybe you just need a little bit of self-care to make up for the bad day or an evening for yourself.

Wine is great fun and an even better coping mechanism. When the coping mechanism becomes a way to avoid any bad feelings, however, then it’s time to put the bottle down for a few days to let your brain catch up with all of those emotions.

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For Reference Heres A Breakdown Of Each Type Of Alcohol’s Calorie Count:

  • Vodka: One shot contains 97 calories
  • Rum: One shot contains 97 calories
  • Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch: One shot contains 105 calories
  • Gin: One shot contains 110 calories
  • Tequila: One shot contains 105 calories
  • Champagne: One 4-ounce glass contains 90 calories
  • Beer: One 12-ounce bottle contains 153 calories
  • Wine: One 5-ounce glass of wine contains 123 calories
  • Baileys: One shot contains 147 calories

Low Carb White Wine Spritzer

wine diet for weight loss Archives » Health Coach

This low carb white wine spritzer is such a refreshing drink! It’s perfect for enjoying on a hot day!

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A few weeks ago I wrote about whether it is a good idea to drink alcohol on a low carb diet. I mentioned various kinds of alcoholic drinks and their carb content for a typical serving. White wine is definitely not one of the worst offenders, but you can reduce the carb content further by mixing it with zero carb soda. It makes a longer drink, and for half the carbs of a regular glass of wine!

If you have fresh lime, you could squeeze some lime juice and add a twist of peel or a slice of lime to the drink. Or, if speed is of the essence, using bottled lime juice is just fine!

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Wine Belly Vs Beer Belly

Does wine cause belly fat? Wine on its own does not cause belly fat when consumed in moderation. Drinking too much wine over time can certainly affect your waistline, but the same is true for any type of alcohol.

The more you drink, the more weight you might gain thanks to excess calories alone. As beer generally has more carbs and calories than wine, youre better off drinking wine.

If were talking about temporary belly bloat, both wine and beer can cause your belly to expand. You can thank the yeast in both for that. Your temporary belly boat may also be the result of ” rel=”nofollow”>reduce belly fat over time. Unfortunately, these studies often include participants who follow healthy eating plans like the Mediterranean diet, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the real reason for those flat bellies.

Does Wine Cause Belly Fat

The way we break down and digest wine is actually quite different from how we digest food. While everyone’s favorite joy juice doesn’t necessarily ‘make you fat’ it does contain calories which impact weight and it also can stimulate our hunger choices.

Are you a fan of the tannin? Do you feel the magic of Merlot or do you seek something a little brighter and sweeter? Share your thoughts on red grapes and white grapes and let’s get the lowdown on how to sozzle in healthy style.

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Healthiest Wine For Weight Loss

The healthiest wine to drink while eating a stick of butter and a loaf of sugar-based bread is likely not the most popular wine in your town. But it just might be the healthiest one. While there are a variety of wines that claim to be better for you, it all depends on what youre looking for in a wine. If youre wanting a great wine for weight loss, then this is by far the healthiest type of wine to drink.

For Your Dinner Rolls Try

Wine & Weight Loss!!!

Eat This: Garlic oilNot That!: Margarine

Garlic is a great way to add some much-needed flavor to many dishes. Mediterranean dwellers often dip their freshly-made focaccia in a little bit of balsamic, oil, and garlic for some extra moisture and flavor. Take a page out of their book and pass on the margarine. This vegetable spread is full of artery-clogging trans fats that can lead to increased risk of heart disease. Adding a touch of garlic also ups the anti-inflammatory factor, as garlic can ward off bacteria, fungus, and body fat.

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These Facts Make Khaman Or Rice Dhokla A Healthy Snac

  • The 9 Best Fish For Weight Loss. So why is eating fish good for weight loss? First off itâs quite high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. There are many studies out there finding just how effective omega-3s are for increasing weight loss and lowering belly fat .The problem is it can be hard to get omega-3s since your body canât make them on its own
  • B12, and selenium . All these nutrients help reduce inflammation, improve metabolic rate, build lean muscle mass, and aid weight loss . You can have grilled or boiled mackerel, mackerel stew, or mackerel curry for lunch or dinner in order to lose weight
  • Other than that it has amazing capabilities to reduce the fats stored in your body and since weight loss is majorly trying to get rid of all the extra fat in your body, steatite is a powerful tool for weight loss. These amazing properties of steatite make it an amazing contender in the competition for the best gemstones for weight loss
  • Check out our exlcusive list of The Best & Worst Beers for Weight Loss.) While we do love wine, as youâve likely just gathered, we are also big proponents of drinking in moderation. If youâre not careful, those innocent glasses can add up quickly
  • The Healthiest Breads to Eat for Weight Loss When most people embark on a new diet, the first thing that seems to get the boot is the bread. But carbs shouldnât always be.
  • The Best Wines For Weight Loss

    Not all wine is created equal. Were huge proponents of that idea here at Vinebox. But it doesnt just come down to quality, taste, and experience. Theres actually a big difference in calorie and carbohydrate counts among wine varieties.

    If your goal is to lose weight, the best wine to enjoy will be a lower calorie, lower carb wine that will have a minimal impact on your daily nutrition. The best wine for weight loss is dry wine like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Merlot or a dry sparkling white wine. Sweet wines have significantly higher calorie and carb counts, which can leave you struggling to reach your healthy goals.

    Heres a quick reference guide for wine calorie and carbohydrate counts.

    Type of Wine


    Each bottle is different, so these are approximate values that should be used as a guide. Estimates are made based on a standard 5 ounce serving.

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    Lowest Calorie Wines: By Type

    Are you wondering how many calories are in your glass of wine? As mentioned above, each varietal of wine tends to average a different calorie count. While the exact number of calories will vary depending on the vintage and other factors, the wine/calorie formula below is a good way to estimate how many calories you might be consuming in each glass.

    Red Wine = 25 x

    Dry White Wine = 24 x

    Sweet White Wine = 28 x

    Rose Wine = 20 x

    Champagne = 19 x

    Port Wines = 46 x

    While they may not be 100 percent accurate, they can give you a ballpark of roughly how many calories you are consuming.

    Plus Other Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine

    The best wines to drink if you

    And thats not even all. Besides weight loss, other red wine health benefits include preventing gastric infections, reducing the risk of ovarian cancer, preventing heart disease, strokes and other cognitive disorders , cutting the risk of depression and in the strangest of turnarounds actually decreasing the prevalence of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease .

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    Do You Experience Alcohol Use Disorder

    You shouldnt drink red wine or any type of alcohol to lose weight if you experience addiction.

    In the U.S. about 17 million adults have an alcohol use disorder . If alcohol is affecting your life, remember youre not alone . There are tons of amazing resources that can help.

    The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has fab resources on their website, including an Alcohol Treatment Toolkit. You can also reach out to your doctor or a mental health specialist for ways to manage.

    Sugar Content Of Wine Varies

    Not all wine is created equal

    When placed side by side, two wine bottles can look near identical, yet may have completely different sugar content.

    A bottle of Chardonnay, for example, may only contain a couple of grams of sugar, while a similar-looking bottle of Moscato dessert wine can pack well over 100 grams of sugar.

    To provide even more perspective, a dry wine can have 5 grams of sugar per litre, an off-dry 20 grams, a sweet 70 grams, and a very sweet one well over 100 grams of sugar per litre.

    The differences here are enormous, so its important to familiarize yourself with the information on the label if youre conscious about nutrition.

    In everyday terms, a teaspoon of sugar contains approximately 4 grams of sugar. Therefore, a bottle of very sweet wine can pack as many as a whopping 20+ teaspoons of sugar.

    Two glasses of this and youve ingested the same amount of sugar found in a can of Coca-Cola.

    Incredible, isnt it?

    And here you were, sipping it nonchalantly, thinking youre doing your body a favour.

    All that ingested sugar over time can definitely contribute to negative side effects and unsuspecting weight gain, particularly as our metabolisms slow down.

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    Can You Drink Wine On The Keto Diet

    For anyone on the keto diet, the question of how much wine is okay to drink actually becomes one of whether its okay to drink wine at all.

    You might be able to drink wine on a ketogenic diet, but even small amounts may be enough to bump you out of nutritional ketosis, explains Paul Kriegler, RD, an assistant program manager at Life Time.

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    While everyone is different in how they metabolically respond to alcohol and any residual sugar in the wine, Kriegler says that, in his experience, people can either follow a strict ketogenic diet or enjoy wine, rarely both concurrently. But it’s not impossible.

    If you are looking to find a wine that will stick as closely as possible to your keto diet, though, there are two things to keep in mind, he adds.

    First, you want quality over quantity. Look for a well-made, dry wine that youll enjoy one 4 to 6-ounce glass of and be satisfiedprobably not your bargain-priced winesrather than buying for bulk, he says. Second, you should look for a dry wine since those tend to keep the sugar content low.

    You can also search for wines, which are specifically sold as “low-sugar wines,” though you should always read the nutrition label to make sure it fits into your diet.

    Choose Red Over White

    Can You Drink Red Wine And Still Lose Weight?

    If you are trying to soak up all the health benefits you can when it comes to wine, then you are best sticking to red.

    White wine is glorious, but red wine is really where it’s at when it comes to all those beautiful antioxidants that can help your heart beat healthy. Red wine is also better for silicon, which actually improves your bone density.

    Ruby and dry red wines are said to be the best, as the grape skins aren’t taken out during the whole fermentation process. This means that the skins can be rich in procyanidins, which can help your heart health by lowering the chance of heart disease and keeping blood pressure on the downlow.

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    Which Red Wine Fights Obesity

    There is just one type of wine grape known to contain fat-fighting ellagic acid. Nope, its not Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Red Muscadine is a wine grape native to southeastern US and grows primarily in Georgia.

    Get the Wine 101 Course FREE with the purchase of Wine Folly: Magnum Edition.

    If I cant get Muscadine wine, what can I drink?

    Since there is a lot of hype floating around about this story, weve compiled some additional factual points youll want to know.

    • Ellagic acid isnt found in other wine grapes
    • Ellagic acid is found in oak-aged wines as ellagitannin.
    • Fermentation increases ellagic acid levels in Scuppernong/Muscadine grape juice
    • Ellagic acid is also found in raspberries, blackberries, green tea, oolong tea, walnuts and pecans
    • Ellagic acid prevents the development of cancer cells with 40 mg one cup of raspberries a day

    Is It Possible To Lose Weight And Still Drink Alcohol

    The bottom line: Just remember, you can enjoy some alcohol and still lose weight. At the end of the day, a caloric deficit is necessary to lose weight no matter the type of eating plan you choose. I do always recommend food first as alcohol provides calories without nutrients and does come with some health risks.

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    Best Wine For Weight Loss

    The best wine for weight loss would be the healthiest and the one that gives you the most health benefits. With these kinds of glasses of wine, you will not hamper your weight loss goals.

    This includes Pinot Noir which is rated as the healthiest wine because of the high levels of resveratrol. It is made of grapes with thin skin, has low sugar, fewer calories, and low alcohol content. Sagrantino made in Italy contains the highest concentration of antioxidants and is packed with tannins.

    Ultimately the best wine for weight loss is dry wine like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Merlot, or a dry sparkling white wine. Sweet wines have significantly higher calorie and carb counts, which can leave you struggling to achieve your health goals so best to avoid those.

    Drinking Wine For Weight Loss

    Pin on Weight loss info

    You can drink wine in moderation and lose weight, especially if you choose wine varietals that are better for you.

    Which wine is best for weight loss? The best wine for weight loss is low in sugar, calories, and alcohol. Dry red wines high in antioxidants are a good option for dieters seeking health benefits from their wine.

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