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The Ins And Outs Of Mom Life: Beer And Beverage Fridge

Best Mini Fridge for Home gym – Garage Gym HomeLabs Beverage cooler

When my kids were younger, we had just moved into our new home.

The kids had a lot of friends and everyone was always thirsty.

We had an old Beverage Refrigerator, Id had from my college days.

Inside the beverage refrigerator, I stored juice boxes and water.

It was the perfect grab-and-go solution.

The kids were not going in and out of the house without being supervised and the neighbors kids were not in the house when I was not!

Which translated to no unexpected messes in the house, like the one kid in the neighborhood who peed on everyones floor instead of the toilet !

Having that beverage fridge in the garage meant I could keep on working outside, while the kids played and had their beverages.

No worries about running in for a beverage, or taking off mud shoes to stop what I was doing and then coming back and having to find the motivation to restart my projects I was in the throes of.

Rather, I walked over to the Beverage Fridge and dispensed juice or water and everyone just continued on with their playtime and me with my yard work.

A total win-win.

Install A Garage Fridge Inside A Cabinet System

Garage Living helps our clients make their garages an extension of their living space. Adding extra amenities to the garage like a fridge is one way we make this happen.

Our garage cabinet systems can be designed to incorporate a garage-ready mini-fridge under the countertop like the one pictured below and in the top photo.

You can view additional photos of this Ferrari-themed garage remodel by viewing the Performance Garage gallery.

A mini-fridge wont even feel like its taking up space in your garage because its recessed into the cabinet systems design!

Other traditional indoor living space amenities that can be added to a cabinet system design are a TV and a sink with a faucet.

This garages cabinet system was designed to include an under-counter mini-fridge.

What Are The Advantages Of High

High quality beer refrigerators are important for a lot of reasons, especially when you want to put that refrigerator in the garage. For one thing, garage refrigerators have to be able to deal with a lot more temperature stress, especially in extreme heat and sub-freezing temperatures.

A good refrigerator will keep working in most conditions, but lower quality models can quickly suffer from compressor stress and other problems during temperature swings.

High quality beer refrigerators also generally have better insulation than low quality cheaper models. Thats important because it means the refrigerator wont have to work as hard when its hot in your garage, but it protects your beverages in the cold too!

The insulation works to prevent your beer and other beverages from getting too cold by keeping a stable temperature inside the refrigerator during the winter.

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Overall, high-quality beer refrigerators not only perform better in your garage than other models, they also last longer and are easier to use.

Not sure how to install a beer fridge? This tutorial has you covered, whether youre installing under garage counters or anywhere else.

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My Reviews Of The Best Beer Refrigerators For Your Garage

1. hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler 120 Can Mini Fridge with Glass Door for Soda Beer or Wine

Ive already talked about some of my favorite features on this beer fridge, so lets really dig into the details here.

This fridge runs on a normal 120V outlet, so you wont need a specialized 240V utility outlet to run it.

That saves your utility outlet for other appliances or tools in your garage.

Its advanced compressor system is also designed to get impressive temperature control with minimal energy output.

That higher efficiency design is critical for a fridge thats going to live in the garage because it helps prevent the compressor from getting stressed during temperature changes.

This beer fridge is designed to hold up to 120 standard size beer cans. Itll hold fewer if youre taking up space with XL cans or include some wine bottles in the mix, but still more than enough space for most families.


This beer refrigerator and froster is an excellent choice for enjoying your beer at the absolute coldest temperatures.

Why is this refrigerator so good for keeping beer cold?

Because it has two different temperature settings, long-term storage and party cooling.

The party setting allows the refrigerator to cool up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for a lot of American beers that are ideally chilled to extreme temperatures before drinking.

This fridge also has several quality of life features, like heating the glass on the door to prevent it from frosting over.


Best Beer Fridge For A Kegerator

Top 13 Best Beer Fridge For Garage: Reviews &  Comparison 2020

Rather than simply buying an extra fridge for cans and bottles, a true beer fan might prefer to have their favorite brewerys flagship, or their own homebrew, on tap at all times. The great news for that is kegerators are easily found nowadays. With a large portfolio of options, a great option is EdgeStar. Make the move for the Edgestar KC2000TWIN, a dual tap kegerator that can fit a full-size keg.

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Vremi Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler

as of November 25, 2022 7:00 pm


  • 3.6 cubic feet, free standing beverage cooler has an elegant low-e blue tinted , reversible triple-pane glass door with a sophisticated stainless steel frame and soft white backlit LED lighting for more convenient viewing of your beer or soda without opening the cooler
  • Compact under counter beverage cooler designed with a roomy interior that can store 110 – 130 drink cans depending on the arrangement and size. Equipped with 3 adjustable and removable black shelves to hold the drinks in place
  • Mini beverage fridge features a user-friendly cooling control system that allows you to adjust the temperature between 32°F to 61°F and a large digital display for quick monitoring and setting of temperature. With memory function that automatically restores the set temperature in the event of a power outage
  • 120V, 60W single-zone vertical chiller is smartly constructed with energy-efficient advanced cooling technology, whisper-quiet compressor, and a small convection fan to ensure that the cold air is evenly distributed throughout the beverage center, preventing hot spots or uneven cooling
  • 18.9 x 18.7 x 33.8 beverage cooling machine comes complete with an additional temperature sensor for auto defrost mode so you wont have to worry about regularly unplugging your fridge and cleaning it out when ice buildup

Why Should Beer Be Refrigerated

Even though beer is best kept cool, not all beer requires refrigeration. Beer kept warm loses its quality considerably faster and has a shorter shelf life. This is particularly relevant with non-pasteurized, full-flavored beers, which comprise the majority of craft brews and draft beers.

Most beers should be kept refrigerated at all times. In just a few days, sunlight may change the flavor of the beer. Beer will last longer if kept in the refrigerator or away from direct sunlight.

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Homelabs Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler 120 Can Mini Fridge With Glass Door For Soda Beer Or Wine

The HomeLabs Products Front Panel Refrigerator is a 4 cu ft capacity refrigerator with a 304 Stainless Steel Door. This fridge has stainless steel exterior door panel, a space-saving flush back design, and a reversible door left or right swing. It features full-range temperature control that allows you to set the temperature from 34 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fridge also has 4.4 cu ft of space to keep beverages and food ice cold. This product is ETL certified which means that it has been tested and meets the standards set by the Underwriters Laboratories. The refrigerator is lightweight as it weighs 51.2 pounds. This fridge is a great addition to any garage, home, office, or bar because it is both stylish and practical.

So, if you are looking for a fridge that looks good and can keep your drinks cold, then this is the one for you. Order yours today and enjoy the convenience of having a cold drink whenever you want.


  • Great for home, office, car, or garage.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Has a full-range temperature control.
  • 4.4 cu ft of space to keep beverages and food ice cold.


Should You Get This Fridge

Crazy Cool Man Cave Garage Beer Fridge makeover

This is also a top-notch fridge. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serves many practical purposes. It operates quietly and effectively, and it maintains an environment inside that is as close to freezing as possible without actually freezing the contents.

When attempting to store two-liter bottles next to one another, I find it a bit of a hassle because the back of the refrigerator tapers.

Keep your fridge stocked with your favorite snacks and drinks!

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Best Cooluli Classic Mini Fridge

Best Features: Convenient, lightweight, cooler and warmer, advanced technology dual-voltage system, 1-year limited warranty.

For on-the-go spontaneous adventures, this portable Cooluli cooler is a superb option. You can haul this lightweight fridge anywhere, thanks to a dual-voltage construction. It quickly adapts to any plug around the world. That means you can use it at campsites, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and beyond. Furthermore, it uses 100 percent EcoMax innovative technology to prevent frosting and keeps energy consumption to a minimum level. If the system reaches maximum usage, the fridge instantly goes into Eco Mode to save power. Additionally, the mini-fridge is equipped with two removable and adjustable shelves, and a two-container basket. It also comes in a wide array of colors, including green-on-white, black-on-white, and pink-on-white.

Freezer Location And Organization Options

Temperatures in a garage often fluctuate greatly based on the weather. Its imperative that you choose a garage-ready option, which means the appliance is meant to operate even under extreme temperatures. That’s why we chose Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator as our top pick. The fridge is certified by Energy Star and has energy efficient lighting that meets EPA standards and can be placed in a garage that get as cold as 39 degreeswith no additional adaptors. The fridge even has hidden coils, so you can tuck the machine just about anywhere and not have to look at condensers. This is important for the longevity of the appliance because it helps prevent dust from accumulating.

The number of available refrigerators diminishes greatly when you need this key feature, so once you narrow down your options, then start looking for the most functional of the bunch. Are you planning to store all kinds of thingsdrinks, veggies, meat, and more? Youll want to look for fully adjustable options. Many do have adjustable shelves, but some lack options particularly on the door of the fridge.

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Will A Beer Froster Freeze Beer At 25 Degrees

What is unique to a BeerFrosteris the temperature range, which reaches aslowas23F, and makes it one of the coldest beer fridges on the market. The alcohol and sugar in beer keeps it from freezing at 23 or 25 degrees, but you may what to store your beer at a warmer temperature to help bring out its flavor profile. Checkout our beer temperature guide for tips on how to store your beer in a Beer Froster.

How To Pick The Right Beer Refrigerator For Workshop

Best Beer and Beverage Fridge for your garage: 1 Cool Idea

The benefits of beer refrigeration

Tiny and portable: small size beer refrigerator compact and lightweight build, simple to hold.

Low cost: Because of its limited size and its easy use of cooling technologies, the market valuation of a beer refrigerator on the marketplace is very low. Style cabinets with 50L – 90L size are not very large.

Low power usage: energy consumption is smaller than traditional coolers. The 50L beer refrigerator has an energy usage of about 50W and the 90L model has a power usage of 64W.

Fast to fix: the best beer fridge for garage is a tiny version relative to a traditional fridge, which allows it much simpler to repair typical issues.

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Storing The Beers At The Right Temperature

Fridges are normally kept in temperatures between 37°F-40°F. While these temperatures are ideal for storing groceries and beers that dont have very prominent aromatic and taste profiles, like lagers, craft beers should be stored and served at slightly higher temperatures so their characteristic scents and flavors dont get lost. Having a garage fridge with a different temperature will help properly store your beers.

Advantages Of Beer Fridge For Garage

Space for extra nourishment, drink and nibble things utilized on an ordinary premise

Capacity for bulkier things, for example, packaged and canned drinks

Space for arranged nourishments for exceptional events, occasions and family parties

Capacity for dinners arranged early

Freezing and capacity for a lot of new meat, poultry, and fish

Capacity for transitory dairy things in huge sizes, for example, gallon milk containers and frozen yogurt holders

Chance to really buy a refreshed and ideal proficiency cooler

Simplicity of finding what you needno burrowing!

Enticing nourishment and beverages are increasingly out of the picture and therefore irrelevant

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What’s Best For Your Beer: A Mini Fridge Or Beverage Center

The line between what constitutes a beverage center and a mini fridge is a bit blurry, but in general a beverage center includes basically every dedicated storage area for beverages. This can include everything from a small, stand-alone, mini fridge to a separate drawer compartment in a full-size fridge that has its own temperature controls. In general, because beverage centers are built specifically for storing beverages, they often do a better job with the details than a mini fridge, which are built for more general storage. Beverage centers will often have better storage solutions for corralling bottles and cans, come with their own temperature controls, and can run much warmer than you should ever keep your fridge. In general, beverage centers will be better for your purposes than a mini fridge as they are more specifically purpose-built for the task of keeping cans cold.

Does Blistering Climate Influence Beer Fridge

Kegco Kegerator fridge conversion kit install and review Garage beer fridge

Running your fridge in a hot situation could cause untimely disappointment because of the expanded utilization of the compressor and fan engine.

To build life expectancy in outrageous circumstances:

  • Buy an energy effective model.
  • Protect your garage in the event that you can.
  • Possibly open the fridge when essential.
  • Store gallon containers of water in void spaces to help manage the temperature.

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Danby Dar044a5bsldd Compact Beer Fridge For Garage


In spite of the fact that this programmed defrost Danby model is to a greater than the previous model, detached cooler, it very well may be set in a garage for simple access to nourishment, beverages, and bites.

It has a Spotless tempered steel outside entryway finish, a 4.4 cubic feet limit, has a 120V electrical plug, weighs 75 pounds and measures 21.1 x 20.7 x 33.1 inches.

The inside of the cooler contains three flexible and strong racks that shift in width just as a base draw out hydrator/cabinet for products of the soil stockpiling.

The upper rack level contains the temperature control setting unit, which requires cautious alteration for the correct temperature control for cooling. There isnt an open or shut cooler compartment with this specific model.

The inside side entryway contains three bended coordinated racking units just as a region to the side of the racks for canned beverages.

The base rack is reached out to hold bigger bottles and different compartments, while the other two racks take into consideration stockpiling of bigger jugs, different holders, and eggs.

In particular, the Danby is Energy Star agreeable, which implies it should spare about $30 every year on utility costs, which will rely upon neighbourhoods utility rates and real use.

Turbo Mode Frosts Beer Fast

Ifyou forgot to put beer in the fridge before a partyand need fast frosting,then turn on Turbo mode.Turbo Mode keeps the beer refridgerator compressor on for an hour straight to give you frosty beer fast. This beer fridge will get your brews party ready faster than any bag of ice or freezer ever could.

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Old Refrigerators Arent Energy

The saying they dont make em like they used to has a lot of truth. This writer has witnessed one of the most impressive examples of this and it actually involved a fridge!

Ive spent a lot of time at my best friends cottage over the years, which his family has had for several generations. One of the things that I was always fascinated by was the fridge running in the cottage.

It was a Viking fridge that my friend believes his grandfather bought in the 1950s. Back then, they called them iceboxes. And it still worked, summer after summer, surviving through many decades of Canadian winters in a cottage that isnt winterized.

Thats impressive. Now, as quaint as this may be, that old beast was probably responsible for the lions share of the cottages electrical bill.

Old garage fridges are far less energy-efficient than modern fridges . When you factor in that they work a lot harder in hot weather and are rarely cleaned or serviced, that lack of energy efficiency is exponentially worse.

And lets face it a lot of old fridges arent exactly lookers. Remember the good ol 70s and those lovely fridge colors like avocado green, brown, and orange?

Heres what it costs to operate an old refrigerator

Why is it probably time for your old fridge to be sent off to the appliance graveyard?

A fridge manufactured before 1990 could potentially be costing you between $250-300 a year to run in a garage.


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