Calories In Single Malt Scotch

Helps With The Common Cold

ARRAN ROBERT BURNS: Whisky Tasting and Food Pairing Review

Scotch is a crucial component in a hot toddy, a popular drink for those suffering from congestion and various cold symptoms. It is blended with honey, cinnamon, lemon, and hot water to prepare a warm beverage.

Whiskey’s alcohol content may cause blood vessels to dilate, making it easier for mucous membranes to fight infection. Warm beverages also enhance nasal airflow that helps alleviate symptoms of flu and colds.

However, there isn’t enough scientific data to back up the usage of a hot toddy to ease cold symptoms.

How Many Calories Are In Scotch

Compared to other alcoholic drinks, a dram of Scotch contains a moderate amount of calories. If you drink it neat, that is.

The calories also depend on the alcohol content. The higher the ABV, the more calories the Scotch does contain. As Scotch does not contain sugar or fat, the ABV is basically the only factor having a notable impact on the calories.

A serving of 1oz 50% abv Scotch contains about 80 calories. In the chart below, you can check out exactly how many calories your Scotch has.

Whiskey Proof*
*Proof is double amount of abv. 80 proof equals 40% abv

What Alcoholic Drinks Have The Least Amount Of Calories

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Alcoholic beverages are often high in calories, and most provide no real nutrients. Alcohol contains more calories per ounce than carbohydrates or protein. When you combine alcoholic beverages with high-calorie foods, you may end up eating more than you would have if you had eaten those same foods while consuming a nonalcoholic beverage. If you do drink alcoholic beverages, choose wisely, as some are much lower in calories than others.

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Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Whew, thats a shitload of calories. If youre still all-in on whiskey, youll at least want to minimize the damage youre doing to your waistline every weekend by taking your whiskey on the rocks .

Or, if you dont give a hoot about calories, mix yourself a pro-level whiskey cocktail and call it a day.

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How Many Calories Are In An Ounce Of Scotch

Calories in Glenfiddich Havana Single Malt Scotch Whisky 21yo Calorie ...

4.5/580 calories

Because the alcohol content is high, it also means the calories are too. A 1.5 ounce pour contains about 124 calories, but most bourbon is around 80 proof and a typical shot contains around 97 calories, according to Lictenberger.

Also, what is more fattening wine or whiskey? According to this web sites measures, a 1.5-ounce serving of vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, tequila, etc. packs a roughly 100-calorie punch. Not bad. A 5-ounce serving of wine will likewise pack in about 100 calories.

Similarly, it is asked, how many calories are in a single malt scotch?

In a Scotch which is 50% alcohol, were talking about 80 calories per 35ml.

Which alcohol has the least amount of calories?

Vodka is the alcohol with the lowest calories, at around 100 calories per shot . Whisky is slightly more, at roughly 110 calories a shot. Gin and tequila are also 110 calories a shot.

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Scotch Whisky Industry To Set Out Clear Calorie Information To Consumers

The proposal, submitted to Commissioner Andriukaitis today in Brussels, commits the beer, wine and spirits industries to provide nutrition and ingredient information to consumers by 2022. This follows the European Commission’s 2017 report which asked producers from different alcoholic beverage sectors to put forward a joint proposal to provide consumers with meaningful, clear and easy to understand information.

Plans are being taken forward by Scotch Whisky producers to provide energy information on-label, showing consumers how many calories are in a standard 25ml serving of Scotland’s national drink.

“The SWA and the industry want all consumers to enjoy Scotch Whisky responsibly. So it’s important that consumers have the information they need to make the right choices that fit with a healthy lifestyle, including on calorie intake.

“We’re very pleased to endorse today’s commitment to provide calorie information on labels, and to report on progress in October 2019.

“We believe this information should be provided in a format that is easy to understand and linked to serving sizes.”

Notes to editors

Per standard 25ml serving at 40% abv, Scotch Whisky contains 55-56 calories.

For further information please contact the SWA Press Office on 0141 221 0707 or email

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Do Drinking And Weight Loss Mix

Dear Alice,

I work out for an hour everyday and eat fairly healthy with a reasonable goal of losing 10 pounds in the next 4 months to go from 126 to 116 lbs. However, I also enjoy drinking and have, on average, 3 to 4 drinks a day of mostly hard booze. I’m wondering if it is actually possible to lose weight while drinking this much alcohol, or if I’m shooting myself in the foot. Also, for a woman of my size, is it very unhealthy to drink this amount of alcohol?

Dear Reader,

In addition to the calories, drinking alcohol may contribute to weight gain in other ways as well. For example, alcohol contains ethanol, which your liver easily processes into energy for your body. Your body then uses the energy it consumes from alcohol instead of burning fats and carbohydrates, which is generally what is burned to lose weight. Further, any energy not converted from alcohol may just get turned into fatty deposits, particularly in the abdomen. If the alcohol itself isnât causing the weight gain, itâs also possible that when individuals are intoxicated they may feel hungry and be more likely to snack on foods that are higher in calories.

As you navigate your relationship with alcohol and how it fits in with your weight loss goals, there are some questions you may want to reflect on:

For more information about alcohol and its effects, check out the alcohol section of the Go Ask Alice! Alcohol and Other Drugs archives.

Originally published

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Whats A Standard Drink

Abasolo “El Whisky de México” Review

A standard drink in the United States is any drink that contains about 14 grams of pure alcohol . Below are U.S. standard drink equivalents that in theory contain the same amount of alcohol , and therefore create the same level of intoxication.

In the rest of this article you will find that alcohol levels often vary significantly from the guideline below and that there are some drinks that are much lower in calories than you would expect and some that are total calorie bombs. What is not discussed is whether the calories are good or bad. Or, is a calorie really just a calorie?.

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What Are Some Good Scotch And Soda Variations

It seems like every Scotch expert we spoke to had their own favorite riff on the Scotch and soda cocktail. Lizzie Cotterell, a brand ambassador for Bruichladdich, a smoky single-malt Scotch from Islay, loves the combination of single malt with Lagunitas hop water, a non-alcoholic sparkling soda flavored with fragrant hops. She first tried the drink at Wildhawk, a notable cocktail bar in San Franciscos Mission District.

A classic Scotch-and-soda variation is the Mamie Taylor, named for an opera singer and actress Mamie Taylor in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The story goes that she tried to order a claret lemonade at an upstate New York outing, but the bartender didnt know how to make it. So he concocted this Scotch and soda riff, the progenitor of the Moscow Mule, instead.

You can also riff on Scotch & Soda is by choosing another sparkling mixer, such as ginger ale, ginger beer or tart lemon soda, says Spears. His go-to Scotch highball is a Scotch and tonic.

Scotch Calories Add Up

If you have a few drinks, especially cocktails made with mixers, the calories contribute to your daily intake, and can cause weight gain if drinking is a regular habit. As Medline Plus points out, most alcohols have little to no nutritional value â so these calories add no real benefit to your diet.

Alcohol can also interfere with your ability to absorb and use certain nutrients, including thiamin, vitamin B-12, folic acid and zinc, according to the Student Health Services Department at the University of California San Diego. That’s not to say that you need to cut all libations from your diet simply drink in moderation. Moderation is defined as one drink daily for women and two per day for men. It’s actually more healthy to drink smaller amounts of alcohol frequently during the week rather than to drink the same amounts in just one or two days, reports a paper in the A_merican Journal of Public Health_ in September 2016.

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For anyone trying to lose weight, scotch can get in the way. The calories in scotch aren’t converted to stored energy like carbohydrates are. Your liver breaks down the calories in alcohol first, and uses them before it uses any stored fat, notes Columbia University’s Go Ask Alice information page.

Get a little tipsy, and you may find that your appetite increases thus, it can be much harder to stay committed to a diet plan if you are regularly confusing your liver with calories derived from alcohol.

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How Many Calories In Scotch Or Whiskey

First published on July 12, 2021

Scotch Whisky is a distilled spirit from Scotland. It is made of malted barley and other grains. A Whisky has to be produced in Scotland to be named Scotch. But how many calories are in Scotch?

Generally, alcoholic beverages are high in calories. Scotch ranges between 56 and 82kcal per oz. Compared to soft drinks, this is a lot. Compared to other alcoholic beverages, it is low to moderate.

So let’s find out how to determine how many calories are in Scotch and how it compares to other Whiskeys.

Regular Or Light Beer

Calories in Talisker Storm Single Malt Whisky Whisky

Usually, beer is served in a can or a bottle, so the serving size for beer is a 12 oz. Thats about 150 calories and 13 g carbs in a regular beer, and 100 calories and 6 g of carbs in a light beer. So if you are like me and actually like light beer, then that is the clear winner out of the two choices. A single regular beer is not going to make a huge difference to the overall calorie and carb budget though, so if you are a beer connoisseur, go for a regular one.

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How Much Weight Will I Lose If I Stop Drinking

Even if it is a light beer, that is approximately 100 calories per day. Over 1 week, that equals 700 calories. When looking at cutting out that 1 beer each night over an entire month, that would eliminate over 3000 calories. Someone who drinks 3-4 beers per day would be looking at 9000-12000 fewer calories per month.

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Is Rum Good For Weight Loss

Alcohol is a source of empty calories in the diet. Meaning it adds to your daily calorie intake but doesnt provide any real nutrition. Some argue that small amounts of alcohol can have health benefits, like heart health, but the research does not show that alcohol benefits weight loss or fat loss in particular .

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Drunk Moderately Scotch Can Be Beneficial

You might have heard this before, and it is true. Drinking Scotch or other Whiskey can be beneficial to your health.

The benefits of regularly drinking a glass of red wine were proven a long time ago, but there’s evidence that a moderate intake of alcohol, can positively affect your health. -With a strong emphasis on moderate.

That does not mean you should start drinking alcohol. There are countless other things you can do to improve your health.

It means that drinking moderately and having a sip of Whiskey after a long day is not as much of a guilty pleasure as you thought it was. Again, “moderate” is the critical element here.

In the article linked above, you can read what moderate means and what the benefits can be. Cheers!

Is Scotch Good For Your Stomach

Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt | No Nonsense Whisky #96

No, drinking scotch could worsen acid reflux. It was discovered in a 1987 study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association. The University of Dundee made 17 participants consume whiskey three hours after dinner.

About 7 of them experienced having acid reflux for over 47 minutes while they were lying in bed. However, when the whiskey was taken out of the equation, none of the participants experienced the problem.

Note that all types of liquor may cause indigestion. Alcohol temporarily relaxes the muscles between the esophagus and the stomach, allowing stomach acid to rise into the esophagus.

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How Many Drinks Are In A Bottle Of Wine

A typical 25-ounce bottle of table wine holds about 5 standard drinks, each containing about 5 ounces. This serving size of wine contains about the same amount of alcohol as a 12-ounce regular beer or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof spirits.

Get to know what 5 ounces looks like by measuring it out at home. That way you can estimate how many standard drinks youre being served in a restaurant or bar that uses large glasses and generous serving sizes.

See Whats a standard drink?

Mixing alcohol with certain medications can cause nausea, headaches, drowsiness, fainting, a loss of coordination, internal bleeding, heart problems, and difficulties in breathing. Alcohol can also make a medication less effective. For more information, see Harmful Interactions: Mixing Alcohol with Medicines.

Examples of medical conditions for which its safest to avoid drinking include liver disease , bipolar disorder, abnormal heart rhythm, and chronic pain.

Among the dangers of underage drinking:

  • Each year, an estimated 5,000 people under age 21 die from alcohol-related injuries.
  • The younger people are when they start to drink, the more likely they are to develop alcohol use disorder at some point in their lives.
  • Underage drinking is illegalan arrest can lead to losing a job, a drivers license, or a college scholarship.

Even moderate amounts of alcohol can significantly impair driving performance and your ability to operate other machinery, whether or not you feel the effects of alcohol.

Drink Moderately Then Scotch Can Be Beneficial

You might have heard this before, and it is true. Drinking Scotch or another Whiskey can be beneficial to your health. The benefits of regularly drinking a glass of red wine were proven a long time ago, but theres evidence that a moderate intake of alcohol, in general, can be good for your health. -With the emphasis on moderate and regular.

That does not mean you should start drinking alcohol if you havent done it before. There are countless other things you can do to improve your health. But it means that drinking moderately and having a sip of Whiskey after a long day is not as much of a guilty pleasure as you perhaps thought it was. Again, moderate is the critical element here. In the article I linked in the paragraph above, I explain what it means exactly. And if you respect those limits, your risks of having a heart attack can be lowered significantly. Cheers!

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Lowers Uric Acid Levels

Moderate whiskey drinking boosts renal urate excretion into urine and lowers serum urate levels, according to a study published in Phytotherapy Research in 2014. High urate acid is linked to gout, a severe form of arthritis that causes a person’s joints to swell and become sore.

Researchers are baffled as to why whiskey-drinking could affect urate levels. Furthermore, no human studies have shown that whiskey can lessen the risk of gout.

Can You Drink Whiskey On A Diet

Calories in Talisker Storm Single Malt Whisky Whisky

The Bottom Line. Certain types of alcohol are low-carb or carb-free and can fit into a low-carb diet. These include light beer, wine and pure forms of liquor like whiskey, gin and vodka. However, its best to stick to no more than 12 drinks per day, as excessive intake may slow fat burning and cause weight gain.

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How To Minimise The Number Of Calories In Your Scotch Or Whiskey

If you are keen to keep the number of calories in your drink low, you should be careful about how you choose your whiskey drinks. Here are some helpful tips to keep you on the right track:

Neat Whiskey

Drinking your whiskey straight or neat is a great way to cut back on calories. A good whiskey, such as a nice Scotch, a quality bourbon like Pappy Van Winkles Family Reserve or Jameson Irish Whiskey is great to drink all by itself without any kind of mixer, but take care dont knock it back like a shot, take your time and savour the taste. Drinking your whiskey in this way makes it only around 97 calories a measure.

On The Rocks

If you dont want to drink your whiskey neat, try it on the rocks or over ice. As ice has no calories, this also cuts your calorie intake to just 97 per drink.

Bourbon and Water

If you like drinking bourbon, you could try adding water to it. This is known as Bourbon and Branch, referring to water from a stream, however a small amount of plain water is perfectly fine. You can try this with any kind of whiskey, not just bourbon. Purists are unlikely to be impressed by watered down bourbon as they think it should only be drank straight, however other people say that adding water can actually expand the flavour of the bourbon. As water has no calories you are still keeping your drink down to 97 calories when you drink your whiskey this way.

Scotch and Club Soda


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