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How We Chose The Best Craft Beer Clubs#

Top 5 BEER OF THE MONTH CLUBS Compared And Tasted!

We evaluated the best craft beer clubs based on the types of beers included in each shipment, frequency of shipments, customer reviews, number of beers included, expert selection, and flexibility in ordering and customizing the membership. The Original Craft Beer Club, for example, ships 12 beers at the frequency of your choosing and allows you to skip beer styles. Craft Beer Kings offers numerous memberships that provide only specific styles of beer in each shipment with no minimum commitment.

What Is A Beer Of The Month Club

Here is the good news for all the beer lovers someone came up with the idea of delivering beer to you for a small monthly subscription.

The idea had been around for a very long time, but it gained more popularity in the last two decades. It is as simple as opting for a monthly subscription of a magazine or a media service provider. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee for a beer club that delivers a monthly beer to its members house.

Many businesses have adopted the idea of the beer of the month club and are successfully using it now. The service gives its members access to different types of craft beers that are not easy to find.

It not only lets you explore new flavors in craft brews, but it also increases your knowledge about them.

There are many clubs to choose from, and we have made a list of the best beer of the month clubs for your money.

Club #: Clubs Of America

  • $42.95/month + Free Shipping

The beers you get with Clubs of America are pretty standard brews but I was amazed by the quality and flavor. There wasn’t anything too crazy like salted caramel imperial porters, and that may be a positive or negative for you. Either way, it was enjoyable being introduced to a variety of new breweries that I either couldn’t find in my local area or wouldn’t try on my own.

I typically don’t go for American lagers because they’re a bit too boring, but my favorite beer from my 3-month membership was the Shmaltz Brewing Slighshot Lager . Surprise! Sometimes you gotta drink outside the box.

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What Are The Best Beer Subscription Boxes

Many associations or clubs perform this type of service. In this section, we will see the best associations and their main characteristics.

Craft Beer Subscription Boxes This monthly club subscription of craft beers is one of the most requested. Its a club formed by small craft breweries around the United States, and their shipment includes 12 bottles of 250ml craft beer.

Wave Sandstorm It allows you to edit the selection. As a customer, you can choose which beers you want in your box to avoid an unwanted model. It also allows you to access recipes that combine or use beers for free. The first shipment of beer will include three free beers.

Honest Brew Box SubscriptionHere we have another club that will facilitate us the pacer of drinking beer. The delivery is of 12 beers per month.

The club has alliances with various commercial breweries. It is perfect for people who like diversity. You can request a variety of beers in your order.

There are different subscriptions in this monhtly club. Initially, you start as a regular customer. That gives you access to the great diversity of beers that they distribute. By registering Honest Brew box subscription, you can access discounts, coupons and many more rewards for your orders.

Another advantage is that you can request the suspension of delivery for a month and add them to the next month a convenient option for those who are planning to have a party.

Hop Burns & Black All Killer No Filler

Beer of the Month Club

Best exclusive craft beer subscription

Hop Burns & Blacks All Killer No Filler box really puts its money where its mouth is. The premise of the subscription service is that the boxes will never be padded out with anything drab or ubiquitous its all killer, no filler.

Each month you receive 12 beers, the box filled with small batch collaborations, international rarities and beers exclusive to Hop Burns & Black. You are also furnished with reviews, tasting notes and suggested pairings written by expert beer and food writers. Get in there fast, membership is capped in order to ensure they can fulfil their all killer promise.

What to expect in the Hop Burns & Black box:

Hop Burns & Black followed through on the no filler promise. There was an elaborate can by Tottenham based Pressure Drop and a Brown Ale by Kernel . There was also room given to Pollys Brew Co from Mold with its well balanced Pines IPA in the box. We were bowled over by the South Coasts Burning Sky Brewery its Out of Vogue West Coast Pale is incredibly moreish.

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What Is Craft Beer

Craft beer is a brewing category consisting of small, independent brewers. The beers produced typically cover a wide range of historic and innovative styles made from both traditional and occasionally nontraditional ingredients. Beers vary in color, body, and flavor profile, and the alcohol by volume typically ranges from 3% to 12%.

Best Craft Beer Clubs Of 2022

The best craft beer clubs provide beers that are difficult to get outside of that club from a variety of breweries in the styles that you most enjoy drinking. They have affordable shipping costs with flexibility in the amount and style of beer shipped and how often you receive it. Continue reading for our lineup of the best craft beer clubs.

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Best Beer Club If You Want To Pick The Styles

Some of the beer subscription boxes on this list don’t leave much of the beer selection up to you, but not so with Beer Drop. This beer delivery box startup offers different plans, but with all of them, you can select your favorite type of beer and specific beer styles that go into your monthly craft beer subscription box shipments. That includes IPAs, fruit-forward beers, Belgian beer and plenty of other varieties.

Monthly drops of microbrewery offerings start at $33 per month, plus $8 for shipping and handling, for six beers and your subscription can be canceled anytime. Also notable: The Beer Drop brews are all canned, so you’ll never have to worry about a broken bottle.

What Is A Beer Subscription Box

First Box From Craft Beer Club! (beer of the month club)

A beer subscription box ships a selection of beer bottles or cans directly to your address at a set period of time. The number of bottles you’ll receive depends on the service you join. Some boxes feature a specific style of beer such as an IPA or a stout. Others may feature a mix of different beer styles.

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Us Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club

  • Cost: $27.95 per month
  • Beers per Month: 12

If you’re looking for a great all-around beer club that will satisfy most beer lovers, The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club should be your first stop. For over 20 years they’ve been delivering craft beers to beer lovers all over the world. With excellent variety, low pricing, and extras that cater to their members, this beer club has it all.

First comes the variety of beers. With the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club, each month 12 beers are delivered straight to your door. These are award-winning, hand-crafted beers in 4 different styles chosen by real Brewmasters from 2 different small Microbreweries in the U.S. – the kind of beers you won’t find at your local liquor store.

Another feature we liked about the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club is the ability to easily customize the club according to your needs. When signing up, you can choose how many shipments you’d like to send , how often they should be sent , and what month the shipments should start.

Beer Club Features:

  • Selection: 12 beers in 4 styles from 2 different U.S. Microbreweries
  • Delivery Options: Monthly, Every Other Month, Quarterly
  • Payment Terms: Pay all at once or with each delivery

In addition to all this, the U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club also sends a newsletter with each delivery. This is a nice touch that gives context to the beers received. It includes such information as beer profiles, brewery histories, tasting notes, and suggested food pairings.

My Favorite Beer Club Of The Month Club

My all-time favorite beer of the month club is simply The Rare Beer Club. I enjoyed the variety of beers, the exclusivity of the selections, and it was what I felt a club should be.

These were selections that I could not find in my local store, either because they are hard to get, or because people beat me to the punch. It also meant I could control my compulsion to buy a bunch of expensive beers every time I went to the store, because I knew that my rare beer shipment was coming this month.

However, if you are not interested in getting the 750 ml bottles of rare beer, then actually, Tavour is an excellent choice. They delivery some truly interesting beers, and although it’s kinda pricey, I like the weird styles mango milkshake IPAs and German Alt Biers. It’s stuff you just can’t get outside of beer centers like San Diego, LA, and New York.

If you’re buying a gift for someone and not sure what style they like, or you want something more middle of the road, then one of the other clubs are good to go with.

Scroll up for links to each of the clubs I’ve mentioned as my favorites to start your membership, or let us know in the comments which club you decided to go with.

These are just the clubs I like based on my own tastes. You may hate hoppy beers, or don’t care about weird American hipster sours. Everyone’s taste is different!

Links To Full Beer Club Reviews

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How To Gift A Beer Subscription Box To A Friend

Many times we want to give something to a friend for a special occasion. A party, a wedding or graduation. For all those occasions, there is something that can not miss, and it is beer. It is the reason to affirm that there is no better gift than a box of beer for the occasion.

But how do you give a Beer Subscription Box to a friend? The answer to this question depends. Each company has different policies. We are going to study how you can send a box of beer for subscription to some companies in the USA.

Craft Beer Boxes This subscription company allows you to send a subscription gift box to a friend in several ways. The first by email, you can notify the change of the address of your home to your friends or familys address without needing to contact customer service.

The second way is more expensive but comfortable. You can give the subscription to your friend in an annual contract. That way they can ask for the same gift again next year!

Rare Beer ClubThe Rare Beer Club provides several ways to distribute or send boxes of gift beers for friends. The first way is to notify a change of shipping address, along with the specifications of the shipment. The second way is to buy the subscription, paying the monthly payment for that shipment.

Another way is to do the registration for your friend and pay the shipping. There is an excellent reason to do this. As it is the first order, you will be given additional gifts such as accessories or more beers included.

Best For Gifting: The Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club

Best Beer of the Month Club That YOU Should Join (2019)

Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

  • Starting Price: $35.95 per month
  • Free Shipping: No
  • Products per Delivery: 2, 4, 6 or 12

You can give the gift of rare and international beers from a company thats been in the beer club business for nearly 30 years.

  • Rare and international beers available

  • Club-exclusive selections

  • Five distinct clubs to choose from

  • No free shipping

Each of the five Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club options has a distinctive focus: U.S. craft, international craft, hoppy craft, rare beers, or a mix of U.S. and international selections. Most club options send out a dozen craft beers, including two or three lightly distributed brews. The only exception here is their rare beer club, which sends your choice of one, two, or three 750-milliliter bottles of the months two featured breweries.

  • U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club: $35.95 per month
  • Hop-Heads Beer Club: $39.95 per month
  • U.S. and International Variety Beer Club: $40.95 per month
  • International Beer Club: $43.95 per month
  • Rare Beer Club: From $41.95 per month

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Bonus The Following Options Don’t Send Beer But They’re Still Great Subscriptions For Beer

Image from our review.

The Cost: Starts at $24.00 per month + free shipping.

The Product: Pub Shirt Club sends members a new T-shirt from a real Irish pub each month. Choose from three shirt types: Men’s Classic, Men’s Vintage, and Women’s Vintage. Build your T-shirt collection and celebrate your love of beers at the same time!

Who It’s For: People who want to show off their love of beer to the world.

Check out our Pub Shirt Club reviews and details to learn more. Ships to the U.S. only.

The Cost: Starts at $24.99 per month + $9.00 shipping for the Brewmaster Brew Box, $49.95 per month + $8.75 shipping for the Enthusiast Brew Box, and $59.95 per month +$8.75 shipping for the Connoisseur Brew Box.

ACTIVE DEAL: Get a bonus gift in your first box! CODE:FSBB2016

The Products: Each First Sip Brew Box contains a new assortment of beer gear, such as branded glasses, stickers, and other merch from a featured brewery. You’ll also get treats or lifestyle items made with malts and hops. While there’s no actual beer in this one, it is an awesome pick for a beer enthusiast. Plus, First Sip Brew Club has three subscription levels to choose from, so pick the plan that fits your budget or give it as a gift!

Who It’s For: People who love collecting beer merch and trying snacks that pair well with their favorite beverage.

Check out our First Sip Brew Box details to learn more. Ships worldwide.

The Cost: $24.00 per month + free shipping.

ACTIVE DEAL: Save $5 off your first shirt!CODE:BEER5

German Beer Of The Month Club

  • Six different breweries – 2 from each one

From Pilsner to Weissbier, Bock to Dunkel and more, German Beer of the Month Club features 12 great German styles from breweries executing them for centuries. From the finest Munich to Berlin’s best and everything in between. Sample the world’s favorites from the land of the lager and agreeable ales. For years, Germany has boasted some of the most reliable brews never wavering and never disappointing. Subscription boxes make one of the best gifts for men!

*The Beer of the Month Club begins the following month after beer subscription order is placed. For example, the first installment for subscription boxes purchased on December 1 or December 31 will ship mid-January.*

Ordering as a gift for someone else? to download a printable gift card for them!

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The International Beer Club Review

The International Beer Club is the least popular among the 5 memberships offered by the Microbrewed Beer of the month club. However, it does offer the most beers from all around the world.

Each shipment will include:

  • Two different styles of beers from international craft breweries
  • Twelve beers per month
  • Profiles of the breweries and notes on the taste

The subscription cost of this club is $37.95 per month and the shipping cost is $15. It is the best subscription for people who love to explore international brews. Its also good for people that have tasted different international beers and want to try them again.

You can join as a member by visiting the International Beer Club.

Al Roker Says He’s A Fan Of Saranac’s Utica Club

Craft Beer of the Month Club Unboxing | Gift Idea for Him (& Her!)

While Stephen King may not like Utica, Al Roker is a fan of the beer, at least.

While talking with his colleagues about beer prices on the Today show Wednesday morning, Roker said, Can I get some Utica Club? Thats a good beer. I like that Utica Club.

This is the third time a public figure has shared their thoughts on the city over the past week.

On The Tonight Show Jan. 5, a songwriter from Utica made an appearance and when he told Jimmy Fallon where he was from, Fallon said, Utica, oh my gosh, I love Utica.

The next day, Stephen King took to Twitter to comment on the McCarthy speaker vote debacle, slighting Utica by saying, The speakership is like that old joke: First prize is a week in Utica. Second prize is Two weeks in Utica.

the Speakership is like that old joke: First prize is a week in Utica. Second prize is TWO weeks in Utica.

Stephen King

On Twitter Wednesday, King ambiguously apologized for offending anyone from Utica.

I sincerely apologize to all the people from Utica I offended. I guess I should have said Cleveland?or Salt Lake City?

Stephen King

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Are Beer Of The Month Clubs Worth It

Beer of the month clubs offer the convenience of enjoying beer without having to go to the liquor store. And, more importantly, they often give you access to beers that may otherwise be unavailable in your area. Some clubs may also offer special release or limited-edition selections that you’ve never tried before. If you’re a beer savant, treating yourself to a beer of the month club can be a worthwhile investment.


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