Can You Send Beer In The Mail

Place Your Wrapped Beer In Your Box

HOW TO SHIP / MAIL BEER (alcohol, wine, moonshine) | Homebrew 4 Life

Setup your box and add some padding to the bottom. Start to layout the beer in the most efficient way to eliminate movement and maintain a snug fit.

This is my 16x12x12 box all setup and ready to go. Remember to try and reuse good boxes whenever possible. Itll save you a good bit of money in the long run.

Recycle materials to act as padding and filler. Here I used some leftover padded envelopes and brown bags to act as the bottom layer of protection in my box.

Start to layer in your bottles and cans. In between each layer of beer, add in some more bubble wrap to prevent them from hitting each other. Continue until all your beer is packed.

Youll notice the top layer of beer didnt go all the way across the box, so I added some more filler to the left to keep the bottles from moving around. Now everything should be snug and wont jostle.

How To Ship Alcohol With Ups

UPS allows for the shipment of wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages on a per-contract basis. However, youll need to meet a few specific requirements. Weve outlined those for you below.

  • First, create a UPS account number
  • Sign the UPS alcohol shipping agreement
  • You can contact your UPS account executive by calling 1-800-782-7892. Theyll be able to help you sign this shipping agreement.
  • Obtain a valid alcohol shipping license
  • All alcohol shippers must be licensed and authorized to ship according to the federal or state laws and regulations of the origin and destination states.
  • Think about destination restrictions
  • UPS wont accept shipments of beer or alcohol for delivery to consumers. UPS accepts shipments of beer or alcohol only among and between selected states. The ability to ship wine depends upon the nature of the shippers license to sell wine, and the laws of the destination states.
  • Use proper packaging
  • UPS has specific packing requirements for shipping alcohol. They accept inner packaging of molded Expanded Polystyrene foam, folded corrugated trays, or molded fiber trays. Sturdy outer corrugated containers are required.
  • Use proper labeling
  • UPS requires a special label signifying that the package contains alcohol. You can grab these directly from UPS, and your account executive will be able to provide you with one.
  • Document your shipment
  • Youll need to your shipping label with a UPS Compatible Shipping Solution like WorldShip.
  • Obtain an adult signature
  • How Can I Ship Alcohol Without Getting Caught

    Tightly wrap each individual bottle and six-pack before you get to your shipping store. As a guideline, you will want approximately two inches of bubble wrap encasing the beer. Youll also need a sturdy, corrugated, shipping box and a garbage bag. Do not use one of those lightweight cardboard box people use to move.

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    A Brief History Lesson

    Once upon a time, the federal government thought it would be a brilliant idea to constitutionally ban all production, importation, transportation, and distribution of alcohol within the U.S. Thankfully, the concept didnt last too long, and prohibition was overturned in 1933, thanks to the 21st Amendment. However, its passage also gave states absolute power to create their own legislation pertaining to the regulation of alcohol .

    To this day, there still isnt one overarching set of rules that clearly explains the dos and donts when it comes to shipping beer. Instead, every state is essentially left to its own devices. And in some cases, the laws can vary from one county to another within the same state. Because of this, the major players in the shipping space are very specific about outlining their own policies and who they choose to work with. In fact, according to the Postal Services shipping restrictions, alcohol is listed as a restricted domestic item, along with cigarettes, firearms, poison, and live animals.

    It all comes down to whats known in the industry as the three-tier system. You have the suppliers , the wholesalers or distributors , and the retailers that sell to the masses . Only retailers can sell directly to consumersand in order for them to be permitted to ship beer, they need a special license. They also typically need to have an alcohol shippers contract with a company like FedEx, which comes with its own set of strict policies.

    Can You Ship Alcohol With Fedex

    Alcohol shipping requirements in the United States A FedEx-approved alcohol shipper must be the recipient, and the shipment must otherwise comply with applicable alcohol laws, as well as the shippers FedEx-approved alcohol shipper requirement. All shipments can be handled by FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, or FedEx Home Delivery.

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    Is Mailing Alcohol Legal

    Sending alcohol by mail is legal in most areas, but not all. This means you need to know your customers addresses before you can accept their orders. Same goes for friends and family.

    Legality can vary by city, county, and state. However, there are a few general rules that apply everywhere its allowed.

    Frequently Asked Questions About How To Ship Beer

    When youâre serious about starting an eCommerce business and selling alcohol online, there are dozens of questions running through your mind. After all, you canât just ship beer to anyone. Even if you can, there are federal, state, and sometimes local laws to adhere to.

    We compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about how to ship beer to make it easier. Check out our answers below:

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    Can I Mail Beer To My Friend

    A resounding yes! You can mail beer to your friend without any issues. However, you will need to take a few precautions to ensure that the beer arrives safely.

    When mailing beer, it is important to use a sturdy container that can protect the beer from damage. A cardboard box or a plastic bag will work well. You will also need to pack the beer securely so that it does not move around during transit.

    In addition to packing the beer carefully, you will also need to make sure that the package is properly labeled. You will need to include the recipients name and address, as well as a list of the contents of the package.

    If you are mailing beer from one state to another, you will need to comply with the laws of the receiving state. Some states prohibit the shipment of alcohol, so it is important to check before sending a package.

    If you follow these tips, you can rest assured that your friend will receive their beer safely and intact. Cheers!

    Can You Ship Alcohol Via Usps

    How To Pack and Ship Beer

    No, you canât ship alcohol via USPS. Itâs their official policy not to ship any alcoholic beverages, both domestically and internationally.

    The only kinds of products you can ship via USPS with alcohol in them are cooking wine, common cold remedies, and mouthwash. The alcoholic content of these products is innocuous, isnât a substitute for real alcoholic drinks, and is unlikely to be abused by minors.

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    Which States Can I Ship To

    Addendum A to the UPS Agreement for Approved Beer Shippers identifies the approved Interstate Brewery States, Intrastate Brewery States, Interstate Retailer States, and Intrastate Retailer States.

    The Beer Contract Addendum A is effective as of the “revised” date noted on the Addendum, and applies to all shippers who have entered into a UPS Agreement for Approved Beer Shippers. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that all shipments comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the origin and destination states, and that the consignee is authorized to receive the shipment.

    The Rules And Regulations On Shipping Beer

    The USPS: Definitely Not FedEx: Technically a no no DHL: Not Without a License UPS: I sent an email to UPS that asked the following:

    Hi… I’m a beer home brewer, and I’d like to send a small quantity of home brew to a friend Will UPS handle this? The beer will be in 740 ml PET plastic bottles… Is there way I can ship these? If so, what are your requirements? And if I can’t ship them via UPS, do you know of a shipper who will deal with me? Many thanks in advance… Alan

    And I got the following definitive answer:

    So in short The answer about the legality/regulations of shipping brew unless you have special permit is, No! Im going to leave it at that, and work on the assumption that you intend to go on a driving vacation, and want to have a few of your own when you get to your destination.

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    Quick Tips How To Ship Beer In The Mail

    • Use a sturdy double-walled box, or put one box inside another.
    • Use plenty of filler material. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap work best.
    • Make sure no glass is touching.
    • Make sure nothing moves when you shake the box.
    • Use these Bottle Shippers for the easiest way to pack and ship.
    • Tape, tape, tape!
    • Write fragile on the box
    • Write liquid yeast samples on the box .
    • Try to package the beer so that the recipient can reuse the packing materials.
    • Line the box with bubble wrap or foam.
    • Ship beer via UPS or FedEx using an online account and print your shipping label at home. Dont use USPS.
    • Avoid shipping beer during extremely hot weather.

    HOMEBREWERS and BEER SHIPPERS – An easy way to ship your 12oz beer bottles

    HASSLE FREE – No more bubble wrap, plastic bags, or packing peanuts

    FEDEX TESTED – Passed strenuous Fedex packaging design tests

    What Happens If You Get Caught Mailing Beer

    However, in light of the fact that you are subject to consequences if caught, you should be aware that shipping alcohol at your own risk. An initial violation will almost certainly result in a written warning. If you violate the rules again, you could face fines and/or jail time. Be aware and keep an eye out for violations.

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    Shipping Beer Liquor And Wine With Fedex

    allowsFedEx Delivery Resources

    FedEx alcohol shipment rules include:

    • You have a FedEx account number
    • You have signed an alcohol shipping agreement contact with FedEx through your account manager
    • You must use inner packaging of EPS foam or molded fiber tray
    • You must package the alcohol in the center of the shipment, away from the packages sides
    • Your package must be deemed sturdy by FedEx
    • You must clearly label the shipment and meet FedEx guidelines
    • You must clearly label the package as containing alcohol
    • You must receive a signature upon delivery from an adult that is 21 or older

    What You Need To Know When Ordering Beer Online

    What are the laws in your state: Not every state permits shipments of alcohol to residents so if you live in PA, TX, MA, UT, MD, DE, AR, OK, MT, ME, SD, KY, AK, HI, WV or MS then you cant have alcohol of any kind delivered to you.

    There are companies out there that do not adhere to or are not aware of laws from state to state and may be shipping to residents of these states which could land them and possibly even the resident in legal trouble.

    Even states that do permit shipments of alcohol to residents have certain legal restrictions and requirements that must be met.

    Some states dont allow anything with an alcohol content greater than a set percentage and many others put a monthly or annual limit on the amount of alcohol a person or household can receive from out of state retailers.

    Who can ship: There are only two legal ways to ship alcohol in the United States. A retailer must be licensed to sell alcohol by a state that permits shipments in and out of that state and must have an alcohol shippers contract with either UPS or FedEx.

    The US Postal Service does not permit shipments of alcohol. It is illegal for a non-licensed individual to ship alcohol.

    Signing for the order: When you buy alcohol online the package should ship with a sticker on each box identifying it as containing alcohol and when either UPS or FedEx show up with the packages there will have to be someone over 21 years of age to sign for receipt of the order.

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    Why Usps Wont Allow You To Ship Alcohol

    Believe it or not, USPS doesnt allow for the shipment of alcohol because of laws enacted by Prohibition back in the 1920s! Seriously. However, thats not to say USPS will always prohibit the shipment of alcohol going forward. Back in 2013, former Postmaster General Patrick Donahue pitched the idea of allowing USPS to deliver beer, wine and spirits to consumers doorsteps. He claimed that alcoholic beverage deliveries could generate upwards of $50 million a year for the Postal Service. Thats no small amount! Even so, Donahue proposed the idea years ago, and there doesnt seem to be any movement happening in that direction any time soon. So dont get your hopes up.

    WaitWasnt Prohibition a Hundred Years Ago?

    Just about! The United States enacted Prohibition in 1920, and didnt repeal it until 1933. Theres been a lot of time since then for our country to revise its laws prohibiting the shipment of alcohol. However, the good people on Capitol Hill still havent gotten around to it, for some reason.

    Are There Any Exceptions?

    For all you hyper-technical individuals out there, there are some exceptions to this rule. USPS allows for the shipment of products containing VERY low levels of alcohol like cold remedies, cooking wine, and mouthwash. However, any liquid containing 0.5% or more alcoholic content is non-mailable. That means pretty much every alcoholic beverage out there, including shipping beer and wine, is a no-go with USPS.

    USPS Judges Boxes by Their Labels

    Gather Your Packing Supplies And Beer

    How to package and ship homebrew to friends or competitions (beer, wine, cider, and mead!)

    Get your beer and packing supplies together and double check to make sure your sending the right stuff to your trade partner. Remember to include extras if you and your partner agreed to do so!

    This is my typical assortment of shipping materials. Lots of bubble wrap, gallon-sized Ziploc bags, plenty of shipping and electrical tape, and rubber bands.

    I like boxes around these sizes. The 16x12x12 can fit a good amount of beer. Its always a good idea to reuse boxes whenever possible as long as they are in good condition.

    These are just some of the beers Ill be sending out. For what its worth, I was visiting family in Florida and shipping this box back to myself in North Carolina. If I were sending to a trade partner, Id double check the agreed items and then make sure I had some solid local extras to send his or her way as well.

    Tip: Ship early in the week to avoid the package sitting for longer periods of time in a warehouse. The less time its in transit, the better.

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    Your Source For Beer Gifts Baskets And More

    We are a company created to send out celebratory gifts in a responsible manner. With the passion our country has with this special beverage and all the occasions to enjoy beer. We believe our selections will bring much joy and nostalgia to all who send and receive our unique gifts.

    The fascination for beer is evident throughout history all over the world. Our staff is working on gifts designed to reflect the enthusiasm and worldwide connection to this time-honored drink. To keep our customers up to date, our goal is to share the latest craft brews from across the country as well as imports throughout the world. Our goal is to offer fresh and unique beers along with old time popular favorites to create a cool gift experience for all.

    Shipping And Packing Materials

    For the sake of simplicity, Ill list what I consider to be the essentials for safely sending a normal sized trade. To some this might be overboard, and to others this might be not nearly enough. However Ive come to learn this is a good process for those getting started.

    Tip: Purchase your shipping supplies through or at a larger retailer in bulk. Stores like FedEx and UPS sell them at a much higher markup.

    • Corrugated shipping boxes: Make sure youre using boxes that are sturdy and dont have gaps or holes in them. The last thing you want is your box getting a huge puncture or rip in it, exposing bottles or cans.Bubble wrap: Dont need to overdo it, but dont skimp either.
    • Gallon size Ziploc bags or plastic garbage bags: These will protect the box from getting wet if something leaks. If a box is leaking liquids, it will get pulled by the shipping company and youll be out all that beer.
    • Rubber bands: Use these instead of taping the bubble wrap. This makes it easier to reuse the bubble wrap, not to mention it cuts down on shipping tape, which can be expensive.
    • Electrical tape: This is somewhat optional but good to do. Wrap some electrical tape around bottle caps to prevent them from getting caught and popping off/springing a leak.
    • Shipping tape: Youll need more than you think.
    • Extra filler : If you dont want to use bubble wrap for padding you can use old newspapers, etc. I try and avoid using packing peanuts because they are a pain to cleanup.

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    How Do I Ship Alcohol To A Friend Ups

    To ship beer or spirits, shipping companies must enter into an approved UPS agreement that includes the necessary licensing and authorization under applicable law. Shipping beer or spirits to and from one state to another is only permitted via UPS.

    Dont Ship Your Alcohol Through The Usps

    The United States Postal Service prohibits the shipment of alcoholic beverages. For those who want to ship alcohol directly from the distillery to your home, couriers such as FedEx and UPS can assist, but keep in mind that these services do not always check shipment movement information keep an eye on the tracking information of your package. Furthermore, if your package is expected to be in transit for more than a day between tracking scans, the date and time of the Next Expected Tracking Event will be displayed.


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