Champagne Bronze Bathroom Light Fixtures

What Is Champagne Bronze

Bathroom vanity light, Hampton Oil Rubbed Bronze #1462-113 Unbox And Full Installation

Champagne bronze is a shade of yellow that can be used as a finish on major appliances, fixtures, and other household items. It is a deeper yellow than just bronze but has a vintage look that is more along the lines of a gold. Champagne bronze has also been described by some as a brushed copper tone.

Champagne Bronze Pendant And Chandelier Lighting

As I mentioned above, it is good to keep in mind that the finishes will not match exactly.

That said, the champagne bronze color can blend extremely well with satin brass, brushed gold, antique brass, and other similar finishes.

Here are a few examples of each of those finishes:

Remember, these items probably wont be directly next to each other, and that will help to allow them to look similar enough that you may not even notice once they are installed.

If youre concerned about the match, the best thing to do is to order the champagne bronze faucet and the light to put them side by side and compare for yourself.

Now I want to hear from you – Will your champagne bronze faucet be going into a kitchen, bathroom or somewhere else? What type of light fixture are you looking for?

Just like I showed you my examples above, if you find a great lighting match for your champagne bronze faucet, make sure to come back and share your find!

Mahogany And Bronze Light Fixture

This seven bulb light fixture combines two vastly different materials for a stunning look. Using both champagne bronze and mahogany this light fixture is luxurious. The neutral colors allow it to fit into any existing color scheme that is in your bathroom and the light bulbs are protected from breakage by the antique-styled glass globes.

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Three Light Ceiling Light

This stylish ceiling light has a brushed brass geometric finish with small circles that are connected with a single piece of metal for a truly stunning look. The globe that houses the light bulb is frosted glass which completes the look of this fixture. Will come down slightly on the ceiling.

Of The Best Champagne Bronze Bathroom Light Fixtures

25 Trendy Champagne Bronze Bathroom Light Fixtures  Home, Family ...

When it comes to renovating your bathroom and replacing light fixtures, along with the matching door handles and accessories people tend to stick along the lines of stainless steel or gold. The lesser-known family member, however, is the champagne bronze light fixtures. Not as deeply warm in terms of the yellow as the gold but not as cold and stark as the grey, champagne bronze light fixtures are starting to become popular among the masses.

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Oval Brushed Bronze Light

This brushed bronze finished vanity light features frosted, large oval globes made from glass to protect the light bulbs inside. These globes help dim the lights naturally which is easier on the eyes and also provides ample lighting for the room. Its stationary plate fixes to the wall for easy installation that will last for a lifetime.

Designed For Easy Installation

Quick Connect wires detach at a connection point so there is no need to hold the light fixture while wiring to the wall.

Modern Bathrooms: Fixture Inspiration for the Perfect Modern Bath Retreat
Black in the Bath
5 Touches to Make Your Bathroom Feel Lux
Modern Bathrooms: Fixture Inspiration for the Perfect Modern Bath Retreat
Black in the Bath
5 Touches to Make Your Bathroom Feel Lux

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Bathroom Lights Size & Installation Tips

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make in the masterbath vanity is not installing adequate lighting around wall mirrors and vanity areas. Not only will a good powder room light make your space more pleasant and comfortable looking, it’s also essential for applying make-up and grooming. With larger mirrors or wall spaces, look to use 19″-24″ wall light fixtures, or larger, to light the area from above. Halogen bath lights, which are brighter, are also worth considering. When using a single bathroom sconce on either side of a mirror, the recommended hang height is somewhere around 60″ off the floor and 30″ apart. Lighting over a bathroom vanity or bath bar lights need to be mounted somewhat higher above the floor, around 70″-75″ high. If extra lighting is needed in other parts of the room, LED recessed lighting offers an energy-efficient, focused option. For questions or personal assistance developing your bathroom lighting plan, please call us to speak with one of our friendly, trained lighting associates. Or read our How to Buy Bathroom Lighting guide. We’re here to help!

My Champagne Bronze Picks For The Bathroom Vanity Light Faucet And Hardware:

Bathroom Fixture Makeover with Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint

When it came time to find a champagne bronze vanity light to match the faucet and cabinet hardware, I took a slightly different approach.

I decided to order a light that seemed a little more risky – color-wise at least!

Again, in these images the champagne bronze of the faucet seems far from a perfect match to the vanity light and cabinet pull.

Now when you look at them all together you get a slightly different picture.

You might notice that the vanity light i chose is actually a satin brass finish, which shows up a little bit brighter in color than the champagne bronze faucet and the cabinet pull.

There is a reason why I was okay with the variation.

Thats because although I am showing you these fixtures side-by-side to let you see how they can blend together, when they are actually in the space they wont be that close which will allows more flexibility for them to not be identical matches.

I am confident that when in the room, the slight variation that can be seen between the champagne bronze faucet and the vanity light will be so minimal I most likely wont notice it at all.

In addition to the items above, to round out the space I also selected a matching champagne bronze towel ring and toilet paper holder. I felt that choosing the matching metal color for that hardware would really keep the space feeling cohesive.

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Mini Pendant Led Chandelier

Those who are committed to living a greener lifestyle turn to LED lighting systems for their needs and this mini hanging pendant light is no different. Using LED technology, this hanging pendant is adjustable in terms of the lighting, so you are able to brighten and dim your lights in the bathroom as desired.

My Champagne Bronze Picks For The Wet Bar Pendant Light Faucet And Hardware:

I am definitely someone that has to see something to believe it.

Thats why I hope that seeing these examples side-by-side will help give you a clearer idea of what you can expect when looking for champagne bronze lighting to match your faucet and hardware.

For the wet bar area I selected a single pendant light in a geometric shape to match the modern design of this home.

Now I know what youre thinking from the pictures these fixtures might look like they wouldnt match.

Dont worry, I get it!

Thats exactly why I actually laid them out side-by-side in real life so you can see how well the colors actually do blend together.

Check it out

As you can see the warm tones all work very well together.

I would go so far as to say that if someone didnt know that a light fixture was not the exact same finish, they would absolutely not notice!

The match of the champagne bronze color to the antique brass finish of the light fixture and the champagne color of the cabinet pull is really very seamless.

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