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Pernay Champagne: Champagne De Castellane

The BEST champagne houses to visit! – Champagne region

The house of De Castellane immediately stands out because of the beautiful buildings in Art Nouveau style and the large tower that can be seen from all over Epernay. Not only from the outside, but the building is also beautiful, when we are welcomed inside by the nice Dutch guide Steffie, she takes us through an enormous wine barrel into the impressive wine cellars. Steffie tells us about the history of the house: founded in 1895 by the viscount Florens de Castellane.

Florens got a lot of help from his cousin Boni de Castellane, a man from the high society of Paris who, in addition to his knowledge of Champagne, also had a talent for Marketing. For example, he designed the red and white cross that is characteristic of De Castellane Champagne. Nowadays De Castellane is part of the Laurent-Perrier group.

Wine cellars over 6 kilometres long!

During our tour, we walk through parts of the wine cellars, which are over 6 kilometres long in total. Everywhere around you, there are thousands of bottles, sometimes bottles, sometimes already packed. A bottle of Champagne must age at least 2 years before it has the right flavour at De Castellane and sometimes even stays more than 10 years in the cellars. Steffie shows us, among other things, how the residue from the second fermentation is collected and then removed from the bottle.

Touring France’s Champagne Houses: Six Of The Best

There is no denying that champagne has long been a choice of drink for the wealthy and powerful. But when the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided in 2015 that parts of Frances Champagne region, along with its champagne houses and cellars, should be on its World Heritage list, it wasnt to acknowledge the glamorous status of bubbly drinks consumed by party-goers with deep pockets. This northeast region of France is worthy of attention for its long history of wine-making and story of resilience through the First World War.

Pastoral setting of the champagne region

The Comité Champagne

Since King Clovis was baptized in Reims Cathedral in AD 496 and the occasion was celebrated with the wines produced in the Champagne region, the area has been associated with the French monarchs. The effervescent drink that we know today as champagne wasnt developed until the end of the 17th century, thanks to the efforts and expertise of wine masters such as Dom Pérignon. Sparkling wine became sought-after among the kings and emperors of France and its popularity quickly spread to other courts of Europe, which started using the drink for royal celebrations and the launching of ships.

Here are some of the champagne houses, big and small, old and new for those wanting to tour and learn about the history and essence of champagne.

1. Billecart Salmon in Mareuil-sur-Ay, Vallée de la Marne

For enquires, click on

40, rue Carnot, 51160 Mareuil-Sur-Ay

The Finest Champagne Houses In France

Tuesday May 17 2022, 11:55am

Raise a glass: in 2015 Unesco decided that parts of the wonderful Champagne region should be on the world heritage list. And, if you head to the northeast of France, youll find plenty that will leave you feeling giddy before youve enjoyed a glass or two. Weve picked the champagne houses you shouldnt miss.

Main photo: Champagne Pommery

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Gh Martel: The Boutique Champagne House Experience

Sitting in the shadow of Saint Remi Basilica is one of the smaller champagne houses in Reims. Founded in 1869, it is none of the younger kids on the block.

Its cool cellars also double as a museum, displaying typical champenois tools and machinery, used for planting, maintaining the land and harvesting. The informative cellar tour lasts 60 minutes and ends with three tastings.

Cellar tours at G H Martel

  • Initiation Cellar tour and 3 tastings
  • 150 years Cellar tour and 3 tastings
  • Prestige Cellar tour and 3 tastings

Address: 17 rue des Clenches, 51100 Reims, France

Visit the official website for more information and contact details. At the time of writing it was not possible to book directly online with the champagne house. However, you can reserve a slot here.

The Best Champagne Houses To Visit In Champagne

Exploring Champagne Houses in Reims And The Region

I love a glass of wine as much as anyone else, but Champagne Ive had the privilege to visit many different Champagne Maisons over the years where Ive had such great experiences I have truly fallen in LOVE with the region! Whats not to love beautiful scenery, amazing people and delicious wines.

I came to the realization that although I have made several blog posts on my favorite Maisons, I hadnt yet shared my favorite champagne houses. Continue reading to see the Best Champagne Houses to visit in Champagne and Reims!

Maison Billecart

The Maison Billecart is a Maison House that has thrived across 7 generations, proving to be a majestic experience. Read more about this spectacular family-owned Champagne Maison and my visit and tasting with Winemaker Florent and their CEO 7th Generation Mathieu Billecart on the blog here.

Chief Winemaker Florent Nys beginning our Billecart Maison tour

Watch my Interview & Tasting with Billecart-Salmon Winemaker & CEO during my 2018 Champagne Travels. What a special experience that Ill always treasure!

Watch my interview with Billecart-Salmon CEO Mathieu Billecart during a recent visit to San Francisco hosting a Billecart-Salmon media wine tasting.

Maison DeVenoge: The Bar & The Sop lEcurie

The lovely lounge where my tasting was held with DeVenoge Brand President.

Me and Venoge President, Gilles de la Bassetière.

Maison Dom Perignon

Me and Dom Perignon Eunologist Nicholas Lane

An absolutely lovely visit, I cant wait to come back again!

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Private Tastings & Prestigious Events

When planning a luxury vacation in France that includes a stop in the acclaimed Champagne region, it can be challenging to decide what to focus on when your time is limited. This is especially true if youre visiting for only the day from the French capital. Once youve experienced some of the best things to do in Paris, your attentions may naturally turn to the charms of Champagne and plotting a day or weekend stay there. But some careful planning and an expert guide are both in order if youre looking for truly exceptional tastings of the pale golden, lightly effeverscent white wine. After all, contrary to popular belief, mediocre champagne does exist.

Luckily, weve taken some of the guesswork out of the equation, offering suggestions on which houses to beeline to for tastings, as well as cultural activities, gastronomic tables and high-end lodgings to enjoy in celebrated champagne-making cities including Reims. From houses with global renown such as Taittinger, Roederer, Dom Perignon and Krug, to exceptional but lesser-known producers, read on to learn more about some of Frances best champagne makers. Then, after narrowing your choices a bit, embark on a luxurious 24 hours of tasting and cultural experiences preferably accompanied by an expert travel curator who will open the regions exclusive places, experiences, and vintage bottles for you.


Other Cellar Tours In Reims

These are not the only cellar tours that you can do in Reims. Here are a few more to consider but they are not located in the Saint Remi area of the city.

Charles de Cazanove is a five-minute walk from Reims train station.

G.H. Mumm is a ten-minute walk northeast of Charles Cazenove and offers a number of experiences.

Finally, Lanson is southwest of the city centre

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Champagne In Pernay: Champagne Boutiques/shops

The Avenue de Champagne is located in the heart of Epernay. A beautiful street which you definitely should visit. On this street, there are all kinds of beautiful big Champagne boutiques where you can buy champagne and sometimes taste them. I definitely recommend you to go inside some boutiques, but dont expect too much. There are mainly big brands located here and we found it very commercial.

The boutiques we visited were Collard-Picard and Moët et Chandon. At Collard-Picard we ordered the Champagne tasting menu in the courtyard. The Champagne was nice, but it was a pity that the ladies who served us the Champagne, obviously just spoke their pre-studied tekst about every Champagne. The building of Moët et Chandon was beautiful to see, huge and very impressive. Inside it was a bit like a Victoria Secrets store. Merchandise products were everywhere. From bath towels to beach bags and standing chairs. Other champagne boutiques that are located here are Mercier, Pol Roger, Champagne Boizel and Perrier-Jouët.

Facts About Frances Champagne Region And Reims

The Best Champagne Houses to Visit in France

To be called Champagne, the grapes and drink must originate from the Champagne region .

This is protected under international law as the drink is vitally important to the culture and heritage of the region.

To match the prestigious reputation of the drink, the area is one of the best places to visit in France and essential to anyones France itinerary.

There are three commonly grown grapes in the Champagne region: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier.

The growth of these grapes is often contracted out to local farmers who are required to maintain certain standards of grapes.

The region is split into five different sections, all producing a variety of different grapes depending on the growing conditions.

The regions are Aube, Côte des Blancs, Côte de Sézanne, Montagne de Reims, and Vallée de la Marne.

The main towns/cities in the region are Reims and Ãpernany and Reims is where you will find most of the major Champagne houses.

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Book Your Next Wine Stay In Champagne

With Winalist, wine tours in Champagne are just a click away! Visiting Champagne is a must-do in France. If you stay a couple of days in Paris, then you must take the train and come to Champagne for at least one day. Wonderful wine experience as well as gastronomic one. In Reims, your will fin the third best french restaurant that has three Michelin’s stars. Our partners, wine estates and houses in the region, will provide an experience that suits you. Select your next destination using your criteria then book your experience on the date and time of your choice, without any booking fees.

The Champagne region is made up of more than 340 Champagne houses, the majority of which are located in the Marne. You will also find superb champagne estates on the bar coast in Aube. Winalist offers you a map of Champagne vineyards to easily find the experience that suits you, with family, friends, as a couple or alone.

Book your Winalist wine experience in Champagne now and discover the prices of the best rated wines from a multitude of champagne estates.

Visit Champagne Houses In Reims

The above mentioned Champagne houses and boutiques are all located close to Epernay. However, perhaps you have Reims as a base from which you would like to explore the champagne region. Do keep in mind that Reims is a big city and there are only champagne boutiques in the city. This is not the place where the champagne is made. Of course, there are many different champagne tours departing from Reims. So, therefore, you will find below some Champagne houses and tours which you can do from Reims! We have not been able to visit them yet, but according to other people we spoke with, they are very nice to do and visit!

Reims Champagne: Visit the town Passy-Grigny in the middle of the Marne Valley.

This tour, departing from Reims, takes you to the town of Passy-Grigny, where you will learn more about the production of champagne, visit a champagne house and have a tasting of three different champagnes. for more information.

Reims Champagne: Visit the Taittinger Champagne house and see the vineyards of Montagne de Reims

Taittinger is a name you probably have heard before. This famous Champagne house has won many awards and has beautiful wine cellars. During this tour, you will explore these wine cellars, taste a glass of Taittinger Champagne and will then explore the vineyards of the Montagne de Reims, the most northern part of the champagne area. You will finish this tour with a tasting at a local family champagne boutique! for more information.

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A Whirl Through Epernay

For many champagne aficionados, it is the charming town of Épernay, and not Reims, that is the reigning wine capital of the region. Moet & Chandon boasts an enormous cellar here, with tastings of its signature champagnes as well as the world-famous Dom Perignon .

Mercier is more coveted still, drawing thousands of tourists each year to its prized cellars in Epernay for tastings and tours through their chalky, incredibly deep underground caves. The house is famed for its eccentric founder, Eugene Mercier, who in 1900 lugged some 250,000 bottles of his champagne to Paris in 1900 in a misguided attempt to draw attention away from the opening of the Eiffel Tower! Today, its widely considered one of the regions most prestigious makers of the effervescent wine.

Maison De Champagne Charles Mignon

Exploring Champagne Houses in Reims And The Region

Come and discover the soul of a family Champagne House with multiple awards in the heart of Epernay, the capital of Champagne. Our tour begins with the discovery of our winery and our cellars where ou…

Taittinger is one of the last great Champagne houses to have retained its independence and bear the name of its owners and managers, guaranteeing its expertise remains intact and of a style characteri…

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When Is The Best Season For A Champagne Tour And Tasting

It is possible to visit the Champagne region at any point of the year, however, during winter you will find it is quieter and the variety of tours available might be fewer than in the summer months.

I went on my Reims Champagne tour in February the weather was pleasant enough that being outside wasnât unbearable and there werenât really any crowds.

During the harvest period, you may also find that due to the volume of work needing to be done by the farmers, the tours might be impacted.

However, as harvest periods vary each year, it is not easy to tell when this will be but it will generally be between August and September.

Champagne Aboard The Ultimate Luxury

How better to explore the worlds most famous wine region than on board a luxury hotel barge? Take the River Marne from Paris through dreamy landscapes until you reach the gently rolling vineyards of Champagne. Spot the names of famous producers at the end of each row of vines and take a tour of a champagne house or two when you visit charming Épernay, before you return on board to fine dining and wining including the best of the local bubbles. Find out more now.

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Visiting Champagne France Things To Know Before You Go

Whether you are a huge champagne fan or are just looking for an interesting part of France to visit, I would say visiting Champagne is well worth it!

In fact, the champagne hillsides, houses, and cellars are considered so special that they made in onto the UNESCO World Heritage List!

The Champagne wine region is a wine region within the historical province of Champagne, located in the northeast of France.

Having visited this part of France several times myself, Id like to share with you the main things you should know before visiting Champagne, to make the most of your trip.

Reims: Veuve Clicquot And Family Winery Group Full

Champagne Houses

This Champagne tour allows you to be guided in a comfortable 9 seated minivan, visit Reims and one of the most famous Champagne producer, Veuve Clicquot. Lunch is included in this fantastic tour which will let you learn all about how Champagne is made as well as enjoy some of the best views in the region.

You will savor a nice morning glass of Champagne and prepare your palate for 10 Champagne wines tasted during the day! This tour is the perfect way to learn about the different types of Champagne while enjoying the scenery of the beautiful Champagne region.

If you are a fan of bubbly, then this Champagne tour is definitely for you! Drive through the picturesque Champagne vineyards and stop among the vines to learn about the process of growing these grapes. Enjoy a wonderful view of the Champagne region while sipping on some of the finest Champagne around.

You and your group will get to enjoy a traditional aperitif followed by a regional lunch with paired wines and Champagnes in a fun and familial atmosphere. This is a great way to learn about the different types of Champagne and how to pair them with food.

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Reims The Champagne Portal

The true gateway to Champagne and its many cultural and gastronomic riches, Reims is the natural starting point for a one-day tour of the region. Situated only about an hour from Paris, the city makes a convenient and fascinating hub, or a place to enjoy a full, luxurious day of tastings, gastronomic experiences, and culture, followed by an indulgent overnight stay.

Tastings and cellar visitsYou are spoiled for choice in Reims, since most of the ultra-prestigious grandes maisons de champagnes count breathtaking family domains complete with tasting rooms and extensive cellars in the old city. From Taittinger to Krug, Roederer to Veuve-Cliquot, Pommery and Bollinger , all of the champagnes from these hallowed makers are excellent to truly outstanding. There are generally opportunities to taste some of their more unusual or prized varieties onsite, including vintages from the aforementioned houses and a Pinot Noir champagne from Lanson, a royal libation of choice since the nineteenth century.

Cultural Highlights & Medieval WondersA visit to Reims would not be complete without taking in the splendour and awesome beauty of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, a gothic marvel rivalling the cathedral of the same name in Paris. The medieval construction is complemented by modern, and sublime, stained glass windows from French painter Marc Chagall details that will stun and please anyone interested in modern art and architecture.


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