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Our academys goal is to provide a family friendly and all-inclusive atmosphere and top quality training and instruction within a safe and clean facility. Basically, we strive to produce top quality martial artist/athletes in an environment full of top quality people! Whether you strive to be a top athlete, achieve fitness goals, or train recreationally, we are here to help get you there!

Lafayette Martial Arts Club

Lafayette Martial Arts Club |Classes Classes Youth America / LMACYouth Youth friendlymartial arts training and workout. Children will be instructed in proper technique, confidence and self-discipline while having fun and constantly moving. Nextyouth classes start September 26th! Cardio

Arthur & Joanne Chow / Parents

My son, Aidan Chow has been going to Master Myungs since Oct 2010. He enjoys the training, the tournaments, and the instructors . The instructors are very hardworking, very dedicated, and make the training fun in a way. He really enjoys going there and we also have observed some positive changes in him too. Were quite happy to have him there.

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Champagnes Martial Arts Academy

Champagnes Martial Arts, helps everyday men, women, and children learn high-quality martial arts and take pride in everything they do. From Kids Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Fitness training and Womens Self-Defense, they truly have something for everyone. Their BJJ system is built off the teachings of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and their staff is dedicated to helping everyone find success.

1527 Westgate Rd.

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