Best Irish Whiskey To Drink Straight

Johnnie Walker Red Label Blended Scotch Whiskey

Tasting & Ranking 5 Irish Whiskeys | How to Drink

This whiskey is full of flavours and delicious that which makes it the perfect drink to have straight. It is soft, smooth and has notes of frosted mini wheat.

When you sniff it, you get a strong aroma of crème brûlée and just a sniff of burnt toffee. As soon as you drink it down, you taste some ash and soft smoke, typical with scotches.

These flavors are so mild that they dont overpower the other flavours.

Average Price:$50

The Whiskey:

This is the mountaintop of what Wild Turkey can achieve. This is a blend of the best barrels that are married and bottled untouched. That means no filtering and no cutting with water. Its just a classic bourbon with nothing to hide and no frills .

Tasting Notes:

Crème brûlée greets you with a nice dose of Christmas spices, mild pipe tobacco, orange zest, and a distant hint of fresh mint sprigs. Theres a pine resin nature to the woody flavors on the palate that accents the orange oils, spices, vanilla, and sweetness. The sip takes on a Christmas cake-feel late, with a velvet end that is just the right amount of everything classic that you want from a traditional bourbon.

The Neat Experience:

This is our favorite Wild Turkey product. The main reason is that its just so easy to drink. Theres a real balance between bold bourbon notes and enticing and soft vibes that keep your attention. Its also one of the best value-for-dollar bourbons out there.

This could easily cost twice as much and no one would bat an eye.

Single Malt Is More Expensive Than A Blend

Although rules are meant to be broken, single malt, single pot still and single grain whiskeys all tend to be more expensive than blends. However, you can find expensive blends that incorporate older whiskeys into the mix.

In general, the older the whiskey is, the more expensive it will generally be. Whiskey is a spirit that tends to get better with age, but there are limits to that concept and older whiskey doesnt necessarily mean better whiskey.

What Is The Smoothest Whiskey For Beginners

If youre a whiskey beginner, Bulleit Bourbon is the smoothest option. Its a well-made bourbon thats easy to drink. The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 is also a good option, as it has a fruity flavor thats perfect for beginners. Johnny Walker Red is another good choice, as its a smooth, consistent whiskey thats easy to drink. Crown Royal is another popular option for beginners, as it has a strong flavor but is still easy to drink. Jameson Irish Whiskey is a good option if youre looking for a whiskey with a strong flavor. Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky is a good choice if youre looking for a more affordable option. Hibiki Japanese Harmony is a good option if youre looking for a whiskey with a unique flavor.

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How Can You Tell A Good Whiskey

When approaching whisky, it should not smell excessively of alcohol, preventing the other characteristics of the drink from being recognized. In general, the taste of a whiskys first taste defines our general perception, just as it does with its aroma.

Whisky can be classified according to its region of origin, style of production, and aging process. Scotch whisky is produced in Scotland, Ireland, and Canada. American whisky is made in the United States, and Irish whisky is made in both Ireland and Scotland. Japanese whisky is made from a combination of malted barley, rice, and rye. Scotch, American, Irish, and Japanese whiskies are all examples of single malt whiskies. Single malt whiskies are made from a single type of malt, which is why they are referred to as single malt whiskies.

Single malt whiskies are usually more expensive than blended whiskies. Blended whiskies are made from a mixture of single malt whiskies and other types of whiskies. Blended whiskies are typically less expensive than single malt whiskies.

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Redbreast 15 Year Irish Whiskey

The 10 Best Irish Whiskeys to Drink in 2020

Redbreast 15 Year Irish Whiskey is crafted from a mash of malted and unmalted barley then, it is triple distilled in a copper pot still.

Notably, it is a triple casked whiskey that has spent time in multiple barrels, making it distinctly complex. The distillery is located in Meath, Ireland, just north of Dublin.

I think this whiskey is the perfect spirit to bring to a party or share with a friend.

With the smell of fruit, caramel, and vanilla, the whiskey is inviting. Upon having my first sip, I enjoyed the sherry and butterscotch flavors.

The website lists various options for cocktails with Slane Irish Whiskey, and I would recommend making the cold brew with coffee and whiskey.

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Irish Whiskey Is Produced Solely In Ireland

We mentioned this above, but its worth reiterating that Irish whiskey can only be produced on the island of Ireland. This means that it can technically be a product of the Republic of Ireland or the country of Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom.

In addition to its place of origin, Irish whiskey must also be aged in wooden casks for at least three years and it must be bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV. Similar to scotch whisky, a small amount of caramel coloring can be added to Irish whiskey before bottling to maintain color consistency .

Whats The Best Glass For Irish Whiskey

Theres no specific glass for enjoying Irish whiskey, per se, but a rocks glass or another tumbler-style glass to sip whiskey neat or on the rocks always works.

Some experts prefer a curved Glencairn glass to help maximize aromas while minimizing alcohol fumes . But the only glassware thats specific to Irish whiskey cocktails? The footed Irish coffee mug, of course.

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Pair It With A Guinness

Why make a cocktail when you can just pair your straight whiskey with a pint of the black stuff?

We enjoy pairing Guinness with a glass of Tullamore Dew ourselves, as they combine to form a sweet caramel/coffee taste.

Simple take a sip of the Tullamore Dew and then, after 30 seconds or so, follow it up with a sip of Guinness.

Powers Gold Label $4399 At Flaviar

BEST Whisky To Drink STRAIGHT | Top 7

Voted by 200+ people at 7.5/10-stars on average, Powers Gold Label is a high-quality Irish Whiskey that has been distilled for nearly 230 years. With notes of cinnamon, white pepper, honey, and cloves, plus an underlying scent of toasted oak, sweet fruit, butterscotch and orange zest, this Irish whiskey appeals to a lot of different palettes and is pretty versatile. A great choice for beginners, this renowned whiskey comes from Powers, one of the first distilleries in the world and is a good choice for new whiskey drinkers. “She liked the sweeter taste,” a reviewer says about his wife’s experience trying the whiskey. “Very smooth and complex favor.”

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Irish Whiskey Has A Long History

Whiskeys from around the world can trace their heritage to Ireland . The process of distilling the spirit may have been transferred from Ireland to Scotland thanks to traveling monks. According to Master of Malt, these monks were producing something called uisce beatha, which evolved into usquebaugh and then, finally, whisky .

For the centuries that both Ireland and Scotland have been producing whiskey, the Irish product was considered superior. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, Irish whiskey was exported around the world, and people quickly developed a taste for the warm flavors produced using the traditional pot-still distillation. By 1800, there were more than 1,000 distilleries in Ireland, and Jameson and Powers had already established their names as top producers. During this time, the extra e was added to whiskey from Ireland in order to set the liquor apart from competitors. By the end of the 19th century, Irish distillers accounted for 70% of the world whiskey market, according to Forbes.

However, the industry suffered in the years ahead. In the 20th century, producers faced religious abstinence campaigns in Ireland and abroad, two World Wars, the Easter Rising, the Irish Civil War, the Great Depression, American Prohibition, and trade wars between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Green Spot Single Pot Still Whiskey

Star rating: 5/5

Best Irish Whiskey under £50Size: 70clABV: 40%

Green Spot is a classic single pot still whiskey, lacking an age statement but believed to be comprised of seven-to-10-year-old whiskies. The colour is a pale gold, and the nose is light but rich. There’s sweet barley and a vanilla creaminess to the aroma, with a pleasing viscosity on the palate. This is a delightful introduction to single pot still whiskey, coming at the lower end of the price scale to its peers, without sacrificing either complexity or drinking pleasure. Read our full Green Spot single pot still whiskey review.

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Knives Out + Irish Coffee

Barren trees and a stiff chilly breeze is the perfect environment to solve a murder mystery. Well at least it is in Knives Out, where all our protagonists are decked out in their finest blazers and thick wool sweaters. Gather around the fireplace and put on your thinking cap to see if you can solve this whodunit. Grab a nice hot cup of Irish Coffee to help keep your wits about you.

heavy cream


Pour the whiskey, coffee, and sugar into a stemmed, heated glass mug. Stir, then top off with a thick layer of lightly whipped heavy cream.

Ways To Drink Irish Whiskey

The Best Whiskey to Drink Straight

You can drink Irish whisky in almost every way:

Neat: You can consume whiskey directly without adding anything. If you enjoy bold flavours, neat whiskey is the best option.

Add water: Adding a few drops of water to your whiskey releases water repellent elements in the glass and gives a good smell to the nose. It dilutes the alcohol content, which allows the beginner to taste more flavour.

Add water using a straw or pipette. After adding water, give a swirl to the whiskey and then taste it with a small sip. You can add water till you get the desired flavours.

On the rocks: Add large ice cubes or balls to the drink. Small ice cubes will melt fast and will dilute the drink quickly. One can also add a chilled whiskey stone to get the same effect, and it wont dilute the alcohol content either.

Cocktails: One can also go for a cocktail. There are many options like adding lemon juice to the drink or ginger or vermouth and angostura bitters. There is also Irish coffee available, which gives a pleasant taste to the consumers.

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What Is The Sweetest Whiskey

  • The Brenne Cuvee Speciale is the sweetest whiskey.

  • Glenmorangie Milsean is the second sweetest whiskey.

  • Auchentoshan Three Wood is the third sweetest whiskey.

  • Nomad Outland Whisky is the fourth sweetest whiskey.

  • Edradour 10 Year Old is the fifth sweetest whiskey.

  • Mackmyra Skördetid is the sixth sweetest whiskey.

  • Glenmorangie Nectar dOr is the seventh sweetest whiskey.

  • Compass Box Orangerie is the eighth sweetest whiskey.

  • The Brenne Cuvee Speciale is the ninth sweetest whiskey.

  • Compass Great King Street Artists Blend

    This whisky is actually a blend, which is unusual on any best-of-the-best list. However, the distillers of the Compass Box Great King Street Artists blend knew what they were doing with this belter.

    The blend contains a higher ratio of single malt to grain, which gives the consumer the opportunity to enjoy its well-rounded complexity as a straight drink. It has undertones that mimick a fruity dessert, where flavors of vanilla, spices, and baked apple make up a beautiful, indulgent emulsion.

    Again, you wont have to break the bank! You can pick up a bottle to the Compass Box for around $65.00.

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    Proper No1: Best Irish Whiskey For Beginners

    Proper No.12 is a whiskey for those whod like to dip their toe into the world of whiskey, without throwing themselves full-bodied into a world of intense notes and smoky aromas. Proper No.12 is a great bottle to start with, thanks to its lighter body and less intense appeal.

    Sure, if youre a true whiskey lover you probably wont be overwhelmed with Proper No.12, but beginners will enjoy its fruit and honeyed notes as well as its sweet, vanilla-hued aroma. Made from a blend of malt and grain whiskeys aged in American bourbon barrels, Proper No.12 paves the way for plenty more whiskey-based enjoyment.

    Writers Tears Copper Pot Mizunara Irish Whiskey

    The “Best” Whiskey for IRISH COFFEE? | Cocktail Taste Test
    Learn More

    Originally launched as a limited travel retail edition for the Rugby World Cup, this special edition from Writers Tears has since made it into international distribution for a limited time. Unlike the brands standard editions, this release is finished in Japanese Mizunara casks, which bring forth a punch of exotic wood notes sandalwood, oak, and cedar before giving way to more typical toffee, coconut, and spice notes.

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    Best Budget Rye Bulleit Rye

    Most rye whiskey on the market today is made using rye mash, which gives the spirit its signature spicy flavor.

    However, not all rye whiskeys are created equal when it comes to mixability. For our money, the best rye whiskey for cocktails is Bulleit Straight Rye Mash Whiskey.

    This high-rye whiskey has a complex flavor profile that includes notes of oak, vanilla, and baking spices. But despite its bold flavor, it mixes well with a wide range of ingredients, making it an essential tool for any home mixologist.

    Bulleit Rye earned the Double Gold and Gold Medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a score of 95 points, and Extraordinary, Ultimate Recommendation from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2014.

    It achieved the Liquid Gold Award and a score of 96 in Jim Murrays Whisky Bible 2018.

    Knappogue Castle Single Malt 16 Year Old $10900 At Reserve Bar

    As a Gold Medal winner at the 2016 Irish Whiskey Awards, Knappogue Castle Single Malt Irish whiskey is aged for a minimum of 14 years in bourbon barrels, then finished in Oloroso sherry casks to complete a minimum of 16 years. It has a deep orange finish and the flavors consist of fresh citrus, melons, vanilla, and mellow. Fun history fact: This Irish whiskey is named after a real castle built by the Irish clan MacNamara in the 15th century. Grab this whiskey bottle that has nutty and sherry notes for a special price of $109.00 at Reserve Bar.

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    How To Get The Best Taste Out Of Your Whiskey

    Now for the fun part.

    If youre new to whiskey, some experts recommend watering it downand thats not a bad thing. If youre not used to it, start with whiskey and ginger, says Mark Gillespie, host of the podcast WhiskyCast. Thats a few ounces of whiskey plus ginger ale or ginger beer, whichever you prefer. The flavors compliment each other, and this way you can get used to the taste of it, he says. He recommends any blended Irish whiskey, but adds that Jameson is most often used because its the best-selling Irish whiskey.

    You could also ask for half whiskey, half water. If you order anything above 50 percent alcohol, this will dilute it down to about 20 percent alcohol, which is how whiskey evaluators nose and judge when blending, Gillespie explains. The water opens the whiskey up and releases flavors and aromas you wouldnt get otherwise. As your palate develops over time, start cutting back on how much water you add until you like it neat, or with a few drops of water.

    If youre a balls-to-the-wall kind of guy and want to try your whiskey neat, blended is the way to go. Nothing about blended Irish whiskey is going to smack you, says Lew Bryson, author of Tasting Whiskey. You can sit down and relax with it and not shudder every time you take a sip. Credit the fact that most Irish whiskey is triple-distilled, which makes for a cleaner, purer taste, Gillespie explains.

    Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey

    The Best Irish Whiskey from Tullamore D.E.W.

    The first new distillery in Dublin for 125 years, the Teeling Whiskey Distillery is only a stones throw from where the original family distillery stood. Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, Dublins historic distilling district, Teeling opened in 2015 and is part of the areas vibrant whiskey revival.

    Matured in Californian Cabernet Sauvignon casks, Teelings Single Grain Irish Whiskey is sweet and fairly light but packed full of flavour. The beautifully presented bottle also makes it the perfect gift.

    If youre looking to sip some whiskey in Ireland during your visit, Id recommend giving Teelings a try. This distillery is going from strength to strength.

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    Best Single Malt: Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

    Courtesy of Drizly

    ABV: 40% | Age: 16 years | Volume: 750 ml

    Knappogue Castle is an Irish whiskey to keep on your radar. A specialist in single malts, this is one of the few brands that focus solely on age statements. Each bottle clearly declares the minimum amount of time the whiskeys in that blend spent in the barrel, so whiskey drinkers are not left guessing. While the younger 12- and 14-year expressions are impressive and cost less, Knappogue Castles 16-Year-Old Single Malt is pure elegance.

    One of the Twin Wood labels, this whiskey spends 14 years in ex-bourbon barrels. It then finishes the aging process in Oloroso sherry casks, which is immediately apparent on the nose when you open the bottle. Vanilla, malty woods, and a pleasing array of fruits infuse this smooth 80-proof whiskey thats a fantastic choice with or after dinner.


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