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Personalized Leather Coasters Set

Top 5 Gifts for Whiskey Lovers 2020!

No other coaster can stand up to moisture like these customized Full Grain Leather coasters. They are manufactured with Horween leather, theyre thick and come in 5 beautiful and limited edition colors. The best thing is you can customize the shape and choose the wording or even print a custom logo.

Price: $24.00+

Midnight Smoker Cigar Gift Set

This gifts set is sure to put a smile on your guys face. If he is a whiskey lover that enjoys a cigar, this cigar and whiskey gift set will be the perfect choice for him. The set comes complete with a wooden box that os also a humidor, a torch lighter, a cigar cutter, a cigar carrying case, and a flask for his whiskey. The wooden box is made of cherry wood lined with Spanish cedar. It has internal locking hinges and can carry around 20 cigars.

Faqs Best Whiskey Gift Sets

What to get someone who likes whiskey?

Perhaps more so than wine, buying a gift for somebody who likes whiskey can be very difficult. A bottle of good whisky can easily cost $50. If you dont want to spend that much, there are several great gifts to buy. From whiskey-inspired home decor to a monogrammed hip flask, these gifts would make any whisky lover happy.

What are examples of unique whiskey gifts?

Theres no shortage of unique whiskey gifts that would make the perfect Christmas or birthday present. There are companies that specialize in using reclaimed whiskey barrels to make a wide range of gifts including wristwatches. How about a whisky glass that doubles as a cigar holder? Or how about a set of whiskey stones to cool your glass of whiskey instead of ice?

What are Whisky Stones?

Whiskey stones are a natural alternative to using ice to cool whiskey. Made from soapstone, whisky stones are odorless and non-porous which allows them not to interfere with the taste of whiskey. Place them in the freezer in between uses and simply add them to a glass of whisky. Theres no melting so the whiskey doesnt become watered down.

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Adventure Nesting Shot Glass Set

Flasks are right up there along with whiskey stones when it comes to the gifts that whiskey lovers tend to get far too often. Instead, go with something a little more civilized and hygienic that lets multiple people use the flask without everyone sucking from the same top. These easy to travel with shot glasses take up little space, are light, and fit perfectly in a bag next to the flask on the next group hike. Theres a carrying case too, so theres no headache of having a bunch of loose cups rolling around your bag.

Classy Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Whiskey Lovers Hangover Survival Kit

When less is more with your guy this is his decanter set. This high quality set was designed to highlight your guys favorite spirit while subtly showing off itself. Designed with lead-free glass the Class Act Decanter Set comes with 4 equally attractive whiskey glasses. When you hand this over to your whiskey lover, your guy will know you went out of your way to find the perfect whiskey gift set for him.

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Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set

While he may have just one or many hobbies, giving him this gift would be a perfect time to let him know that you do appreciate him and that it’s okay, from time to time to be really engrossed with his hobbies. Does he collect superhero stuff? Then appreciate even his childlike love for Star Wars and add this Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set to his collection.

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Whiskey Glass Cigar Clip

Practical, functional and simply smart, this gift has twoglass cigar glass clips. A cigar rest specially designed to keep and hold cigars from falling and slipping. It separates the glass with whiskey from your cigar, keeping your cigar dry. This cigar holder has a unique shape and smooth lines and is made up of premium stainless steel. He will never have to worry about where to put his cigar to rest his cigar on while having his glass of whiskey with this awesome gift.

Manly Man Co Single Malt Scotch Caramel Heart Tin

Whisky Gift Guide – What to buy for Whisky Lovers Bottle Buying Guide

Manly Man Co.

And now something to satisfy a sweet tooth. These delicious caramels from Manly Man Co. are flavored with peaty and smoky Ardmore Scotch. Placed in a heart-shaped branded tin, the 30 individually wrapped candies are fantastic for birthdays, anniversaries, or holiday celebrations for the Scotch lover in your life. Manly Man Co. also offers other delectable whiskey-themed treats, like the whiskey-flavored beef jerky or a pancake mix kit with maple syrup aged in whiskey barrels.

Price at time of publish: $49Includes: Manly Man Co. heart-shaped tin, 30 wrapped caramels

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The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler

Heres one great set he will never forget. This amazing whiskey sampler gift basket will blow his whiskey loving mind. Most whiskey lovers claim they have a favorite so with these nine hand chosen varieties his whiskey loyalty will really be put to the test.Weve included some of the perennial favorites like Johnnie Walker Red, Johnnie Walker Black, and Makers Mark, but weve also added in some surprises like Bulleit Bourbon , Glenfiddich 12 year, and Glenlivet 12 year. Hell definitely be impressed

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

For something a little more simple, this Exclusive Whiskey Stones Gift Set focuses more on the whiskey stones than the glasses. It includes 8 reusable stainless steel ice cubes along with a freezer tray to chill the cubes. The gift box also includes coasters and a set of barman tongs with rubber ends, which are the best tongs to use with whiskey stones.

The stones are FDA-approved and BPA-free. They are rounded at the edges to prevent them from scratching the glass. Just rinse them with water to clean them after use. Dry them well and place them back in the freezer for about two to three hours. Most of all, this is a pretty classy gift set.

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Posh Custom Engraved Decanter

There are a few staples we think every bourbon guy should own and a personalized decanter is one of them. When he pours a glass the flavor of his favorite bourbon it will be preserved to perfection with this smoothly crafted decanter. Whether he’s pouring a drink for himself or serving up his friends, this personalized decanter is one of the best bourbon gifts for men out there.

Virginia Distillery Courage & Conviction Signature Malt Gift Pack Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Men

American single malts are the latest, greatest trend in the whiskey world. This burgeoning category of whiskey made with 100% malted barley in the U.S. continues to grow, and Virginia Distillery is an example of a distillery thats doing ASMs well.

This gift pack delivers a full 750-milliliter bottle of Virginia Distillerys flagship offering, Courage & Conviction, as well as 50-milliliter samples of its sherry-, bourbon- and cuvée-finished C& C variants. All of these are solid whiskeys, but the bourbon cask finish is a personal favorite of ours.

Buy the Courage & Conviction Signature Malt Gift Pack from the Virginia Distillery website. At the time of this guides publishing, it was discounted down to $69.99, so check to see if that sale is still going.

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Piece Whiskey Decanter Set

For a scotch set that is a little more traditional in design try this Regal Trunk Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set. Like our other recommendations, this set is made of 100% lead-free crystal, which is dishwasher friendly. The decanter is paired with a set of four whiskey glasses. The glasses are classic in design and intended for scotch or bourbon on the rocks or for use with ice. The decanter has good heft and weight in the hand and is chip-resistant.

The entire set comes in a lovely package making it a great scotch gift. Its a classic design and perfect for any whiskey drinker.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set With Stand

This Luxury Whisky Stones Gift Set is ideal for bourbon, scotch, whiskey or a stiff drink. This mens whiskey set comes with two crystal glasses, 8 granite stones for chilling his drink, tongs for serving up the rocks, and a beautiful wooden display stand. It has an old-fashioned design with modern convenience, these whiskey glasses make it easy to relax, serve up a fresh shot of scotch, and share in a cool, delicious drink with friends and colleagues.

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Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year


Wild Turkey is a well-known Kentucky-based distillery that produces bourbons, ryes, and spirits. Its 17 Year Bourbon is part of the Masters Keep line that focuses on well-aged drinks. Flavored with notes of caramel and vanilla, the drink has a savory and spicy finish. Any bourbon lover would appreciate such a fine bottle .

Price at time of publish: $187ABV: 43.4% | Proof: 86.8 | Age: 17 years

Do Your Whisky Diy Infusion Kit

TOP 5: Best Whiskey Decanter Set on Amazon 2021 | Premium Gift for Men

This is a dream present for the adventurous drinker. Gift it with a bottle of neutral whiskey and let his imagination run wild: The kit includes three different types of oak and a variety of spices made for mix-and-match infusing. There’s also a recipe booklet to inspire cocktail hour, and labels so he can put a stamp on his signature blend. Customers routinely remarked that the packaging was top-notch, making this an effortlessly special gift.

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Can You Ship Alcohol From State To State

Laws governing alcohol distribution in the US are notoriously convoluted, especially when shipping from state to state. If you’re someone with the proper licenses to sell and distribute alcohol, then interstate shipping via FedEx or UPS may be possible . If you’re an unlicensed individual, your best bet is to check with your preferred local or online merchant about their shipping policies. Certain states don’t allow the receipt of packages containing alcohol from other states, so you may find yourself looking up merchants based in your desired destination state, and ordering over the phone. Good luck!

Whiskey & Leather Scented Candle

When looking for top gifts for whiskey lovers, consider this hand-poured whiskey and leather-scented candle. The top notes of the candle blend in with the rest, revealing an astounding scent. Whiskey and mandarin are at the top while notes of whiskey and incense are in the middle, followed by leather, dark musk, and smoke.

Price: $65.00

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Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup Trio

You dont have to be a food expert to recognize quality products and you dont need to be a whiskey taster to appreciate these syrups. However, anyone who enjoys BBQ, pancakes, or whiskey would find this pack exceptional. The syrups give subtle hints of smoke, fruit, and oak, with buttery smooth vanilla and caramel undertones.

Price: $30.00

The Macallan 25 Year Old Sherry Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky Whiskey Stones Gift Set for Men

Courtesy of Drizly

Aged in sherry-seasoned oak barrels, this Scotch from Macallan is brimming with flavors. Flavor notes include dried fruits and wood smoke while the aroma has touches of cinnamon and citrus. The Scotch is a stunning, deep mahogany color. Enjoy it on the rocks, neat, or even in a Scotch cocktail.

Price at time of publish: $2,600ABV: 43% | Proof: 86 | Age: 25 years

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Classy Gold Rimmed Personalized Whiskey Glass Set

What better way to show off at a dinner party than to bring these beauties out. This personalized whiskey glass set is sure to have all your guests mesmerized with its luxurious style. This set is hand-blown clear glass with a frosted personalization on the front. The gold-rimming around the glass is what makes this personalized glass set stand out.

Whiskey And Beverage Chilling Stones Set

If you know someone that loves a stiff drink on the rocks but doesn’t appreciate watered down whiskey, this could be the perfect solution.

This chilling stone set features two dishwasher-safe whiskey stones that can be kept frozen until needed. When its time to use them, just pop them into a glass. With the size of these stones, they will only have to use one, and can save the other for later–or share a drink with one of their whiskey-loving pals.

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Contemporary Whiskey Decanter Set

The Wine Savant Diamond Whiskey Decanter Set is another option for a more contemporary-looking decanter whisky set. It includes a diamond decanter, with diamond-shaped glasses on an asymmetrical mahogany base. The entire set is made of 100% lead-free crystal. The set of two glasses is made to consistently rest on an angle without falling over. This is an interesting way to aerate the whiskey and allow the aromas to be fully enjoyed.

Whiskey Pairing Chocolate Bars


Some perfect and affordable Valentines Day gifts for whiskey lovers are these chocolate bars. They are designed specifically to complement the different flavors and variations of whiskey. Now, whiskey lovers can join in on the pairing fun that the wine drinkers enjoy.

Price: $19.95

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Redbreast Bird Feeder Bottle

Irish pot still whiskey brand Redbreast recently partnered with actor Chris ODowd, which is why youre seeing him in the photo above. If youre also curious about that red item hanging from a tree next to him, thats the Redbreast Bird Feeder Bottle, a great gift for fans of the avian world. Best of all, its a casing that slides off an actual bottle of whiskey, so you can sip while watching the birds snack.

The 21 Best Gifts For Whiskey Lovers From Bourbon To Books

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If youre having trouble thinking of gift ideas for your friends and loved ones, you are like most of us. There is, however, something that most people always enjoya good bottle of the best whiskey. Of course, there are also lots of whiskey-adjacent things to consider as well, like glasses, flasks and even a whiskey bottle-shaped bird feeder for your ornithologist aunt. Here are 21 whiskey gift ideas covering all styles and categories, along with a few items that will make anyones home bar stand out.

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Milam & Greene Unabridged Vol 1 Bourbon

This is a new whiskey with a literary theme sort of, in the sense that three whiskey experts and authors helped to put together this blendFlaviars David Wondrich and Noah Rothbaum who are co-authors of the Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails, and Milam & Greene CEO and author Heather Greene. Even if there is no actual book involved, you can read as you sip this blend of bourbon from Tennessee, Kentucky and Texas aged from two to 14 years and bottled at a hefty 118 proof.

Forest Landscape Whiskey Glass Whiskey Stones Set Whiskey Glass Gift Boxed Set, Baban 8 ...

If you know someone that enjoys both good whiskey and hiking, this is the whiskey gift set to buy. The two 11oz glasses are printed with high-quality ink that would never wash off. Except for the amazing landscape design, the glasses are made of a thick base that gives a nice feel to the hand. Overall, these hand-blown crystal glasses are meant for the whiskey connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Price: $18.99

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Whiskey Barrel And Antler Ring

A ring for a whiskey lover? Why not! This ring design features old-growth Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Oak and an offset mule deer Antler.The Whiskey Barrel and Antler Ring come from natural sheds on the Grand Mesa, from western Colorado. The entire ring is encased in Titanium, and pressure finished with marine grade epoxy to make the roughest, and hardy ring possible. Titanium is lighter and stronger than stainless steel. It’s incredibly comfortable and entirely hypoallergenic. Both the timber and antler are infused with resin in a vacuum, to make them as waterproof as possible.

Handblown Whiskey Glass Set

As an alternative, the Aged & Ore Duo Glass Whiskey Gift Set includes a set of double-walled, hand-blown glasses to help keep the whiskey chilled. The glasses are bell-shaped to allow for improved aroma as well as aeration of ethanol, which is what makes alcohol smell strong. The lines on the outside help measure the pour, with each line representing one ounce.

The whiskey gift box also includes two silicon ice molds. For people who like ice in their whiskey one large ice cube is preferred over multiple normal ice cubes because the ice melts slower. This avoids over-dilution of the drink. The whiskey box set can also be ordered with four glasses here.

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