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Finding Bulk Champagne Glasses


Whether you’re toasting the New Year with a crowd or celebrating the happiest day of your life, when you plan to pour Champagne for a large group, bulk champagne glasses are the perfect choice. In most cases, the more you buy, the more you save, so raise a glass to toast with dozens of your closest friends.

Crystal Classics Is The Largest Independent Waterford Online Store In The Us

For centuries the Irish have been supreme artists in glass. It is one of the great traditions in the realm of art, a tradition founded on patient and meticulous hand craftsmanship.The skill of Irish hands is only part of the story – there is also an uncanny power in those hands to impart something magical to glass. And in all of Ireland, no hands have been more patient, more meticulous, or more blessed with the elusive powers of art than the hands of Waterford crystal’s craftsmen. When the brothers George and William Penrose founded the Waterford Glass House in 1783, they made a bold promise – to make Waterford crystal in “as fine a quality as any in Europe in the most elegant style.”

It was no idle boast. They had in hand the old secrets of mingling minerals and glass to create Waterford crystal of beautiful and mysterious qualities. It sang sweetly at the tap of a finger. It felt soft and warm to the touch yet possessed strength and durability known only to Waterford crystal. And it radiated a distinctive, silvery white brilliance, which Waterford Crystal’s artists enhanced with deeply – cut ornamentation that gave the finished pieces a vivacious, traditional Waterford crystal sparkle.

Premier Collections: Champagne Glasses By The Case:

Premier Collections offers cases of 24 for a variety of types of barware including Crystalex champagne flutes and wine glasses. Cost for the glasses start at about $3.50 per glass or $84 for a case. You’ll find other bulk barware here as well, such as martini glasses, rocks glasses, and wine glasses.

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Great Places To Buy Bulk Champagne Glasses

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Do you need a lot of inexpensive champagne glasses for a party, wedding, or for another type of gathering? Buying champagne glasses in bulk is easy, especially on the internet. There are a number of places where you can buy bulk champagne glasses for good prices.

Champagne Glasses & Flutes

Custom made champagne glasses crystal trumpet champagne flutes in bulk

From plastic champagne flutes to engraved champagne flutes, we carry the perfect champagne glasses for your event.Oriental Trading offers a wide selection of champagne flutes and glasses. Get them in plastic, get them personalized, or get them in unique colors. We give you plenty of options to choose from so they have the style you want, the event you’re celebrating, and at the prices you can afford.

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Other Plastic Cups And Lids

Disposable champagne glasses are necessities for catering operations, buffets, and other business models that serve customers in outdoor or self-serve settings. A plastic champagne glass gives customers the quality beverage that they want while allowing them to discard their glass after they’ve used it. And because each disposable champagne glass is made of durable plastic, the chance of a glass breaking, chipping, or cracking is greatly reduced.

Our plastic champagne flutes come in the traditional shape in addition to our selection of square champagne flutes. While they may not have the heavy weight of authentic glass, the clear bodies and angled designs of these disposable champagne glasses ensure your beverage will continue to bubble long after it’s poured. Best of all, each plastic champagne glass or square champagne flute is sold in bulk quantities, so you can quickly and easily stock up on the products that you need.

Also make sure to check out other great items from Choice, Visions, Fineline and WNA Comet.

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Best Places To Buy Wedding Champagne Flutes In Bulk

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Whether you’re toasting a wedding, a birth, or simply your own good fortune, raising a glass of champagne is always cause for celebration.

But if you’re serving a large crowd, you’ll need more than just a few champagne flutes. That’s where wholesale champagne glasses come in.

If you’re looking for toasting flutes or more modern stemless glasses, you can find everything you need to serve up a toast-worthy crowd from one of our recommended suppliers below.

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