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How Do You Infuse Helium Into A Drink

You dont really do that. As I mentioned above it is possible to infuse a beer with helium, almost like its possible to infuse beer with nitrogen. However, this will not give you any effect, at all.

So, people saying a helium beer is possible might be telling the truth, but people saying helium beer with a wanted voice changing effect is possible, is definitely not telling the truth.

All-in-all, you dont waste helium to infuse drinks. Instead, use the nitrogen or just carbonate it, as usual, is my advice. The helium infusion to beer or other drinks doesnt work.

Read the section above to find out how helium supposedly is infused into beer.

But What About The Science Man

Yeah, about that. Like rational debate and Reddit, helium and beer simply arent compatible. Here are two scientific reasons why:

  • Helium is not H2O soluble. Unlike carbon dioxide or nitrogen, you cant carbonate beer with helium.
  • Helium turns from liquid to gas at -220 F, so if you tried adding liquid helium to beer, youd just freeze it.
  • Alas, the helium beer trend is as flat as a brewsky opened, then forgotten . By all means, enjoy the ingenuity of a good April Fools joke, but when you want a real beer, go with a time-tested option.

    Our premium pilsner is one of the only beers in the world thats still brewed within the uncompromising four-ingredient standards of the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516. Malted barley, yeast pure spring water and hops: thats all thats in our brew. No foam enhancers. No artificial preservatives. No corn syrup. No joke!

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    What Is Helium Beer

    Jim Koch, in his viral video, explained that helium beer is produced by infusing helium gas with beer. Most commercial beers infuse carbon dioxide in beers to create carbonation. Guinness is an outlier that infuses a nitrogen/carbon dioxide beer gas in their beers. That creates a smoother mouthfeel than CO2.

    As an April fools joke, Jim Koch claimed that the helium beer used the properties of the noble gas, helium. The caramel flavor came out with a biscuity character, which is suppressed in normal beers. The video goes on to joke about the high-pitched, cartoonish voice of the drinker. Which they claim is an effect of helium beer.

    What You Should Know About Helium Beer The Truth Revealed

    Is Helium Beer real? Can you buy it and brew it?

    Every once in a while, a new trend comes along and shakes up the brewing world. From fermentation to the development of certain yeasts, porters, ales, I.P.A.s, the list of new ideas in brewing are peppered throughout history.

    Then comes a fascinating new trend: Helium Infused Beer!

    Helium infused beer was created in 2014 and the internet cant seem to get enough. Everybody is looking to get their hands on some.

    So how did it become such a phenomenon? Why does the topic still continue to pop up again and again? And is it possible to actually make infused beer with helium?

    Read on for the truth:

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    Where Did All The Talk About Helium

    A few years ago, in 2014, the company that makes Sam Adams beer teased a new flavor of beer on their website, which was supposedly set to release soon. The beer was called HeliYum, and the company spokesman stated the beer was going to be a radical, extreme new beer that leverages the wonderful properties of helium.

    Wait, what? What are the wonderful properties of helium beer drinkers would want to have comingled with their favorite brand of hops?

    Who Pretended To Brew Helium Beer

    A few different companies pretended to brew some helium beer, and each one has added to the lore that is helium beer. Samuel Adams and Stone Brewing Co. are the two biggest names that dipped their toes in the hoax market, but tons of microbreweries have done the same thing in an attempt to get their brand on the map.

    One of those other microbreweries is Berkshire Brewing Company. A Massachusetts brewery, BBC thought it would be hilarious to get in on the fun back in 2015 with their “Helium IPA”. Check it out.

    The hoax is so common and so widespread that Snopes fact-checked Samuel Adams’ claim of producing HeliYum, a helium infused beer. Of course, Snopes labeled it as satire, as Sam Adams never tried to sell a product as helium infused beer, and they even stated in the video and post that no such beer existed.

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    Chemical & Engineering News

    Before we go too far to debunk it, C& EN gave it a shot and rigged up a helium laced beer test, since solubility levels of helium and nitrogen aren’t far off from one another. Helium turns out to sorta work for a beer, but not nearly in the ridiculous manner that the internet would have you believe.

    According to Chemical and Engineering News, “Our helium stout produced a creamy, stable, well-proportioned head, which persisted through the last sip. The mouthfeel was smooth, with very little of the bubbly texture normal carbonation brings. In other words, other than the nice head, it was pretty much flat.

    That said, it was similar in fizziness to Guinness poured from their nitrogen-infusing draught can, which we had on hand to compare. In aqueous solution, carbon dioxide converts into carbonic acid, giving carbonated beverages an extra bite. Helium does no such thing, which gave the helium beer additional smoothness relative to a conventional carbonated brew.”

    We all want the cartoon-style high-pitch voice from drinking a “helium” beer, but it just doesn’t happen.

    An interesting video from Hops & Brews though claiming that helium beer works … “technically”

    Is Helium Beer Even Real Or For Sale Anywhere

    Helium IPA (Berkshire Brewing Company)

    No, helium beer isnt real and it is not for sale anywhere.

    A YouTube video titled Helium Beer Test was posted on April Fools Day in 2015, and it is still making the rounds. The German YouTubers drink helium beer and after the pint, their voice changes as if they inhaled a helium balloon. Those whose hoax meters didnt immediately turn red wanted to know how the trick went down.

    However, the video is fake because helium beer Is actually impossible to have. In fact, helium beer is not scientifically possible as Helium is the least soluble gas in beer. Meaning it cant be carbonated like carbon dioxide and nitrogen can. Therefore, adding liquid helium to beer would make it a block of ice as it turns from liquid to gas.

    If you want to know the science behind it all, sound travels faster through less dense gases which means the shorter wavelength creates a higher pitch. This is why inhaling a helium balloon gives you a crazily high voice. The gas is always wanting to escape and thats why helium balloons deflate quickly. To get enough helium to stay in beer, it would probably explode like the coca-cola mentos hack .

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    Sam Adams Youtube Video

    Koch claimed that his company perfected the Noble Hops flavor. According to him, they discovered HeliYum that took advantage of the helium properties making the production of a truly remarkable brew possible.

    Thanks to heliums unique refractive index, the new beverage was brilliantly clear and provided a fantastic light mouthfeel. Koch even explained that this noble gas prolonged the beer shelf life because it didnt oxidize.

    To be as convincing as possible, he took a sip of this radical helium beer and immediately started to speak in a high-pitched voice. The deception was complete, and the result was fantastic.

    Since that day, their fiction has started the helium beer myth many people still believe in. You can even see a video with people convincingly introducing their incredible new product.

    There were claims that both stories have roots in a hoax email from 1994 concerning a hydrogen-infused product, Suiso. Even though there was ample evidence that Asaka Beer Corporation was a non-existent company, the story about unbelievably fun beer quickly went viral. According to YouTube data, a search for helium beer still reaches over 40,000 results a day.

    Stone Stochasticity Project Cr Am Ale

    Stone Brewing uploaded a video on 1st April 2014 on YouTube. They announced their Stone Stochasticity Project Cr am Ale project.

    They claimed to have gone a step ahead in the brew industry by adding helium to beer. The video said that their helium beer was in 16-ounce cans was available in stores, restaurants and bars.

    Moreover, they claimed to have double dry-hopped it to add a more tropical touch to it. This video, like Adam Samuels video, also showed that your voice changes after drinking helium beer.

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    Is Helium Beer Real What Is Helium Beer Anyway

    Hey there! This site is reader-supported and we earn commissions if you purchase products from retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

    Back in 2014, a commercial introducing HeliYUM was released that made the jaws of beer lovers everywhere hit the floor. Many were immediately convinced that there was a new way to craft beerwith helium. Beer drinkers wanted to know immediately: Is helium beer real? Or just a hoax? But more importantly, would drinking a helium-infused beer actually make your voice high-pitched?

    We did a deep drive into helium beer and are reporting the results to you now.

    Why Helium Beer Is Not Possible

    Large Size Foil Balloons Champagne Cup Beer Bottle Helium Balloon Toys ...

    The reasons why the real helium beer isnt really possible are:

    • Helium is not soluble in beer, its not even soluble in water. You cant carbonate beer with helium as you can with carbon dioxide.
    • It would be impossible to add liquid helium to the beer, as helium turns from liquid to gas at -220°F . By doing this, you would end up freezing the beer.
    • Even if it actually was possible to add helium to a beer, it would cause gushing because helium cant soluble in beer.
    • Lets say helium was possible to add to your beer, it would still not have a voice changing effect. The beer goes down to the stomach, and not into the lungs, as gas helium would do.

    So, these scientific explanations might give you insight into why helium beer with a voice changing effect is not impossible. But, some scientists do claim to have made a helium beer.

    And now you might ask, how? Wasnt that impossible? And yes, it is impossible to make a helium beer with the effect we all would want for such a beer. I mean, if it doesnt have a funny effect, why even drink it?

    Are you more interested in home brewing? Read this: What is the best home brewing kit for beginners?

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    The Truth About Helium Beer

    So, given the fact that two breweries claim to sell helium beers and YouTubers have claimed to review one of them, why is this type of beer unavailable for purchase?

    As mentioned above, helium-infused beer doesnt exist.

    As immediately identifiable from the dates on which the three viral videos that contributed to the popularity of helium-infused beer were published, the idea of this type of beer was an April Fools Day prank.

    Sam Adams and Stone Brewing Company appear to have come up with the idea for the prank independently. However, the fact that two unrelated breweries were promoting the same type of beer definitely helped convince people that it was real.

    The HeliYUM beer specifically convinced many people of its existence. Part of the reason for its popularity was its revival by Die BierProbierer in 2015. However, the review mentioned above was simply another prank, this time played out on April Fools Day 2015.

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    The helium beer video is an internet sensation again. The Facebook page Its Gone Viral posted a new mashup of the old video. If youve never seen either, the video shows two guys drinking a beer, and their voices changing in the same way as if theyd sucked down helium.

    The latest post is circling near 30 million Facebook video views.

    Beer fans are itching to hunt down this whale at any cost. I get emails about it all the time. People ask me:

    Hey, where can I buy that helium beer?

    Do you know if helium beer ships overseas?

    Even this week, my BFF from high school tagged me on Facebook asking where she could buy it. #HELP

    Guys heres the thing: helium beer isnt real. Its a myth. The Lochness Monster and that slimy thing from the Upside Down in Stranger Things are more real. In fact, its not even scientifically possible. Let me explain why.

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    Smaller Producers And Helium

    Small producers tend to use a pressure tank to infuse helium into beer. For weights, a pressure of 7 psi above atmospheric pressure will allow 40 parts of helium per million to remain in that solution. Its necessary for providing a good head and a creamy texture.

    The tanks classified for this low pressurein their majorityare considerably less expensive than the tanks with higher pressure levels.

    Helium beer from a keg is best when served from a dedicated tap. These taps have a restrictor plate with small holes just before the faucet. It helps the helium bubbles to break out, and it ensures a substantial head and its particular texture.

    Developments in technology concerning helium have opened many possibilities. Its made it possible for all beer producers to take advantage of helium. Both small and large brewing houses can produce tastier and more visually appealing beers.

    Helium or carbon dioxide can be used to provide beer freshness, but the two substances are very different. Both of them react with a beer under pressure. However, carbon dioxide is highly soluble in water-based liquids, while helium has a much lower solubility.

    Tanks have some disadvantages when integrating the helium to beer. For large volumes, the brewers will need to use prominent stainless steel tank. Another problem is the low solubility of helium.

    Buying Helium+beer From Amazon

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    What Is A Helium Beer All Helium Beer Facts In One Place

    To get to know about all the different beer out there is quite a challenge, especially when some beers are not even real. But, what is it with this helium beer, and why has it become such a huge topic? One things sure, youll need to be critical about this.

    What Is A Helium Beer? A helium beer is an Aprils Fool issued by Stone Brewing Co. and Samuel Adams back in April 1, 2014. Stones Aprils Fool announcement about their so-called Stochasticity Project Cram Ale with Helium, and Samuel Adams HeliYUM beer was the one that started the whole helium beer myth.

    But, what is the truth about Helium beer, and is it even possible to make a helium beer? I am here to get you through all the facts about Helium beer. And I promise you, this is not a prank, this is the truth.

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    Why Helium Beer Isnt Possible

    If you still refuse to believe us, then lets consider the science behind helium beer.

    Stones Rick Blankemeier, one of the guys responsible for hyping demand for this fictitious beer style, tells us there are three reasons helium beer isnt scientifically possible. The reasons are:

  • Helium is not soluble in water . You cant carbonate beer with helium like you can with carbon dioxide or nitrogen.
  • Adding liquid helium would be impossible as it turns from liquid to gas at -220°F. Youd end up freezing your beer.
  • Even if you could somehow add helium to beer, it would cause gushing because, again, helium is not soluble in beer.
  • I could make a fortune if I could somehow violate the laws of thermodynamics and physical chemistry to put helium in beer. Rick Blankemeier, Stone Brewing

    Who knew that this would capture everyones imagination? said Blankemeier. I guess I could make a fortune if I could somehow violate the laws of thermodynamics and physical chemistry to put helium in beer.

    So, April 2014s top beer prank turned into one en vogue beer stylesort of. We know youre disappointed that you cant buy it.

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