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Pa Has A Liquor Limit: Where To Buy Local Whiskey And Spirits Instead

Liquor Control Board Closing State Stores In Philadelphia Suburbs

A global supply chain disruption is a great excuse to try Philadelphia distilleries.

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Stocking that bar cart you impulse-bought at the height of the pandemic just got a bit harder, thanks to a mandate issued by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board over global supply chain disruptions.

The PLCB, aka the state org that runs the Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores, has imposed a 2-bottle-per-day purchasing limit on a variety of upscale champagnes, cognacs, tequilas, and whiskeys.

All told, 43 liquor listings are affected, and the restriction is expected to last indefinitely. Some of the restricted bottles are things youd save for lifes special occasions think Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot or Moët & Chandon. But a lot of them are popular spirits: Patron and Don Julio tequila, for example, or Buffalo Trace, Bakers, and Blantons bourbon. Even Jack Daniels is on the list.

Granted, you might not find use for more than two bottles of any of these things in a given day. So will the rationing affect most customers popping into Wine and Spirits shops? Probably not. But the limits will make it harder for restaurants and bars to stock up.

Heres a list of local small-batch distilleries that will sell direct to consumers, no purchase limits necessary.

You Probably Didnt Even Know Philadelphia Has Its Own Flag

This guy says we need a new one. And I have to say, I dont disagree with him. The Philadelphia flag is truly unremarkable and muddled and confusing, as he puts it. I cant even find you a photo of the Philadelphia flag that I can use, because the Philadelphia flag is so boring and uninteresting that people arent inclined to take photos of it, I guess.

Some years ago, a local agency came up with this as a potential Philadelphia flag redesign:

A potential Philadelphia flag redesign

What do you think? I kinda like it.

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The full list of Philadelphia locations opening Friday is below:

  • Columbus Commons, 1940 S. Columbus Blvd.
  • Pennypack Circle Shopping Center, 8204 Roosevelt Blvd.
  • Adams and Tabor Center, 730 Adams Ave.
  • Ivyridge Shopping Center, 7146 Ridge Ave.

Additionally, all 13 licensee service centers across the commonwealth are open to fulfill licensee orders.

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And From The Oh Heck Sports Desk

The Phillies final regular-season matchup, against the Houston Astros, was scheduled for 4:10 p.m. Wednesday. How utterly peachy for those of us with jobs! Framber Valdez started off pitching for Houston, pitted against Bailey Falter, who only went one inning, per pre-planning. The Astros got the party started early by scoring two runs in the third off his replacement, just-called-up Michael Plassmeyer. That was pretty much it until the Astros scored another in the seventh.

Once again stop me if you know this plot the Phils flurried in the eighth, as Dalton Guthrie was hit by a pitch, Nick Maton singled , Brandon Marsh doubled, and Rhys Hoskins hit a sacrifice fly. Just like that, the score was 3-2.

The Phils brought in Nick Nelson in the bottom of the inning, and he immediately gave up a triple and a walk but dug his way out of that hole. On to the ninth! During which not much happened. Final score: 3-2 Astros. The Phils have an 87-75 record. On to Fridays wild-card game against the Cards in St. Louis, which starts at 2:07. How convenient, as the Church Lady used to say.

If you didnt get to see enough of the Sixers starters this time around, you can console yourself with a bottle of James Hardens line of wines, newly available at Pennsylvania state stores. Bottoms up! Sandy Hingston

Now Open: A Philadelphia Location

Fine Wine &  Good Spirits

The Reading Terminal Market has announced its newest full-time merchant, Pennsylvania Libations Philadelphia. The Pittsburgh-based wine and spirits shop, Pennsylvania Libations, will open its third location and first in Philadelphia inside Reading Terminal selling Pennsylvania-made wine, spirits, and cider. Owner Christian Simmons has tapped Philadelphia native Arthur Etchells, founder of Philadelphia magazines Foobooz, as general manager of the new store.

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Dont Trust The Discount

Youve seen those advertisements, the big sign that screams Amazing Deal! 50% off this AMAZING Wine The wine may be discounted, but its probably not as good a deal as you may think. Wine merchants calculated those discounts with the Suggested Retail Price, which is often not the actual retail price. Before you buy, check out the average US price on a database like Sometimes, you are only saving a dollar or two.

As a rule, the profit margin for a retail wine shop is around 30%, so any more than a 20% discount is probably accounting fiction.

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Top Fwgs Wine Shops In Suburbia

Ardmores Fine Wine & Good Spirits

This is the only fully-functioning wine shop in the Philly region. It has a knowledgeable staff, a deep selection, and a decent selection of collectible bottles. In addition, their Chairmans election offerings are better than any in the city itself. If Rob Peters ever leaves this shop, it will probably go to hell. Until then, enjoy.

Highlights: Deep inventory of hard-to-find wines. One of the top Premium Collection stores in the state.

62 Greenfield Ave, Ardmore, PA 19003 | Phone: 645-5010

Bala CynwydsFine Wine & Good Spirits

This is the wine store that time forgot. No one shops for fine wine in this shop, so outstanding wines remain here for years. Its a bit disorganized, but this is a fantastic shop if you know what you are looking for. This is where the Wine School picks up wines for its tasting classes and monthly newsletter.

119 City Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 | Phone: 660-6443

Flourtowns Fine Wine & Good Spirits

This shop is excellent for many of the same reasons as Bala because its not a highly trafficked wine shop. In addition, the lighting is better than in most PLCB stores, and the aisles are better organized. The inventory of Chairmans Selections is excellent, better than any other wine shop in the region.

1440 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown, PA 19031 | Phone: 753-2454

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Top Wine Shops In Delaware

Franks Union Wine Mart

A wine institution in Delaware. Owner Frank Pagliaro and the Wine School have a long relationship, starting with underwriting a show that we created, Philly Uncorked. At the time, we didnt know much about the shop. Since then, we have learned a great deal. Frank is a force of nature, and his wine shop reflects his personality. The selection is wild, eclectic, intelligent, and always surprising. Its a wine shop for connoisseurs and wine lovers who are tired of cookie-cutter selections.

Highlight: Franks has a back room where they store a lot of cult and collectible wines.

1206 N Union St, Wilmington, DE 19806 | Phone: 283-7265

Total Wine & More

Pretty much all of Philly does their shopping here. About 100 Philadelphians will be shopping at Total Wine at any given hour. Also, this is the shop where Many Philly restaurants buy their wine , so dont be surprised if you see a familiar face or two. Does that make this the best wine shop in the region? Its great for national brands like Kendall Jackson Chardonnay . However, pricing is not great for smaller brands and boutique wines. Go here for mass-market wines, but purchase your boutique bottles elsewhere.

Highlights: Their French selection is excellent, especially for Bordeaux and Rhone wines.

691 Naamans Rd, Claymont, DE 19703 | Phone: 792-1322

Another Impressive Jeopardy Player From The Area

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Removes All Russian-Made Products From Fine Wine & Good Spirits Sh

Ocean City resident Cris Pannullo has already raked in more than $100,000 in just four episodes of Jeopardy! Pannullo is a risky Jeopardy! player, not dissimilar to James Holzhauer, one of the shows winningest contestants ever. Its probably not a coincidence that Pannullo used to be a professional gambler, same as Holzhauer. You can watch Pannullo tonight at 7 p.m. on 6ABC.

But dont worry, Ryan Long: Youre still our favorite.

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What Is A Chairmans Selection

This program was started by our friend and former PLCB Chairman Jonathan Newman. The program exploited the oversupply of wine on the wholesale market. By purchasing entire inventories of wine, his team could negotiate huge deals. In those years, the deals were often quite good. These days, the discounts are less reliable and are often matched by wine shops in the free market . The program is still an excellent way to purchase wine, but it is less reliable.

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Faqs About Alcohol Delivery In Philadelphia Pa

  • Are you sure alcohol delivery is legal?

    Yes, alcohol delivery is perfectly legal in the cities and states we serve. Weve been helping local stores deliver beer, wine and liquor since 2012, so you can trust us that its all above board!

  • Does Drizly offer contactless delivery?

    Yes! We all want to make the alcohol delivery experience as safe and easy as possible. Youll need to show your ID to your driver, but you can hold it up for contactless scanning. We have also recommended retailers contact you for delivery instructions, and eliminate customer signatures to minimize what you need to touch.

  • Can I tip my delivery driver?

    Tips may be collected for delivery drivers/personnel during checkout. Please note that each Drizly Retail Partner manages their individual tipping policy at their own discretion, so the tip received may be distributed differently from store to store.

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The Sun Will Come Out

Totally should have used that Annie joke yesterday. But 76 and sunny today 77 and mostly sunny tomorrow. If youre looking for a last beach hurrah, Atlantic City is forecast to be 75 on Friday with full sun. But the water temp has plummeted to 65. As for Annie, it opens next week at the Miller Theater, f.k.a. the Merriam.

Are The Ratings Legit

Fine Wine &  Good Spirits

Just because you see a wine earned 92 points, that doesnt mean its a great bottle of wine. For starters, not all ratings are considered equal. The top dogs in this field are Wine Spectator, Vinous, and Wine Advocate. In Pennsylvania, the Wine School publishes great wine ratings in our newsletter. However, plenty of outfits will sell a high rating for a few dollars and a free bottle of wine.

The other problem is often one of neglect. There are thousands of bottles of wine in a shop, and vintages change, and its very possible no one noticed. Make sure the ratings you are reading about are for the wine you are looking at. We have seen ratings quoted for wines that were from five vintages ago. We have also seen ratings for the wrong wines, as well.

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Get The Door Its The Beer Store

Its difficult to summarize a city as big as Philadelphia in a single image or at least, it used to be. That was before the city gave us Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot Wikipedia describes as a large, unsettling, furry, orange creature and that a newspaper called an acidtrip of a mascot.Gritty is Philadelphia. Let us explain. Hes big, orange and huggable, but he also destroys stuff, occasionally punches children and generally sows seeds of anarchic mania wherever his googly-eyed, red-rimmed gaze falls. All of this is perfectly okay with Philadelphians. They love him unconditionally. Known affectionately as the Sixth Borough of NYC, this is a city where cars park in the middle of the road and you can eat a roadside cheese steak at 8 a.m. and no one will bat an eye.But beneath all of this lies Phillys sense of humor. In truth, Philadelphia is one of the most huggable cities on earth. Its green, rich with history, brimming over with culture and diversity, fun and lively. Its home to some of the greatest music, art and spirit in the country. Drizly gets it. Thats why we compile Philadelphias finest beers, wines and liquors on our app or website and deliver them to you in 60 minutes or less. Read More

Top Private Wine Shops In Philadelphia

The Pennslyvania Liquor Control Board controls most of the wine trade in the state, and most of those stores are outright terrible. Some are OK, and a few are really awesome. No matter, most of the wines are still overpriced and boring.

There is a movement for small private wine shops, which is an amazing development in the past few years. Want to shop at the best wine store Philadelphia? Just google wine shop near me and locate one of these shops pronto.

Vernick Wine

Less than a four-minute walk from the wine school! Their selection is a little larger than most of the boutique shops, but its still tiny . Like most of the private wine shops in Philly, they have a selection of natural wines, but they also offer a good selection of classic European bottlings, as well.

2029 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Cork, the Wine Shop at Cook

Before the pandemic, Cook was a competitor to the wine school. They offered food and wine tasting classes and were backed by Philly Magazine and a major restauranteur. Now they are a great wine shop an eight-minute walk from the school!

Their former classroom is stacked to the ceiling with a diverse portfolio of bottles. This is one of the better bottle shops in Philly.

253 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


This shop is a six-minute walk from the wine school. They occasionally carry bottles from Louis Dressner Selections, which is a rarity here in Philly. Great natural wines, with a focus on slurpable and fun styles with a bit of funk.

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Food Wine And Spirits Philadelphia

A true lifestyle group with great suggestions on all things life and living Includes exclusive giveaways, discounts, and other advantages exclusive to members of this group. Not a place for everyone so if you refer someone make sure they understand this group is and will always be about the positive things that bring us joy.

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Pennsylvania Liquor Stores Hosting Big 50% Clearance Sale

Fine Wine & Good Spirits Cocktail Recipes

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is hosting a clearance sale on more than 3,300 products including wines and liquors. The sale started Oct. 3.Sarah Cassi | For

Its not every day the price of your favorite vodka, whiskey or wine is marked 50% off regular prices.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is hosting a major clearance sale online and at stores across the state. It started Oct. 3, just in time to stock up for the holidays.

The LCB has slashed prices on more than 3,300 products, including wines and liquors.

It features products in all price points, starting as low as $1.49 for Dailys Bahama Mama frozen cocktails up to $249 for a high-end Louis Jadot Domaine des Heritiers Chevalier Montrachet Grand Cru Les Demoiselles 2017.

The clearance is in addition to the LCBs regular monthly sales.

For more information on the sale and product availability, visit the PA Fine Wine & Good Spirts website.


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Red Brick Craft Distillery

2628 Martha St., Kensington

Red Brick Craft Distillery is home to the strongest whiskey on this list: a barrel strength single malt that sits between 108 and 116-proof, depending on the batch. But dont worry, they have a lineup of weaker malts and rums, too.

Cant make it to their Kensington headquarters? Red Brick retails at various farmers markets around the area for details.

Top Fine Wine And Good Spirits Shops

The quality of these state-owned wine and spirits shops is falling rapidly. There used to be a lovely boutique wine shop at the Garces Trading Company, but it closed when this Garces outpost folded. In Rittenhouse, the Fine Wine & Good Spirits wine shop is spacious and modern, but its inventory continues to disappoint. The 14th & Locust wine shop has its ups and downs. If you like playing hide & seek for great values, then the shop in Queen Village is a fun place to shop.

The problem with all of them has to do with the three fundamental flaws of the PLCB system: Suburban communities often get the higher volume of Chairmans Selection wines and often get wines that never reach Philly Wine pricing is determined in Harrisburg, not at the local wine shops Finally, employees are not certified sommeliers or wine professionals.

With the new wine laws in Pennsylvania, semi-private wine shops are starting to pop up in Philadelphia. This historic change should bring innovation and better selections to Philly, although pricing will remain higher than in other states.

So where are the best wine shops in the Philly area? Heres the list.

Chestnut Hills Fine Wine & Good Spirits

Sadly, the manager retired and the shop has greatly declined in quality. It may soon be removed from this list.

8705 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118 | Phone: 753-4520

Center City Easts Fine Wine & Good Spirits

1112 Chestnut St #28, Philadelphia, PA 19107 | Phone: 923-1790

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Whtm Severe Weather Alerts

Customers can visit to determine what clearance products are offered online and view in-store product availability.

According to the website, some of the cheapest spirits available are being sold in the sale for as little as $0.49. Some of the more expensive wines being offered in the sale were originally listed for $799.99 but are now available for $399.99.

Orders of more than $99 are eligible for free shipping in Pennsylvania and all sales are final. If you have an order delivered you will need to receive the order in person with an ID and packages will not be left on porches.

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