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Even if they have the best t-shirts on the planet, poor business practices and many other elements of their operation can be a deal-breaker. We spent a lot of time looking at their business from every angle to see if theyre worth the time and money.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

It seems to be hit or miss for the company for several reasons. For starters, many customers think their tees are rather thin and seem to be made from cheaper material. Theres also the side that seems to love their tees for how theyre made, and its understandable that everyone has their preferences.

Top Alternative:

Pricing: 3 Stars

While the company may offer quite a few ways to save, its still hard to justify the price of each tee, and there are multiple reasons for this. The quality doesnt seem to add up to the cost, and it has been reported that you can find the exact same shirts from wholesalers with a much lower price tag.

Shipping: 3 Stars

Reviews about the companys shipping seem to be mixed, but there is a recurring notion that it takes too long to get your order. They claim orders will generally ship within one business day, but many customers have mentioned that it has taken days or sometimes weeks to hear anything about their order.

Maybe these are isolated cases, but its a red flag nonetheless.

Customer Service: 3 Stars

What Other Customers Think

Its pretty easy to find reviews about the company online, and customers are never one to hold back on how they truly feel. Keep reading below to get a good look at what a majority of previous and existing customers think of the brand.

  • Most think that their shirts are too thin
  • Many claim you can find the same product from wholesalers
  • Some arent a fan of the cost of their shirts
  • Shipping seems to take too long for numerous customers
  • The quality doesnt match to how theyre marketed
  • Customer service needs improved

Fresh Clean Tees Long Sleeves Review

Lets move this Fresh Clean Tees review along and lay into the long sleeves. These classic-looking and super-comfortable shirts look equally great when worn on their own or with a jacket, and theyre a particularly great addition to your wardrobe for the colder months of the year.

This Fresh Clean Tees review will now dive into some of the brands bestsellers in this category.

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I Wouldn’t Buy Another Item This From

I wouldn’t buy another item this from this company. I ordered several products from them and one shirt was missing. I notified their customer service department and they asked to me to take pictures of the items that I received so they could ‘share with our shipping’ department to help them do a better job next time. My job is not to help you them do their job better…my job is to buy their products and to receive what I ordered. I would never recommend this company to anyone. Plus, their t-shirts start to degrade after you wash them a couple of times.

Date of experience:September 06, 2022

What Do Other Reviewers Say About Fresh Clean Threads

Pin on Tshirt Life

After reading through hundreds of reviews to get a sense of how other people reacted to Fresh Clean Threads, a few comments seemed to pop up consistently.

For one, people think these t-shirts are super soft and comfortable, which I can attest to.

And second, a lot of reviewers are pleasantly surprised with the fit, and theyre openly wondering if theyll ever shop with another t-shirt brand again.

I read a few reviews from guys with self-identified dad-bods, and they still said the shirt fit super well, which goes counter to what I would expect. So if youre a dad-bod, give this brand a shot, but order the larger size .

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Why You Should Trust Us

Im the style staff writer at Wirecutter, so I compare, test, and write about everything you can carry or wear on your person, from tote bags to sunglasses to T-shirts. For this guide, I read T-shirt reviews from a host of trusted sources to gain a better understanding of what makes a great T-shirtbut I also relied on my own aesthetic judgment. Then I met with Wirecutter staff writer Jackie Reeve to establish the best way to test the fabric for quality and shrinkage.

What Is Fresh Clean Tees Return Policy

If youd like to return items to Fresh Clean Tees, youll have to reach out to their customer service team within 100 days after receiving your order. The company provides a 100-day guarantee on their products, meaning that if your shirt doesnt meet your expectations, you can get a replacement or refund at no extra cost.

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Fresh Clean Tees Test

There isnt a lot more to go over that I hadnt already stated in my first impressions. My opinions have not changed a lot, and in this situation thats a good thing. The shirt still has its stretch, its still soft and comfy, and Ive found its good after a few washes.

The washing aspect is the main thing I had been wanting to look into to see if it would change my opinion. So often Ill see a shirt get bought online and it looks like the best thing ever, but when it gets put through the wash once or twice it starts to shrink, fall apart, or lose its softness.

Im happy to say this is not the case with the shirt I got from Fresh Clean Tees. Its still as soft as the first day I got it after going through a full wash and dry cycle, its kept the same level of elasticity, and basic stains came off without any problems.

Its passed most of my tests. Not all of them with flying colors, but enough to justify the price of a single t-shirt.

I Wish I Could Give Them No Stars

Fresh Clean Tees Polo Review: Is the BRAND NEW Polo Shirt ð?ð?» or ðð?» ?!

I wish i could give them no stars. I order from them Sept 6th and have not heard anything about my order. I reached out to them twice and only got an automated email saying they are looking into my order, no actual response. Their website claims they process orders in about 1 day but it has been over a week now. The most frustrating this is that there is no customer support, they don’t respond to emails, the chat function is down on their website, and they don’t list a number to call. Very disappointed. I will likely have to file a dispute with my CC company and try to get my money back.

Date of experience:September 06, 2022

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What We Like About Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Tees fabric quality is excellent backed by its top class stitching.

These shirts are easy to care and wash. They will not d-shape, fray, fade or pill easily.

More options of blends are available as compared to True Classic Tees.

Unlike many other brands which are loose and drapery, Fresh Clean Tees have flattering fit.

Vast range of colors to choose from light neutral to dark.

Well priced at US$19 which gets lower if bought in bundles.

Fresh Clean Tees Overview

If youre looking for comfortable and affordable t-shirts, Fresh Clean Tees boasts of having it all. Its refreshing to see theyre pretty transparent about their products and business practices, as they offer plenty of insight on their fabrics, manufacturing practices, and more.

You can shop for individual pieces or create a custom bundle, and theyre very body inclusive as you can choose between sizes small through 4XL. They also provide a subscription model for those who want to save a few bucks and keep a fresh rotation of tees in the closet.

Aside from their vast selection of t-shirts, customer service, shipping, and other factors are equally important.

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Fresh Clean Tees Fleece Bomber Jacket Review

Fresh Clean Tees Fleece Bomber Jacket

No need to sacrifice comfort for fashion: the Fleece Bomber Jacket is a slick sweater-jacket hybrid that keeps you cozy while looking super-sharp. Its great for pairing with one of your Fresh Clean Tees crewnecks, Henleys, or V-necks.

Get the new staple of your fall wardrobe for $43, originally $54.

Fresh Clean Threads Review: What Are These Tees You Speak Of

Pin on Tshirt Life

What is Fresh Clean Tees?

They opened their virtual doors back in 2015 by a husband and wife team. They knew the mens basic market was flawed. They found many great t-shirts that fit well and looked good, but they retailed for over 30 bucks, but some t-shirts retail for over $50! Thats crazy!

Sure, you can get a higher quality shirt and you can get a cheaper shirt but, in our Fresh Clean Tees Review, we found these t-shirts to be right in the middle.

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Great Easy Return Process

I had a great experience with Fresh Clean Tees, even though the shirts didn’t work out for me. I ordered 5 t-shirts, but the fit wasn’t for me. I don’t have a typical body type, so it wasn’t a surprise. What impressed me about them was how easy and smooth the return process was. The process was fast and easy and the refund was received quickly. T shirts seemed to be made of good quality material and felt soft and nice – so would have liked them if they were the right fit.

Date of experience:August 31, 2022

What Is Fresh Clean Threads

Fresh Clean Threads started in 2015 as a t-shirt subscription service , though in more recent years, theyve been standing more on the quality and fit of their tees rather than the convenience of automatic shipments.

The brand initially didnt have a ton of products. Just t-shirts, a few sweatshirts, some henleys, and socks. But theyve since expanded to polos and tanks, and rebranded to Fresh Clean Threads in August 2022, a name which they feel better reflects their growing catalog.

With something so common as the basic white tee, the fabric quality and fit have to be on-point in order to stand out. I cant think of a more competitive space in apparel.

If subscription services are your jam, they still offer recurring shipments either every month, every other month, or every three months. If you choose one of these options, you get free shipping every time.

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Fresh Clean Tees Vs True Classic Tees: Promotions & Discounts

In this Fresh Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees review, Ive let you in on everything there is to know about the two brands, including the overall price ranges. But, promos and discount codes can bring that cost down.

Heres what each brand has to offer when it comes to savings:

  • Take 20% off your first order when you sign up for emails
  • Receive up to 65% off using code
  • Free shipping in the US on orders over $100
  • Save up to 50% on select bundles

Each brand offers some pretty stellar opportunities for extra savings. Plus, when you purchase a bundle from either company, youll save even more.

That said, True Classic Tees has a few extra ways to save. But, Fresh Clean Tees has free shipping available when you spend less money, so if youre only looking for a few tops it may be the better option for you considering the already low prices.

Fresh Clean Tees Review: Editors Verdict

True Classic Tees Review

This Fresh Clean Tees review clearly shows that the brand is an ideal choice for stylish, high-quality, and affordable t-shirts. According to the customer reviews, the clothes are comfortable, well-made, and almost fit true to size. The company also has an excellent return policy, which allows you to return or exchange any item that you do not like.

With suck perks, we can confidently say that Fresh Clean Tees is an outstanding choice for t-shirts. We recommend their products to anyone looking for stylish and affordable t-shirts.

Are you still looking for clothing brands made for men? Check out our reviews of Unbound Merino, Alton Lane, and Ten Thousand Shorts. Alternatively, read our reviews of 686 Clothing.

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What Is Fresh Clean Tees

Built to offer the essentials that any man should have in their wardrobe, the companys strong suit is in their quality basic tees, and youll find a selection of tanks, long sleeves, and polos as well. Fresh Clean Tees wants to be the one-stop shop for tees that are form-fitting and comfortable for all-day wear.

The company started out in 2015 and has quickly grown since then while expanding their catalog with nearly every style of t-shirt you can think of.

Youll also find theyre relatively affordable, and they offer plenty of ways to save money, such as bundles and even a subscription model.

Under Armour Mens Compression T

This model is my winner for multiple reasons.

To start, it features a classic sports style, suitable for all active uses. Its even UV-resistantUPF 30which is ideal during the summer months.

At work, wear it as an undershirt to prevent any loose ends from jiggling. Users specifically comment on how the material feels like a second skin and is comfortable to wear all day.

However, you might need to cut off the side tag. Its irritating as it tends to rub against the skin. On top of this, it can ride up your body, although this depends on your body shape.

As you can see below it is one of my go-to shirts for pulling in the tummy, especially after a bloating curry.


A predominant belly alone can wreck self-esteem. Gynecomastiaor man boobscan add to the discomfort. But, this product should slim your torso from your chest to belly.

Happy customers mention how efficient this undershirt is at flattening the chest, boosting their confidence.

Also, the mesh shoulder straps allow for breathability and remain discreet, even under a white work shirt. Plus, the tank top comes with additional cross-bands to help maintain proper posture.

However, this model comes in a limited number of sizesup to XX-Large. Therefore, it might be too tight for individuals used to 4X or 5X-large shirts.


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Are Fresh Clean Tees The Same As Next Level

No one is 100% sure if Fresh Clean Tees are the same as Next Level, at one point. Now, however, Fresh Clean Tees has a proprietary fabric that makes their shirts stand out from the rest. This fabric is soft, light, and breathable, perfect for hot summer days or days when you just want to feel comfortable.

Positives About True Classic Tees

Honest Fresh Clean Tees Review: Worth the Hype?

Their giving back program is awesome.

They donate about 15k+ shirts per month to homeless shelters, schools and communities.

Excellent fit and fabric will not pill or fade for long time.

Arms shoulders and chest are tailored fit for every body type.

Many colors options to choose from light neutral to dark.

More range of styles compared to Fresh Clean.

Better price if purchased as packs.

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Will I Get Discount On Every Purchase From Fresh Clean & True Classic

Normally discounts are given on first purchase if you subscribe to their mailing lists. But there are occasional discounts available from time to time, you can check their websites for more information.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy using those links we may earn affiliate commission from our partners.

Who Will You Shop With

As the names suggest, both brands offer stylish and simple designs. Overall, there are more similarities than differences. No matter where you shop, youll find low prices, high-quality tees, a comfortable fit, and timeless designs.

Now, theres not much more to ask for. But, if youre on the hunt for something super specific, there are a few details that may sway you in one way or the other. So, for this Fresh Clean Tees vs True Classic Tees review, Ive picked out a few key details.

True Classic Tees offers a wider color selectionyoull find plenty of neutrals as well as a few pops of color. That said, Fresh Clean Tees has lower prices, which is appealing if youve got a simple color palette in mind.

Plus, the fit guides differ. True Classic Tees estimates your size based on height, weight, and desired fit. Alternatively, Fresh Clean Tees uses exact sizes and measurements.

All things considered, no matter which brand you choose to go with, youll find yourself reaching for the same comfy tee every single day. And once youve tried one, you may end up wanting to try the other out for sizetheres no such thing as too many t-shirts!

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Fresh Clean Tees Longline

The Longline collection is ideal for taller shoppers. Each t-shirt in this category is 3 inches longer than the rest of the Fresh Clean Tees items.

The company uses 100% cotton for the Longline collection, which means these t-shirts are more breathable. Another cool thing is that the fabric is pre-laundered to avoid shrinkage after washing, which is essential for tall individuals.

Items in the Longline collection include Slim Fit t-shirts with curved and split hems. Prices start at $16 for items that are currently on sale and $20 for regular offers.

Fresh Clean Tees covers sizes from S to 3XL in this collection. Shoppers note that the sizing chart of Longline t-shirts is pretty accurate, which means more chances for users to enjoy a flattering fit.

Fresh Clean Tees Review: The Hoodies

Fresh Clean Tees Review

The Fresh Clean Tees Hoodie is super soft and really comfortable.

It looks more expensive than it really is and runs true to size.

This isnt a dig on the hoodie, but it is one of the lighter hoodies in my arsenal of hoodies.

While the Fresh Clean Tees are made from 60% ringspun cotton and 40% polyester blend, the Hoodies are slightly more cotton. The Hoodies are made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester blend.

The interior is fleece which all together means they simply made a comfortable, super-soft hoodie with great fabric.

Read our full Fresh Clean Tees Hoodie Review.

What else they offer

Besides what weve covered here, Fresh Clean Treads Brand has even more options, like v-neck tees, awesome long sleeves tees, an awesome long-sleeve henley, and much much more.

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