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El Tiempo Cantina defines the extraordinary flavors and culture of Tex Mex cuisine. Years ago, our family made fajitas popular in the United States. For the past 65 years, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting what Houstonians know today as authentic Tex Mex cuisine. Our ultimate dedication is to you our customer. Youll become part of our family as we care for you during your dining experience. At each El Tiempo location, we have vested much diligence and effort into developing our recipes and training our staff. We have set the standard high for our staff to take great care of our guests. Whether youre craving fresh chicken breast fajitas with bell peppers and onions, or margaritas with fresh-squeezed lime juice, well give you the best Tex Mex dining experience youll ever have! Stop by any of our El Tiempo locations and enjoy our famous fajitas and extensive Tex Mex cuisine. We look forward to meeting you soon!

El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina Foodie Friday

This week we jump over to Margaritaville Resort of Kissimmee to check out a new Taco and Tequila restaurant that can definitely fill your need for a shot with a bite.

We were seated in the bar area to the right. The whole area was lit in a beautiful blue light, and the bar was surrounded by a bunch of different tequilas to order. They have a few margaritas to order, but they are a full bar so you can order whatever you want.

We ended up trying their chips and dip with the mild salsa. It was pretty good. Still a little on the spicy end, but still good. Then for our entrees, we ordered their tacos, of course.

I got steak, shredded chicken, and barbacoa. Brittany also got steak and chicken but got al pastor pork as her third option. We liked all of them but forgot to ask if they would have onions on them. Oh well. I do think we will be back.

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El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina

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  • What time is the kitchen open till?

    It seems they are open till 2AM

    Stephen M.

  • Is the restaurant pet friendly?

    Didn’t see any inside but there were a few outside tables and a couple had there dog

    DS H.

3227 Margaritaville Blvd Kissimmee, FL 34747

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Review Of El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina

El Jefe was just a short walk from our vacation stay at Margaritaville and since we love Mexican, figured we give it a try. There were definitely some pros and cons. Pros: The place had a good vibe. Attentive, friendly service. Amazing tequila list. If you are looking for a special tequila, chances are they have it, such as the Fortaleza Reposado I enjoyed. House margaritas were also good. Cons: Food was hit and miss. I can usually judge if I will love a Mexican restaurant by the chips and salsa. In this case I guessed right. Salsa was just so-so, not bad, just not great. Same with the food…my Steak and Al Pastor tacos were very good…my wife’s nachos were just average…Mexican rice lacked flavor…overall a decent meal, but there is much better authentic Mexican out there

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Had dinner with my family. The food is fresh and delicious. Our server, Blake was consciousnesses about the chip refills, which is important to my family. Good drinks and food.

Frequently Asked Questions About El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina

El Jefe

Does El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina take reservations?

Yes, you can make a reservation by picking a date, time, and party size.

Does El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina have outdoor seating?

Yes, El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina has outdoor seating.

Is El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina currently offering delivery or takeout?

Yes, El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina offers both delivery and takeout.

What forms of payment are accepted?

El Jefe Tequilas Taco Cantina accepts credit cards.

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