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History Of Gold And Brass Finishes

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No matter how we get away with metal finishes , we are always drawn to the natural-looking finishes. Heres a bit of history that will explain to us why.

First, what is polished brass? Polished brass was manufactured as a premium finish and generally was more costly than other finishes. It was originally a brass metal, then assembled and polished to make it shine. Polished brass is a living finish, so it would naturally age and subjected to decay called bronze disease. This happens when chlorides get in touch with brass or bronze fixtures. Green fuzzy looking spots would then emerge on the fixture as a result. If regular maintenance didnt occur, the whole fixture could be taken over. On the other hand, you can opt to stop or prevent the bronze disease, but it would take a lot of work, such as cleaning and re-polishing the fixture every once in a while. The polished brass was a premium finish that needed maintenance and care up to the 1980s.

Furthermore, VIGO shower doors have Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers you for the life of your fixture. With todays products and collection, VIGO guarantees excellence in manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

How Can You Tell Bronze From Brass

Bronze and brass are both copper-based alloys, but they have distinct differences in composition which makes it possible to tell them apart. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, while brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

The two metals differ in color and texture. Bronze tends to be a darker reddish-brown, while brass has a darker yellow color. In terms of texture, bronze is usually harder and has a slightly rougher feel, while brass is softer and smoother.

Brass also has a duller, less vibrant sheen. Finally, there is a difference in the way the two metals age. Bronze will eventually take on a greenish patina with age, while brass will remain largely unchanged.

What Color Is Brushed Brass

Brushed brass is generally a darker, more matte-looking finish for brass, as opposed to its more traditional, shiny finish. It is hard to definitively describe the exact hue of brushed brass, but some colors it could be compared to are copper, bronze, honey and tan.

The matte finish of brushed brass makes it relatively easy to use as part of accent pieces or decorations, as the low-lustre look often offers a subtle backdrop to the rest of the décor. Brushed brass is most often used as part of bathroom fixtures, such as towel bars, doorknobs, drawer pulls and shelving brackets, but can also be found in lighting fixtures, flatware or as part of an upholstered frame.

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What Is Brushed Gold Finish

As the name implies, brushed golden is a high polished finish added to gold to make it shiny, which is a modern classy gold with a brushed satin finish. Its a warm gold with a slight reddish-brown undertone. The brushed pattern helps to hide fingerprints and scratches, a plus for busy high traffic areas like kitchens and baths. Its the kind of gold that will complement walnut furniture and other similarly neutral to warm-toned woods really well.

Modern Champagne Bronze And Brushed Gold Finishes

Champagne Bronze Bathroom Trends : Gold bathroom mirror / antique brass ...

Older Polished Brass finishes are typically found only in more traditional designs. The newer gold finishes, like Champagne Bronze and Brushed Gold, are made to be more versatile. Designers use these new Brushed Gold finishes to create modern contemporary rooms as well as to recreate an updated version of a classic traditional style. The updated gold bathroom and kitchen finishes are even versatile enough to be used alongside different metal finishes! We often see designers pair finishes like Champagne Bronze and Matte Black in the same space to create an eclectic modern design.

Weâve written this article to highlight our top choices for incorporating this hot trend into your bathroom and kitchen design in 2021. We will discuss the different words manufacturers are using to describe their gold finishes, and help you decide which finish will be best for your space! This article features many amazing images of bathroom and kitchens that utilize Brushed Gold and Champagne Bronze fixtures to stunning effect.

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Which One Is Better

Every faucet finish has advantages and disadvantages, so the final decision between the two options is ultimately up to you. If you love the looks of both finishes and cant decide between the two, add both to your home. These finishes, while quite different, appear similar in nature, so they blend well together.

Or, if you prefer the looks of one over the other, go with that option. Both finishes offer a beautiful touch to any space, so you cant go wrong with either.

Is Brass Hardware Going Out Of Style

No, brass hardware is not going out of style. Brass has been historically used as brass hardware and is still one of the most popular hardware choices today. It is classic, timeless and adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any home décor.

Its versatility also makes it a perfect match for both contemporary and traditional styles. Brass offers stunning warm tones and, when mixed with other metals such as bronze, black, and silver, it conveys a sense of luxury.

It is also a popular choice due to its low-maintenance quality and ability to stay beautiful even after decades of use. Therefore, it is safe to say that brass hardware is still stylish and will continue to be in demand.

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How To Choose The Right Metal For Your Vanity

When purchasing a vanity, you should consider its look as well as its ability to complement your décor. The antique brass mirror from West Elm is an excellent choice for a delta champagne bronze cabinet. This type of bronze is polished and has a metallic sheen. Because of its luxurious appearance and fashionable design, it is an excellent choice for any vanity. Furthermore, it goes well with any type of interior décor. Although chrome, polished nickel, and stainless steel are great options for a vanity with a bronze finish, I wouldnt pair them together. Bronze is a bold color that can draw a little too much attention, so its best to avoid using it in places that are too eye-catching. It looks great with Champagne Bronze and Venetian Bronze, on the other hand. Choose one of these metals if you want to create a unique vanity that complements your décor.

What Is Polished Brass Color

Champagne gold metallic paint on wooden furniture. How to use metallic paint on furniture.

Brass Polished is a highly reflective gold that is cool and smooth. Royal Brass has a satin sheen and a cool brassy tone, with a brush pattern and a brassy brush sheen. A flat, clear, matte brass color that does not require brushing. Golden brass is a warm gold that has been brushed with satin for a brushed satin finish.

Brass has the ability to appear in a variety of colors depending on how it is manufactured and how it is finished. Brass is a living finish that will darken or age over time. When trying to match brass pieces, the color variation makes it difficult. Lacquer protects the brass from tarnishing, which can occur when it is exposed to direct sunlight. The vast majority of hardware stores sell spray lacquer. Unfinished brass has been left in its natural state as a result of the manufacturing process. Theres a chance its dull, bright, tarnished, has scratches, or has been covered in oil or grease.

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Matte Brushed Gold Collection And Why They Are Trending Now

If you are a person who likes to avoid the gold spectrum when selecting décor and fixtures when decorating, you will also be surprised how different the new gold finishes in the market today. A faucet in matte brushed gold finish can instantly add a touch of elegance to any bathroom or kitchen design. A little bit goes a long way with this finishan addition can improve the overall look of your interior. The VIGO Collection provides unique freshness to your kitchen and bathroom. The Matte Brushed Gold Collection is inspired by the sparkling lights of New York City, so it is guaranteed to add sophistication and luxury to your home.

For the kitchen collection, VIGOs pull-down and pull-out kitchen faucets and accessories will upgrade your kitchens design aesthetic in an instant. If youre looking for a more cost-effective renovation, adding gold fixtures is the way to go! These small details can particularly have a significant impact and transform your space into a luxurious and modern kitchen that you only see in magazines.

On the other hand, the bathroom collection offers beauty in not-so-basic designs. Its no wonder why this collection is trending right now! For unique pieces that are timeless, classic, and never goes out of style, VIGO does not disappoint.

Champagne Bronze Vs Brushed Gold

There are a few key differences between champagne bronze and brushed gold. For one, champagne bronze has a more muted, sophisticated look while brushed gold is more shiny and eye-catching. Secondly, champagne bronze is a warm color, meaning it goes well with earth tones, while brushed gold is a cool color, which means it goes well with jewel tones. Finally, champagne bronze is more expensive than brushed gold.

Deltas Champagne Bronze has a muted matte gold finish with a brushed-over appearance. The brushed finish of brushed gold has a slightly shimmering appearance similar to brushed silver. Although brass and gold share some colors, gold has a yellow hue and is shinier. Oil-rubbed bronze and brushed bronze are no longer fashionable. Even though polished silver and nickel are also popular, brass is still the focus of attention. Brass, on the other hand, is going to be more toned down in 2020 and beyond. Brass has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home, consider this finishing option as a way of adding a touch of luxury. It is a great way to add color while also keeping your look sophisticated.

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Delta Champagne Bronze Vs Moen Gold

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  • Lowest rating: 1
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Gold Finish Kitchen Light Fixtures

Kraus Brushed Gold Vs Champagne Bronze

A lot of older homes have outdated Polished Brass light fixtures throughout. Now you can update your light fixtures while still keeping the luxurious look of gold by using one of these new designer gold finishes.

Image Source:

How great is this kitchen design? The designer completed the rustic modern look with antique gold light fixtures and gold cabinet pulls. A black countertop and black and white floor tiles complement the gold light fixtures perfectly. You do not typically see gold kitchen fixtures in a farmhouse style design, but I believe adding Brushed Gold or Satin Brass to a farmhouse kitchen is a great way to modernize the traditional style.

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Can You Mix Bronze And Brushed Nickel

Yes, you can mix bronze and brushed nickel in some cases. This combination can work well in dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. When styling with this two-tone look, it is best to introduce the bronze first, then introduce the brushed nickel in small doses.

The bronze should remain the dominant colour. When mixing metals, vary the finishes and shapes of the fixtures and objects. Mixing different fixtures, such as placing bronze lighting fixtures over the sink with brushed nickel faucets, will give your space some diversity and help to tie together your separate metals.

If you have cabinetry or furniture with metal details, try to match the tone and finish of the hardware to make the piece look coordinated. While trying to mix bronze and brushed nickel, keep in mind that you should also introduce other metals and textures for balance.

Adding natural materials, such as wood and stone, will help to break up the metallic elements and give the space a layered, collected look.

Does Copper And Bronze Go Together

The short answer to this question is yes, copper and bronze can go together quite effectively. This is mainly due to the fact that both copper and bronze are metals, and thus share many similar properties.

Specifically, both materials are malleable and ductile, making them ideal for forging, shaping and casting. Furthermore, ever since copper and tin were alloyed to create the original bronze in the bronze age, copper and bronze have been blended together in myriad ratios, creating a variety of bronze alloys.

This is because combining copper with tin produces a tougher material that is both strong and resistant to corrosion. As such, copper and bronze are quite well-suited to combine in artwork, jewellery and many other projects.

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Will Vinegar Damage Bronze Faucet

No, vinegar will not damage a bronze faucet. While vinegar is a mild acid, it is not strong enough to cause any damage to a bronze faucet. In fact, vinegar can be used to clean and polish bronze fixtures such as faucets and doorknobs.

To clean your bronze faucet with vinegar, first, mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water in a bucket. Then, submerge a rag in the solution and use it to wipe off any dirt or grime from the faucet.

Rinse the faucet with clear water and use a soft cloth to dry the surface. You should notice that the vinegar will leave your bronze faucet looking polished and shiny.

What Is Champagne Bronze Finish

The Difference Between Copper, Brass and Bronze

As the name suggests, champagne bronze is a blend of bronze metallic tones and champagne metallic tones. The Delta champagne bronze finish is similar to gold, with slightly pink and brown tones, instead of the yellow and orange that you might think of brass. Champagne bronze also has a lovely brushed finish, which helps keep it looking soft and eliminates some of the harsh brass tones that may appear. Champagne bronze is a great metal choice for your home, because it can blend perfectly with many different finishes.

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What Color Is Champagne Bronze

Champagne bronze is a muted metallic color with a slightly warm, light golden hue. It has a champagne-like sparkle, but is not overwhelmingly glitzy. It is often described as an elegant, subdued gold or bronze.

It is a popular color choice for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, as well as lighting, hardware and other decorative accents. It is a great choice for adding a modern touch to a room while still maintaining a classic look.

Matte Black Vs Chrome

Matte Black is confident and dark but utterly sophisticated in its versatility with color and design stylesthe neutral finish can either blend in or stand out. For example, it starkly contrasts with a light sink and backsplash in the bath. On the Zura faucet , Matte Black collides with the bright gloss of Chrome for a stunning split finish thats unapologetically modern.

Chrome is king of established looks in the bathroom. The cool, high gloss is at once stunning and versatile, reflecting light and brightening the room. Here, the Zura faucet shares the same smooth surface as the sink and stands out against the matte gray tiles behind it.

Now its your turn! Take a look around your kitchen and bath and consider what styles and faucet finishes you like best. What mood do you wish to evoke? Do you want an attention-grabbing showpiece that demands to be noticed, or a more traditional finish that blends into the background for a cohesive look? Whatever you choose for your kitchen or bath, there are a variety of finishes, so youre sure to find something that youll love seeing every day.

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Honey Bronze Vs Champagne Bronze

There are a few key differences between honey bronze and champagne bronze. For one, honey bronze is a bit warmer in tone, while champagne bronze has a bit more of a pink undertone. Additionally, honey bronze is more matte, while champagne bronze has a bit more of a shimmer to it. When it comes to choosing between the two, it really depends on your personal preference and what look youre going for.

Care Of Brushed Gold Fixtures

Lefran Champagne Bronze Brushed Gold Finished Brass Toilet Spray Gun ...

Modern Gold is one of the easiest finishes to keep clean! Brushed or Matte Gold finishes are natural more spot resistant, even when used with harder water. Shinier polished Gold finishes may show mineral buildup quicker, but these finishes are extremely simple to clean and protect. Here are some of our best tips for caring for your Modern Gold Fixtures.

  • For daily cleaning, it is recommended to wipe the fixture with a soft dry cloth after each use.
  • You may also use a 1-1 solution of warm water and gentle soap for more in depth cleaning, especially on faucets and fixtures that come in regular contact with hard water or natural oils from hands.
  • Gold faucets and fixtures look their best when they shine! You may use commercial metal polish to protect and polish your Gold fixtures, but be sure to follow all manufacturer directions to prevent any damage to the finish.
  • Most Modern Gold finishes are incredibly durable, and can withstand the use of a diluted solution of white vinegar for cleaning of more stubborn food or mineral buildup. It is recommended to follow all manufacturer guidelines for specific care of your Gold faucet or fixture.

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