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What Is The Most Expensive Bottle Of Champagne

G. H. Mumm Champagne // Wine Review

The most expensive bottle of G.H. Mumm champagne is G.H. Mumm RSRV Blanc de Blancs, and it costs $99 for a bottle of 750ml.

Now that you have the simplest answer to the simplest questions, below youll find the prices and sizes of the entire range of G.H. Mumm champagne, their sizes, prices, and later on a buyers guide.


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Bottle Fermented Mthode Traditionnelle Aged On Lees For A Minimum Of 36 Months Dosage 8

Dominated by a backbone of top quality Pinot Noir, this flagship cuvée is an assemblage of up to 77 different vineyards with a high proportion of reserve wines of up to five different vintages to create a fresh, yet rich and complex champagne. All the great terroirs of the Champagne region are represented in the blend: the Montagne de Reims, Vallée de la Marne, Vallée de lArdes, Côte des Blancs, Sézannais, and Aube. Many of the wines behind the splendor of Cordon Rouge are sourced from Grands Crus and Premiers Crus within the Champagne region, classed at 90% to 100% on the Cru scale.

Exuberant bubbles and a brilliant, golden color testify to the vibrancy of this champagne. Lush aromas of ripe peach, apricot and pineapple cascade from the glass, chased by hints of vanilla and caramel, yeast, dried fruit and honey. One sip and Mumm Grand Cordon unleashes intense, complex flavors of fresh fruit and caramel that morph into a long, lingering finish.

G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge works well as an aperitif. Its freshness and intensity make it an equally fine match for grilled fish or roasted meat.

G.H. Mumm Description

GH Mumm was founded in 1827 by Georges H. Mumm and was one of the first Houses to start acquiring vineyards, beginning with grand cru parcels in Verzenay in 1840.

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Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut

  • Made out of the different vintage wines from the Champagne region of France, this champagne brand in India is very popular and specially crafted for the champagne lovers.
  • Delight to taste and smell with a soft note of apple, grapes, cherries and a slight hint of chocolate Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut is the right champagne to celebrate your promotion.

Image Courtesy: Pikdo

Bessert Champagne De Bellefon Price In India: 4,500 Approx

Gh Mumm Champagne Price And Notes


The following is the list of G.H. Mumm champagne and their prices:

G.H. Mumm Ice Xtra

The Champagne is best for those who enjoy the alcohol in the form of a cocktail. This is a glass of exceptionally fresh and aromatic Champagne that has been aged and the finest of the American oak casks.

G.H. Mumm 4

This is Pinot Noir champagne that is perfectly balanced with flavor and maturity. This is perfect for those wanting a vivacious freshness to their palate.

G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge

This is one of the oldest champagne productions from the brand. The first production was set in the year 1876, and its still in vogue with its vibrant style and freshness.

G.H. Mumm Millésimé 2013

This is vintage Champagne embossed in a modern bottle. This drink gives you a magnificent flavor of complexity and prestigious expression of G.H. Mumm.

G.H. Mumm Millésimé 2015

This is one of the most intense Champagnes made from the brand. Created from the full potential grape of different varieties, this Champagne expresses a very important and dazzling aromatic palette with amazing fruit flavors.

G.H. Mumm Rosé

The idea behind making the Champagne was to collectively represent the champagne industrys diversity in France. The Champagne has a very unique personality with the strength of 100% Pinot Noir. The Champagne perfectly goes with seafood and meat.

G.H. Mumm Demi-Sec

G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon

G.H. Mumm Olympe

G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Rosé

G.H. Mumm Cuvée Lalou 2006

G.H. Mumm RSRV Cuvée 4.5

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Ghmumm Champagne House Established In Reims In 1827

HISTORYLocated in Reims in the heart of the Champagne wine-growing region since 1827, the Mumm Champagne House has developed excellence, passion for its terroir and innovation since its creation. From the courts of royal families to the finest French restaurants, and even outer space, Mumm has always stayed true to its motto, Only the Best.EXPERTISEMumm is dedicated to producing exceptional wines from the finest Champagne terroir. From vineyard operations to winemaking, blending and bottling, the House continues to develop its rigorous and bold time-honored craftsmanship. THE CHAMPAGNEMumm champagnes express the full richness of the Champagne wine-growing region and two centuries of expertise in the creation of exceptional wines. They are characterized by their structure, complexity and freshness, as well as the fruity richness of Pinot Noir that makes the Mumm style so unique. These cuvées transform the tasting experience into a genuine way of life.

What Is The Best Champagne

The best Champagne is the one that appeals to your palate and pairs with what youre eating. Champagne comes in many different styles and sweetness levels, so youll want to try a few to find the ones you like best. The choices include Blanc de Blancs made from 100% Chardonnay brut rosé, often a blend of purple and white grapes and rich-tasting Blanc de Noirs made from purple grapes. You can also find Champagnes with different levels of sweetness ranging from bone dry brut nature, which is great for people following a keto diet to popular brut Champagne, to demi-sec dessert styles, such as Moet Champagne Nectar Imperial.

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How Is Champagne Made

Champagne starts as a still wine blendusually Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunierand it develops bubbles during a process called Methode Champenoise or the Champagne method.

Heres the most common way of making Champagne:

  • The winemaking process starts with picking grapes at the right time. For Champagne, grapes are picked earlier than for still wines because the winemaker wants fruit that has higher acidity and less sugar.
  • The grapes are de-stemmed, and then both white grapes like Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, as well as purple grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, are gently pressed to extract the juice. The skins are thrown away.
  • Next, each type of juice is fermented separately to create a base wine. The juice goes in a big tank or wood barrel, and yeast is added to start fermentation. As the yeast eats the sugar in grape juice, the sugar is converted into alcohol. This step is called the primary fermentation.
  • Once the fermentation is finished, the winemaker tastes each type of wine. Then they create a blend of those wines, plus some older wines from previous harvests, so the final assembled blend fits the flavor profile they want. This step is called assemblage.
  • After the wine has aged long enough, the bottles are carefully turned and tilted downward, so the yeast settles in the neck of the bottle. Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin, the Veuve Clicquot, invented riddling, the process to clarify Champagne.
  • Gh Mumm Grand Cordon Rose

    G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Grand Champagne | Wine Review & Bottle Design

    Grand Cordon Rose has an elegant appearance, rejuvenating taste, and sweet wild berry aroma. Cordon Rose is crafted from Mumms finest Pinot Noir grapes and balanced with gentle Chardonnay and Meunier grapes, creating a light but energizing effect on the palette. The bottle is perfect for sipping alone or sharing with friends over dessert.

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    Gh Mumm Champagne Standard Bottles And Prices

    The following is the list of the Standard Bottles and Prices of G.H. Mumm champagne:


    Amongst the above, the following are some of the best standard bottles of G.H. Mumm champagne.

    G.H. Mumm RSRV Blanc De Noirs 2012

    This slender neck bottle is a true representation of the finest quality of Mumms Champagne. It is characterized by amazing golden yellow color with a hint of fruity textures. The Champagne on the nose gives you candid citrus, dry fruit, sweet pastry, vanilla notes making you savor the finest elegant and aromatic complexity of this wonderful 2012 Noir champagne. The retail price for a bottle of 750ml is $95.

    G.H. Mumm RSRV Blanc De Blancs

    This particular bottle of Champagne reflects the richness of the brands vineyard and also the extraordinary experience of making the Champagne for the world. This bottle is incredibly delicious, feeling your heart with the velocity and the minerality of the French terrain. This particular Champagne perfectly blends with cheese, plates of pasta, and citrus fruits. The retail price for a bottle of 750ml is $99.

    G.H. Mumm RSRV Rosé Foujita

    This champagne rosé is an amalgamation of six different varieties of Champagne from the brand. The Champagne is led to mature for a minimum age of 4 years in very special oak casks. This bottle of very fruity and aromatic Champagne makes it perfect to be paired with chocolate, fruits, desserts, or any other French pastries. The retail price for a bottle of 750ml is $85.

    Maison Mumm Rsrv Blanc De Blancs 2014

    This vintage champagne is a result of Frances rainy 2014 summer. High-quality Chardonnay grapes grown in chalky soil birthed a bottle filled with smooth mineral notes. The rare champagne is aged for a minimum of three years and balanced with 6 grams of dosage liquor per liter. Because Blanc de Blancs 2014 is a limited bottle, it is best for significant life events, like engagements or weddings!

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    Whats The Difference Between Champagne And Sparkling Wine

    The easiest way to say this is that Sparkling Wine can be made anywhere in the world and in many different ways. Champagne can only be made in one very select region of the world, where the grapes must be grown, and it has to follow certain criteria when being made.

    Want to know more about the difference between bubblys? Head to our Sparkling Wine 101 Guide.

    Blanc De Blancs Reserve

    G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne å¹é¢ã?è¦?æ ¼å?ç¨å®¶æ?è¦

    Blanc de Blancs translates to white of whites, meaning we use only white grapes to make this wine. In the case of the 2017 vintage, we made a blend of 100% Chardonnay. We picked the grapes for this Blanc de Blancs Reserve by hand during the cool morning hours to ensure they arrived at the winery in pristine condition.

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    The Best Way To Drink Gh Mumm Champagne

    First and foremost, chill your bottle to 46 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature preserves the champagnes character. Once chilled, grab a classic white wine glass as its construction encourages bubble formation.

    Before pouring, grasp the base and the body of the bottle, rather than the neck. Tilt the wine glass slightly as you pour to invite bubble formation. Once bubbles appear, stop pouring and wait for them to pop. Once the bubbles are gone, pour until the glass is two-thirds full, leaving room for flavor and aroma to develop.

    The Champagne Bottle Variety

    Codorniu Brut Classico Sparkling Wine Energizing citrus hints with a warm finish – Penedès, Spain Mumm Napa Brut Prestige Sparkling Wine Clear and golden, dry medium bodied California, U.S Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne Aromatic, arid and medium to full body France Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Floral and earthy with a clean finish France

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    A Word From Our Cellar Master

    The originality of this cuvée leaves no one indifferent. Mumm Grand Cordon embodies all the pleasure, power and elegance of Pinot Noir.


    The story of Maison Mumm is one of legendary terroirs and of a bold, distinctive grape: Pinot Noir.With its power and rich, elegant fruit, the black grape takes pride of place in the Houses classic blends, to which Chardonnay and Meunier grapes add their inimitable floral and fruity notes.

    The originality of this cuvée leaves no one indifferent. Mumm Grand Cordon embodies all the pleasure, power and elegance of Pinot Noir.

    Why Is Champagne So Expensive

    Champagne Pronunciation Champagne Review #4 G.H. Mumm

    French Champagne is of the highest quality, and it has to be made in a very specific area under particular conditions. Therefore, French Champagne is more expensive than other styles of wine because of the quality and long and labor-intensive process used to make it. In addition to the detailed process of grape selection, even the least expensive Champagnes are aged a minimum of 15 months, and vintage Champagnes are aged as much as three or five years.

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    Gh Mumm Brut Cordon Rouge

    • Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne is the heartbeat of Maison Mumm.
    • This vivacious Champagne is almost crunchy in texture, showing harmony to the flavors of white peach, grated ginger, clover honey, and candied lemon zest.
    • It has a complex blend sourced from over 100 different crus which delivers a mouthwatering, chalk-tinged finish. A long aging provides additional flavors of vanilla, roasted nuts and a hint of toast.

    Image Courtesy: Twitter

    G.H. Mumm Brut Cordon Rouge Champagne Price In India: 3,500 Approx

    Ordering Champagne With Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets

    Our easy step-by-step instructions can complete your online order in less than 5 mins! Just follow the prompts! The price of the champagne is not reflected on the total until you choose the specific bottle of champagne that you would like to include. If you desire to add a bottle that is not in the options we provide, please give us a call so, we can do our very best to accommodate your champagne desires! You can contact any of our gift basket experts via phone at 1.877.789.0139 or email us at gifts@NutcrackerSweet.com. However, please understand, for your special alcoholic beverage request to be fulfilled, we may need 48 hours notice, depending on availability. Also, feel free to contact us if you are looking for further advice or recommendations!

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    Unquenchable: A Tipsy Search


    Best Books of the Year

    Natalie MacLean is a new force in the wine writing world & dash a feisty North American answer to Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson. She can write beautifully about wine.

    The Financial Times of London

    There are very few people in the wine world who “get it” and Natalie is one of those who brings more fun to a buttoned-up and stodgy game.

    Gary Vaynerchuck, Wine Library TV

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    Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label Nv

    • Veuve Clicquot Champagne, one of the most famous Champagnes in the world.
    • The well known Yellow Label represents quality to so many people. Since 1772, Yellow Label Brut showcases the fine art of blending.
    • With a predominance of Pinot Noir to provide a typical structure, a touch of Meunier rounds out the blend whilst Chardonnay adds elegance and finesse.
    • Grapes from as many as 50 to 60 different types go to the blending of Yellow Label. A full-bodied Champagne, this has been enriched by reserve wines to add depth and smoky lees intensity to its brisk, youthful elements. It’s a satisfying Brut to go along any appetizer.

    Image Courtesy: Gifts International

    Veuve Clicquot, Brut Yellow Label NV Champagne Price In India: 4,500 Approx

    What Is The Best Cheap Champagne To Buy

    To find the best values in authentic French Champagne, look to smaller wineries rather than prestige houses. Many connoisseurs prefer grower Champagne or farmer fizz made by Champenoise families who grow their grapes and bottle their own Champagne. Total Wine & Mores buyers visit Champagne countryside regularly to discover incredible values in Champagne, including Chateau LaForge, Comtesse Gerin, and Champagne GF Duntze.

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    Is G H Mumm Real Champagne

    Mumm. Champagne G. H. Mumm, based in Reims, is one of the largest producers of Champagne. The portfolio is centered around the zesty, refreshing Cordon Rouge Brut, which is based on the classic Champagne blend, along with a range of other styles including brut rosé, demi-sec, vintage, and blanc de Blancs.

    Besserat Champagne Cuve Des Moines

    GH Mumm Grand Cordon Champagne Review: A Green Apple Sparkling Wine?
    • Besseratmost renowned champagne range, Cuvée des Moines, was named in honor of the early Benedictine monks.
    • The winemaking technique used for this champagne range employs a reduced dosage, which lowers the bottle pressure about one atmosphere so that the champagne is soft, creamy and packed with tiny bubbles.
    • This champagne, dressed in a pure vibrant yellow, offers a citrus note combined with floral notes of honeysuckle and acacia. It has a fine mousse and a creamier texture.
    • This prestige cuvée whose only 7,000 bottles are being released has bubbles that are 30% finer than other champagnes of its class.

    Image Courtesy: Twitter

    Besserat Champagne Cuvée Des Moines Champagne Price In India: 9,000 Approx

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