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Wine of the Month Club | In 149 Seconds

Natchitoches, Louisiana, founded in 1714, is a quaint, historic town, planted on the scenic, majestic Cane River. It is a town with a sense of true Southern Comfort. The film, Steel Magnolia was shot here. Martha Maynard, our charming office manager, is from Natchitoches, and when you call our W.O.M. office, your ears will cuddle-upread more »

Rated Wine Club 7 Years In A Row

  • Each month well deliver 2 full-sized bottles of hard-to-find, premium wines from award-winning and boutique wineries around the world.
  • We feature two different wineries every month, one bottle from each winery, and you can choose between red wine, white wine, or a bottle of each.
  • Every wine we deliver has been highly-rated by our independent advisory board of wine professionals and each monthly delivery is covered by our unbeatable Theyll Love It! Guarantee!

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Wine With Food: California Brut Champagne

Wine with Food: California Brut Champagne By Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | April 1983 Lets assume that you were given a fine bottle of California champagne as a gift and you had set aside for the right occasion. Then one day, that special celebration presented itself. An anniversary, a promotion, a raise, good news all theseread more »

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Canadas Finest Wine Of The Month Club

Expand your vino horizons with Monthly Sommelier. Our Wine of the Month Clubs consist entirely of wines sourced directly from professional wine agents, who scour the Earth in search of the finest vintages. We currently have 3 distinct Wine Subscriptions and encourage you to explore what we have to offer.

Naked Wines Wine Club

Creative Woman Kit of the Month Club Champagne Pearl Elegance

Naked Wines is a unique wine subscription that focuses on helping small, boutique wineries grow. The club works on the basis of a monthly fee you have to pay, which you can then distribute among bottles you want to receive.

This wine club gives you quite a bit of flexibility, too. You can choose how many bottles you want to receive each month as well as how frequently you want to get your shipment.

You can also skip a month if you decide you dont want your order, which is great for those whose wine needs change on a regular basis.

Naked Wines has tons of different types of wine varieties for you to choose from, including some pretty unique Chardonnay blends. A few of the bottles you can get with these subscriptions include:

  • 2020 Scott Kelley Chardonnay, Oregon
  • 2020 Jac Cole Unoaked Chardonnay, Russian River Valley
  • 2020 Brothers Miller Unoaked Chardonnay, Santa Barbara
  • 2020 Irene Paiva Qu Reserva Chardonnay, Curico Valley

Whats nice about these bottles is that theres a mix of domestic and international wines, and the domestic bottles arent just sourced from California. As a result, you can try blends from a number of different regions.

In terms of downsides, Naked Wines is a bit on the pricier side. Although you do get retail discounts of 40-60% off, the cost of a subscription can still add up quickly. As a result, its not best for those who want an affordable wine club.

Overall value

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What To Know About Shipping Wine

Before you choose a wine club, its a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic alcohol shipping laws in your area. If youre noticing that a club wont ship to your state, that may be because it is prohibited by law. Most laws today are arbitrary holdovers from the Prohibition era. And some laws are so complicated theyll make your head spin, said John Hinman, a lawyer specializing in the alcoholic beverage industry. We wont bore you with the nitty-gritty details, but here are the main shipping policies you should be aware of:

  • Regardless of where you live, youre legally required to show ID and sign for your wine delivery when it arrives. However, in our own experience we found this varies based on the delivery person .
  • Some states, like Utah, dont allow direct-to-consumer alcohol shipments at all. One way to get around these more-restrictive laws is to have your wine shipped to a friends address in a neighboring state that legally allows out-of-state wine shipments. Technically, though, youd have to pick the wine up in person and consume it there, because you cant ship alcohol or carry it across state lines if you dont hold the proper licenses.

Chardonnay Box Takes The Guesswork Out Of Discovering Creamy Buttery Chardonnays

This post is sponsored by Chardonnay Box, but all opinions are my own.

When it comes to wine tasting, each person has their own preference. Some prefer sweet wines , while others enjoy rich, sumptuous Chardonnays. If youre part of the latter group , then youll be excited to learn about Chardonnay Box a monthly wine club that takes the guesswork out of discovering creamy, buttery Chardonnays.

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Dear Fellow Wine Lover

My passion is, and always has been, fine wines. The two-tier tasting panel selection process we developed forThe International Wine of the Month Club ensures we feature wines that are both extraordinary and rare at greatvalues.

Don Lahey

Director of Product Development

Exploring the truly exciting world of wine can often be intimidating. I invite you to let us do the legwork foryou. My team and I travel to top wine-producing regions inspecting vineyards, meeting with winemakers, and mostimportantly, tasting wines. Were so proud of our featured wines that weve archived our Cellar Notes foreach one back to 1999.

we feature wines that are both extraordinary and rare at great values.

I stand by every bottle of wine we feature, and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and dedication torelationship-driven customer service will confirm your decision to entrust us with your business. My passionfor wine spans many decades. I hope to share it with you.

California Champagne Brut Hanns Kornell

Kopke Ports Win Again – with Kevin Stuart

CALIFORNIA CHAMPAGNE. BRUTHANNS KORNELL by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | December 1983 The story of Hanns Kornell could be another of Horatio Algers writings. Now a fourth generation champagne making family, the founder and still the operator of this enterprise came to the United States in 1940 with $3.62 in his pocket! The gathering war cloudsread more »

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Permitted Grapes In Champagne

If youâve ever seen the tiny champagne grapes used to make champagne, you may have noticed that they look pretty unique. Thatâs because there are 3 grapes in champagne: Arbane, Petit Meslier and Pinot .

The champagne grapes price is significantly higher than those of other wine cultivars and they are more difficult to grow too. This contributes to the higher price of champagne.

The California Wine Series Membership

  • This is a 2 bottle, red wine only membership that costs $26.95 for each delivery .
  • Delivery frequency is monthly, every other month, or every third month.
  • The wines in this membership are all from California, including the Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara regions .
  • This club seeks out the best value wines from California.

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How Much Is A Wine Subscription

Wine subscription boxes have a range of costs. Depending on the company, some wine subscription companies work directly with producers and are able to offer wines at a more affordable rate, whereas other services curate more rare and high-end wines at a subsequently higher cost. Other wine subscriptions sell boxed wine, which is a more affordable option as customers get about four bottles of wine per box. Depending on the service, some companies only sell bundles of three wines, while other companies may only offer six bottles or a case of wine. In general, wine delivery services tend to range from about $80 to $100 each month.

Wine Access Wine Club

52 Degrees

This is the wine club you get when a bunch of Napa Valley insiders and various sommeliers get together and start talking wine. As you can imagine, the results are very good. The philosophy that makes this one of the best online wine clubs is simple, find the best wines at the best price. This wine clubs buyers have industry connections the average wine lover can only dream about. That means your wine subscription box is filled with premium wines and not mass-produced plonk with fancy labels.

There are two new wine club options from Wine Access that we are really excited to share with you.

The first is the Michelin Prestige Wine Club. Wine Access partnered with the Michelin Guide to find the best wine lists from Michelin Starred restaurants. As a club member, you receive shipments of the wines featured on these lists. The club is a great way to get access to wines chosen by the top somms across the country. You can learn more about the wine subscription here.

The second club is a partnership between Wine Access and Wine Folly. Wine Folly is a leading creator of wine education guides. This wine subscription is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about wine the fun way. to get on the waiting list.

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Plumpjack Wine & Spirits

PlumpJack Wine & Spirits is incredibly unusual, as they have a Champagne Club and a Rosé of the Month Club. This is much better than a subscription that is only going to provide champagne and/or rosé some of the time.

The Rosé of the Month Club sendsout 2 rosé wines in every shipment. This costs $40 per month. The club isunusual in that it isnt available all year round. Instead, it finishes up inDecember and starts again in the spring months. The style makes sense, as roséis most popular when the weather is warm.

The Champagne Club has varied pricing, based on the specific bottles included. This tends to be somewhere from $110 to $130 per shipment. Each of the shipments contains 2 bottles of champagne. These are sent out every 2 months.

Actually, I wanted to choose this one as my #1 choice because it perfectly fits the description of what you’re looking for, but they only ship to the USA states: CA, WA, OR, ID, NV, AZ, NM, which excludes a lot of people.

Domestic Selection: Pinot Blanc 1988 Paraiso Springs

The Paraiso Springs label belongs to Richard Smith. He does not own vineyards or a winery. Instead he selects the best grapes he can find, orders them crushed according to his specifications, and then fermented under the direction of Ron Niino, an expatriate from San Martin. He also buys bulk wines that meet his blendingread more »

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Champagne Or Sparkling Wine Clubs

Looking specifically for a gift of the month club? Assuming that you have been enjoying mainly sparkling wines and not just champagne, you will love a sparkling champagne club. One of the newest we have found is the Vinesse Sparkling Club. Choose 3, 6, or 12 bottles and have them delivered either 2 times a year of 5 times a year. Wines range from $24 to $29 a bottle, a really nice range for good sparkling wine or champagne. Wines come with Tasting Notes to help you enjoy them more.

How Is Champagne Made

Wine of the Month Club LIVE TASTING

A glass of sparkling champagne immediately looks different from regular rose or white wine, primarily due to the bubbly nature of the beverage. If youâve ever attended a champagne tasting youâll remember the distinctive, bubbly crispness that this iconic wine delivers to your palate – but how did it get that way?

What is champagne made of? Like regular white and rose wine, champagne is made from grapes that are fermented and sometimes aged. The difference is that champagne goes through an additional fermentation process which creates its distinctive bubbles.

So, how is champagne made? Legend has it that the monk Don Pérignon, who lived in Champagne, France, invented champagne accidentally sometime in the 1600s. If youâve been wondering, âwhere is champagne made?â – you have your answer.

To this day, the only place on earth that can produce real champagne is the Champagne region in France, using the same legendary method.

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Wine Of The Month Club Gift Memberships

As I mentioned above, the Wine of the Month Club also offers Gift Memberships that you can give to someone as a gift.

All their clubs that Ive listed are available as gift memberships.

You can choose a limited duration for the gift membership, including 4-months, 6-months or 1-year. I like this option because theres no question or surprises about how long the gift is for.

With the gift memberships, the gift recipient gets their wine in a beautiful linen Burgundy box. They also get a gift card that you personalize for them.

The club also offers other gifts as one-offs, including wine gift baskets, assortments, gift certificates, accessories and more. Great for the holidays or special occasions.

Sparkling Club By Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club is one of the most respected champagne and wine clubs in the country. For the last 20 years, theyve served the needs of fine wine enthusiasts looking for something new. With the Sparkling Club, you can receive some of their most exquisite bottles of sparkling wine, delivered to you at a fair price.

For $59/month, CWC will send you a pair of hand-selected sparkling wines. Most commonly, youll receive bottles of white sparklers, with occasional red and rosé vintages as well. There are no additional costs, as CWC takes care of the shipping fee.

This club is a good choice for people who are hesitant about subscribing, as they dont ask you to commit to anything right away. You can choose the number of shipments you want, as well as the starting month and the frequency of their deliveries.

If youre not satisfied, you can also change your preferences, delay delivery, or cancel your subscription with ease. You wont be tied by any kind of obligation, and you dont need to worry about membership fees.

| Sign Up For Cellars Champagne Club

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Premium Chardonnay Of The Month Clubs

Whether you are new to wine or are a connoisseur, the chardonnay of the month clubs weve chosen will not let you down. They ship a variety of superior wines from all over the world conveniently to your door. Theyre all powerful ways to become more familiar with the nuances of chardonnay wine.

Before we dig into the clubs, lets start with the basics. Chardonnay is a green grape variety, made into wine, which originated in southern Burgundy France. Chardonnay is the most popular white wine in the world and makes up more than 90,000 acres of California vineyards.

Though it originated in Burgundy, chardonnay gained its notoriety after it came to California. The first cutting planted in the US was in 1912 by Ernest Wente of Wente Vineyards in San Fransisco.

Chardonnay wine gets its flavors from the fermentation process, as well as the vessel in which it is fermented. For a while, people loved the buttery or oaky flavors commonly associated with chardonnay. However, today wineries across the country are trying to take out some of those intense flavors by changing their process and fermentation vessels.

Thankfully for those who love those undertones, many vineyards are sticking with using their original process.

But chardonnay is not just for new wine drinkers, it has a long history and complex flavors many sommeliers promote and love. Additionally, chardonnay also comes in sparkling versions, like blanc de blanc, which only uses chardonnay grapes.

  • Landmark Vineyards

Best Overall Wine Subscription

International Wine Club of the Month Reviews: Get All The Details At ...

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The Original Wine Of The Month Club

If youre passionate about rosé, then this is the club for you. The Original Wine of the Month Club actually offers 11 distinct memberships. One of these is the Rosé Series Membership. This ships out every second month and provides you with 2 bottles of rosé per shipment.

The subscription calculates out toaround $53 per shipment, once the various taxes and shipping fees areconsidered. The ability to only receive rosé is powerful, especially as fewcompanies offer such a program. However, there are few details about how thewines are selected or even where they come from.

Import Selection: Chamdeville Blanc De Blanc Brut Nv

This is that bubbly time of year when men and womens fancies, young and old, turn to thoughts of Champagne. Whoops! Watch the use of that word. Chamdeville is produced in France but outside the strictly de-limited region legally entitled the name Champagne. It must therefore go by the less recognizable handleread more »

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Get The Vip Treatment

Monthly delivery to your door

Access to exclusive events

Discounts on all champagne

The Emperor Champagne Club thrives on consistently going beyond our members’ expectations, delivering to your door the most rare and unique champagnes every month. Being a member gives you access to our private tastings with French winemakers and priority in ticket sales of all our events. The perfect opportunity to meet the experts themselves, connect with other champagne connoisseurs and expand your network. Icing on the cake, our club members enjoy many discounts: across the Emperor range, on all our events and on our Insider’s Tours to France – where I take you on a decadent week in the Champagne vineyards.


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